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Zhang Han only said five sentences.

He took five steps while speaking!

With five steps, he moved by ten meters!

Standing ten meters away from He Yunfei, he looked at him calmly.

Each of them was holding a blade!

It seemed that the fierceness that was brought by the swords was about to sweep through the entire hall and break through the clouds!

If Zhang Han was a strong martial artist in everyones eyes a while ago…

He was like a grand master who had shown his full power to everyone at that moment.

The fury hidden at the bottom of his heart constantly increased the energy of his whole body.

In the end, all the people, including He Yunfei, felt his pressure! He was like a dragon that just woken up, who was looking at the whole world disdainfully with his scary eyes and sharp fangs!


The strong just should make the weak feel pressured!

“He… he…”

As his body trembled, Jiang Zonghao looked at Zhang Han in a different way.

He was scared.

He was terrified!

He never thought that a person would scare him just by standing there.

He knew that if he were that mans opponent, hed be killed in an instant!

“Oh my God…”

Wu Chengdong and the others felt that their blood had frozen, as if it were the cold winter, not summer.

They vaguely guessed that it might have been caused by that mans energy!

“This is my master! This is an immortal! Hes invincible!” Zhao Feng looked at him in excitement.

“How strong is he” Instructor Lius brain went blank and he felt it was incredible.

That was He Yunfei in front of him, yet the boss still called him a nobody.

Not only them, Ah Hu and the others were also shocked after seeing that.

They wanted to say from the bottom of their hearts:

“Boss, youre awesome!”

People around them were shocked, while He Yunfei, who was at the center of the vortex, felt an inexplicable pressure.

“I only saw such energy once from Emperor Qing years ago.

Oh no, his energy is even stronger than Emperor Qings! Who on earth is he”

He Yunfei wasnt as relaxed as a while ago.

He looked at Zhang Han seriously, slightly frowning and motionless.

He didnt move, while Zhang Han stood ten meters away from him.

The hall was as silent as the grave.

All the people stared at them and they felt that a fierce fight was about to begin!

Suddenly, Zhang Han opened his mouth.

He was still indifferent, but there was also contempt in his words,

“Ill give you three chances to make your move.”

“What did you say” He Yunfei was stunned, saying, “Isnt that what I should tell you”

“You Youre not qualified,” Zhang Han said lightly.

“Hahaha,” He Yunfei laughed loudly and then said, “I started to study martial arts when I was 10.

I mastered Inward Strength at the age of 20 and Peak Strength at the age of 22.

When I was 25, I mastered Qi Strength and became a master.

I reached the Earth stage when I was 30 and reached the Heaven stage at the age of 37.

Now Im 42.

In the next five years, Im expected to break through the Heaven stage and become a Grand Master.

I cant be compared with such talents as Emperor Qing, but what about you You just reached the Profound stage, yet you dare to say that Im not qualified”

“You have one minute left,” Zhang Han ignored him and said directly.

“Outrageous!” He Yunfei gave him a murderous look and said, “I havent seen how powerful you are, yet youre so arrogant! Ive killed over ten people who were just like you.

You wont be the first one that I kill, nor the last one.”

“Fifty seconds.” Zhang Han counted the time.

“Good! Since youre courting death, then dont blame me!”

Zhang Hans attitude made He Yunfei furious.

After saying that, he became silent.

Then, he stared at Zhang Han for two seconds.

Suddenly, his body moved.

He was just standing still like a pine, but the next moment, he was as nimble as an escaping hare!

He moved very fast and his figure became a little fuzzy, but he wasnt like Zhang Han, who directly left seven shadows in front of peoples eyes.

It could be seen that He Yunfei didnt move as fast as Zhang Han!

He Yunfei didnt choose to jump into the air and accumulate more power to attack him.

In his view, dealing with an enemy like Zhang Han, who could move very fast, jumping so high as Gu Chuanlong did was extremely stupid.

Although it would be more powerful, flexibility was more important.

It seemed that He Yunfei had just reached Zhang Han in the blink of an eye.

The dagger in his right hand was held horizontally, which reflected fierceness and coldness.

Then, a sneer appeared around the corners of his mouth and he planned to stab Zhang Han directly in his heart!

