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Zhang You respect him so much.

Is Mr.

Zhang your dad” Fang Lei laughed right after.

His words would make others feel that he was not only ridiculing Ye Han, but also looking down on Zhang Han.

Zhao Feng stared at him for a few seconds.

His brows slightly moved, but he did not say anything.

“Stop speaking nonsense here.

If you want to play, we will come another day.” Ye Han stared at Fang Lei.

Today he was a little inferior and didnt want to talk with him.

So he turned to look at Zhao Feng and smiled, saying, “I heard that you are about to open a company Is it in the former CBD building in New Moon Bay”

Zhao Feng nodded and before he spoke…

Fang Lei grinned.

He said disdainfully, “You really know how to brag huh Who doesnt know that the former CBD in New Moon Bay belongs to Chairman Liu Its ridiculous.

Maybe Id believe you if you said it was somewhere else.

That place You are embarrassing yourself.”


“What did you say, you brat” Ah Hu stared at him and asked.

He was trying to mock them.

‘How dare he

Zhao Feng frowned slightly and went straight to Fang Lei.

As soon as he moved, all people around Fang Lei became very cautious and moved forward a little.

Ye Han found it very funny.

He did not intend to make it hard for him, but who would think that he would bring that upon himself

“Damn you! How dare you offend Brother Feng”

Sun Dongheng said that in a low voice while in the back, then stepped forward hurriedly.

He stood behind Zhao Feng, like a loyal disciple footman of his.

At the place where he was standing earlier, Lu Yin was taking her mobile phone out.

She turned the camera to the front, whispering, “Look, they seem to be arguing.

So scary…”

In peoples eyes, Zhao Feng moved toward Fang Lei step by step.

He took out his mobile phone from his pocket and made some moves, as he was walking to Fang Lei.

Although he was standing in front of him all alone, Fang Lei did not dare to move.

“This is Liu Qingfengs phone number.

You can call and ask him.” Zhao Feng was quite indifferent.

He stared at Fang Lei and handed over the phone.


Fang Lei gritted his teeth, held back his anger and looked at the phone.

When he saw Liu Qingfengs name and the string of numbers on the screen, his expression changed slightly.

‘He really knew Chairman Liu

‘Damn it!

‘What was their relationship

If it was really as they said, they must be business partners.

If he could cooperate with Chairman Liu, then…

Fang Leis face became slightly reddish.

He felt a little nervous.

Fortunately, he was not a stubborn man.

After seeing it, he smiled at Zhao Feng and nodded, saying,


Zhao, I am sorry.

I am only targeting Ye Han.

My words may have offended you, but I didnt mean it.



Zhao Feng responded coldly.

Then he glanced at him, took the phone and walked back a few steps.

Fang Lei felt embarrassed and wanted to leave that place.

Zoom! Zoom!

A loud and grating sound rang over the Mount Red Star.

He turned to look at the screen and saw that the Aston Martin drove into the mountain track, drifting on the tortuous roads.

Looking at the gorgeous movements and various kinds of smooth drifting, people even forgot to blink their eyes.

“Damn it, Mr.

Zhang went to the mountain” Ye Han was shocked.

‘My precious car, you cant be scratched!

He didnt care about anything else, just hoping that nothing bad would happen to his car.

Then his attention was focused on the drift.


Zhangs driving skills are superb!” Ye Han widened his eyes and cried, “Its way too fast!”

He was not the only one who was shocked at the scene.

Those onlookers also couldnt help but exclaim.

“He dares turn without slowing down”

“How can this be”

“That fast Impossible!”


Even Fang Lei and his men were a little bit shocked.

Fang Lei looked at the screen in surprise and murmured, “Why do I feel like Im watching the movie of the racing god on Mount Qiuming”

“Amazing!” Hults expression changed a lot.

At the beginning, he was very calm.

Then he was surprised.

At last, he was totally convinced by him!

“Its unbelievable! Hes a great surfer, and also an excellent racer.

Awesome!” Zheng Chenyu praised him again and again.

“Its no wonder that he can win the heart of such a beauty.

Forget about his identity.

Just his surfing or racing abilities can make many girls throw themselves to him,” Huang Wen said while touching his bald head.

All the people present were amazed.

Screams were also coming from that fast-moving supercar.





Zi Yan sometimes screamed and sometimes cheered.

She felt that her heart was about to jump out of her mouth.

She felt extremely excited and shocked sitting in that car.

When they were driving on the straight road, it could be seen from the outside that the speed was very fast, but for people in the car, their feeling wasnt that strong.

Zi Yan was not afraid.

At the beginning, she was still able to look around with her beautiful eyes.

But when Zhang Han quickly drove to the mountain track, the car began to drift continuously.

She began to experience the fast and furious speed.

There were hillsides ahead of some curves, and the car just drifted along the edge.

It felt like they were about to fall off.

Some curves were so close to the mountains.

It seemed that the car was going to hit on the mountain and Zi Yan was so scared that she screamed with her eyes closed.

