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As he got to the restaurant and glanced at the distinctive signboard, he snorted.

His eyes were suffused with distain, and he assumed an air of superiority at this time.

It seemed that the people in the restaurant were not worth that he came here in person.

However, after entering the restaurant, this middle-aged mans face changed and he put on a calm look.

He took a look at the inside of the restaurant and finally fixed his eyes on Zhang Han, who was sitting on the sofa.

“Are you the boss of this restaurant Can you talk to me” the man asked politely.

Zhang Han turned his head and stared at him for a while, and then he turned back.


The man slightly raised his eyebrows and became unhappy.

But when he saw Zhang Han picking up a glass of juice from the tea table and handing it over to a little girl, he stopped frowning and then sat at the table for normal eaters near the door.

“Should I call you Mr.

Zhang Boss Zhang Or… Master Zhang”

After seeing Zhang Han sitting down, the man asked casually.

“Are you from the National Security Agency” Zhang Han was not shocked but asked flatly.

Listening to his tone, the man secretly snorted.

“He is indeed a green and inexperienced person after all!”

In his opinion, Zhang Han still kept calm though he had guessed that he was from the National Security Agency, he was somewhat ostentatiously unconscious, or shortsighted.

However, if he had seen the pictures about the Cultivation World in Zhang Hans mind, even a few, he would have completely been frightened.

“So, I will call you Master Zhang.” The man chuckled.

In general, visitors would call him Mr.

Zhang, guests would call him Boss Zhang, while martial artists would call him Master Zhang.

“Let me introduce myself.

My name is Jiang Zonghao, Deacon of the National Security Agency of Hong Kong.” The man took on a complacent expression.

At this moment, he did want to see Zhang Hans face becoming more and more dignified after introducing himself.



Zhang Han gave a bland response.

Then, he did not say anything.

“Did he just sayoh”

Jiang Zonghao felt like that he had eaten half of a worm after taking a bite of an apple.

“Dont you feel honored” Jiang Zonghao could not help but ask.

“What should I feel honored to” Zhang Han replied casually.

“A deacon of the National Security Agency comes to visit you.” Jiang Zonghao stared at Zhang Han.

“Deacon I have never heard of it.” Zhang Hans face did not change.

After hearing what he said, Jiang Zonghao was a little shocked and scolded him secretly,

“Fu*k, bumpkin!”

It turned out that he did not know what the deacon was.

“Ill tell you the details.” Jiang Zonghao sat up straight and said, “There are various teams in the National Security Agency.

Besides, deacons, ministers, guardians as well as managers, who are all affiliated with the management, are superior to everyman, team leaders and captains.”

“Only a Profound-stage Master can become a deacon!”

“Are you masters classed in National Security Agency” Zhang Han asked.

For the martial arts world, he heard of Qi Strength Master.

Now, after hearing Jiang Zonghaos words, he knew that masters were also graded.

Just like Qi Refining Stage, it was divided into the early stage, the middle stage and the late stage.

However, Qi Strength Masters were at the lowest level.

“Do you think that Qi Strength Masters are all the same” Jiang Zonghao shook his head and said, “Qi Strength Master can be classified into three levels, that is, Profound-stage Master, Earth-Stage Master and Heaven-stage Master.

In addition, the masters strength will be enhanced dramatically if they promote to an upper stage! As for me, I just broke through to be an Earth-Stage Master, and will become a deacon of the National Security Agency in a period of time.

Dont you feel honored as a deacon come to visit you”


Zhang Han gave him a plain response again.

Jiang Zonghao was somewhat confused because he did not make out what he meant and whether he felt honored.

But Zhang Hans disdain look made Jiang Zonghao feel a bit uncomfortable.

He coughed slightly and said, “Before I came here, Ive already watched the videos about you and had a rough idea of your strength.

Judging by the videos, you probably are at the Inward Strength Stage or the Peak Strength Stage.

Since I heard that you could use flowers and leaves as weapons, I think you are really a master.

However, you just promoted to be a Profound-stage Master.”

“Can you sit still if I know your unknown background”

Jiang Zonghao thought.

But Zhang Han did not react as he expected but said coldly, “Tell me your intention.”


Jiang Zonghao frowned slightly.

“Hes good at keeping his temper.”

