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But he found one thing strange.

It was Luo Sheng who had called to inform him of this event, but he could get not through to him after he came back.

“Its so strange.

How can this person disappear”

Originally, professionals were used to patrol up the mountains.

But after listening to the call, he decided to solve this problem passingly since he had planned to go there.


Wang Qishan stood up, stretching out his hand to give a sign.

The tall woman with a ponytail and a pair of sunglasses stood up first and went out with her secretary, while others were laughing and talking behind her.

After all, the value of developing a piece of land was quite a lot in Hong Kong, otherwise they would not have gathered together to negotiate with this matter.

While walking out, Wang Qishan looked at the back of the tall woman and sized her up several times, feeling a little hot.

“Shes indeed a slim beauty.”

Wang Qishan stared at her for a while, then quickly took a few steps, went over to her, and said with a smile, “I heard that Miss Qiao has just returned from abroad.”

“Oh, yes.” The tall woman squinted at Wang Qishan.

With a coquettish temperament and a budding temptation, she whispered, “I have come back for two days.”

“As Miss Qiao shoulders the heavy burdens of your family business the instant you came back, you are really a talented woman.” Wang Qishan flattered.

“Me” The tall woman gave a charming smile and said, “Im just at my seniors service and came over since Im free.”

“Miss Qiao, you are so polite.

I heard that Miss Qiao has furthered your studies in Economic Management abroad.

Now that you returned home this time, you are bound to make aggressive moves,” Wang Qishan said with a smile.


The tall woman laughed.

She did not give him another response, but went straight back to her Bentley.

During that period, Wang Qishan secretly sized her up.

The V-neck dress showed her curves.

Such a temptation of not being able to get the woman even though she was in sight made Wang Qishan feel somewhat desirous.

“Shes so charming.”

He muttered to himself.

After everyone else got into the cars, he got into his own Audi A6 and took the lead heading for the mountains.

It was after nine oclock at that time, and the temperature as the sun rose was more moderate than it would be in the afternoon, therefore, everyone set their thoughts free and wanted to go to the mountains.

After driving for 10 minutes, Wang Qishan pulled over alongside the mountain road.

After everyone got out of the cars, Wang Qishan waved his hand to Liu Meng behind him.

“Pass me the devices.”


Liu Meng took out the drone from his car.

The people from the three families who were present were all wealthy and respectable.

Why did such fine-boned people, dressed in shiny clothes, go to the barren mountains that had not been developed

Soon, Liu Meng took out three tablets from the car, and handed them to the tall woman and the other two groups of people respectively.

Then he controlled the drone to take off on its own, starting to probe around the upper side of the mountains.

“This mountain is called Mount Nanwan, with a coverage of 25 hectares, that is, 260,000 square meters.

Most of the forest on the mountain has natural trees, including evergreens like pine trees and cypresses with needles and broad leaves, mulberry trees, elms, willows, lindens, aspens, maples, flowering shrubs like lilac, flowering peaches, cassia surattensis, and red cherries…”

Wang Qishan expertly introduced from the side.

Although he was narrow-minded and lustful, he excelled in some professional knowledge and knew well about the lands in his charge.

After he finished his introduction, a middle-aged man praised it with a nod.

“Its a good place to develop a chain industry with a luxury villa area, parks, and other recreational facilities.”

“Thats right.” Another man, who led another group, nodded and put on a satisfactory look.

As for the tall woman next to Wang Qishan, she was expressionless without saying anything.

She looked aside, finding that Wang Qishans eyes were about to fall into her dress with a V-neck, but she did not mind.

She entered the really wild circle in her years in the West, and she had learned how to fully show her sensuality.

After another five minutes, Liu Meng lowered the drone.

At that point, Wang Qishan waved his hand and said, “Lets go to the next destination, just ahead of us.”

They got into their cars respectively and went to the next place.

After the drone rose up, people looked at the tablets in their hands again.

“This mountain is called Mount Wufeng.

Look at its appearance, you can find that the Main Mount is slightly higher than the others.

On the mountainside lie four short peaks, echoing the Main Mount at a distance.

They are like five hills, and on this mountain…”

He introduced it in detail for a long time.

