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Chapter 37 – Go to supermarket

“So good looking! So pretty!”

Meng Meng ran upstairs and downstairs a few times and said with an extremely excited face.

“This is still nothing, wait until daddy finishes building Paradise Land, you will immediately know what place is the most beautiful.” Zhang Han stroke onto Meng Mengs little head.

“Daddy is the best!” Meng Meng stretched out her little arms and moved into Zhang Hans embrace,

“Muack, muack, muack.” Meng Meng kissed quite a few mouths onto Zhang Hans face.

“Hahaha.” Zhang Han laughed without restraint.

All those that he did, it was all for Meng Meng.

Seeing that the little princess was this happy, a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment was filled within Zhang Hans heart.

This piece of happiness was something Zhang Han never had even during the time when he had countless treasures.

As it turns out, after having a child, everything was truly different.

Towards this kind of life, Zhang Han was very fond and infatuated.

Even so much that he doesnt want to think about other things already.

Even if he was not able to cultivate to immortality, even if he was not able to search for treasures, it all didnt matter, as long as he has Meng Meng in this life, it was enough for him.

“Daddy, daddy, I want the toys that are in the suitcase.” After running around for a few times, Meng Meng ran to the front of Zhang Han and said.

“Alright, alright, alright, I will take out your toys for you.” Zhang Han laughed and shook his head.

Opening one of the suitcases, within the suitcase, it was filled with all kinds of Meng Mengs toys, with most of the toys being hairy small dolls.

Meng Meng placed some of the hairy small dolls at the living room and bedroom of both the first floor and second floor.

Until that, no matter where she was, she would be able to stretch out her hand and grab onto her toy, then did Meng Meng leaked out a satisfied smile.

“Lets go, Meng Meng, daddy bring you to go to the supermarket.” Zhang Han said.

“Alright, go to the supermarket! Hug hug, daddy carry Meng Meng to the supermarket.” No matter where she went, as long as she was together with her daddy, Meng Meng would be very happy.

Zhang Han carried the little princess, left the house and locked the restaurants door.

After driving for 5 minutes, they arrived at a supermarket that was nearby.

After finish parking the car and just got off the car, there was a disabled person on the street that was at the lateral side of the supermarket.

The disabled person lied down on a four wheeled skateboard, did not have both of his legs and only had 1 arm.

There was a small iron bowl in his only arm, and within the small iron bowl, there were small changes.


Meng Meng who was within Zhang Hans embrace was shocked upon seeing that.

Hiding her head at the side of Zhang Hans neck, she said softly, “Daddy, why dont, why dont he have hand hand and foot foot, he is so pitiful.”

“Dont be afraid Meng Meng.”

Zhang Han stretched out his hand and stroke onto Meng Mengs head and looked at that person indifferently.

“Do a good deed……” The male mumbled in a low voice.

However, Zhang Han did not pay attention to him and straightforwardly walk past him.

“Meng Meng, we dont have to pity other people, because other people may not necessarily need pity.” Zhang Han said lightly.

“But…eh…he dont have any hand hand and foot foot……” Meng Meng pouted with her small mouth and said.

“It is his own matter that he doesnt have hand and foot.

In this world, there is no pitiful people that became pitiful for no reason, therefore, if Meng Meng were to see this kind of thing again in the future, just dont pay attention to it will do.” Zhang Han said unhurriedly.

“Oh…I understand.”

Zhang Han carried Meng Meng and walked into the supermarket.

The supermarket was a synthesis shopping mall, 1-6 floor was various kinds of clothes and jewelry, 7 floor was food, 8 floor was entertainment floor, and the supermarket was at the first layer underground.

Taking the lift to the underground, at the entrance, there were a bunch of trollies.

The trolley had a customized seat for little children to sit on, thus Zhang Han placed Meng Meng on the seat and began pushing the trolley and strolling around the supermarket.

Oil, salt, soy sauce, and vinegar definitely needed to be bought.

When heading towards the condiment area and passing by the snacks area, Meng Mengs eyes lighted up.