After thinking for a while, Jiang Zonghao chuckled, shook his head repeatedly, and then said, “I dont know why you are so confident, but you have to know that becoming Qi Strength Master is just the beginning in the martial arts world.

Moreover, are you already 27 or 28 years old In fact, a lot of people became Qi Strength Masters at your age.”

“Oh” Zhang Han did not intend to drive him away directly, but asked casually, “Are there plenty of warriors in this world”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jiang Zonghao completely confirmed that the man in front of him was absolutely a martial artist who knew little about the martial arts world!

He, therefore, adopted a condescending manner and said, “There exist a large number of martial artists, and the martial arts world I know is just the tip of the iceberg.

However, compared to the global population, martial artists are still very rare.

You must know that it is really tough for the martial artists to make progress since there is neither blessed spot nor heavenly treasures in this world.”

“Talents can be founded everywhere in the martial arts world, and there are some outstanding figures in several sects or forces.

However, they rarely show up.

You may not have heard of them.

In addition, what is more enchanting is that in the past fifty years, only Emperor Qing made great progress constantly with a few resources!”

“Emperor Qings martial arts talent was awakened at the age of twelve, and he became a Qi Strength Master when he was fifteen years old.

All his data are very enchanting in history!”

“Of course, nobody knew him at the beginning.”

“Emperor Qing popped up ten years ago.

When he was fifteen years old, he became a Qi Strength Master, having a good grasp of metaphysics and ancient martial arts.

Hes a person who makes a showy display of his abilities!”

“Eight years ago, Emperor Qing promoted to be an Earth-Stage Master, vanquishing countless young talents!”

“Seven years ago, Emperor Qing became a Heaven-stage Master within only one year, which was indeed a miracle.

A majority of forces and young disciples of sects were not worthy to touch the hem of him so that they felt really desperate.

Emperor Qing became well-known from then on, for he was too horrible!”

“Five years ago, Emperor Qing reached the peak of Heaven-stage in two years and started the closed-door meditation, trying to be an admirable Grand Master! He was only at the age of twenty! The people like him were qualified to be called the proud son of heaven.”

Jiang Zonghao spoke of him with awe.

After sighing with emotions, he looked at Zhang Han and said with a chuckle, “So, it doesnt mean anything that you are a Qi Strength Master at this age.”

“He actually dares to lord it over others since hes just a Qi Strength Master.” Zhang Han shook his head, feeling a little funny.

“What is ignorance”

“This is ignorance!”

“It has nothing to do with fortune or whether you have aptitude if you lord it over others.

In fact, such a name is too ostentatious.”

“He is likely to be beaten!”

Zhang Han remembered that he had seen a history book about Cultivation World and it told that there existed a super sect, named Emperor Sect!

In this sect, there were a variety of titles, such as King, Emperor, Holy, Monarch, which were all really domineering.

Moreover, there were a dozen of strong men at the pass tribulation stage.

However, in the end, after a real immortal struck them, and the whole sect was destroyed and none survived.

The huge handprints still remained on that continent, and even Zhang Han had seen it before.

He knew that the man was definitely a true immortal!

Since then, nobody dared to flaunt his capacity in the Cultivation World.

Later, a small number of people called those, who succeeded in passing tribulation and were expected to become immortals, immortals.

Han Yang Immortal was also titled in this way.

The reason why others call him Immortal was out of respect and blessing.

But at this time, after hearing Zhang Hans words, Jiang Zonghao smiled and said,

“The name of Emperor Qing was given by the people who were defeated by him.

Besides, he was completely qualified for this title by right of his strength.

A martial artist actually can reach the peak of Heaven-stage at the age of twenty, you wont understand what it means!”

“Have you finished You can go if you finished speaking.” After chatting with him for a moment, Zhang Han lost his interest and waved to him.

“Oh Interesting.

Ha, ha, ha.”

Jiang Zonghaos eyes narrowed slightly, and he looked at Zhang Han with a chuckle.

He stopped laughing as his eyes were filled with disdain, then he looked at Zhang Han and said coldly,

“The purpose of my visit is to give you a chance for developing…”

“Im not interested in it.”

“What are you talking about” Jiang Zonghaos face sank and he said in an angry tone, “Stripling, pay attention to your tone when you talk to me.”

