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Swish, swish, swish!

More than a dozen people looked back at the same time.

They found that Zi Yan and Zhou Fei were standing behind them.

Zi Yan wore a pair of sunglasses, so people couldnt see the expression in her eyes.

However, it seemed that even though she didnt wear sunglasses, they could just see her pretty yet calm face clearly.

Although Zi Yan had just returned to the company, they knew that she always remained aloof.

She didnt like to speak or smile and always took things seriously.

However, her aloofness was not necessarily real.

They just couldnt see any other aspects of her.

If they could see her from Zhang Hans perspective, they would know that this woman was sometimes as shy as a little girl or as attractive as a sexy lady.

They would be surprised if they saw her like that.

Zhou Fei was different.

She didnt wear sunglasses.

Instead, she was looking at Xu Ruoyu with curled lips.

She walked over to the shocked Xu Ruoyu, waved the car key in her hand randomly, looked up and down, and shook her head slightly before speaking.

“Excuse me, we have to get in the car.

Can you step aside”


Xu Ruoyus face became red in an instant.

Although she was really ashamed, there was nowhere to hide.

With a dull look in her eyes, she nodded like a machine and stepped aside.

She was at a loss as she watched Zhou Fei and Zi Yan get in the limited-edition Bugatti Veyron BlackBess, which was only owned by big shots in her opinion.

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

As the attractive sound of the engine was heard, the sports car slowly left the parking lot under the gaze of people.

As soon as they left, all the people around couldnt help but exclaim.

“This is Zi Yans car Oh my, shes so rich!”

“Its worth more than 60 million.

Oh, I may not earn so much money in my entire life.”

“No wonder she always looks so calm.

It turns out that shes filthy rich.

Hey, we took photos there just now and were caught by them.

What a shame!”




What a shame!

I wished I could find a hole to crawl into!

Xu Ruoyus eyes turned red from shame and anger.

She had already gone mad deep inside.

She had been targeting Zi Yan all this time, yet she had just been caught leaning against her car to take pictures.

This was really embarrassing for her!

Zi Yan had been right earlier.

She was just a clown.

Xu Ruoyu felt really like a clown at this moment.

She couldnt stand it!


Why was her

Why must it be her

How could she drive such a luxurious supercar It was so unfair!

She was already not popular.

How could this be

Xu Ruoyu lost her wits as she returned to her car.

Her agent was silent while driving.

She didnt know what to say at the moment.

Based on her understanding of Xu Ruoyu, she knew that what had happened was definitely a great blow in Xu Ruoyus heart!

She had been ridiculing Zi Yan for a long time, and they had always been opponents.

However, Zi Yan didnt care at all.

She had just driven away in a supercar she could only admire.

There was no need to say anything.

The facts had already slapped her in the face.

Upon returning to the residence, Xu Ruoyu sneaked into her bedroom, closed the door, threw herself on the bed, and pressed the pillow against her head.


She didnt stop screaming until she needed more oxygen.

She sat up, her hair already messy, and breathed deeply.

About a minute later, she took out her phone and dialed a number.


Li, Zi Yan was driving a Bugatti Veyron worth more than 60 million today.

I believe that Zi Yan may have found a sugar daddy…”

“What did you say Really” Mr.

Li exclaimed.

After Xu Ruoyu confirmed this, Mr.

Li hung up the phone.

He had been playing online games in the game room at home.

However, after hearing the news, his face darkened.

A supercar worth more than 60 million! Even he couldnt afford this!

Things seemed to be getting out of his control!

“What is going on here Is she really being taken care of by a rich man Am I really going to lose her” Li Cheng gritted his teeth.

After thinking for a moment, he became a little angry.

Ten songs written by Hanyang, a supercar worth 60 million… Where did she get all these things

He took out his phone and dialed Wu Chengdongs number.

“Uncle Wu, its about what I told you earlier.

I just talked with Meiqi and confirmed that we have ten songs written by Hanyang.

Uncle Wu, I think you need to deal with this in person.

Okay, I will ask Meiqi to check it now…”

After hanging up the phone, Li Cheng called Meiqi hurriedly.

“Are you still at the company No Then go back to the company now.

Contact the network department.

Go to Zi Yans office and check her computer.

Get the ten songs first.

Tomorrow, Uncle Wu will deal with this matter in person.”


Zi Yan had gotten ten songs, which had made people feel very shocked and envious.

However, as time went by, a small number of people also began to take action.

People often said, “Its hard to fight for sovereignty over rivers and mountains, but its harder to keep what you have already acquired!”

There was no doubt that these songs were already being coveted by others.

Zi Yan had a vague premonition of this.

How would she deal with it

Meanwhile, at Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant…

After learning that Zi Yan would come back early, Zhang Han had prepared some meals in advance.

In addition to egg fried rice and noodle soup, there were also steaks for dinner.

Zhao Feng had slaughtered two cows for Instructor Liu and the others.

The meat, which was suitable for making steaks, had been sent to the restaurant by Zhao Feng.

This was enough for Zhang Hans family and the other members to eat.

At 5:30, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei came back.

After sitting for ten minutes, they started having dinner.

“Eat slowly.

Whats the rush” Zhang Han told Zi Yan and Zhou Fei, who were eating very quickly.

“Well go to the recording studio.

Ive already told you!” Zi Yan licked her lips as she replied.

“Why are you so anxious to go to the recording studio” Zhang Han asked in confusion.

There was no need to be so anxious.

They could rest for a while after dinner and go there later.

“We have already made an appointment.

It starts at 6:30, but we have to arrive there in advance.

We need to record all the songs tonight.

It is quite a lot of work.

You dont have to wait for me at night.

Im afraid Ill be back after midnight,” Zi Yan said.

“Youll finish recording them in one night Theres no need.” Zhang Han was stunned.

