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“Well, okay.

Ill wait for MaMa.” Mengmeng nodded compliantly.

“Good girl.” Zhang Han kissed Mengmeng on her tender face, holding her back to the sofa.

“Brother, what did you do just now Wheres Zhao Feng Didnt he go with you” Zhang Li glanced at the entrance and did not find Zhao Feng, so she asked curiously.

“He went off on some errand.” Zhang Han replied.

“Why didnt he inform me that he went out Im waiting for him to come back and play games with me.” Zhang Li curled her lips.

“Do you like him, Xiaoli” Zhang Han stared at his sister for a while and suddenly asked.

After hearing what he said, Zhang Li froze with her eyes unblinking.

A few seconds later, she shook her head and said, “No, I just, just think he is really interesting.”

“Oh.” Zhang Han smiled without saying anything.

He realized that his sister probably had a crush on Zhao Feng.

However, for the emotional issues, he would not intervene as long as Zhang Li did not fall in love with a jerk.

“Hey Here comes somebody.” Luo Qing suddenly said as she looked at the door.

They looked over and saw Pearson coming in with a man with golden hair and blue eyes, carrying a small box.

“Boss, Im back! I bring the truffles you need.” Pearson raised the small box in his hand and said with a smile.

“Yeah.” Zhang Han nodded.

When Pearson and his friend, who was 1.8 meters high, walked close to them, Pearson said, “Boss, let me introduce the man.

This is Stefen, the regional manager of Michelin in Hong Kong.”

“Hello, Mr.

Zhang, Im Steven.

I heard that the food here was very delicious before, so I especially come here to visit you.” Steven reached out his hand with a smile.

Zhang Han shook hands with him, then responded with a nod, “Hello.”

Then he looked at the box in Pearsons hand.

Pearson took a few steps forward and opened the box, in which there were three black truffles and four white truffles, which cost Zhang Han hundreds of thousand yuan.

“These black truffles are from France, while the white ones come from Italy.

Although they are all of top quality, it took seven days to transport, so I recommend that youd better eat them up today, boss.” Pearson said.

“They look like ordinary truffles” Luo Qing blinked her eyes for a moment, finding nothing special.

“Lady, youre wrong.

Black and white truffle is one of the four famous bacteria in the world.

Since they are extremely rare, even fresh normal truffles cost over 1,000 US dollars per kilogram in the market.

These truffles, of good quality, are very rare.”

Pearson introduced,

“Black truffles enjoy the laudatory title ofBlack Diamond in cookery, while white truffles are white diamonds.

In France, the natural truffles are equivalent to gold, and the French often say that one gram of black fungus is equivalent to one gram of gold.

As one of the favorite fungus for the people in Europe and the United States, it is favored among the leaders of various European and American countries by right of its delicious taste.”

“Its so expensive.” Luo Qing stuck her tongue out and asked, “How do we eat them”

“White truffles should be eaten raw, while black truffles can be processed into truffle sauce, matching with steaks.

You can make a steamed egg with black truffles, fried egg with black truffles or truffle cream soup, which has a unique flavor.” Stefen said.

“Sit for a while, Mengmeng.

PaPa is going to prepare the ingredients for dinner.” Zhang Han put Mengmeng, who was gazing around with curiosity, on the sofa, then walked to the kitchen, carrying the small box.

After taking out the black truffles, he washed them with clear water and gently brushed the dirt on the black truffles with small brush, then he started cutting.

He cut them into thin slices first, and then chopped them into small pieces.

The next moment, he put a dozen of eggs and the pieces into a bowl, stirred them, and then put it in the refrigerator.

Seeing what Zhang Han was doing, Stefen nodded slightly.

According to his techniques and the steps, Stefen was aware that he was also an expert.

The purpose of putting the bowl in the refrigerator was to let the flavor of truffles permeate into the egg liquid after a few hours.

Only in this way could he cook a dish with excellent taste.

Finding that Zhang Han almost finished preparing, Pearson and Stefen left.

Shortly after they left, the Bugatti Veyron drove back to the parking lot.

Zhou Fei and Zi Yan got out of the car and walked to the restaurant.

“Ouch, I have finally finished my work.

Im so tired!” “Brother-in-law, is there a feast at night” Zhou Fei shook her head and said.

“Yes.” Zhang Han smiled and washed his hands.

After wiping them off with a towel, he walked out of the kitchen and came to Zi Yan.

He sized her up and whispered, “Are you a little tired Why dont you rest for a few days”

“Its okay, I should strike while the iron is hot now.

I wont have a good rest until I finish my work.” Zi Yan grinned at Zhang Han, and then went to the sofa to sit down and put Mengmeng into her arms.

She kissed Mengmengs cheek and said with a smile, “Do you miss me, Mengmeng”

“Yes.” Mengmeng put down the toy in her hand and threw herself into Zi Yans arms, kissing her on the face.

“MaMa, both PaPa and I are waiting for you to go to the Xanadu after you come back.” Mengmeng pouted and said.

After hearing her words, Zi Yan paused.