However, the listeners did not gasp in admiration on this mountain this time.

“Two of the peaks are too steep, which are not in accord with our requirements, so lets go to the next place,” the middle-aged man said.

“Well, Xiao Meng, take the drone back.”

Wang Qishan ordered.

During that leisure time, he said, “The next destination is Mount New Moon, located by the sea.

It approaches this ring road from the west and is next to the Mount Xiang in the east.

The place where the two mountains meet is not far from the beach.

On the south side of the mountain lies a cliff more than 20 meters high, under which is the sea.

In the last two years, some bold people would dive there.

If there were reefs and the sea were not calm, they would have died.”

“Lets go,” the tall woman said, as if she was satisfied with the location of Mount New Moon.

Everyone in the other two groups also nodded and said, “Mount New Moon enjoys the best location and needs to be mainly observed.

If the terrain is flat, it will be a perfect place.”

“You can be assured that its terrain is flat.”

Wang Qishan smiled and took the lead getting into the car.

After turning a corner, it took him five minutes to reach Mount New Moon.

After everyone got out of their cars, Wang Qishan said, “This is Mount New Moon, which is by the sea.

Hiss… It seems that the air quality has become much better.

The area of Mount New Moon is relatively small, only 15 hectares, and the jungles here are relatively sparse…”

“The forest here seems to be much denser than those of the two mountains we saw before,” the middle-aged man said.

Wang Qishan sized the mountain up and was shocked.

He found something seemingly strange because he remembered that this mountain had not been covered with such lush vegetation the last time he had been here!

“Huh… I think so,” Wang Qishan said with embarrassment.

At that moment, Liu Meng lifted off the drone.

Everyone looked at the screens.

“There is a large number of trees on Mount New Moon, most of which…”

Wang Qishan made an introduction again, but he was interrupted before finishing speaking this time.

“Are there any trees on this mountain” The middle-aged man interrupted without mercy.

“” Wang Qishan was stunned in an instant.

The pictures recording the appearance of Mount New Moon three months ago were still saved on his computer, which showed that the mountain was dotted with dense trees.

But now… how did it seem to be bald

“The lawn looks really good.

How does it seem to be transformed It is just like one in a back garden.

Head Wang, you told us that the mountain is rented out.

I wonder…”

“Its impossible!” Wang Qishans facial muscles trembled and he said, “How can it become so after having rented it out for just more than a month”

“What are we looking at” the middle-aged man asked.


Wang Qishans face changed as if he were choked.

“Hey It really is someones back garden!” suddenly, the tall woman exclaimed.

People looked at the screens again, then their faces all changed.

The drone rose to a certain height, overlooking Mount New Moon in midair.

It was not the front mountain, but the dazzling back mountain that surprised them.

The planting area, the livestock area, the pond, the pet area, and the surrounding jungle seemed to fringe this land of treasure.

Wang Qishan was already dumbfounded at that time.

“This is a really good place! The tree on the top of the mountain looks so beautiful.

Once we decide to develop this land, the tree must be kept, for it will definitely attract peoples attention.

Moreover, this tree can also raise the price of the mansion built on the top in the future.” The middle-aged person praised it.

“There are so many pet dogs on the back mountain.

Hey Is there also a gorilla, a man, and a child I wonder if he is the one who rented the mountain.

It is really time-consuming and labor-intensive to transform this mountain into such a masterpiece.

It is really elegant.” Another man was completely amazed.

At the same time, on the back mountain.

Zhang Han was playing with Mengmeng.


Mengmeng was suddenly surprised.

She stared at the sky with her big eyes and reached out her small finger, then said, “PaPa, PaPa, look, theres a small plane!”

After looking up and catching sight up the drone, Zhang Han said, “Perhaps someone is observing this place.”

“Oh, its not ours.

Is that someone else secretly staring at us” Mengmeng asked.

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded.

At that moment, Dahei looked at the drone several times as its mouth twisted, and shouted at Little Hei, “Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

“Give me a stone!”


Little Hei rushed to the jungle behind it in a blink of an eye.

It was difficult to find a stone on the mountain, but there were many rocks under the small cliff at the edge of the jungle, varying in size.

