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“Ha, ha, ha.”

Zhao Feng smiled and teased.

“Your detector seems to be ineffective.”

“What junk.” Instructor Liu glanced at the detector and muttered, “The instrument always goes wrong.

Its really of poor quality!”

Although it usually went wrong, he felt pity because it cost two million yuan!

However, there was no way to make up for a loss.

His superiors could not blame him since he did not even touch the detector.

Instructor Liu had not expected that the reason why the detector exploded was that the level of the thunder yang tree in front of him was too high!

He also had not expected that this mountain was covered by various spirit treasures.

Once peasant smell grass, thunder yang tree, meat ball grass, Yuan Qing tree, fragrant wood, the underground spirit water, and Yang Qing Water were known by other martial artists, they would create much of a stir!

It was acknowledged that martial artists were everywhere, but the lands with a variety of treasures were really rare.

However, in Zhang Hans view, all these spirit treasures were just a beginning.

Just like a web game, it required players to upgrade their territories constantly.

Zhao Feng, Dahei, Little Hei were like soldiers, who kept improving themselves.

In the near future, Zi Yan, Mengmeng, as well as his parents and relatives, were bound to be on the long way to cultivation.

Of course, Zhang Han had planned for his own cultivation.

First, he had to wait for the Yuan Qing Tree to bear fruits, which were used to refine magical pellets and would help him be promoted to the Foundation Stage.

Only then did he have some certain abilities to act, such as treasure hunt.


A person remained mortal until he reached the Innateness Stage.

Only those who were promoted to the Innateness Stage could embark on the road to cultivation.


After putting the treasures in order, Instructor Liu stared at Zhang Han and asked, “When are we going to train”

“It is up to you.” Zhang Han waved his hand.

“Ah, well, well.” Instructor Liu became excited, then he felt a little stunned and asked, “Its up to us Ahem, boss, dont you teach us”

“Xiaofeng is qualified to teach you.” Zhang Han chuckled, then he looked at Zhao Feng and said, “Teach them Cangyun gymnastics.

Here are a few barrels of Yang Qing Water.

You can take them and tell me when you run out of them.”


Zhao Feng nodded and said with a smile while looking at Instructor Liu, “Carry two buckets of water per person and go to the beach where you have trained before.”

“Well, lets go!”

Instructor Liu grinned.

Then he and Zhao Feng walked down the hill, with four buckets of water in their hands.

The instant they reached the jungle, Instructor Liu said, “How disingenuous you are, Xiaofeng!”

“What Why do you say so” Zhao Feng was somewhat surprised.

“Why dont tell me that you can teach us.

Hum, we are not friends anymore!” Instructor Liu said in anger.

“Erm…” Zhao Feng said with a dumbfounded expression, “Without my masters permission, I cant teach you.”

“Ha, ha, I got it.

The skills are indeed precious! I see.” Instructor Liu laughed and said, “Did you use the gymnastics to defeat me last time”

“Cangyun gymnastics.

It can improve peoples strength,” Zhao Feng replied.

“With the gymnastics, can everyone of Wolf Head Team be promoted to the Obvious Strength Stage” Instructor Liu asked with excitement.


“Hiss!” Instructor Liu gasped and said, “So, if the gymnastics is spread, arent there a lot of people who can become martial artists”

“Hows it possible” Zhao Feng shook his head.

“The water we were carrying is a heavenly treasure.

Only the people who drink it when they practice can improve their strength.

Besides, the gymnastics is not just a weird posture.

Practicers need to put forth their strength from different parts of their bodies.

For instance, it only requires the calf strength when one stands on tiptoe and leans back, simultaneously, it needs the strength from his chest muscles or other muscles.

Its indeed complicated.”

He remembered that Zhang Han once said that the postures could be let out, for others did not know how to exert strength, and it was okay if the method was also spread, because others did not have the Yang Qing Water purified by the thunder yang tree.

In addition, if they gained other heavenly treasures… Now that they got valuable heavenly treasure and reached a certain stage, they did not need to practice in this way.

Instructor Liu rushed to get into the car excitedly with Zhao Feng.

After driving for five minutes, they eventually reached the beach.

During this period, Zhao Feng called Xu Yong to ask him to send the equipment they had used last time.

Then he began to teach them Cangyun gymnastics.

At this point, all his teammates were standing in neatly with a serious expression, so was Instructor Liu.

He was also like a student.

There was no need for Zhao Feng to say anything more.

He just asked them to stand at attention and dress backwards, and then he directly started teaching.