She had planned to lie down and rest for a while since she was somewhat tired.

However, after thinking for a moment, she said with a nod.

“Okay, let me change my clothes.”

Then Zi Yan stood up and walked up the stairs.

On the way to her bedroom, Zi Yan moved her right shoulder a few times and subconsciously pressed the back of the shoulder with her left hand.

“Whats wrong Have you had any pain” Zhang Han walked over and asked with care.

“I have no idea.

It seems to be twisted, and I feel a little pain in the right shoulder.” Zi Yan replied.

“Ill give you a knead.

Lets go.” Zhang Han said, then went upstairs, holding Zi Yans tender hand.

After they entered the bedroom, Zhang Han closed the door, and said, grinning.

“Lie prone on the bed first.”

“Well.” Zi Yan took off her coat and lay on the bed with her stomach down, wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of thin light blue jeans.

Zhang Han also went on the bed and sat on Zi Yans back.

As soon as he felt the softness of Zi Yans beautiful arms, Zhang Han became hot.

He could not help but have a physical reaction.

Zi Yan soon sensed Zhang Hans change, and her face turned red all of a sudden.

She said in mock anger, “Ouch, move up a little.”

If they were a long-married couple, she would directly say that his cock was against her.

At this moment, Zi Yan was still a little shy and was too embarrassed to get close to Zhang Han, finding it was a little strange.

However, Zhang Han clearly knew what she was thinking.

Then Zhang Han moved up a little, with his legs supporting most of the weight of his body on the bed.

Zi Yan, therefore, did not feel very heavy.

His hand was pressed on the back of Zi Yans shoulder, gently pressing several surrounding acupoints.

“Is it painful when I press here” Zhang Han asked.

“A little.”

“How about here”

“It hurts more, but I can bear.”

“How about here”

“A little bit.”


“Oh!” When he pressed an acupoint, Zi Yan suddenly screamed and said, “It hurts badly.

Its here.

Dont press so hard, please.”

“Okay, relax, just relax first…”

Zhang Han felt the part of Zi Yans muscles tightened, so he gently stroked her.

After Zi Yan relaxed, he converged his spiritual force on his hand, with his strength gradually increasing.

When Zhang Han massaged her shoulder, Zi Yan felt pain but comfortable.

After Zhang Han pressed a few times, Zi Yan could not help but let out a cry.


Zhang Han suddenly froze after hearing Zi Yans cry.

This hum sounded so pleasing.

It seemed that she also had hummed in this way when he had sex with her several years ago.

Zi Yan also reacted, and her face became ruddier.

“How could I cry in this way How shameful I am!”

Zi Yan pulled her bottom lip between her teeth and hid her head into the pillow, feeling too embarrassed to call out.

Then Zhang Hans eyes were imbued with fun, and he pressed even harder.

So, Zi Yan could not help but raise her head… and called out.

On the first floor.

While chatting, Luo Qi peeked at the pot on the stove in the kitchen inadvertently from the corner of her eye, only to find it was boiling and the heat waves were rising.

She, therefore, hurriedly said, “Oh, the food is boiling, should we remind him”

“Yeah.” Zhang Li glanced at the kitchen and said, “Please go upstairs and inform my brother.”


Luo Qing got up and ran upstairs.

When she came to the door of the bedroom and was about to knock on the door, she faintly heard a voice from inside.

“Ah, um… press mildly.

I feel pain… Um… Ouch, you are so bad.

You press too hard, um…”

“Fine, I will press a little milder…”


Luo Qing swallowed her saliva!

Her face immediately turned red.

The hand that just was about to knock on the door seemed to get a shock, withdrawing like a lightning.

Listening to the sound inside, she could not help blushing, with her heart pounding constantly.

The next moment, she quickly turned and ran quietly to the stairs.


After going downstairs, Luo Qing heaved a great sigh of relief.

“Why doesnt my brother come down” Zhang Li asked casually.

“No, no.” Luo Qing said slyly.

“Whats wrong with you How is your face so red” Zhang Li asked curiously.

“No, is it red No.” Luo Qing repeatedly shook her head.

“How strange you are.

What did my brother say Turn off the fire” Zhang Li said inexplicably.

“I, I, I have no idea.” Luo Qing said with a red face.

“Didnt you ask my brother”

“Hey” Zhou Feng thought for a moment, then suddenly stared at Luo Qing and asked, “Did you see anything”

“No, no, no.” Luo Qing quickly waved her hands and said in a hurry, “I saw nothing, but I heard something.”

“Hear something Did you hear any noises” Zhang Li said as her eyes suddenly widened, then she opened her mouth slightly, “Are they… upstairs”

Although she did not finish her words, the three adults present knew what she meant.

“Maybe.” Luo Qing nodded with a red face.

“Wow! They actually had sex in such a short time!” Zhou Feis eyes widened, and she said bluntly, “What sound did you hear Is the sound loud”

Luo Qings face became redder since she was shy, and then she was lost in thought.

The room had good sound insulation and the door was closed, but she still heard it quite clearly though she stood at the door.

Therefore, she nodded and spat a word.



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