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On Mount New Moon—

Zi Yan and Zhang Han were still sitting together, chatting softly.

They were like two adolescents who had just started a relationship.

However, they indeed just started their relationship a short while ago.

Zi Yan was mostly talking, while Zhang Han listened to her quietly and responded from time to time.

While speaking about work, Zi Yans mouth curled up, and a sweet smile appeared on her face.

She told Zhang Han that the six songs she had released were all top six on many music apps.

Moreover, her followers on Weibo had already reached 20 million.

The songs had been responded to favorably.

Speaking of that, Zi Yan became energetic.

She told him where to shoot at night, and it would probably be dawn when she was finished.

“Ill wait for you.”

Zhang Hans words made Zi Yan elated.

Though she was happy deep inside, she still shook her head while saying, “Dont wait for me.

Youll be tired if you dont sleep at night.

Just give me the key before I go out to work in the evening.”

“Ive already put it on your key chain.” Zhang Han shook his head and said with a smile, “Send me a message before you come back.”

“Mm, I know.” Zi Yan nodded obediently.

She felt that Zhang Han was such a considerate man.

After thinking for a while, Zi Yan turned her head and kissed him on his cheek.

Zhang Han could always get a lot of enjoyment from Zi Yans kisses.

When her sexy red lips curled up and touched his, he could fully feel their softness and moistness.

When they were kissing, he would feel a little cool.

They didnt go back home from Mount New Moon until five oclock.

When they got to the restaurant, more than a dozen people had been lining up in front of the door who were very envious of Zhang Hans family.

Many bachelors said, “I also want to have such a family, with a beautiful wife and a lovely baby.”

However, when they looked in the mirror, they would suddenly find that they were much less handsome than the boss.

“Hi, boss.”

“Boss, you went out to have fun”

“Mengmeng is such a lovely baby.”


The regulars of the restaurant couldnt help greeting them.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan smiled and nodded, and then walked into the restaurant under everyones gaze.

There were also several people sitting in the restaurant, while Pearson and Stefen were sitting at Wang Qiangs table.

After seeing Zhang Han, Pearson quickly got up and went over to him, whispering.

“Boss, can Stefen use Uncle Wangs membership once It was he who helped us get the truffles.

He wanted to have a taste, so I brought him here.”

“Oh, okay.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Thank you, boss!” Pearson laughed happily and returned to his seat.

While Zi Yan went to the second floor with Mengmeng in her arms, Zhou Fei and the other two people who were sitting leisurely on the sofa on the first floor also followed.

Zhang Han went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

At Wang Qiangs table—

Stefen stared at the wine cabinet next to him and shook his head, saying, “Pearson, I read your report last time.

If the food here is really as delicious as you said, with all the treasured liquor, it can be rated as a three-star Michelin restaurant.”

“This… Yes.” Pearson forced a laugh.

He had already felt that the boss didnt care about the title of a Michelin restaurant at all.

Zhang Han prepared steaks for dinner.

Steaks with black truffle sauce, fried egg with black truffles, a little steamed egg, and sliced white truffles were dinner on this day.

Of course, he also made egg fried rice and noodle soup.

He took the food to the second floor and almost all the people chose to start their dinner with the white truffle.

Immediately, an indescribable aroma occupied the mouth, as if a lot of flavors had been mixed together.

Tasting it carefully would be a great enjoyment to the taste buds.

“You get what you pay for.” It was expensive because of its rareness, good taste, high nutritional value, and health function.

If it tasted like sh*t, nobody would like it no matter how rare it was.

Todays dinner was a bit unusual for the clients, since they rarely ate such good food as black truffles and white truffles.


Because Pearson came back, three ordinary clients who had planned to eat at the restaurant changed their minds and took the food away.

“This steak smells great.

Stefen, have a try.” Pearson didnt eat, but told Stephen next him to taste the food first.

After hearing that, Stefen became very serious.

Then he cut a piece of steak carefully and put it into his mouth.

Feeling the tender flesh, the pure flavor, and the aroma of the black truffle, Stefen gradually widened his eyes.

After chewing for several seconds, he closed his eyes again and immersed himself in that wonderful taste.

After finishing it, he seemed to have become a sculpture, with his eyes closed and motionless.

“How is it When I first ate it, I was just like you!” Pearson said with a smile.

Stefen exhaled a long breath and opened his eyes, full of shock.

He looked at Pearson and said in surprise, “This steak…”

Before he finished his words, Pearson interrupted him and nodded while saying, “Yes, this is Kobe beef, the top ingredient with an unbeatable taste.

Its much more delicious than any steak I have ever eaten.”

“Wow, oh my god! Its incredible.

I cant believe it.

What techniques were used to make such top-flavored steaks” Stefen couldnt stop praising it.

“So, the food in this restaurant is the best I have ever eaten.” Pearson smiled while speaking.

“It seems that Ill come here more often from now on,” Stefen said with emotion.

“Uh, well… Only with a membership card.”

“Membership card Ill just buy one.”