The postures made them miserable after all, but the strength improved through training was fascinating.

On Mount New Moon.

After Zhao Feng and his teammates left, Zhang Han did not attach great importance to the spirit treasures on the ground but walked to the pet area on the back hill and played with Mengmeng for a while.

When Mengmeng enjoyed herself, Zhang Han touched her little head and returned to the thunder yang tree.

He directly picked up the box containing the blue serene bamboo and walked to the Yuan Qing Tree a few meters away.

The Yuan Qing Tree was about five meters high, which was shaped like a brush, and there were only a few branches at the top.

Before using the blue serene bamboo, Zhang Han put his hand on the Yuan Qing Tree and injected his spiritual force into it, stimulating the activity of the Yuan Qing Tree.

About a minute later.

Zhang Han directly took out the blue serene bamboo from the box, then swung his palm to insert the blue serene bamboo at the root of the Yuan Qing Tree.


In an instant, the threads, like a flame, at the top of the blue serene bamboo, trembled constantly.

It spent all its life on absorbing the energy of the plants around in its original location.

Now, as it encountered the Yuan Qing Tree at a higher level, it began to release its own energy.

This was its lifetime mission.

This was the blue serene bamboo!

The threads on the blue serene bamboo shook faster and faster.

Gradually, the ball of silk threads shrank and disappeared in the end.

The color of its truck gradually faded, changed from red to gray at a high speed.

After five seconds, the color of the entire blue serene bamboo faded, and then it turned into ashes and disappeared.

All its energy was absorbed by the Yuan Qing Tree.

Zhang Han looked up and saw that the several branches at the top of the Yuan Qing Tree slowly moving upwards and changing constantly.

Eventually, these branches became a flower bud.

“It wont take a long time!”

Zhang Hans eyes lit up.

It seemed that the Yuan Qing Tree would bear Yuan Qing Fruits within four or five months!

90% of the energy of the Yuan Qing Tree was in the branches at the top of the tree.

With the time going by, the branches converged the energy they absorbed to turn into Yuan Qing Fruits.

After disposing of the blue serene bamboo, Zhang Han came to the pet area to accompany Mengmeng.

About half an hour later, Ah Hu and Elder Meng came to the mountain.

“Boss, everything is ready!”

The two of them put a furnace and a box on the ground, then Ah Hu stood up and said.

“Well.” Zhang Han nodded slightly.

“Brother Feng is training there.

Lets go there to take a look.

Boss, do we have other things to do” Elder Meng said with a smile.


Just go,” Zhang Han chuckled and said.

They turned directly away, planning to go to the beach to be lookers-on.

As for Zhang Han, after sizing up the furnace, he shook his head slightly.

“It can be narrowly used.”

This was just an ordinary furnace, which would explode easily.

However, by virtue of Zhang Hans power, he could narrowly refine pills with this furnace.

Zhang Han had a good command of how to refine pills.

With Treasure-searching formulas, he got more and more treasures.

In fact, he had arbitrarily squandered them at the beginning.

It was acknowledged that failure was the mother of success, and it did make sense, for everyone could accumulate experience through failures.

When it came to refining pills, Zhang Han had failed countless times.

But through continuous efforts, Zhang Han had a 90% success rate when he refined the pills below fifth-stage.

It was extremely terrible, for he had to finish every step accurately.

As for the pills below third-stage, it would be a 95% success rate now.

Zhang Han shook his head again.

Originally, since he had a Five Elements Metaplasia Tripod, he succeeded in refining the pills he knew well below third-stage.

But now, although he was quite familiar with Jin Yang Pills, this furnace killed 5% success rate.

Once the furnace exploded, these resources would be destroyed.

“Lets start.”

Zhang Han glanced at Mengmeng, who was in the pet area, and began to refine pills.

At first, he took the box that Ah Hu had put on the ground before, in which were some jades.

Although there was a little energy in jades, they could also be used to set formations.

What Zhang Han wanted to set was Soul-guiding Formation.

That was to say, he made advantage of the energy from the thunder yang tree to refine pills through the formation.

Zhang Hans hand reached into the box, and he took out a variety of jades.

Then he threw them in all directions on the ground.

In the meantime, as the spiritual power in Zhang Hans body kept surrounding the jades, the jades were cut into pieces, which fell in succession like meteors.

After the forty-ninth piece of jade fell, Zhang Han rushed to the thunder yang tree and put his hand on it to transmit energy.


A slight sound was heard.