But when she opened her eyes, the car had gone to the next curve.

It was like going on a roller coaster.

But this kind of drift, which would lead to some accidents, would make people more nervous.

Zoom! Zoom!

After passing the last big curve, Zhang Han slowed down and slowly drove on the track.

“Drive straight and make a turn.

Then itll be over,” Zhang Han glanced at Zi Yan and smiled, saying, “I didnt expect you to be so brave.”

Zi Han exhaled.

She patted her chest and said, “Im so nervous.

Im not brave.

Its just that I believe in you.

If it were someone else, I would not dare to sit in his car.”

“You drive so well!” Zi Yan became a little excited while speaking.

‘Why could Zhang Han do everything so well

“Not so bad.

I learned this from an Asian car king for more than a year.

Drifting is actually very simple.

Overcome fear.

Control the speed and the cars forward momentum,” Zhang Han casually replied, “Learn for a while and you can make some simple movements.

If you are interested, I can teach you.”

“I wont learn.

I rarely drive,” Zi Yan smiled and replied.

“When it comes to driving, I think of something.”

“What is it” Zi Yan asked curiously.

“There are fewer people on Mount Qiuming.

So many cars came here for racing.

Now the roads are still here, but those drivers are not.” Zhang Han grinned.

“Huh” Zi Yan was confused.

Then her eyes lit up, seeming that shed thought of something.

She pouted her small mouth and said coyly, “My driver, please take me away with you!”

“Ah” Zhang Han was stunned.

“Hahaha…” Seeing his reaction, Zi Yan couldnt stop laughing.

“You are so cute.

I cant wait to conquer you,” Zhang Han was tempted, saying, “Where did you learn such things”

“Come on, I know everything.

I always see other girls speak like that on the Internet.” Zi Yan stuck her tongue out.


The two of them kept chatting while driving back.

Now in front of the club, many people were still amazed.

Especially that car king Hult; he was totally convinced by him.

Fang Lei, who was about to leave, was also standing there silently.

And behind him, Zheng Chenyu and Huang Wen were shaking their heads again and again and didnt know what to say.

He had such great surfing and racing skills and also seemed to have a high social status! They really couldnt believe that such a man would exist in the world.

On the other side, Sun Dongheng was live broadcasting energetically and the number of fans had already reached to 1.5 million.

He constantly moved his phone and recorded a lot.

He also planned to go racing later, but he could only drive on the outer ring route in Mount Red Star.

Zhao Feng stared at the screen for a while and felt a little lost.

He thought for a while.

Then he looked at Ye Han next to him and asked, “Mr.

Ye, I wonder if you have a better sports car there.”

“Is it that Mr.

Zhang wants it” Ye Han asked unconsciously.

But after asking that, he felt that he was just talking nonsense.

Now that Zhao Feng asked at that time, naturally it was for Mr.


So he thought about it and said, “Do you want a high-end sports car”

“Mm.” Zhao Feng nodded.

“In my car dealership, there are only a few high-end sports cars.

An orange Lamborghini Aventador.

I can sell it to you for 8 million.

A black Lamborghini bat Murcielago.

Also 8 million.

I also have a more famous one.

It is a limited edition and there are only three in the whole world.

Bugatti Veyron limited edition.

I got it from my uncle.

60 million will be okay,” Ye Han thought about it and said.

“I got it.” Zhao Feng responded and planned to ask his master if he had plans of buying a sports car.

“Oh, yes, there is a car which is more suitable for Mr.

Zhang.” Ye Hans eyes suddenly lit up.

“Whats that” Zhao Feng asked curiously.

“The Maybach Exelero!” Ye Han stared at Zhao Feng and said word by word, “There, is, only, one, in, the, whole, world!”

“What” Fang Lei suddenly cried out and looked at Ye Han, saying, “That Maybach is with you”

Not only Fang Lei, everyone who had heard Ye Hans words were all ears.

There was only one in the world and it was definitely high-profile when someone was driving it.

Sun Dongheng, who was enthusiastically fond of sports cars, got really jealous.

“Haha,” Ye Han laughed.

He did not answer Fang Lei and looked at Zhao Feng, saying, “My dad spent 70 million and used a lot of connections in order to get the car.

Zhao Feng, if Mr.

Zhang wants it, I can persuade my dad to give this car to Mr.

Zhang for free, but I have a condition.”

“For free What!” Fang Lei was surprised and screeched.

He looked at Ye Han as if watching a fool.

If the car was hyped up, its price would be multiplied several times.

And with the gimmick of being the only one in the whole world, he could do so many things!

But he said it was for free

Was he crazy

All people nearby who heard Ye Hans words widened their eyes and looked at him with an incredulous look.

“Go ahead,” Zhao Feng replied calmly.

Hearing this, Ye Han moved closer to Zhao Fei, whispering, “My condition is very simple…”

After Zhao Feng heard the words, he thought for five seconds and finally nodded, “Okay, but I have to ask the boss if he has any interest.”


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