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Mengmeng widened her eyes and thought for a while.

She kept burping while shaking her hands, saying, “I… Im not.

I didnt eat potato chips.

I… I didnt eat a lot of cream.” She burped again and again.


Seeing how cute Mengmeng was, Zhang Han couldnt help but laugh.

He sat next to Mengmeng, reaching out his hand and gently patting her chest.

She burped again.

With Zhang Hans patting, Mengmeng made a big burp and then stopped burping altogether.

“Did you miss daddy” Zhang Han asked while touching Mengmengs cute little head.

“Yes!” Mengmeng jumped into Zhang Hans arms and kissed his face.

Zhang Han laughed happily.

He held Mengmeng in front of him and kissed the cute face of his little princess.

“Youre only clingy with your PaPa.

Dont you kiss me” Zi Yan pouted her mouth and pretended to be unhappy.

“Ill kiss MaMa.” Mengmeng went into Zi Yans arms and also kissed her face.

“Where did you go to have fun today”

After Mengmeng kissed them, Zhou Fei asked curiously.

“Feifei, you absolutely cant image what we did for fun today.

Your brother-in-law, hey, hes really powerful.” Speaking of that, Zi Yan became interested and looked at Zhou Fei with her bright eyes.

“I cant image… What did you do for fun He… is powerful” Zhou Feis mouth trembled slightly.

She curled her lips while looking at both Zi Yan and Zhang Han.

What did they do for fun They were so excited at the moment.

So she didnt need to guess.

They must have made love.

She also said that brother-in-law was powerful.


‘My Elder Sister Yan was not innocent and pure anymore!

Seeing Zhou Feis expression, Zi Yans pretty face was flushed.

She rolled her eyes to her and said, “What are you thinking We really went out to have some fun!”

“Oh, yes, that is also a way to do it!” Zhou Fei nodded and her expression seemed to be telling Zi Yan that she knew that.

“We had outdoor fun!” Zi Yan stared at her.

“What You did it outdoors”

“Ill give you a beating!” Zi Yan raised her hand and said angrily.

“Alright, let me guess.” Zhou Fei leaned back and said, “In the open air… You went to an amusement park”

“Wow! Amusement park! Mengmeng likes it!” Mengmeng raised her small hands while speaking.

“No.” Zhou Fei shook her head and said, “You just went to the amusement park yesterday.

You should have not gone there today.

I think, you went… shopping!”

“Do you need to guess that” Zi Yan almost became speechless.

After shopping in the afternoon, they had sent back so many things.

As long as she was not blind, she would definitely know that they had gone shopping!

“I cant guess anything else! Elder Sister Yan, just tell me.

Where did you go” Zhou Fei said with curiosity.

“Humph!” Zi Yan snorted and said, “We went surfing by yacht in the morning.

Do you know how high the waves were They were as high as a six or seven floor building.

Zhang Han is good at surfing.

He even did somersaults with me in his arms.”

“Wow! Brother-in-law, you can surf!” Zhou Fei said with amazement.

“Mengmeng also wants to go surfing, too.

PaPa, Mengmeng also wants to do it!” Mengmeng went into Zhang Hans arms and pouted her mouth.

The little girl felt something was wrong.

She stayed at home to secretly eat delicious snacks, but she missed the good times of playing with them

“Mm, I will take you to have fun later,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Did you play anything else” Zhou Fei asked and there was envy in her eyes.

She had never had a boyfriend before.

Although she was quite close to two boys when she was younger, she didnt end up being with either of them.

So she was still single at the moment.

Seeing that Zi Yan and Zhang Han were so happy together, she felt a little lost, though she was happy for them.

She didnt know where her love was.

When talking about love, she couldnt help but think of a figure, who was not a Prince Charming, nor a handsome and rich man, but a little boy.

He was her playmate when she was in sixth grade of elementary school.

He transferred to her school.

When he had first arrived, he was always bullied by others.

It was she who helped him.

After that, they became familiar with each other.

The boy was very shy and introverted, while she was outgoing.

Influenced by her, the boy gradually became extroverted and optimistic.