“Daddy, I want to eat that, daddy, I want to eat this……” Meng Meng pointed to various kinds of fried potato chips and other snacks and said.

“Alright, daddy will take for you.” Zhang Han smiled slightly and took 10 bags of snacks in one go.

In a moment, Meng Meng was extremely happy.

Zhang Han did not doubt the slightest bit at all that if the little princess was in his embrace right now, she would definitely give him amuack, muack, muack again!

Seeing that Meng Meng still wanted to get more snacks, Zhang Han shook his head and said in advance, “Alright, Meng Meng, snacks cannot be eaten too much, all those snacks are enough already.”

“Eh” Meng Meng slightly went into a daze.

With her mouth pouted, she said in her cute voice, “Just all those Just those are not enough, not enough for Meng Meng to eat.”

“Wait after you finished eating those snacks, daddy will buy it again for you.” Zhang Han stroke onto Meng Mengs little head.

“Oh…all right then.” Meng Meng agreed reluctantly.

The little princess was not like some brat who would cry when their parents did not buy something they wanted.

Also, it was possible that it was because Meng Meng did not have a father since small.

All the way until she was 3 years old, then did she returned to her fathers side now, so naturally, she treasured her father a hundred times more and was very obedient.

Meng Mengs mood improved very quickly.

After only a few steps, she started humming a song softly, with a very happy look on her face.

Arriving at the condiment area, Zhang Hans gaze swept back and forth.

He was clear about the condiments that he needed, but he did not know what brand to get.

However, Zhang Han also did not bother about those, basically buying anything that was the most expensive.

Oyster sauce, cooking wine, hoisin sauce, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, white vinegar, mature vinegar, ketchup, sticky chili bean sauce, dark brown sugar, white sugar, thirteen spices.

Zhang Han took a few of each of every condiment.

Staple food like rice and flour, of course, did not need to be bought, Crescent Mountain had the best rice and wheat in this world.

Soybean oil, salad oil, corn oil and so on were also bought.

Adding on some garlic, ginger, and other assisting ingredients, the condiments that Zhang Han wanted to buy was more or less all bought.

Thus, Zhang Han paid the bill and brought all those things back to the car, then went back to the supermarket to undergo another round of purchase.

This time, he was looking to buy kitchen utensils.

Pots, bowls, ladles, and basins were of course absolutely necessary.

For porcelain bowls and chopsticks, Zhang Han just bought a few, and for disposable meal boxes and disposable chopsticks, Zhang Han bought quite a few of them, intending to let the customer use it if there was any.

In addition, for things like refrigerator magnets, wall stickers, broom, mop, towels, bath towels and so on other household goods, he also picked the best after strolling all around the supermarket.

Right now Zhang Han was pushing the trolley to the counter.

At the vegetable area that was at the front left side, a small boy who was more or less the same age as Meng Meng was also sitting in the trolley.

The person who was pushing the trolley was a cold and elegant young married woman, and at the womans side, an old man whose hair was ash-colored and seemed to be 50 years old was currently picking bok choy.

While the old man was picking, all of a sudden, his complexion became green and he seemed to be somewhat dizzy.

Holding onto his chest with his right hand and panting heavily, he felt like coughing, but no matter what, he just wasnt able to cough.

Just like this, as he kept on trying to cough, he collapsed sideways onto the floor.


The female cried out in fear, “Father, what happened What happened Father, please wake up……”

The female panicked and shouted out with fear, “Someone, save him please!”

The staff members who were on the other side heard it and immediately ran over.

A trace of anxiousness flashed across one of the managers face as he said in a deep voice, “Dont touch the old mans body.

Pinch onto his philtrum point first and press onto his chest.

Quickly, I will call the ambulance now.”

While speaking, the male took out his hand and dialed the ambulance hurriedly.

2 staff members who were present started doing what the male said.

One of them gave pressed onto the old mans chest, and the other person pinched the philtrum point.

