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While Zi Yan, Zhang Han, and Mengmeng went back to the second floor, Zhou Fei drove to her abode and began packing up her things.

In the bedroom on the second floor of the restaurant, Zhang Han and Mengmeng had seated themselves on the bed.

With her pretty eyes blinking, Zi Yan took a glance at Zhang Han and then changed her clothes without evading the man.

After changing into short sleeves, jeans, and a white windbreaker, Zi Yan began packing the suitcase, stuffing it with articles for daily use and spare clothes.

Looking at the suitcase and knowing he would be separated from her for some time, Zhang Han fetched five bottles of Yang Qing Water from the first floor and placed them in the corner of the suitcase.

“Take a drink when you get tired,” he said in a soft voice, “and take care of yourself and dont work too hard.”

Zhang Han was reluctant to part with Zi Yan.

Though he hadnt known the girl for a long time, they were now passionately in love.

Zi Yan gently bit her lower lip and replied, “I will.”

“Oh,” Mengmeng crawled to the edge of a bed and asked, “MaMa, MaMa, what are you doing with the suitcase”

“MaMa will go out to work and be back in several days.

Mengmeng should behave well and obey your PaPa at home.” Zi Yan smiled.

“Hmm, I dont want MaMa to go.

MaMa, dont leave us, boo-woo, I wont let you go.” The little one burst into tears.

When Zhang Han and Zi Yan sat on the edge of the bed to comfort the little girl, Mengmeng crawled into Zi Yan arms, trying to persuade her with tears.

What a poor little dear.

“Okay, okay, just a few days and MaMa will soon be back.

Dont cry, Mengmeng…”

It took Zhang Han and Zi Yan 10 minutes to stop Mengmengs tears, but the pouting girl was still upset.

In order to comfort the little thing, they played with her for another half an hour.

At 2 p.m., Zhou Fei came back with her own suitcase.

After a dozen minutes of rest, they left for the airport.

While Zhao Feng and the others were among the entourage, Xu Yong drove for them along with those left-behind persons.

A convoy consisting of around 20 black Mercedes swept them to the international airport.

In the meantime—

In the Hong Kong International Airport, dozens of Royal Entertainment Companys photographers led by teacher Ma were standing near the entrance.

They seemed well-behaved and even a bit stiff while continuing to glance at someone a few meters away from them.

Those were the board members and their secretaries.

Except for the two who were overseas, the remaining seven directors were all present here in top-quality suits.

Li Chengs parents were also among the crowd.

After a while, they saw Li Cheng, along with his two faithful followers, get out of a car with a cane and seat himself in a wheelchair.

In a hurry, Li Chengs parents went to him.

“Cheng, behave yourself and have a good rest in the Maldives.

You shall keep this lesson in mind and never get dizzy with success,” Father Li frowned and said.

“Okay,” Li Cheng replied casually.

“Ming and Fang, please take the trouble to help Cheng.” Mother Li made a request to the young men following Li Cheng.

“No trouble at all.

Well take good care of Brother Li definitely.” The two men were flattered and busy waving their hands.

“Pa, why are you all here” Li Cheng was surprised at the number of directors waiting for him.

“Zi Yan and the others are coming, and we are here to see them off.” A bit of reluctance flashed across Directors Lis face, but he couldnt avoid the collective action, for more than half of the directors agreed to show their goodwill.

They all knew that Zi Yans boyfriend was Master Zhang!

And Director Li couldnt change the decision-making of the Board of Directors for personal reasons.

“He is coming” Li Chengs eyes popped out because what had happened last night made him cringe in horror.

“Lets go.

The plane is about to take off,” he said hastily.

Having been reminded of Zhang Han from last night, Li Cheng was afraid of facing him and Zi Yan, while the thought of his misdeeds being discovered made him shiver.

After all, Li Cheng didnt want to die miserably like Gu Pengfeng, which was the cause of his trip to the Maldives.

“Lets go.

Ill see you off.” Mother Li nodded and entered the airport with the crowd.

Before coming back, they spent several minutes chatting in the airport lounge.

When they had just returned, a fleet of Mercedes came and stopped a hundred meters ahead of them.

In the middle car of the fleet—

Mengmeng was mumbling in the arms of Zi Yan, “MaMa, please, please come back soon.”

“Okay, MaMa will play with Mengmeng for a couple of days when Mama comes back.” Zi Yan promised Mengmeng and kissed her on the cheek.

Knowing the mother and daughters farewell would not end soon, Zhang Han got out of the car and got Zi Yans luggage from the trunk.

Zhou Fei, Zhao Feng, and Leng Yue also got out.

Zhao Feng went over to take the suitcase from Zhang Han and then walked a few steps to the side.

His gaze turned to the airport entrance in order to not disturb the family of three.

As for those from the Royal Entertainment Company on the other side—

“Arent those women Zi Yans bodyguards” someone in Teacher Mas team said suddenly.


Everyones gaze turned to the fleet.

They were immediately amazed and even shocked by the row of bodyguards in black.

What an unusual scene.

Under everyones gazes—

Zi Yan got out of her car.

Standing among the crowd wearing black suits, Zhang Han, Zi Yan, and Zhou Fei, in their casual clothes, were especially eye-catching.