“Really” Zhang Han was slightly stunned, but after glancing at Mengmeng, who was sitting on the sofa watching TV, he shook his head gently without saying anything.

“Ha.” Jiang Zonghao sneered and said, “Stripling, I came here for your troubles.

Last time, you made troubles on New Moon street…”

“Get to the point.” Zhang Han interrupted.


Jiang Zonghao became angry as his face sank, and then he said,

“Okay, I will say it frankly.

I will give you two choices for what happened last time!”

“First, surrender.

If you should turn all the money you have earned over and work for the National Security Agency for two years, well stop pursuing this matter!”

“Second, if you choose not to surrender, fight with me on Mount Yun Ding seven days later!”

At this point, Jiang Zonghao was surrounded by chilled breath.

He stared at Zhang Han and said slowly,

“You only have these two choices, I will give you three days to consider, young man…”

“I dont need to think about it.

Lets see on Mount Yun Ding after seven days.”

Zhang Han sized him up, then he got up and walked to the sofa.

During this period, Jiang Zonghao heard what he said.


Jiang Zonghao immediately stood up and tightly held his fists as he looked at Zhang Hans back.

He wanted to hit him, but finally gave up.

He gave Zhang Han a fierce stare.

After snorting, he left.

As for Zhang Han, he had wanted to beat such a supercilious man, but he let him go as Mengmeng was next to him.

In the martial arts world, the masters were divided into Profound-stage Masters, Earth-Stage Masters and Heaven-stage Masters, while Qi Refining Stage could be classed into the early stage, the middle stage and the late stage.

There must be some similarities between masters and Qi Refining Stage because either of them could be divided into three stages.

However, the most orthodox cultivators did have extraordinary abilities to use and master the spiritual force in meridians.

Zhang Han did not know that which stage he would reach if his strength was converted into a masters, besides, he was not interested in knowing it.

Because Zhang Han already had an idea.

He took out his mobile phone and dialed Zhao Fengs number.

“Xiaofeng, tell Instructor Liu that I promise his demands and ask him to send the batch of treasures.”

Zhang Han originally had a little interest in the spirit treasures.

Just like a person who was used to admire diamonds.

If he suddenly played glass marbles, no matter how the shape of the glass marble were, they were still made of glass.

However, a few good-looking ones would arouse his interest.

There was no denying that among those spirit treasures, blue serene bamboo and soft golden stone were of great quality.

Blue serene bamboo could shorten the yielding time of Yuan Qing Trees, while soft golden stone could enhance Daheis strength.

In addition, some other spirit treasures were likely to be valuable.

However, just judging from pictures, Zhang Han was not certain.

Now that someone wanted to fight against him, he did not mind using these spirit treasure to refine flexible tendon pills for Dahei to improve its strength.

Jiang Zonghao, who was so arrogant, should feel Daheis power since he wanted to go to Mount Yun Ding.

After finishing the phone call, Zhang Han sat next to the little princess, holding her in his arms and watching interesting cartoons with her.

On the other side.

After getting up, Zhou Fei drove the Bugatti Veyron to the restaurant.

Zhang Han asked Zhao Feng to drive four cars to the company last night.

As for Zhou Fei, she drove her Mercedes-Benz S600 over and drove the Bugatti Veyron back.

Anyway, she had access to all these sportscars.

She liked this Bugatti Veyron, which was relatively mellow, very much, therefore, she planned to drive it for a period of time.

After eating breakfast with Zi Yan, the two of them got into the limited edition sportscar under customers gazes and left.

This sportscar also attracted a lot of peoples attention on the way.

Many people, who had a good command of cars, figured out the origin of this car, while those who did not know any details about it also sighed for the appearance of this car.

What was more interesting was that when they were about to arrive at Royal Entertainment Company in the North District.

Before a traffic light…

“Hey Ruoyu, look.

This is a limited-edition Bugattis BlackBess Legend, costing more than 60 million yuan!”

In a red Porsche Palamera, the agent, who was driving the car, said to Xu Ruoyu in the back seat.

“Bugatti Veyron” Xu Ruoyu turned her head.

When she saw the shape of the car, she could not help but put on an envious look, and then said, “What a beautiful car.

I dont know which child is in that car.”

“No matter which child, you wont have an opportunity.

Ruoyu, you are Childe Lis lover now.