However, the person who was pressing onto the old mans chest evidently did not dare to use any force, cowering back and forth.

The cold and elegant woman and the little boy started crying due to feeling too anxious.

“What should I do What should I do……” Even if she was already a mother, right now, the cold and elegant woman did not know what to do at all.

“Daddy, hug hug.” Feeling somewhat afraid, Meng Meng stretched out her little arms and requested Zhang Han to hug her.

Zhang Han carried Meng Meng into his embrace with one hand and pushed the trolley forward with the other hand.

“Daddy, what happened to that grandpa” Meng Meng pouted her mouth and asked softly.

“He perhaps fell ill.”

Zhang Han replied.

Although Zhang Han was only in the Qi Refining Realm right now, but through the contact of his hand, he could also transmit a little spiritual strength out and could help check the old mans body, and know just which part of the old mans body had a problem.

But Zhang Han did not intend to meddle into other peoples business.

Within the depths of his pupil, there was an indifferent towards living being, as if saying, “His life and death is not related to me in the slightest bit.”

Zhang Han had cultivated for 500 years and had seen too much of life and death.

Ordinary people were just an insect-like existence.

A high realm cultivator was able to destroy a planet with a palm.

On a planet, there were countless people, and there was a lot of people who didnt deserve to die, but they all died within the hands of the high realm cultivator, all because their existence was as weak as an insect, and their life and death was merely within a thought of a high realm cultivator.

Although Zhang Han did not do destructive things like destroying a planet, he had still seen quite a few of those happen.

When Zhang Han was passing by next to the group of people, suddenly, the two staff members who were pressing the old mans chest and pinching the old mans philtrum point suddenly said in shock,

“His breath is getting weaker and weaker, and his legs and hands are also starting to become cold, what do we do”

Hearing that, the managers face turned pale, and he was feeling somewhat scared in his heart already.

If the person was to die, no matter if the old man had any relation with him, he would also be affected by it.

“I am a doctor, let me take a look!”

A 40 years old spectacled middle age man squeezed into the crowd and said.

When he opened his mouth, the crowd hurriedly let out a path for him.

The middle age man walked to the old mans side and squatted down.

The middle age man pushed open the old mans eyelid and took a look at the old mans pupil, then felt the old mans neck and wrist for a bit.

Lastly, he pressed two times onto the old mans chest.

The middle age mans brows gradually wrinkled.

“How is my father Doctor, how is my father” The cool and elegant woman asked while crying.

“The situation is not so good.

The symptom could be heart and lung failure.

If the ambulance does not arrive in 5 minutes, then……sigh……” The middle age man shook his head and said.

“Ah!” The cool and elegant woman shouted out in sorrow, then started wailing.

“Boohoo, grandpa, grandpa……” The little boy that was sitting on the trolley finally understood that his grandpa could be passing away and started crying out with grieve.

A solitary and cold atmosphere immediately filled the place.

Light sighs could be heard coming from within the crowd time to time.

Zhang Han carried Meng Meng and pushed the trolley forward.

After walking a few steps, he discovered that Meng Meng was not moving at all and thus lowered his head and took a look.

Immediately, he discovered Meng Meng who was on the verge of crying.

“Meng Meng……” The corner of Zhang Hans mouth paused for a moment.

When he just opened his mouth, Meng Mengs little arms circled around Zhang Hans neck.

“Daddy……” Meng Meng said while choking with sobs, “Daddy, you have to be healthy, you cannot fall ill, Meng Meng cannot not have you……they are so pitiful……”

Tears started falling down from Meng Mengs eyes, not because she was scared by the old mans state, but because seeing the little boys sad look caused Meng Mengs mood to change.

Little did anyone know, because of Meng Mengs tears, it saved the old mans life.

“Daddy wont fall ill, Meng Meng dont have to worry.

Alright, dont cry, be obedient okay.” Zhang Han stroke onto Meng Mengs head and muttered for a bit.

Zhang Han shook his head and said gently, “Meng Meng dont cry, how about daddy go wake up that grandpa Alright”


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