He put down his chopsticks as he spoke.

“You dont know that, brother-in-law.

Any songs written by Hanyang are usually released the next day,” Zhou Fei muttered while eating steak.

“Who said that” Zhang Han found this ridiculous.

He didnt know that himself.

Who had set this rule

“I want to finish recording them soon so that I can relax.” Zi Yan smiled lightly.

“Alright.” Upon seeing Zi Yans expression, Zhang Han realized that his words were useless.

Thus, he stood up and went downstairs.

A minute later, Zhang Han walked up with a bottle of mineral water that contained the spirit water from Mount New Moon.

“Take this.

You cant be too tired.

Protect your throat.

Remember to drink some water after singing for a while.” Zhang Han put the mineral water bottle on the table in front of Zi Yan.

“Got it.” Zi Yan smiled sweetly.

Her eyes were full of gentleness.

It was so good to be cared for… Actually… It was so good to have him.

After the meal, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei took their bags and left.

Of course, Zi Yan also took the water Zhang Han had given her.

Mengmeng was also very well-behaved.

She waved goodbye at her Mama and told her to come back early to listen to Papas story.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei went out and got in the Bugatti before heading to the reserved recording studio.

The studio, which was located in Zhu Keng District, was called Tianao Music Studio and was on the eleventh floor of an office building.

After arriving at the building, they went upstairs.

There were already seven or eight people waiting in the hall.

The men and women were led by a man in his forties who had some gray hair.

“Hello, Teacher Liu.” Zi Yan walked over and stretched out her hand.

The teachers name was Liu Sheng, and he was a professional at song post-production.

He was excellent.

If Zi Yan called him teacher, he definitely possessed true ability.

“Miss Zi, hello.

Ive heard a lot about you.” Liu Sheng shook hands with Zi Yan and said with a warm smile, “Our people are ready.

I heard that Miss Zi has ten songs written by Hanyang ”

“Yes.” Zi Yan nodded.

“I am very honored to record Hanyangs songs for Miss Zi!” Liu Shengs eyes lit up slightly.

Hanyang was very popular now, and Zi Yans voice was sweet and attractive.

He thought that any songs sung by her would surely become a hit.

Then, Tianao Music Studio would also be credited, which was something that he was very willing to accomplish.

Therefore, as the boss, he had come personally to deal with this batch of high-quality songs.

“Teacher Liu, Im very flattered.” Zi Yan smiled slightly.

“When shall we start” Liu Sheng asked.

“We can start right now.”

“Okay, this way please.” Liu Sheng took the lead and walked inside while saying, “Ten songs in one day… Its a tight schedule.

However, once you finish recording one song, we can start the post-production here.

If we can finish recording all the songs before one oclock in the morning, it is estimated that all songs will be ready before nine oclock.”

“Thanks in advance, Teacher Liu,” Zhou Fei said again and again.

When everyone entered the studio, Zi Yan began recording the songs.

The first song was The Most Beautiful Expectation.

After hearing Zi Yans singing, everyone present, including Liu Sheng, shook their heads and sighed with emotion.

“Zi Yans voice is really nice.”

“This song was really written by Hanyang.

The quality is incomparable.”

“What a great song.”


Zi Yan finished singing the song smoothly, surprising everyone.

Even Liu Sheng was eager to prepare for the post-production and listen to the final version.

However, a song had to be recorded several times, so they had a lot of work that day.

While Zi Yan was working, she was very serious.

Her state that day was also very good.

After singing a few songs, she would drink some water so she didnt feel tired at all.

By about one oclock in the morning, all ten songs had been recorded.

In the end, all the staff was still in high spirits.

Liu Sheng told them that all the songs would be finished at around 8 oclock in the morning.

Everything was going smoothly.

Liu Sheng escorted Zi Yan and Zhou Fei out of the company.

They got in the Bugatti and drove back to the restaurant.

Before they got in the car, Zi Yan took out her cell phone and checked the time.

“Its already 1:15.

I guess they must all be asleep.”

“How about you sleep at my place today” Zhou Fei asked casually.

“No need, just take me back to the restaurant,” Zi Yan said after thinking for a moment.

She opened WeChat and found Zhang Hans name.

The remark was: Nerd.

She sent him a voice message.

“You… Have you gone to sleep yet”

She didnt get an answer for a long time.

He seemed to be asleep.

Zi Yan licked her lips.

There were few vehicles on the road so late at night.

Zhou Fei drove very fast, so they returned to the restaurant at 1:30.

After Zi Yan got out of the car, Zhou Fei drove back to her residence.

Zi Yan walked to the door of the restaurant and saw that it was dark inside.

Zi Yan bit her lower lip lightly.

It seemed that Zhang Han was really asleep.

She had faintly hoped that he would still be waiting for her.

She touched the door handle, opened the door and walked in.

When she took a step, a black shadow suddenly moved near the door and took her into his arms tightly.


Although Zi Yan was shocked, the familiar masculine smell gradually calmed her down.

“So annoying.” Zi Yan snorted, even though she felt very happy deep inside.

“I missed you.” Zhang Han hugged Zi Yan from behind and whispered in her ear, “I cooked crucian carp soup for you.

Have a little and then go to sleep.”

Oh my goodness.

Zi Yans heart was warmed by his words.

She turned around, stood on tiptoe, put her arms around Zhang Hans neck, and gave him a kiss.


What a hot kiss.

Zhang Hans hands were around Zi Yans hips.

He used force to lift her whole body in his arms.

Then, Zi Yans legs were wrapped around Zhang Hans waist.

The two of them kept kissing as they moved in the direction of the kitchen like this.

They were so passionate…

If Zi Yan hadnt been on her period, something would have happened soon enough.

Unfortunately… there were no “ifs” in life!


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