The people present saw everything as a blur when He Yunfei raised his arm and moved his blade.

Just then, Zhang Han raised his 0.3-meter-long sword in his hand and some even more dazzling light made all the people narrow their eyes.

Their movements were so fast that their hands could hardly been seen clearly.

People could only hear the sounds of the weapons colliding with each other.

The intensive collision of their weapons sounded for only two seconds.

The next moment, people saw He Yunfeis body retreat rapidly.

“Whos the winner”

All the people gradually held their breaths and an exclamation was heard at last.

“Who on earth are you” He Yunfei cried out involuntarily!

Their confrontation made him feel the long-lost crisis of life and death.

He thought his moves were fast enough with wily angles.

However, the sword in his opponents hand seemed to have become a shield, so no attack on him was effective.

Finally, he felt that his swordplay was so powerful that he had to pull back! He was totally shocked after realizing what had happened.


“He knows swordplay! Hes just a Profound-stage Master!”

“Since when did a Profound-stage Master have such high swordplay skills”

In general, reaching the Profound stage was just a start and he could only be called a beginner.

Only when he reached the Earth stage or the Heaven stage, could he know of swordplay.

However, the man opposite to him was incredible.

“You still have two chances in thirty-five seconds.” Zhang Han didnt answer him and still said calmly.

After Zhang Han said that, no one dared to despise him and even Jiang Zonghao was a little scared.

“What if Protector He loses again”

That question came up in his mind involuntarily.

Thinking about it for a second made his face become pale out of fright.

“Ill counterattack!”

Feeling that he had been humiliated, He Yunfei shouted and then rushed toward Zhang Han like lightning.

When he went closer, He Yunfei moved his left hand and three five-star darts dropped from his sleeve.


He moved his arm and then the three darts soon flew away.

The first one flew to Zhang Hans head, the second one to his neck and the third one to his heart.

Three key points completely revealed He Yunfeis determination to kill him!

In fact, he used the three darts just to distract his attention.

His real weapon was still the dagger in his hand!

After the three darts went out, He Yunfei moved his body.

He suddenly doubled the speed and his body kept up with the darts.

Then, he erected the dagger in his hand and planned to stab Zhang Han in his chest.

“Getting stabbed in each of the four points would be fatal.

Even if Zhang Han could escape the darts, I can still end his life with my powerful dagger!”

He Yunfei even used that trick to kill a master who was at the peak of the Heaven stage.

Therefore, he was full of confidence!

It seemed that time was flowing slowly at the moment.

Everyone held their breaths.

There was excitement in Jiang Zonghaos eyes, because he was expecting Zhang Han to die.

Gu Pengfeng, who was lying on the ground and speechless, finally became excited.

He was also looking forward to Zhang Hans death.

Gu Chuanlong, who was also lying there, gradually widened his eyes and didnt want to miss the scene where he would be avenged.

There were concerns in Zhao Fengs eyes, since he knew that He Yunfeis move was too fierce!

Ah Hu and the others were extremely nervous.

They wanted to scream, but they didnt have the time.

Under everyones gazes… He Yunfeis darts and dagger were getting closer to Zhang Han.

But the next moment…

Clang, clang…

They suddenly found that Zhang Hans figure was blurred and then his sword had been raised.

He squatted a little, raising the sword with his right hand and pressing on its tip with the left hand, and the three darts had been bounced away!


With the last sound, He Yunfeis dagger met Zhang Hans sword, curving it slightly.

Such a fatal trick had just been counteracted in such an easy way!

He Yunfei was shocked.

He slowly looked up and finally saw that calm face!


Suddenly, He Yunfei felt the crisis and wanted to pull back.

However, Zhang Hans foot went faster.

He kicked him in his abdomen, causing him to step backwards quickly.

Fortunately, that kick wasnt that powerful.

After retreating by over ten steps, He Yunfei stood still and his facial expression changed completely!

“You…” He Yunfeis fingers trembled, thinking that if he stabbed him just then, he would probably hurt himself severely.

When he was about the speak, Zhang Han interrupted him coldly, “The last move.

In twenty-five seconds.”

“How is this possible” Jiang Zonghao felt that his whole world had collapsed!

“Had He Yunfei lost”

Gu Chuanlong and the others were very upset.