Perhaps they liked each other, or it was only she who liked him.

She remembered when he left, he kissed her cheek and said that he would definitely return to find her later.

She still vaguely remembered the scene on that day.

However, he did not come back.

Time was passing and everything changed.

Zhou Fei only occasionally remembered those beautiful memories.

As for her significant other, Zhou Fei did not think about what kind a man he would grow to be like.

She would not deliberately do anything and just followed the arrangement of fate.

They kept talking until 10:30.

Zhou Fei stood up and said, “Elder Sister Yan, brother-in-law, its getting late.

Im going back.

You should rest early.”

“Its too late.

How about you…”

Zi Yan was about to say, “How about you stay here tonight” But before she finished that, she felt that was not right.

Otherwise, Zhou Fei would see her and Zhang Han sleep in the same bed.

Zi Yan was still a little shy and she couldnt stand that, so she changed her words, “How about I ask Zhang Han to send you back”

“No need, my car is outside.

I will drive it back.” Zhou Fei shook her head.

Then she looked at Mengmeng, smiled and reached out her hand to pinch her cute little face, saying, “Say goodbye to Aunty Feifei.”

“Aunty Feifei, bye-bye.” Mengmeng waved her small hand obediently.

Zhou Fei smiled and turned away.

Zhang Han sent her out and locked the door before returning to the second floor.

When he got to the second floor, he found that Zi Yan and Mengmeng had disappeared.

Zhang Han squinted his eyes.

He quickly walked to the bedroom and opened the door.

Wow, she changed into pajamas so fast!

At that time, Zi Yan had changed into pajamas, which were light pink and quite loose.

When Zhang Han opened the door, she was helping Mengmeng change into her pajamas.

“Story time!”

Mengmeng put on her pajamas and slipped into the bed with Zi Yan.

Seeing them like that, Zhang Han took off his clothes quickly and went to bed with underwear.

Looking at Zi Yan and Mengmeng who were waiting for him, Zhang Han smiled and said, “Then I will continue.”

“The Dwarf King and the Dark Elf King teamed up for the treasure hunt.

They safely reached the beach.

Then the dwarfs began to cut trees to make ships…”

After speaking for ten minutes, Zhang Han found that not only had Mengmeng fallen asleep, but also Zi Yan was sleeping soundly.

Then Zhang Han put Mengmeng in the cot and went back to the big bed.

What was interesting was that no more than two minutes after Zhang Han had laid down, Zi Yan turned around and squeezed into Zhang Hans arms, with her arms on Zhang Hans abdomen and her slender legs wrapping one of his.

She moved a bit and muttered.

Then she gradually became silent.

Zhang Han smiled slightly and bowed his head to kiss Zi Yans forehead.

Then he maintained this position and gradually fell asleep.

The night went by silently.

At 8 oclock the next morning, Zhou Fei rushed to the restaurant and at that time, Zhang Han and his family were having breakfast on the second floor.

Zhou Fei firstly went upstairs.

After seeing them, she took some food for herself from the first floor and then went back to the second floor to eat.

When she was about to eat, Zhou Fei took a look at Zi Yan.

She stopped and said,

“Elder Sister Yan, why are you still wearing pajamas”

“I just got up.

I havent dressed up yet,” Zi Yan replied.

“Will there be enough time” Zhou Fei asked.

“What do you mean”

“Well go to the company.”

“Oh, I wont go there today, nor tomorrow,” Zi Yan licked her lips and said.

“Ah” Zhou Fei was stunned, saying, “We could be like this in the past, but now… We may become a target for all.”

When Zi Yan was very popular, she really had the right to speak.

Every time after filming or some activities, Zi Yan could rest for a few days as she liked, but now… Time had changed.

Now there were people targeting her in the company.

So taking a rest like that was just giving them a reason to attack her.

For the sake of the overall situation, Zhou Fei felt that they still needed to go to the company.


“Target for all” Zhang Han smiled lightly and said, “Its just a small entertainment company.

Why do you care If you dont want to go, then just dont.

I think youd better resign.”

