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Luo Qing was flushed instantly and felt very embarrassed because people at other tables also looked over and she wasnt used to being noticed by everyone.

Even Liang Hao said with some emotion, “Wine makes a coward stronger.”

Something you didnt dare to do when you were awake could be done after you drank some wine.

However, Liang Hao looked down on their behavior of having fun at the expense of others.

Dahe frowned and was about to stand up, but the fat man ran away after saying that, leaving him no chance to speak.

“Are they crazy” Zhang Li said in anger.

“Theyre just a bunch of idiots who go crazy after drinking some wine.

Ignore them.” Dahe was dissatisfied and looked at them angrily.

Later, Dahe told some jokes to ease the tension for five minutes, and then, the red-haired man walked over again.

“Hello, Im here to see you again.

Drink up the wine, and well be friends in the future.” Xiaoqiang gestured to Zhang Li, Dahe, and Luo Qing to drink up a whole glass of wine.

“Drink it up All right!”

With eyes widened, Zhang Li stood up and raised her own glass.

Then, she splashed all the beer on Xiaoqiangs face.

“Are you out of your mind” Zhang Li glared at him and said loudly, “Do you think you can do anything after drinking some wine Who do you think you are A bunch of idiots!”

Zhang Lis behavior surprised Liang Hao.

“Wow, this girl does have a temper.”

He noticed that when the red-haired man walked over and thought that the man would make the move first.

He didnt expect the woman to directly pour the beer on him.

At the same time, Zhang Lis words also made the rest of the people feel refreshed.

They also felt that those people were too noisy and annoying.

However, they were a little worried that if they fought, the two women and one man would be no match for those people!

At the back, when Brother Da and the others saw that their brother was bullied, they became unhappy.

Xiaoqiang, who was doused with beer, was stunned at first, and then he came to his senses.

He became furious and looked at Zhang Li while saying, “What the…”

Before finishing his words, he felt that he was kicked in the waist.

“Go to hell!”

Dahe hit him first.


Xiaoqiang cursed and Brother Das face also darkened.

Except for him and the three women, everyone else stood up and walked over there quickly.

They were foul-mouthed and seemed like they would begin fighting.

“Brother, go help them.”

Liang Mengqi said quickly after seeing that because she knew that her brother was a martial artist, and also a very powerful one.

“Uh… all right.”

Liang Hao glanced at her in confusion, and then stood up and walked over.

Just then, Dahe was already furious.

He took a bottle of beer from the table next to him, smashed it on his chair, and then the bottle shattered, leaving a sharp part on the bottle neck.

He walked over with the sharp glass and his fierce posture stunned Xiaoqiangs companions.

Although they were arrogant and fought many times, they found that only the man in front of them could be called a real fighter.

If it were at ordinary times, theyd step back.

However, they were all drunk at the moment and got angrier after seeing him.

So, they rushed over at the same time.

Seeing that they were about to fight, the guests around them were all stunned.

Just then, a figure quickly joined them.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

He kicked a few times in an instant, making Xiaoqiang and several of his companions fall to the ground.

All the peoples attention was fixed on Liang Hao immediately, and so many girls were attracted by his cool face and superb skills.

Dahe was quite surprised.

He was ready to do it, but didnt expect such a thing to happen.

He thought that as a man, he didnt need others help and that guy was too kindhearted.

However, Dahe realized at the next moment that there was an acquaintance.

“Lili, are you all right” Liang Mengqi approached them and asked, like an elder sister worrying about her siblings.

After that, she looked at Xiaoqiang and the others, snorted, and said, “If you dare to harass them again, Ill ask my brother to get rid of you!”

“Thank you.” Zhang Li looked at Liang Mengqi, who pretended to be mature, and found it very funny.

They talked twice in the restaurant.

Liang Mengqi was curious about who her sister-in-law was and asked Zhang Li.

Zhao Feng mentioned her several times and said that she liked her brother.

Although she didnt go to the restaurant every day, she still got familiar with the VIP members there.

After hearing the words, Liang Mengqi said with a smile, “Youre welcome.”