“The most powerful man among them is still unable to defeat him”

Wu Chengdong, Meiqi, Li Cheng and the others all felt that their blood had almost frozen.

They hadnt expected that the battles between martial artists would be so fierce! They hadnt even expected that man to be so strong!

“How did you block them” He Yunfei couldnt help but ask.

“Do you want to hurt me with such simple tricks” Zhang Han replied coldly.

“I!” He Yunfeis face darkened immediately.

It was the first time that he had gotten such an evaluation!

“Since you can bring some people here, Im sure that youre also some influential man.

Lets just stop it here, or Ill report it to the authorities.

Look at the trouble youve made.

Have you thought about the consequences”

He Yunfei knew that he had already lost and the third move wasnt necessary at all, because his strongest skill had no effect and there was no need to fight again.

However, he wasnt afraid, because those people with guns must be from an army.

Since he could bring them over, he must be an official, too.

Therefore, he would certainly be punished.

However, he hadnt expected that the man would be so strong.

“You have the last fifteen seconds,” Zhang Han replied calmly.

“What do you mean Look how many people have been hurt.

Do you still want to continue” He Yunfei frowned and scolded him, “Young man, dont be too arrogant.

Even if I cant kill you, there are people who can deal with you!”

“Ten seconds.”

“Mm” He Yunfei stared at Zhang Han and only found indifference in his eyes.

He felt disappointed.

“This man is being serious!”

“Hes ready to fight!”

Thinking of that… He Yunfeis heart skipped a beat, since he felt great pressure.

Then, he said in a deep voice,

“Who on earth are you What are you here for”

“Oh” Hearing his words, Zhang Han had a slight reaction.

He began to recollect while saying slowly,

“You can call me… Zhang Hanyang.”

That was an ancient name.

He made himself conspicuous with that name from over 400 years ago in the Cultivation World.

At that time, he experienced the cruelty of the world and felt that even the sunlight was cold.

Therefore, he remembered the word, Hanyang, which meant cold sunlight.

In the last few years, he became famous and that name also resounded most of the Cultivation World.

That was also the origin of the name, Han Yang Immortal.

At that moment, he suddenly remembered that people still didnt know what Gu Pengfeng had done, so he had to say something.

Every time Zhang Han said a sentence, he would take a step forward.

With each step, people would feel that he was becoming much fiercer.

“The only purpose of my coming here is to use your blood to tell the world, I am Zhang Hanyang!”

“As for the reason, its because Gu Pengfeng was trying to touch my woman!”

“Oh, right.”

“I forgot to tell you, my woman, is called…”

“Zi Yan!”


After hearing that, all the people, including He Yunfei, Jiang Zonghao, Gu Fang, Gu Chuanlong and Wu Chengdong, were completely shocked!

“He… he… he turned out to be Zi Yans… This… My God!” Wu Chengdong and Meiqi looked at each other in astonishment and their heartbeats accelerated.

“Zi Yan actually has such a powerful husband and she has never said it before!”


Wu Chengdong felt a little dizzy.

“It is no wonder that when Zi Yan was in trouble in Shang Jing, someone came to her rescue.

It is no wonder that Lin Jie, who is one of top four influential young men in Shang Jing, has suffered a loss!”

“It turned out that theres such a powerful man behind her!”

Fu Shan, who was sitting in the corner on one side, also trembled.

“How could this be I… What should I do”

He was so scared that his whole body couldnt stop trembling.

“Hes Zi Yans man, yet Ive made so much trouble for her.

If she told him about that, Id definitely be doomed!”

After thinking of that, Fu Shan felt desperate.

At the same time, Li Cheng also had similar feelings.

His face darkened.

Fortunately, he didnt use such a sinister trick, or hed be the one being killed!

Xu Ruoyu was also stunned, who felt powerless and fell to the ground.

“She has such a powerful man.

How can I compare with her It turns out that Im really a clown in her eyes.”

“I still wanted to surpass her.

Its ridiculous.

I was just daydreaming.”

While she was thinking about that, she looked at Zhang Han and a question came up in her mind,

“Why dont I have such a powerful husband”

Then, she noticed the yellow-haired man who was shivering next to her and felt a bit resentful.