About 30 seconds later, Little Hei came back with a stone as big as a palm in its mouth.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!”

Dahei took the stone and shouted at Zhang Han.

“Shall I shoot it down”

Zhang Han chuckled with a nod.



Dahei roared and gave the finger to the drone.

“Well, oh.” Mengmeng also pouted and called out in a low voice.

The next moment!


Dahei threw the stone in its hand all of a sudden.

The stone seemed to have turned into a cannonball.


It hit the drone with precision.

And with a thud, the drone fell to the ground quietly.


Down the mountain, all that everyone saw was just a stone growing bigger and bigger on the screens of the tablets in their hands.

It seemed to be aimed at them, which startled them when the screens darkened.

“Liu Meng!”

A voice filled with anger was heard.

“Here I, I am.” Liu Mengs face was a little pale, and he looked at his boss, feeling really cold.

It was him who had introduced Mount New Moon to the tenants, but now it was already transformed into a bald mountain.

Since Head Wang was in great anger, he was likely to have a hard time in the future!

“Give me the phone number of that man surnamed Zhang!” Wang Qishan was short of breath.

“Okay, okay.” Liu Meng rushed to scroll through his mobile phone contacts.

Because of his tension, it took him twice as long to find Zhang Hans number.

“Here it is.” Liu Meng carefully handed his mobile phone over.

“Head Wang, why are you so excited” The middle-aged man looked at him with curiosity a few times and said, “The condition of the mountain is more suitable for our requirements.

I think Mount New Moon is our best choice and we dont really want to go to the last mountain.”

“I think so too.

Aside from its relatively small size, its terrain, trend, and location are indeed excellent!” another man said with a nod.

However, he was more satisfied with its small size.

Since it was big enough for their future plan, he could invest less.

Even the tall woman looked at Wang Qishan in confusion, failing to figure out the reason why he was angry.

“Erm, I have declared that the tenant is not allowed to move even a tree.

Now, he has obviously broken the rule, so I have to teach him a lesson.” Wang Qishan took a few deep breaths to calm himself, then dialed the number with Liu Mengs mobile phone.

After the phone rang three times, the line was connected.


Zhang, shouldnt you give me a reasonable explanation for what happened on Mount New Moon If you dont give me a clear explanation, I think that we need to talk with each other later.

You have violated the rules…” Wang Qishan was seething and spoke with a trembling tone.

“What explanation do you want” the man on the phone said flatly.


Hearing what he said, Wang Qishan was so angry that he almost bit his tongue.

“I asked you to explain to me, so how could you ask me

“I am now at the foot of Mount New Moon…”

“Oh, just wait for a while.”

After he finished saying that, Zhang Han hung up the phone.

Wang Qishans hands shook slightly, and he had an overwhelming urge to smash the mobile phone.

Considering that people of three families, especially a young beauty, were around him, he abandoned this idea.


“Keep my virtue!”

Therefore, Wang Qishan calmed down, but he was temperamental at that point.

After waiting for 10 minutes, Zhang Han still had not shown up.

“Lets go up the mountain! With the contract, he cannot blame me if I punish him with a severe penalty!” Wang Qishan said, then intended to take the lead to go up the mountain.

At that time, a man slowly walked out of the jungle in the mountains.

Everyone looked over and fixed their eyes on him.

The man quickly approached.

When they saw his appearance clearly, the tall womans arm shook slightly, and she made a fist then loosened it.

“Director, he, he is Mr.

Zhang,” Liu Meng whispered beside Wang Qishan.


Wang Qishan glared at him.

If these guests were not here, he was bound to say: “Of course I know, for I have seen him before.

Do you think I am confused”

When Zhang Han walked close to him, Wang Qishan said coldly, “Mr.

Zhang, please give me a reasonable explanation!”

“This matter…” Zhang Han said really calmly.

Before he finished speaking, the tall woman interjected, “Head Wang, we dont understand what explanation you want to receive.

The condition of the mountain apparently meets our demands, so why are you asking him here I think that renting this mountain is out of your willingness, and sometimes the contract cant show every detail.