While they were talking, Xiaoqiang and the others also came to their senses.

They were kicked and fell to the ground, which was not very painful, but they understood the warning in those words.

Although they were a little drunk, they knew that the man who had come out of the blue was very skilled and they were no match for him.

So, they stood up and looked at each other.

Finally, they looked at Brother Da at the back without saying anything.

Brother Das face darkened a bit.

He stood up and walked up to Xiaoqiang and the others, frowning while speaking.

“How dare you hit them just because they made some jokes Dont you see that Im still here”

“Haha… Im really…” Dahe found the man to be so ridiculous and he laughed.

Before he finished his words, Zhang Li said directly, “Who do you think you are Why should we care about you If you were joking, I was also joking by pouring the beer!”

“Wow! Youre quite hot-tempered.

Do you know who I am” Brother Da said.

After hearing his words, Dahe slightly frowned, thinking that since he dared to mention his identity, he wouldnt be a nobody and there might be someone powerful backing him up.

“Im not interested in who you are.

Can you stop annoying me here like a fly” Zhang Li said dismissively.

Shed eaten at that food stall many times, but it was the first time that shed encountered such a matter.

“Hmph,” Brother Da snorted and then said, “Im Dong Hongda.

We were joking here and might have disturbed you, but you cant beat us just because of that.

All right, every one of you here, drink a glass of wine and apologize, then Ill let you go.”

“Apologize How can you be so shameless” Zhang Li sneered and said, “Its you who should apologize, all right”

Liang Hao was surprised again by Zhang Lis tough attitude.

There was a strange feeling in his mind that she seemed to be the boss on the scene.

He found that the hot-tempered girl really had character.

After practicing martial arts and doing business for several years, hed become an outstanding person in Liang Clan.

He had always been respectful to others, and the ladies he met were also gentle and virtuous.

Although some were lively and outgoing, it seemed that he hadnt met such a hot-tempered girl like her in a long time.

“Well” Dong Hongdas face darkened, and then he said, “Dont blame me for not giving you a chance.

Youll regret it if it gets worse!”

“Boy, dont pretend to be powerful here.

Whos Dong Dongda I never heard of the name.

Just drop that act!” Dahe laughed at him and then pointed his right hand to Zhang Li, saying, “Do you know who she is Do you know who her brother is”

“Sounds powerful,” Dong Hongda waved his hand in disapproval and said, “Tell me who that is.

If hes famous, Ill let you go today.”

However, Dahes words made Liang Mengqi somewhat curious.

“Isnt Lilis brother the boss Is he also very powerful in that regard

“Oh, yes, its Zhao Feng! He seems to have very powerful underworld forces, making the boss more influential.


Liang Mengqi thought that she got the truth.

Liang Hao was somewhat curious, thinking that his sisters friend didnt seem to be an ordinary person.


Under everyones attention, Dahe laughed lightly and then said, “Her brother is Mr.

Zhang of New Moon Bay!”



Many people around were confused by his words.

They thought for a while and couldnt figure out any powerful Mr.

Zhang in New Moon Bay.

Dong Hongda also thought about it.

“New Moon Bay isnt a big place and there are many powerful people.

It belongs to the Southern District, while the underworld forces in that area are headed by Tang Zhan, who is on an equal footing as my uncle.

Whos that nameless Mr.


Thinking of that, Dong Hongda concluded that Mr.

Zhang might only have some small achievements, while those people in front of him…

They obviously didnt know what a real big shot should be like!

“I will give you the last chance.

Apologize! “Let me remind you, my uncle is Dong Tianpeng!” Dong Hongda said directly.

As soon as he said that, the people around him gasped and some discussions could be faintly heard.

“God, his uncle is Dong Tianpeng, that big shot!”

“Thats the underworld boss of the entire Western District.

There are many ruthless people following him and anyone who offends him can never end up well!”

“Once Dong Tianpeng stamps his feet, the whole Western District trembles!”

“It seems that they can only apologize.”


After hearing peoples discussion, Dong Hongda looked very smug.

“You mentioned a Mr.