“One card here costs 10 million.”

“Poof… Ahem, ahem, how much”

“10 million.”

“Forget it.”


Stefen felt a little dizzy.

He looked around and just realized that the VIP members sitting there were all rich people!

Then looking at Wang Qiang and his wife in front of him, he suddenly felt a little cautious.

“Since they can spend 10 million on a membership card of a restaurant, they must be extremely wealthy.”

But he did not know that the first 10 membership cards only cost one million.

As people knew more about the restaurant, many people began to regret it.

“Why didnt I buy a card back then One million is a 90% discount!”

After dinner, they took a break.

At 7:30, Zhao Feng walked up from the first floor and said, “Boss, madam, the movie will start at eight oclock and it will take us 20 minutes to get there.”

“Then lets go now,” Zi Yan got up and said.


Zhang Han nodded and held Mengmeng in his arms, saying, “Come on, lets go to the movies.”

“Okay, lets go to watch a movie.” In fact, the little girl didnt have much interest in movies.

What she was interested in was that while watching movies, she could eat popcorn and drink soda.

“Popcorn is delicious, sweet, and crunchy.

Soda is also good.

Ill burp once I drink it.”

Mengmengs cute and bright eyes were full of expectations.

“We should go back to work.” Zhang Li looked at the time and said, “Qing Qing, lets go downstairs together.”


“Oh no, so Ill be left here alone” Zhou Fei curled her lips.

Then, Zi Yan grinned and said, “How about you go to the movies with us”

“I wont.

Being a third wheel doesnt feel good.

I dont want to see you guys being lovey-dovey.” Zhou Fei quickly shook her head while speaking.

“Whats that nonsense Xiao Feng is coming, too,” Zi Yan rolled her eyes to her and said.

“I was planning to sit at the door.” Zhao Fengs expression seemed to be saying, “I also dont want to be a third wheel.”

“When theres some romantic scene in the movie and they want to kiss or do something, I would be embarrassed to sit beside them!”

Zi Yan took a look at Zhao Feng and then looked at Zhou Fei.

She snorted and said, “Ill leave you be.”

After finishing her words, she put on her cap and took the lead to go downstairs.

Zhang Hans family got into Zhao Fengs Land Rover and sat in the back seats.

Then Zhao Feng drove to the movie theater.

Zhang Li and Luo Qing got in the white Maserati and went to Causeway Bay.

The movie theater was near Zhu Keng District.

When they arrived there, the movie was about to start.

While they were walking to the corridor inside the hall, Mengmeng looked at the bar counter with her big eyes and said anxiously, “Oh no, its not right.”

“Whats wrong” Zhang Han asked.

“We cant go in.

We still need a lot of things.” Mengmeng stared at the popcorn behind the counter with her big bright eyes.

Zhang Han glanced at that and couldnt help laughing and saying, “Do you want popcorn”

“Yes, I want it,” Mengmeng said while blinking her bright eyes.

After thinking for a while, she also added, “I also want… Coca-Cola.”

“Hahaha.” Zhang Han laughed and said, “Lets go to buy some.”

Originally, Zhao Feng would buy those things for them after they went in.

However, seeing that the little girl was so anxious, Zhang Han decided to do it himself.

“Youre spoiling her.” Zi Yan smiled and rolled her eyes, but didnt stop him.

“Its okay to eat snacks once in a while.”

When they got to the counter, Zhang Han looked at the attendant and said, “Two buckets of popcorn and two colas please.”

“For the popcorn, one medium and one small.

And for the cola, one large and one small,” Zi Yan added.

“Okay, 55 yuan in total.

Please wait a moment.”

The attendant quickly got the food ready after they paid.

Finally, Mengmeng was satisfied, holding a small-sized popcorn in her arms.

They entered the movie theater, where there were not so many large sofas for couples.

Only the three of them were there because Zhao Feng said earlier that hed play on his phone outside.

They took the 3D glasses and sat on the sofa in the third row, with Zi Yan close to Zhang Han and Mengmeng on his legs.

Soon after, the lights in the theater were turned off and the screen lit up.

The movie began.

It was the second installment of Alice in Wonderland.

It told the story of the female captain, Alice, who was summoned to return to Wonderland.

She stole the Magic Ball in order to save her friend, the Mad Hatter, and thus started an adventure about love and searching.

When he heard that movies name, Zhang Han felt it was a bit strange.

He remembered that it was released in 2016 in his last life, with an average box office in Hua nation, and a global box office of one billion US dollars.

In this life, it was released in advance, as well as many other film series.

Also, some films werent released here.

Zhang Han didnt care too much about those minor changes.

The divine thunder over the sky made a strong man reborn, who had already passed level nine tribulation.

It broke the time barrier and made the world slightly disordered, which was a very normal thing in his view.

Even if it was the end of the world at this place, Zhang Han wouldnt be shocked.

After all, he felt incredible to have broken the time rules, let alone other things.

But for the present state after rebirth…

Zhang Han glanced at Zi Yan.

Then he smiled gently.


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