“Ah” Zhou Feis mouth became a bit stiff.

She felt his words were very funny, so she said, “Brother-in-law, its not that simple.

We signed the contract.

We cant unilaterally break the contract.

If we break the contract, we will pay liquidated damages of 300 million.”

“Just 300 million.

Later I will ask Xiao Feng…” Zhang Han said casually.

Before he had finished his words, Zi Yan interrupted him with a smile, “Alright, I know you have the money, but we just cant break the contract like this.

Even if I leave Royal Entertainment Company in the future, I must make some achievements first.”

Speaking of that, there was a kind of firmness reflected through Zi Yans beautiful eyes, but she still said gently, “Lets rest for two more days, and then we will make the decision according to the situation.”

“Oh,” Zhou Fei responded and felt a little confused.

She lowered her head and ate egg fried rice.

Then she quickly looked up at Zhang Han and said with doubts, “No, brother-in-law, how much money do you have”

“Roughly more than a billion.”

“Poof…” A few grains of rice came out of Zhou Feis nostrils.

She hurriedly wiped them with tissues.

She coughed for a while before she calmed down.

Looking at Zhang Han, she said with admiration, “Oh my, youre so rich.

Be my sugar daddy!”

“Ah” Mengmeng, who was having the noodle soup, raised her small head and looked at Zhou Fei in confusion, saying, “Aunty Feifei, you are wrong.

He is my PaPa, my daddy.

He is not your daddy.

You cant steal my daddy.”

“Hahaha, Aunty Feifei will not steal your daddy.

Eat your food,” Zhou Fei laughed and said.

She stopped speaking from then on.

She always felt so insecure before, but now she could finally rest assured.

Having a person to rely on made her feel at ease.

The contract that she was worried about before was nothing at all at this time!

‘Didnt you always say that we were not popular anymore Didnt those leaders always give us a hard time Damn it! We could just curse you loudly, throw the 300 million in your face, and then leave!

Thinking about this, Zhou Fei got goose bumps.

Such a scene would be so exciting and help in venting their anger.

At the same time, she also understood why Zi Yan was so relaxed, because she finally had a man to rely on! In addition to the nourishment of love, humph, of course she wanted to rest for a few more days.

However, she did not know that the trump card that Zi Yan prepared was not to let Zhang Han spend 300 million to break the contract.

Zhou Fei was visualizing things while eating.

Suddenly her cell phone rang and she had to stop thinking.

She took a look at it and then answered the phone.

It was Meiqi on the phone.

She said,

“Zhou Fei, when you arrive at the company, come directly to my office.

I have something to say to you.”

“Humph!” Zhou Fei was still immersed in her own imagination.

She snorted and said, “The company We wont go there! Not today! Neither will we go tomorrow!”

“What are you talking about You wont come to the company What do you want to do”

“What do I want I want to throw the 300 million in…”


“Ah No.” After hearing Zi Yans light cough, Zhou Fei quickly stopped speaking and laughed awkwardly.

Just then she had the courage and almost said that.

She wanted to tell Meiqi that they had money! They could just break the contract if they wished.

They wouldnt be threatened by the contract anymore.

They couldnt be suppressed anymore!

“What the hell are you talking about Why wont you come to the company today” Meiqi questioned her.

“I just…” Zhou Fei was thinking about what she should say.

At that time, Zi Yan put down the chopsticks and stretched out her hand to Zhou Fei.

“Give it to me.”

“Oh.” Zhou Fei obediently handed the phone over.

“Hello, Elder Sister Mei,” Zi Yan took the phone and said.

“Zi Yan, I have already told you about it.

These days, you have to come to the company on time.

You also know what I mean.

This morning, Director Fu was discharged from the hospital and will come to the company in a while.

I think you should visit him.”

“No,” Zi Yan directly refused her.

“Mm” Meiqis voice became much louder, “You are not a newcomer in this circle.

Do you still need me to teach you this”

“He brought it upon himself.

Why should I go visit him” Zi Yan answered calmly.

“You will only make your situation worse and worse!”