The formation was finished!

Then Zhang Han poured a bowl of Yuan Qing Water into the furnace.

Light a fire!

Zhang Han guided the energy, and the furnace was ignited the fire of energy.


Suddenly, a loud sound rang out from the lower side of the furnace.

Zhang Han got a fright and quickly reduced the heat over and over again.

As the heat decreased, the fire was finally under control.

About a minute later, the Yang Qing Water in the furnace boiled and turned into vapor, floating inside.

Without the barrier of energy, the vapor would disperse.

When the last drop of Yang Qing Water turned into vapor, Zhang Han put Jinchuan Fog into it.

Having been refined for more than ten seconds, Jinchuan Fog seemed to be punctured like a balloon.

Then the vapor evanished and merged with the vapor from Yang Qing Water.

After that, Zhang Han put one or a few things at regular intervals.

Gradually, all the spiritual treasures on the ground were put in.

About an hour later.


A violent sound rang out, wandering above Mount New Moon.

“Er” Mengmeng, who was playing on the back hill, turned to look over and muttered in confusion, “Did someone set off firecrackers”

“Whoa Whoa, whoa, whoa” Daheis eyes widened.

Then it twisted its mouth and let out a cry.

“What is the master doing”

“Ow!” Realizing that something went wrong there, Little Hei rushed over.

“Big Heihei, lets go there.” Mengmeng stretched her small arms out to Dahei.

Dahei picked Mengmeng up and put her on its shoulder, then it walked over slowly.

At this point, under the thunder yang tree.

When Zhang Han saw that the furnace was surrounded by smoke, his mouth trembled slightly.

“Did the furnace explode”

After all, as an ordinary furnace, it was not durable.


As the furnace exploded at that moment when the pill was about to be finished, he had no idea whether he succeeded in refining the Jin Yang Pill or not!

Zhang Han stared at the furnace.

He was not nervous.

If the pill was finished, he would take Dahei to abuse the deacon.

If not, he would abuse the man himself.

In short, the ending of the competition on Mount Yun Ding after seven days was already doomed.

However, it was a pity that these spirit treasures were wasted.

After about three seconds, all the vapor drifted away.

The whole furnace was blown apart, leaving only a chassis, and a crystal white pill was lying quietly on it.

“The pill is finished!”

Zhang Han chuckled and reached out his hand to pick up the round pill of about five centimeters in diameter, then he put it in his palm.

“PaPa, hug me.” Mengmeng sat on Daheis shoulder several meters away from him and stretched out her small arms.

Zhang Han took her with one hand and held her in his arms.

“What is this, PaPa” Mengmeng looked at the pill in Zhang Hans hand with curiosity.

“This is something for Dahei,” Zhang Han replied.

“Whoa Whoa, whoa, whoa” Daheis eyes brightened in an instant.

“Er Is it delicious Can I eat it” Mengmeng stared at the small ball in PaPas hand.

“It looks like a candy!”

“Should I taste it”

Seeing that Mengmeng was somewhat greedy, Zhang Han shook his head with a smile and said, “Mengmeng, you cant eat it, or you will have a stomachache.”

Going too far was as bad as not going far enough, therefore, tonics sometimes would become poisons.

Zhang Han did not intend to let Mengmeng have access to cultivation because she was not strong enough and there were few resources suitable for Mengmeng after all.

“Will Big Heihei have a stomachache after eating it” Mengmeng asked curiously.

“Erm… yes!” Zhang Han nodded.


Dahei was completely stunned since what Zhang Han said was a bolt from the blue.

The next moment, it covered its own face and blocked its eyes with its left hand, as if to say, “You cant see me.

Im invisible.”

It also reached its right hand out and waved at Zhang Han.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…”

“I dont want to eat it.

Ill have a stomachache…”

Catching sight of Daheis expression, Little Hei curled its lips, as if it was tittering.

Zhang Han did not know whether to laugh or cry.

As a second-stage spirit treasure, this Jin Yang Pill would attract countless people once the news was spread.

As for Dahei, it really did not want to eat it.

However, the Jin Yang Pill was the most suitable treasure for Dahei now, so Zhang Han smiled and said,

“Its beneficial to your strength, and you will become more powerful.”

“Whoa” Dahei put its left hand down, then it looked at Zhang Han and shouted as it pouted, “Whoa, whoa!”

While screaming, it patted its belly.

Perhaps it said, “Wont I have a stomachache if I eat it”

“Not really.