Zhang, hmph, but everybody was so silent.”

“I mentioned my uncle, and did you hear that”

Xiaoqiang and the others were also very confident.

They looked at Zhang Li and her friends angrily while shouting, “Apologize to us, and well let you go!”

“Otherwise, when our boss comes, things wont be so simple.

Maybe your guys… Hmph…” The smirk on his face had already explained everything.

“I think its necessary for you to drink the wine and apologize now.”


All those men echoed.

“Hello, sir.”

Liang Hao slightly frowned.

Although he was dissatisfied, he still said politely as usual, “Everyone has seen what happened here and its you who is being unreasonable.

So, I suggest you stop it now.”

Generally, Liang Hao would give a chance to his enemy first and if they still insisted, hed make his move.

He also acted the same in the shopping mall, which had convinced many people.

However, the person who was standing next to him was the straightforward man, Dahe.

“Apologize your ass! Isnt your uncle Dong Tianpeng Come on, call him here.

Hurry up, I will give you half an hour!”

Dahe wasnt scared and felt it so ridiculous.

Xia Shanhao was on equal footing with Dong Tianpeng.

However, when Xia Shanhao heard the name of Zhang Lis brother, he became threatened and very respectful.

After inquiring a bit, he vaguely found what a high status Mr.

Zhang had in the underworld forces.

So, when Dahe heard that Dong Tianpeng might come, he was completely relieved and thought that he even didnt need to call Brother Long and his men.

That was because such a big shot as Dong Tianpeng was very clever and wouldnt do anything stupid.

If a person who was not well-known had been mentioned, Dahe would be prepared.

After he heard Dahes words, Dong Hongdas face darkened more.

“Wait here!”

He pointed to Dahe and the other with a furious face.

Then, he turned back to his table and took out a mobile phone while walking.

Knowing that his uncle was talking business with Mr.

Xia and they were not far away, he wasnt worried at all.

After making the phone call, he and his companions raised their glasses and drank some wine, while looking over there from time to time, as if he was making sure that they wouldnt slip away.

However, Dahes words stunned Liang Hao.

“Does he have some backing”

After thinking about it, he still didnt feel at ease.

Although he knew that he himself was powerful and wouldnt be afraid if more people were called over, it would still be hard to suppress a local tyrant.

He thought that since he was not sure, it would be better to contact more people.

So, he opened WeChat and sent a message, saying, “Xiaohui, Ive arrived in Hong Kong.

Im having a meal at Causeway Bay with my sister, but Ive run into some trouble…”

“Waiter, bring a chair and take that tables food here.” Liang Mengqi waved to the waiter, who was hiding away.

After the waiter brought the food and added a chair there, Liang Mengqi and Liang Hao sat down.

“Lili, dont worry.

Well be fine with my brother here.” Liang Mengqi smiled gracefully.

“Liang Mengqi, speak normally.

Do you think I dont know you” Zhang Li rolled her eyes to her and said angrily, “I know what you are thinking about.

Dont try to buy me over.

Its impossible for you and my brother to be together.”

“Haha, I didnt try to flatter you.” Liang Mengqi had already accepted the fact that Zhang Han wouldnt be with her, so she didnt mind hearing those words.

She laughed and then became her old self, jokingly saying, “If I appeared earlier, hmph, perhaps youd have to call me sister-in-law now!”

Liang Hao was surprised by her words.

He didnt expect his sister to say such things in person and found that she really had someone on her mind.

“Thats not necessarily true.” Zhang Li curled up her lips.

“Let me introduce him to you.

This is my elder brother, Liang Hao.” Liang Mengqi introduced him in an appropriate way.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Liang Hao.” Liang Hao came to his senses and smiled gracefully.

“Hello, you can call me Dahe,” Dahe said with a smile and was quite interested in the brave gentlemen.

“My name is Luo Qing.”

“My name is Zhang Li.

You look so young, like Mengqis younger brother.” Zhang Li looked him up and down while she spoke.

“Oh You mean that I look older” Liang Mengqis eyes widened.

“You said that yourself.”