“I dont care.”

“So you are not going to follow my arrangements” Meiqi gradually became angry.

“Whatever you think, its fine.”

Hearing that Zi Yan was so arrogant, Meiqi was irritated.

She knew that if she went on, their relationship would get worse.

Zi Yans refusal made her really angry.

She was the director.

She disliked those employees who didnt obey her orders.

She was annoyed, but she was still quite confused.

Why did Zi Yan dare refuse her so bluntly Where did her courage come from

She didnt understand why shed be like that.

She was obviously like a fish on the chopping board, but she was still so proud and acted so arrogantly.

However, the current situation did not allow them to have a bad relationship.

So Meiqi suppressed the dissatisfaction in her heart and her tone became gentle,

“Zi Yan, youre making it hard for me.”

“Nothing is hard.

Fu Shan is just a director.

He cant control everything here,” Zi Yan answered calmly.

Her meaning was very clear.

Fu Shan was just a director and he had been the one in the wrong.

Why should she visit him

At the same time, she was also expressing that Wu Chengdong, whom Fu Shan was relying on, was the CEO, but the board of directors still held the greatest power in the company!

She also said it as a means to target Meiqi.

‘I know you are good to me and I will keep it in mind.

But if you are double-dealing, I am sorry, dont forget you are only a director!

As for Meiqis attitude, Zi Yan also had some doubts.

She faintly felt that she and Li Cheng had always been targeting her, but she was not sure.

Sometimes such enemies in secret were the most difficult to deal with, but there would be a way out for everything.

Zi Yan was not afraid of anything at the moment.

The worst case scenario was nothing more than spending 300 million to nullify the contract.

Since the worst situation could be dealt with, what else was she afraid of

In the face of Zi Yan who was rarely as strong-willed as that, Meiqi felt completely at a loss.

‘What happened

‘What was wrong with her

‘Did she have a supporter or a trump card

After five seconds lost in thought, Meiqi took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down, saying,

“Zi Yan, I hope you know that Im also doing this for your own good.

If you want to rest, then just rest.

Ill take care of things in the company.

Ill contact you if there is something.

Oh right, dont turn off your mobile phone.


Thats all.

I believe everything will be fine soon.”

“I know.

Thank you, Elder Sister Mei.”

“Mm,” Meiqi replied before hanging up.

“Here.” Zi Yan handed the phone back to Zhou Fei who was stunned there.

Then she glanced at Zhang Han, who was smiling beside them, and a smile also appeared on her lips.

She said gently, “Why are you smiling”

“Hahaha.” Zhang Han shook his head and laughed.

“I found that the more I know you, the more I love you.”

Just then Zhang Han didnt say anything else, just watching the strong-willed Zi Yan silently.

It was rare to see her like that, but he liked it.

Being strong when it was needed in work.

Being gentle and shy in front of her lover.

Zhang Han loved her more and more.

He knew that Zi Yan was not just a vase that looked good.

She had her own attitude, her own ideas and thoughts.

Sometimes she was persistent, and sometimes she was timid and cute.

Everything about her was attracting Zhang Han.

Just like a popular saying, beauty laid in the lovers eyes.

Zi Yan, who was both pretty and capable, definitely could win the heart of a man very easily.

Zhang Han felt very lucky to have met Zi Yan.

At the same time, Zi Yan also felt very happy to have Zhang Han in her life.

Maybe that was the love they were looking forward to.

Hearing Zhang Hans words, Zi Yans pretty face was a little flushed.

She rolled her beautiful eyes to him and said gently, “Dummy.”

“Oh my!”

Zhou Fei suddenly yelled, “Stop, stop! Looks like Im a poor single dog in front of you!”

“Ah” At that time, Mengmeng raised her little head and muttered in confusion, “Aunty Feifei, you… you are not a dog.”

“No! Mengmeng, you are still young.

You dont understand.

Your dad and mom love each other so deeply and they are so sweet every day.

Every person would be like a poor dog in front of them.

Oh no! Life is so hard!” Zhou Fei sighed and told jokes.