Just eat it.” Zhang Han directly threw the pill to Dahei and said at the same time, “Youll know what it feels like if you eat it.”


Dahei took the pill, then it threw it up and caught it in its mouth.

It chewed twice.

“Is it insipid”

Dahei rolled its eyes, suddenly catching sight of Little Hei.


“Brothers should share good things together!”

Dahei split the pill in half with its teeth.

“Ahem… Pooh!”

It spat half of the pill in its hand.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh!”

Little Hei was ready to take it.


Dahei throw the pill up.

Since it overexerted its strength, the pill was thrown more than ten meters high.

Little Hei kept staring at the pill as it fell.

Then it kicked and jumped to a height of four or five meters, catching the pill with its mouth.

It did not bother with Daheis saliva but swallowed it without any hesitation.

“Ow Woo!”

Little Hei barked to Dahei twice.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Dahei also swallowed the pill.

Seeing what happened, Zhang Han felt warm and delighted.

He increasingly liked the feeling of being a member of family.

This pill was made for Dahei, and Little Hei certainly could make use of it.

However, other pills would be more suitable for Little Hei.

As for Zhao Feng, Zhang Han did not take him into account.

One of the reasons was that he had just been promoted to the Inward Strength Stage, while another was that the grade of this pill was too low.

As was known to all, every kind of pills could be divided into several grades.

That was, low grade, middle grade, top grade, and highest grade.

This Jin Yang Pill was only at a low grade.

Some of the pills at low grade and middle grade had some energy that was difficult to be absorbed.

The more a martial artist ate, the more difficult the promotion would be.

On the contrary, the beasts would absorb all the energy in their bodies when they condensed pills, to become overmatches with elixir.

This was the unique talent of the Orc.

At this moment, seeing Dahei and Little Hei swallowed the pill, he waved to Little Hei.

Little Hei moved and ran to Zhang Han, then it sat down and looked at Zhang Han as it stuck its big tongue out.

“This pill is specially designed for Dahei.

Once I gain other valuable materials, I will also refine pills for you.” Zhang Han touched Little Heis head.

“Ow woo, Ow woo!”

Little Hei was so happy that it raised its head to bark several times.

“PaPa, Mengmeng wants pills too! Do you forget Mengmeng” Mengmeng pouted and said.

“How is it possible” Zhang Han burst out laughing and kissed on Mengmengs tender face, and then he said with a smile, “Ill make more good things for Mengmeng in the future.”

“Uh-huh, Ill receive a lot of gifts.” Mengmeng kissed on Zhang Hans cheek with great satisfaction, then she blinked her big eyes, looked at Dahei and Little Hei, and said in a childish tone, “Havent you had a stomachache”

“Whoa” Dahei scratched its head and spread its hands.

“I dont feel strange!”

But the next moment.


A burning pain went through its body.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…”

Dahei fell on the ground and rolled, so did Little Hei.

It lay on the ground and kept kicking!

“Ouch, Big Heihei, Little Heihei, whats wrong with you” Mengmeng suddenly became anxious, and almost burst into tears.

Two Heihei powers turned over in a hurry and smiled at Mengmeng, enduring the pain.

Seeing this, Mengmeng was relieved.

However, the pain lasted for just a short period of time.

After about two minutes, the pain dissipated, turning into numbness.

After another five minutes, the numbness disappeared, and they felt fresh.

Another ten minutes passed.

They did not feel fresh anymore but felt a force in their bodies!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Dahei also reached its fist out and punched itself on the chest.

Little Hei also ran around at a high speed.

Looking at their aura, Zhang Han was aware that they were all promoted.

They should have been at the peak of Inward Strength Stage before, but now, they were at the peak of the Peak Strength Stage.

That was, they were about to reach the early stage of Qi Refining, but they still needed some resources to help them break through.

Zhang Han looked at two Heihei powers, which jumped up and down, and shook his head with a chuckle.

With these two little guys, Mount New Moon would be impregnable!

Dahei was equivalent to a heavy weapon, which was relatively powerful, while Little Hei was a killer.

Although it did not have great strength, its sharp fangs would terrify the enemy in the battlefield.

Zhang Han played with Mengmeng and did not return to the restaurant until five oclock.

However, when he walked down the mountain and saw the clean road, Zhang Han froze.

He forgot that he had no car!

So, he called Zhao Feng, asking him to arrange someone to pick them up.

Everything went well here.

While in Royal Entertainment Company of the North District, Meiqi was holding a department meeting at three oclock in the afternoon.


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