The person who felt the most regretful was Gu Pengfeng.

After hearing Zhang Hans words, he felt an uncomfortable surge all over his body.

Not only he felt the physical pain, he also suffered great mental pain.

He constantly recalled what Brother Hui said earlier,

“Such a beauty as her is not easy to get.

You should reconsider it.”


“I should reconsider it!”

“I should think more about it!”

“How can such a stunner be owned by an ordinary man like me!”

“Why didnt I think about that”


“I should think twice!”

Gu Pengfeng was extremely remorseful, but the medicine he ate earlier wasnt a cure for regret.

Zhang Hans words also made people understand something.

“Gu Pengfeng took Zi Yan away, because he had some evil thoughts!”

“No wonder he brought so many people here! Its totally reasonable!”

People subconsciously believed that after Zhang Han said the cause of the incident, the whole thing would end after Gu Pengfeng made an apology.

Even He Yunfei thought so.

“Every debt has its debtor.

Since it was Gu Pengfeng who…”

Before he finished his words, Zhang Han interrupted him,

“Time is up!”


He Yunfei saw that Zhang Han moved his body and quickly came to him with the sword in his hand.

So, he hurriedly stepped back sideways and lifted the dagger to resist.

He moved his dagger, only to find that he was fighting with air.

The sword seemed to be illusory!

“Oh no!”

He Yunfei felt a crisis of life and death.

Only at that moment did he realize that the sword was an illusion.


“Wheres the real sword”

In his pupil, Zhang Hans figure moved from the right to the left in an instant.

Then, he felt some people were in danger.

“Oh no!”

In other peoples eyes, after Zhang Han went to him, He Yunfei moved sideways.

The next moment, Zhang Han moved his body and stepped forward for half a meter, while He Yunfei stood still.

However, Zhang Han didnt stop moving.

He grabbed the dagger from He Yunfeis hand and threw it away, which flew to Gu Fangs chest, who was near the sofa.

Zhang Han kept moving, taking the sword in his hand to stab Jiang Zonghao.

Before Jiang Zonghao realized that, he had directly stabbed him in the chest.

Then, Zhang Han put his right foot down.

It fell on Gu Chuanlongs neck.

Bang, bang, bang!

Several sounds were heard.

He Yunfei wanted to look back, so he moved his body slightly, but suddenly, he kneeled down and fell to the ground.

The dagger he used before was stabbed in Gu Fangs chest.

Even without making a sound, he had already died.

“You…” Jiang Zonghaos eyes couldnt be focused.

He tried to look at Zhang Han and wanted to say something.

However, Zhang Han directly pulled out the sword.

Then, Jiang Zonghao fell to the ground, his breath had left him.

It only took Zhang Han three seconds to kill those four people.

The cost of those three seconds was that he had overdrawn his spiritual force and physical strength.

Zhang Han took the sword with his hand and its tip was against the ground.

The sword was even curved, while supporting his body.

Gu Chuanlong and He Yunfei, who were Heaven-stage Masters, were almost as powerful as the people who were at the late stage of Qi Refining.

However, their use of spiritual force was too poor.

If He Yunfeis movements were more powerful, Zhang Han would have probably not defeated him.

Luckily, that didnt happen.

“Ah!” Gu Fang was completely frightened.

He stood up and ran to the corner while screaming.

Other people also reacted the same.

They couldnt stop screaming and the crowd fell into a panic.

Just at that moment…

Crack, crack, crack…

A burst of gunfire sounded.

“Everybody, squat down.

Dont move!” Zhao Feng fired several shots at the ceiling while shouting.

All the people shivered and then quickly squatted down.

A third of them were too scared to raise their heads.

After a minute, Zhang Hans physical strength recovered a little.

He looked around at the crowd and no one dared to look at him.

In the end, his eyes fixed on the two remaining martial artists.

Their faces were pale out of fright and one of them hurriedly begged for mercy,

“Master Zhang, Im not related to this.

I have nothing to do with this.

Please let me go.

Please let me go!”

The other one also realized it and hurriedly begged, “Im also not related, Master Zhang…”

Zhang Han thought for a moment and then ignored them.

After looking around, he said slowly,

“You should be glad that nothing serious happened to Zi Yan.