“Alright, just eat your food!” Zi Yan smiled and rolled her eyes.

“Eat, eat.” Zhou Fei lowered her head and began to eat.

After breakfast, Zhang Han took the tableware back to the first floor and washed up.

Zi Yan took Mengmeng to the bedroom to get dressed and Zhou Fei was lying on the sofa lazily.

When she saw Zhang Han coming back, she sat up and said, “Brother-in-law, brother-in-law, come over here.”

“Whats wrong” Zhang Han walked over.

“Sit.” Zhou Fei patted the sofa next to her.

After Zhang Han sat down, she said curiously, “Brother-in-law, how did you get so such money”

“It was earned by Zhao Feng.”

“By him So brother-in-law, is that your money” Zhou Fei wondered.

“Mm, he is my disciple.

I told him to earn this money,” Zhang Han thought about it and gave a simple explanation.

“Oh my! Great! Your disciple is wonderful!” Zhou Fei gave Zhang Han a thumbs-up and said, “I will call him up and talk with him for a while! “I want to ask how he earned so much money.”

“He is not here,” Zhang Han found she was quite funny.

“Where did he go”

“To buy cars.”

“Cars Dont you have a lot of cars” Zhou Fei asked in confusion.

‘So many Mercedes-Benzes were still not enough

“This time he went to buy sports cars.

When hes back, you can drive any of them as you like,” Zhang Han replied casually.

“Wow! Brother-in-law, I find youre more and more handsome!” Zhou Fei yelled.

Zhang Han smiled and shook his head.

He also treated Zhou Fei as his own sister.

Just as the saying went, “Love me, love my dog.” She and Zi Yan had been friends for many years and they were like sisters.

Naturally she also had a place in Zhang Hans heart.

During their conversation, Zi Yan and Mengmeng were getting dressed.

It was in a cowboy style.

Zi Yan was wearing light blue tight jeans of the LALABOBO brand.

There were some angular patterns in the front.

On the left pocket at the back, there was a rabbit shape.

The two light pink ears were very cute.

For the upper part, it was a white short-sleeve T-shirt, with a red heart-shaped pattern in the front.

She was also wearing a light-blue denim jacket and white sneakers.

And Mengmeng was wearing exactly the same as Zi Yan.

Zi Yan bought those clothes on purpose.

It could also be called a family outfit; only one person was still not ready.

So she looked at Zhang Han and said, “You also go get changed, just like us.”

While speaking, Zi Yan pointed at the clothes on her body.

“Mm,” Zhang Han nodded and walked into the secondary bedroom to change clothes.

Although he slept in the master bedroom, his clothes were all put in the secondary bedroom, because the wardrobe in the master bedroom almost couldnt hold Zi Yans and Mengmengs clothes.

The wardrobe in the secondary bedroom for Zhang Han was also half-full, which was all thanks to Zi Yan.

It seemed that after a while, his wardrobe would also be full.

Apart from that, the furnishings in the secondary bedroom were also neat.

The daily necessities such as sheets and quilts would be put into the washing machine by Zi Yan from time to time.

Just when it was needed for them to be hung out, she would call Zhang Han.

The old often told young unmarried men that women were needed in the family.

It had the same meaning.

When doing the housework, women usually did it better than men.

“Feifei, your bags have been used for a long time.

I told you to choose some yesterday, but you didnt.

Now go in and pick one,” Zi Yan looked at Zhou Fei and said.

“Ill go then!” Zhou Fei smiled and nodded.

She ran to the secondary bedroom and stayed choosing for a long time.

Finally she picked a brown LV bag.

After taking it out, she happily put the old bags items into the new one.

“Oh my, this bag costs more than 400,000.

Its so beautiful! I suddenly feel very extravagant!” Zhou Fei laughed from ear to ear.

Zi Yan laughed.

“Look at you.

Just a bag satisfies you” Zi Yan teased her.

“Oh no.

You know what My brother-in-law said, I can drive any of his sports cars later.

I can finally update my things!” Zhou Fei wagged her head and said.

Hearing that, Zi Yan smiled and did not say anything.


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