“Hmph, I wont argue with you.

Lets drink,” Liang Mengqi said.

“Hey Wait, why are you pouring soft drinks” Zhang Li snorted and said, “Cant you drink beer”

“I can drink a little.” Liang Mengqi hesitated and then nodded.

“Yes,” Liang Hao answered.

Then, Zhang Li waved to call the waiter over and said, “Three glasses of beer, please.

One with ice.

Do you two want ice Yes Okay, all with ice.”

Three glasses of fresh beer were soon served.

“Come on, cheers.” Zhang Li raised her glass while speaking.

Everyone raised their glasses and clinked them before taking a big mouthful at the same time.

Liang Hao felt a bit strange after that, finding that drinking beer while eating kebabs indeed was fun.

He thought that the girl named Zhang Li was very assertive and unique.

It was much more comfortable to be your real self than to live in disguise.

Seeing that they were talking and laughing there, Dong Hongda didnt feel happy.

“Damn, how can they be so relaxed before great danger

“My uncle will scare the ** out of them!”

Dong Hongda was very angry.

He waited for over 20 minutes before a group of five people arrived at the restaurant.

The young man who led the group stunned Dong Hongda.

“Chu Hui”

Seeing that Chu Hui walked over and greeted those people, he frowned slightly.

Chu Hui was rarely heard by others, but he was the legitimate son of the Chu family with high status.

However, he still couldnt be compared with his uncle.

“Is Chu Hui your backing Sorry, we will beat you up!”

After another 10 minutes, a group of six people walked into the restaurant again.

The middle-aged person who led the group surprised many people and they began to discuss in low voices.

“Hiss, its Dong Tianpeng.

Hes really here!”

“This isnt good.

Something is going to happen!”

“With Mr.

Dongs temper, hell punish them seriously!”


“Uncle!” Dong Hongda and his men quickly stood up to greet him.

Then, he pointed to Zhang Li and the others, saying, “It is them who hit us.”


Dong Tianpeng responded and then strode over.

When he approached them, he said lightly, “You guys, come out.

Lets have a talk.”

Then, Zhang Li and the others also looked over.

Liang Hao looked Dong Tianpeng up and down, and finally, his eyes fixed on the two men behind him, feeling that they were also martial artists!

“Uncle Dong.”

Just then, Chu Hui stood up and nodded while speaking.

“These are my good friends.

Ive heard about what happened earlier and they fought just because his men were so noisy.

How about we just let it go Its a misunderstanding.”

“Is it a misunderstanding” Dong Tianpeng said plainly.

His tone didnt imply what he was going to do.

Dong Hongda was a little anxious after hearing that and quickly said, “Uncle, I just told them that you are my uncle, but they were still very arrogant and didnt care about you at all.

I was so angry that I called you.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have asked you to come so late at night.”

“You are Dong Hongda, right” Chu Hui slightly frowned after hearing his words, and then he said, “You know clearly what happened.

They wouldnt have fought with you if you played your game alone.

However, you went over to disturb them again and again.

Anyone would be unhappy, right”

“Stop talking nonsense!” Dong Hongda couldnt suppress the anger in his heart and he said, “What were you thinking when you hit us Now you want to let it go Is it possible I just gave you a chance!”

Everyone knew that Dong Hongda wouldnt let them go so easily.


When Chu Hui was about to say something, Dong Tianpeng waved his hand and said in a low voice, “It seems that youre not qualified to give me suggestions.

Come out and lets have a talk.

I dont want to say it a third time.”

As soon as he said that, the air seemed to be frozen.

Many people around had felt the imposing manner of the big shot!

Dahe also felt a little uneasy.

A mans name was like a trees shadow, since a powerful man could cover up many people like a big tresss shadow.

Dong Tianpeng was the big boss of an area after all.

So, hed definitely be afraid.

However… he was still somewhat emboldened.

After thinking about it, he stood up and wanted to mention Mr.

Zhangs name after greeting him.

However, that sentence was said by another person.

Suddenly… There was another sensation at the door.

He looked backed and saw Xia Shanhao coming over with three people.