Otherwise, no one would leave this place alive today.”

Once hearing that, all the people felt relieved.

A few people looked up at Zhang Han.

At that moment, they felt that he was like a god in charge of life and death.

If he wanted you to live, youd be safe and sound; but if he wanted you to die, you wouldnt have a chance to breathe.

That moment, that scene had been deeply imprinted on everyones hearts.

However, Zhang Hans following words made them nervous again, since he said lightly,

“Xiao Feng.”


“Break the legs of everyone here to punish them!”

After hearing the words, Zhao Feng looked around the room.

It seemed that there were nearly a hundred people in total.

To break all their legs… He was shocked by that idea.

However, in the face of Zhang Hans words, he wouldnt say no.

“Since its already developed like this, whats there to be worried about”

“Yes!” Zhao Feng responded before making a gesture to Ah Hu and the others.

Instructor Liu had been completely shocked next to him.

“What the well Gu Fang, Gu Chuanlong, Master Jiang and Protector He are all dead.

What should I do…”

He was completely at a loss at that moment.

“Master Zhang!” Suddenly, Meiqi, who was flustered and anxious, ran to Zhang Han and said eagerly, “Im Meiqi, Zi Yans director.

Were good friends.


“Me too…”

Wu Chengdong and Xu Ruoyu said quickly, but they didnt finish their words.


“Ah!” With the two sounds, their words came to an abrupt end.

They were the only ones who dared to stand out.

Li Cheng and Fu Shan came from the same company as them, but they didnt dare to breathe at that moment.

They just squatted at the back, silently waiting for the punishment.

Seeing that scene, many people were disappointed.

Even the people from their own company couldnt be spared.

How would they survive

Under many peoples attention, Zhang Han slowly moved to the direction of the door.

“He forgot about me.

Its great…”

Gu Pengfeng, who was lying at the back, looking at Zhang Hans back with his eyes narrowed.

He thought he might be able to escape.

However, when Zhang Han walked to the scabbard that was inserted in the ground, he moved his hand and put the sword back in.

He took another step forward while Gu Pengfeng felt relieved at that moment.

Suddenly, his right foot moved.

He kicked the sword and caught it in his hand!

Then, he turned his head back!

“Hes staring at me!”


Gu Pengfengs body trembled.

“He… he didnt forget me!”

“Hell kill me!”

“I told you that youd be the last one.”

Gu Pengfeng heard Zhang Hans words, and then, he saw that horrible man throw the sword away randomly.

The sword was constantly rotating, which was getting bigger and bigger in his eyes.

Then, Zhang Han walked away directly.

After walking out the door, he stood still to relax his numb muscles.

Listening to the constant screams in the hall behind him, his eyes were filled with indifference, without any mercy.

About a minute later, Zhao Feng and the others came out.

“All done,” Zhao Feng said in a low voice.

“Alright, lets go.” Zhang Han said calmly and then took the lead to leave.

Instructor Liu asked about 20 people to guard the hall and then took the others to follow Zhang Han by his side.

“Boss.” Instructor Liu looked at Zhang Han, who was very calm as if nothing had happened, and laughed bitterly.

Then, he said, “This incident will cause a sensation in both the martial arts world and the government.

Im afraid that… its not easy to wind it up.”

“Oh.” Zhang Han glanced at him and said, “If there is any news, just tell me in advance.”

“There is no better way.

I… Ill try my best.” Instructor Liu replied helplessly.

It was the best time for him to offer support.

So, he was determined to help him!

The group of people walked all the way to the door, while more than a dozen police officers were standing in the hall seriously.

“Im in charge of this now.

You can leave!”

Instructor Liu strode over.

Then, he took out his black certificate and shook it in front of them.

After looking at it, the captain was shocked by the origin of their team.

Then, he left after a salute.

In astonishment, the female receptionist saw that the perpetrator was escorted out and then got in a Hummer, which left slowly.

Zhang Han, Zhao Feng, Ah Hu and the others left, while Instructor Liu and his men stayed there.

He really had a headache, feeling that it would be difficult to clean up the mess.

Back at the hotel, he took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.

“Uncle, bad news.

Its disastrous.

You have to figure out a way.

I really cant stand it…”


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