“I have to go.” Slightly biting her lower lip, Zi Yan stood in front of Zhang Han and gazed at him without even blinking her pretty eyes.

Zhang Han stretched out his arms and gave Zi Yan a hug.

“When you come back,” he murmured in Zi Yans ear, “well… Ill eat you, Little Red.”

With a blushing face, Zi Yan squirmed in Zhang Hans arms and grumbled coyly.


“Haha…” Zhang Han broke into laughter and gave Zi Yan a pat on the waist.

“Go ahead.”

“Okay, then… Wait, why dont you say,Call me when you arrive” Zi Yan moved her head back and looked at Zhang Han.

“Er, because I know when you get off the plane, Ill call you,” Zhang Han replied with a smile.

“Got to go.

Mwah~” Zi Yan tiptoed to kiss Zhang Han on the lips before turning and going to the entrance with the crowd.

Mengmeng rolled down the rear window and stretched out her head.

“MaMa, please come back soon.” She tried to speak loudly.

Returning her gaze, Zi Yan smiled and waved.

Outside the rear door stood Zhang Han, who was looking at Zi Yan quietly.

When the crowd passed by Teacher Ma—

The board members took the lead in welcoming her, and many of them laughed and said, “Zi Yan, this trip to the mainland may be very hard.

Do you best and dont hesitate to mention any requests to the team leader.”

“Youve been doing very well recently, and the company has decided to give you all the resources you need and turn you into the number one of the Royal Entertainment Company.”

“Zi Yan, this time…”

Not knowing the truth, Teacher Ma and his team members were shocked by what they saw.

They had expected that the board members were here to meet someones plane, see someone off, or give some orders, but…

The exaggerated enthusiasm made them think more and fear more.

“Almost the entire board of directors came to see Zi Yan off”


Many of them couldnt help inhaling deeply.

On the other side, Zi Yan and dozens of team members entered the airport, laughing and talking.

Meanwhile, the board members instructed the team leader and Teacher Ma to follow Zi Yans wishes, no matter when.

And the latter was even more confused.

Though they still didnt know why.

They realized that Zi Yan would soon bob up like a cork and even become the top actress of the Royal Entertainment Company.

After following the team into the airport with his eyes, Zhang Han shook his head slightly, and then got in the car to take Mengmeng in his arms.

Under the inspection of curious passers-by, the fleet slowly left the airport for New Moon Bay.

“Boss, Brother Feng has gone with them, and Im going to be right there if you need anything.

Well… Shall I go to the restaurant every day” Xu Yong asked while driving.

“As you wish.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

It was around 4 p.m.

when they arrived at the restaurant.

Zhang Han took Mengmeng to Mount New Moon and caught several roosters.

After cutting off the chicken wings, he distributed the rest of the chicken to Xu Yong and the others.

For supper, they only had a plate of roasted chicken wings, which was specially made for Mengmeng, and stir-fried shredded potato, which was for the VIP diners.

At first, those VIP diners didnt take the hostess absence seriously, for business trips were common.

However, they soon found the quality of VIP meals plummet, and Mengmeng was the only one who could still enjoy the delicacy.

The VIP diners missed the feast so much that they had never looked forward to the hostesss coming back like this.

But well talk about that later.

During supper, Zhang Han checked the time and called Zi Yan at 7:10 p.m.

It was time for her to get off the plane.

“Wow, youre quite on time.

Ive only just arrived.” Zi Yan was very pleased for she was about to call Zhang Han.

This phone call just took Zhang Han a few minutes.

When he hung up, suppertime had passed and the dining hall again became quiet.

Zhang Han played with Mengmeng until night and then lulled her to sleep with bedtime stories.

Taking a glance at the part of bed belonging to Zi Yan, Zhang Han found himself beginning to miss the girl.

Zi Yan had become a part of his life before he realized it.

Zhang Han was interrupted from his thoughts by a WeChat message.

Zi Yan sent him several selfies.

“We walked around Gongzhou.

The snacks here are tasty, but still not as good as what you make.”

“Well, great photos.”


“Ding, ding!”

It was a selfie showing Zi Yans upper body lying in bed with underwear only, which showed off her figure to perfection.

“Ding, ding!”

It was another selfie showing two overlapping long legs.

The corners of Zhang Hans mouth twitched as he replied: “Naughty.”

“Hmph, are you drooling”


Over the phone, they flirted with each other until midnight and both found contentment.

At the end of the day, Zhang Han fell asleep with a smiling face.

In a hotel in another city, Zi Yan was wearing a similar expression.

This smile explained the happiness of love.

The next day—

As usual, Zhang Han made breakfast and fed Mengmeng little steamed stuffed buns.

Xu Yong came early today to guard the restaurant..

or no, to assist Zhang Han.

They finished breakfast around 9 oclock, and then Zhang Han came downstairs with Mengmeng in his arms.

“Well be closed at noon.”

Zhang Han left the restaurant with Mengmeng.

The panda car carried them slowly away.

He was going shopping with Mengmeng, on the antique street of course.

Though Zhang Han didnt want to follow the prescribed order to wait for the Yuan Qing Fruit, he was still longing to enhance his strength.

Therefore, he was going to scour the four antique streets in Hong Kong, hoping to get something helpful.


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