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Listening to Ye Qis words, Ye Han got suspicious.

After all, he saw the horrible scene of his invulnerability with his own eyes back then.

However, because he had not seen many martial artists, he had some doubts.

“Was it true that Mr.

Zhangs position in the martial arts world was really not high”

Ye Han couldnt figure it out, so he kept silent.

Soon, the car reached the parking lot halfway up the mountain.

The driver, Ye Han and Ye Qi got off the car and walked up the stone steps to the mountain top.

Seeing all kinds of luxury cars parked on the way, Ye Han became a little diffident, yet he was also very nervous and excited.

After all, he would see a martial artists gathering soon.

Ye Qis driver was a Peak Strength Warrior and he was taking the lead to go up.

Before they had walked a long distance, another extended version of the Rolls-Royce Phantom entered the parking lot.

After the car was parked, the driver didnt move.

The man in a white shirt and black suit hurried down from the front passenger seat and opened the rear door.

Four people got out of the car.

They were Hong Qitao, Tang Jiayi, Hong Li and Nini.

“Lets go.” Hong Qitao waved his hand and took the lead.

Tang Jiayi, who was in sportswear, elegantly held Hong Qitaos arm.

Hong Li and Nini followed them hand in hand.

“Dad, what kind of gathering will we see here today” Hong Li asked with curiosity.

“A martial artists gathering.”

“Oh.” Hong Li understood and nodded.

Then, he looked at Nini and said, “Nini, have you seen any martial artists yet”

“No, I havent.

You mean… those who learn martial arts” Nini asked with curiosity.

“Yes, martial artists are those who can practice Kungfu, just as Golden Bell Cocoon, Tai Chi, Eight Diagrams Palm, etc.” Hong Li, who didnt know much of that circle, tried to explain to her as a professional.

“Does such kind of Kungfu really exist”

“Of course.

Those fancy movements we usually see in our normal lives are just for performance.

A real martial artist is much more powerful than that.

Some martial artists still master Qigong.

Even a flower would be a hidden weapon in their hands,” Hong Li spoke while moving his hands.

“Its amazing.” Nini stuck her tongue out, marveled by the world she was in.

“Lets take a look today.

When there are battles between the martial artists later on, Ill take you there to have fun.” Hong Li smiled casually.

Hearing his words, Hong Qitao frowned slightly and looked at him, saying,

“Ive told you before that we should revere martial artists.

You want to have fun there Do you think that those martial artists will fight face to face Many great masters can even kill people before you see it.

So dont go to watch their battles in private.”

“Thats supernatural!” Hong Li felt that his father was exaggerating things.

“How could they kill people without being seen Could they chop somebodys head from a thousand miles away You must be kidding.”

“Just listen to your dad,” Tang Jiayi said, “You dont have any contact with those people, so you dont know that the martial arts world is even darker compared to the ordinary society.

Given your ability, youd better not get involved.”

“Yes, Aunty Tang.

Ill tell Hong Li not to watch their battles in private,” Nini nodded and replied.

“Mm.” Tang Jiayi looked at Nini with satisfaction.

Tang Jiayi was very satisfied with her family and character.

As the legitimate daughter in a big family, she loved Hong Li whole-heartedly and always acted as a very obedient future daughter-in-law.

“We may need to stay in Hong Kong for a while this time.

Well ask for the opinions of the two kids before going to talk about the engagement with Ninis family.”

While thinking about it, Tang Jiayi smiled at Nini.

“Oh my, were just halfway there.

Im exhausted,” Hong Li looked up at the top of the mountain and panted while speaking.

“I told you to exercise more at ordinary times, but you didnt listen,” Tang Jiayi rolled her eyes to Hong Li and said, “All you do is have fun all day long.

Young people like you are all sub-healthy.

Look at your dad and me.

We arent tired at all.

How could a young man be so weak”

“I didnt sleep well last night,” Hong Li wagged his head while speaking.

As soon as he said that, Ninis face turned red.

Her shyness explained why Hong Li didnt sleep well the previous night.

It was clearly because they had spent too much time in bed.

Seeing Nini become so shy, Hong Li smiled embarrassedly and said, “I do sports regularly.

Nini always urges me to swim and go jogging with her.”

Hearing those words, Tang Jiayi smiled and glanced at Nini, saying, “With Nini by your side, your dad and I will rest assured.

After a while, well go to Ninis family to formally propose your marriage and get this thing settled.

Xiao Li, you shouldnt go out to have fun all day long.

Be a mature man and focus on the business.”

“Hey, my two brothers can make money for you.

As for me, I want to be a director and make some movies,” Hong Li said casually.


Lets go there and say hello.”

They arrived at the platform while speaking.

Hong Qitao reminded them before leading them to the direction of the chairs inside.

On their way, many people recognized that big shot in the Entertainment Circle of Hong Kong and they all said hello to him with smiles.

After all, such rich people would also be patrons of martial artists, and there would be cooperation between them sometimes.

Therefore, the martial artists were very polite to those rich people.

There were also many other wealthy businessmen.

Since they were in the same circle and knew each other, they were willing to say hello.