“Brother Dong, I saw your car was parking here and guessed something might be happening, so I came over to take a look,” Xia Shanhao said with a smile.

“Im just dealing with something among the juniors.

My nephew seems to have been bullied here.” Dong Tianpeng smiled and looked at Xia Shanhao.

They were in the Northern District, which was Xia Shanhaos place.

Now that he was there, it seemed that he didnt have to deal with it himself.

“Oh yeah Then you should deal with it seriously!” Xia Shanhao said casually.

As soon as he said that, many gasps were heard among the people around.

“Dong Tianpeng alone is hard enough to deal with.

Now another big shot, Xia Shanhao, is also here.

Its highly possible that those people will suffer!”

The people around didnt even dare to take a breath.

Even Chu Hui felt great pressure.

Dong Tianpeng alone didnt care about him, let alone the two of them together!

“It seems that the matter today is a bit tricky!

“I shouldnt have said that.

Not interfering would have been the right choice!”

Chu Hui really had a headache!

Just then, a weak voice was heard.

“Uh… Boss Xia.”


Xia Shanhao looked over and found that the man who greeted him was a bit familiar, but he couldnt remember where he had seen him.

Then, he looked at the back.

“Ahem, ahem, ahem…”

He suddenly choked on his own saliva.

“Damn it! Its her!

“You idiot! Now your nephew is just being bullied, but even if his leg is broken, youll have to endure it.

Oh no, youll also have to apologize!

“He obviously didnt know her identity!

“How about I hurt her… in his hands”

Xia Shanhao thought about it, but after two seconds, he denied the idea.

They just had some business cooperation with great benefits, so he wouldnt do that.

Therefore, Xia Shanhao coughed a little and under everybodys attention, he looked at Dong Tianpeng, opened his mouth, and said a few words.

“Brother Dong, this… beautiful lady, is Mr.

Zhangs younger sister.

You know that.”

“Right, you should know that.

Scorpion became disabled because he made Mr.

Zhangs daughter cry.

Tang Zhan died because he had a conflict with his family.

You should understand that.

This is his younger sister.”

Everyone around was confused by his words.

“What is going on”



“Will the matter develop in another way Are both of the big shots afraid of him”

Even Liang Hao felt it strange.

He was still thinking about how long it would take him to beat down all those people and hadnt expected such a reversal.

Chu Hui was also stunned.

He looked at Zhang Li and felt a little surprised.

“Her brother is Mr.

Zhang, who has suppressed many big shots.”

He heard a little about the battle back then, but didnt know about the specific details.

He just knew that such a thing happened.


Dong Tianpeng was stunned and his mouth trembled slightly.

Dong Hongda felt upset after seeing his uncles expression.

“Is it true that Mr.

Zhang is really very powerful”

While he was thinking about it…

Dong Tianpeng turned around and moved his right hand directly to slap Dong Hongda on the left cheek.


A loud sound was heard by everyone present, making their blood freeze.

“Apologize to them!” Dong Tianpeng said coldly.


Dong Hongda, whose ears were tingling, was shocked.

He looked at his uncle in surprise, and seeing that he raised his arm again, he trembled out of fear and hurriedly went over.

“Sorry, sorry, it is my fault.”

Dong Hongda was desperate.

As for Xiaoqiang and the others behind him…


It seemed as if the world had collapsed.

“The big boss is here, but he became like this after hearing another mans name.

How is this possible”

“Its all right, make note of it for next time.

Dont affect others when youre having fun.

Learn how to behave! Hmph!” Zhang Li didnt say anything serious and just let it go.

At the same time, she also felt a bit weird and found that her brother seemed to be very powerful!

It seemed that Zhang Han, who used to be one of the four greatest influential young men in Shang Jing, came back again!

“Uh, young lady, Im so sorry that they disturbed you.

It is my fault not to teach him well.

I will go back to discipline him.”

After thinking for a moment, Dong Tianpeng went over to her, bowed slightly, and made the apology.

Many people around him were stunned by his words.

“Dong Tianpeng, he apologized!”


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