It is not good for your development if you displease Childe Li.” The agent shook his head.

“Dont mention Li Cheng, or I will get angry.” Xu Ruoyu snorted and said, “Only when he has a requirement will he find me, otherwise he will think of the bit*h Zi Yan.

Ha, ha.

I think that he will definitely kick me off if he gets Zi Yan.”

“This is also a problem.

Ruoyu, I told you last time that we should beware of her, or it will be all in vain.” The agent reminded.

“I know and I have already held back a trick.

If he goes too far, I will wreck his reputation,” Xu Ruoyu said in anger.

Li Cheng asked her to wear the same costume as Zi Yans and have the same hair cut as Zi Yan did when they got a room last time.

Furthermore, he called Zi Yans name when they did the wild thing, which not only disgusted Xu Ruoyu, but also annoyed her.

But she did not dare to express her anger but just spoke ill of him behind his back.

“Youd better not make things worse.

Once he is utterly discredited, we will lead a tough time.” The agent sighed and said, “But nothing bad happened though he has an affair with several artists in our company.

I think your relationship will also end up with nothing definite.”

“Maybe.” Xu Ruoyu looked at the Bugatti Veyron, then she grinned and said, “I think that Li Cheng is really funny.

Hes so lascivious though he has impotence problems.”


At this moment, the light changed to green, and the Bugatti Veyron moved forward at a high speed under their gazes.

The two cars beside it did not move at first, because they found out that a lady was driving it.

In fact, there were few women drivers who owned strong trick-cycling, so they decided to give way for her.

“Hey Ruoyu, the Bugatti is also on West Road, maybe it heads for our company.” The agent smiled as he drove the car.

“It wont be so coincident.

But perhaps a certain big shot comes to our company to discuss cooperation in film and television.” Xu Ruoyu shook her head and said, “I do hope to know some real big shots.”

“Youll definitely have opportunities in the future,” the agent replied.

So, the two of them headed for their company while chatting with each other, and the Bugatti in front of them gradually drowned in cars.

It was nearly nine oclock when they arrived at the companys parking lot.

After getting out of the car, they hurried to the building.

They, however, did not notice that the second car next to their parking spot was the Bugatti Veyron, which attracted their attention before.

As Xu Ruoyu went to the elevator in the lobby on the first floor and saw the two people.

She suddenly put on an arrogant look, strutting the catwalk and going forward.

“Hey, superstar Zi Yan, you eventually come to the company,” Xu Ruoyu approached Zi Yan and said with sarcasm.

Zi Yan glanced at her coldly, and then ignored her.

As for Zhou Fei, she took off her sunglasses and glared at Xu Ruoyu, and then she said, “Its none of your business.”

“Well, dont be so fierce.

I just welcome you,” Xu Ruoyu said both deliberately and hypocritically.

“You dont need to do that.

Dont talk to us since we are not acquainted with you,” Zhou Fei said angrily.

“We dont want to talk to you, hum.” Xu Ruoyus agent snorted, then she looked at Xu Ruoyu and said, “Ruoyus last album sells well, and the superiors of the company all know that.

Therefore, theyre going to create a second album for Ruoyu.

This time, all the songwriters belonging to our company will write songs for Ruoyu in person.”


At this point, the elevator opened and the four of them walked in.

Xu Ruoyu smiled and said, “Dont say that.

Someone will feel sad because she did poorly in her album.”

“Thats right.” The agent nodded and said, “Those who only sell few albums should reflect on themselves.

Someone still looks like a teenage girl.

Shes indeed an actress, but who will watch her here”

“She isnt popular after all, and cant do anything about the album sales,” Xu Ruoyu said.

She felt that she and her agent were well-balanced today.

As Zhou Fei heard their sneer, her eyes widened.

When she was about to speak, Zi Yan gently patted her on the back to stop her.


The elevator stopped.

Zi Yan took the lead in walking forward.

After going out of the elevator, Zi Yan turned around all of a sudden and looked at Xu Ruoyu in the elevator.

She smiled and said coldly,

“Do you know what you look like in my eyes”

“What” Xu Ruoyu asked as she stared at Zi Yan.

“An insane clown!”

Zi Yan said slowly.

After finishing her words, she shook her head slightly, then she turned around and left.


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