When Hong Qitao was greeting other people, Hong Li and Nini became quiet and looked around with curiosity.

They went all the way to the main seats.

Hong Qitao greeted Jiang Zonghao with hands folded in front and said enthusiastically, “Master Jiang, nice to meet you.”


Hong,” Jiang Zonghao smiled and waved his hand, saying, “Let me introduce him.

This is Master Gu, Gu Chuanlong.

Hes going to be a Heaven-stage Master, a senior to us.”

The guardian martial artists next to Hong Qitao were stunned by those words.

“Heaven-stage Master!”

“That represents an incomparable fighting capacity.

Although he hasnt reached that stage, hes going to make a breakthrough, indicating that it is just around the corner!”

“Yet hes still at the stage of Peak Strength.

It is no exaggeration to say that this Master Gu here can fight with him for eight rounds even with only one hand.”

Those words made Hong Qitaos guardian martial artists become respectful.

However, when Nini, who was next to Hong Li, took a good look at Gu Chuanlong, she was slightly stunned and her eyes lit up.

Even her hand began to tremble in Hong Lis hand.

Hong Qitaos eyes also slightly lit up.

Since he knew the meaning of being a “Heaven-stage Master”, he became more enthusiastic and greeted him with his hands folded in front, saying with a smile, “Master Gu, nice to meet you!”

“Mm,” Gu Chuanlong contemptuously responded with a nasal sound.

That made Hong Qitao feel somewhat unhappy and helpless deep inside.

It seemed that he was a powerful man in front of other people, but in the upper-class circle of martial artists, they really didnt take him seriously.

However, he was not afraid, because martial arts masters would also be scared of people such as him who had a certain influence in society.

They knew that they might also have connections with some more powerful martial artists.

And, even if they didnt, provoking such people as Hong Qitao would also cause the National Security Agency to deal with the situation.

There were many sects and family forces in the vast Hua nation.

However, as a special department, the National Security Agency still had an incomparable power, being the home to endless great masters.

Just because of the existence of such a department, the martial arts world didnt dare to cause trouble in society.

It was conceivable that if no one restricted them, society would not be peaceful at all.

After responding, Gu Chuanlong didnt care about Hong Qitao or Tang Jiayi at all.

Instead, he began to stare at Nini behind them.

Hong Qitao found it so weird, “What does that mean”

Tang Jiayi was stunned and began to think, “Could it be that Master Gu fancies beautiful girls and he fell for Nini”

“That cant happen!”

Tang Jiayi was a little anxious, thinking that if Master Gu had really taken a fancy to Nini and required something, who would stand up to settle this, Hong Qitao or her

“Are you called Ran Nini” Gu Chuanlong asked calmly.

“Yes.” Nini nodded lightly.

Gu Chuanlong suddenly sneered.

He looked at Hong Li and said, “So youre Hong Li”

Hong Qitaos heart skipped a beat.

“Oh no!”

“There must be something here! They mustve done something that offended Master Gu!”

Gu Chuanlongs words also made the crowd stop chatting and look over.

Under everyones attention, Hong Li felt that his blood had frozen, but he still braced himself to say, “Im Hong Li.”

“Master Gu.”

Then, Hong Qitao interrupted him, “This is my son and his girlfriend.

Did they do anything that has offended you, Master Gu”

“Do you want the answer Just ask your precious son,” Gu Chuanlong looked at Hong Li coldly while speaking.

Hong Li suddenly felt an enormous pressure.

As if even the air was pressing against him; he couldnt breathe smoothly and his hands and feet couldnt stop trembling.

He was panic-stricken.

Just like a fish without water, he felt suffocated.

“It turns out that martial artists are really overwhelming!”

At that moment, Hong Li finally felt the pressure from a martial artist.

He knew that his life and death could be decided in the blink of an eye!

“Master Gu, please enlighten us.

If my son has done anything to offend you, I will hold a banquet to apologize and give a satisfactory answer to you,” Hong Qitao said quickly, as he was also very nervous.

Then, Gu Chuanlong stopped his gaze.

Hong Li felt relieved immediately and the pressure that made him feel like suffocating had also dissipated.

“Alright then, Ill explain,” Gu Chuanlong looked at Hong Qitao while saying coldly, “It seems that my nephew Gu Pengfeng and your sons current girlfriend had a story.”

As soon as he said that, everyone present was surprised.

“Did Hong Li steal his nephews girlfriend”

The facial expressions of Hong Qitao and Tang Jiayi also changed.

Nini bit her lower lip badly after seeing that.

Gu Chuanlongs words were too ambiguous, which would make others misunderstand her and take her for a skittish woman who could be with any man when tempted.

She was very scared and helpless deep inside, knowing that she was not qualified to interject.

However, she wanted to speak the truth.

Fortunately, Hong Li was a responsible man.

He gritted his teeth and said,

“There is nothing between them.

Its like this.

When I was pursuing Nini, Gu Pengfeng was also doing the same thing.

Later, Nini decided to be my girlfriend, so he wanted to play some tricks.

Then I hired some people to break his leg! Thats it!”


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