Besides, what you did affects our mood.

If we fail to cooperate with each other this time, I think that you will be to blame.”

The womans words startled several people present.

It seemed that she wanted to defend the man.

However, the representatives of the other two parties also nodded in favor of her.

Indeed, the lay of this mountain and its flat ground were more suitable for rebuilding something.

Wang Qishan was a little dizzy.

He could not make out how he and his group had turned against each other.

“In addition,” at that moment, the tall woman looked at Zhang Han with a smile and said slowly, “I think this gentleman does take care of the mountain.

Its good to set your thoughts free.

I think that youd better invite us to go up the mountain to go sightseeing, what do you think”

The tall woman took off her sunglasses on the last word.

At that point, her big eyes gleamed with amusement.

Because her name was…

Qiao Luoluo!

Zhang Hans eyes were fixed on her for half a second, then he looked away calmly, ignoring her.

He looked at Wang Qishan and said plainly, “There is no need to explain to you what I did in my lifetime!

“If you have any questions, you can ask your director.”

After finishing speaking, Zhang Han turned toward the jungle directly.

Qiao Luoluo froze and her eyes were filled with coldness.

Wang Qishan felt so mad that his face turned white and red alternately.

When he was about to say something, the man in front of him stopped and turned his head, then said slowly, “Oh, by the way, you have seen the gorilla and the dog on the mountain.

Without my permission, you cannot go up the mountain.

If something goes wrong, you shouldnt blame me for not warning you.”

After saying that, Zhang Han went straight away.

“Damn! Hes so hateful! How can he take such an awful attitude” Wang Qishan said in anger, “Why did he treat me in this way since he broke the rules Haha, its really funny.

I am going to inform the director and ask him to deal with this matter strictly!”

“Hes always so arrogant,” Qiao Luoluo said faintly.

“Do you know him, Miss Qiao” Wang Qishan asked, baffled.

Qiao Luoluo did not reply to him but said with a smile as if she was not listening, “Im increasingly interested in this mountain.”

“Now that you have interest in it, just go up the mountain.

Mount New Moon is a land resource, which does not belong to a person.

Dont be afraid,” a man with a flattop haircut sneered and said.

“Thats right.

Do you want to go up the mountain with me If you take a fancy to this land and come to an agreement with me, I will handle this problem,” Wang Qishan said.

“Lets go up.

The environment seems to be very good.” The man with the flattop nodded.

This time, Qiao Luoluo did not say anything, but just went up the mountain following Wang Qishan.

Only after crossing the jungle and stepping on the lawn did they see the amazing scenery here!

While walking, Qiao Luoluo was lost in thought.

“I saw a little girl.

Is she his child Not really.

“How is he in Hong Kong now, as he was like a beggar in Shang Jing It seems that he leads a good life now.

“His face did not change when he caught sight of me, besides, he did not respond to me but put on an arrogant look.

Why is he so calm”

A frigid feeling gradually climbed up Qiao Luoluos body as she walked, leaving a message that anyone else should not get close.

She did not come to her senses until she walked out of the jungle and heard a few exclamations from the people nearby.

After she looked around, her eyes slightly widened.

“What a beautiful place!”

“That tree is so tall! It looks more shocking than it did from the air.

This is the right place.

We must develop this land!” the man with a flattop said with excitement.

“Yes, this is a good place.

Huh Whats that”

The older middle-aged man suddenly froze before finishing speaking.

He looked forward and shouted, “It looks like a dog!”

“Ah! The dog is coming!”

Everyone looked over, seeing a black and golden dog rushing at them.

The felt really nervous at that point.

Fortunately, Little Hei stopped in front of them.

It stared at them fiercely and showed its fangs, growling in a low voice as if it was about to attack them!

“What should we do” Wang Qishans face turned pale, and he was at a loss.

This dogs fangs were so sharp.

Once it bit them, they would feel a lot of pain!

“Dont run, dont run.

It will rush to bite you if you run.

Step back slowly, step back slowly…” the middle-aged man with the flattop said in a trembling voice.

As he spoke, he slowly stepped back, and the others also followed him after hearing what he said.


Little Hei glanced at him with contempt.

“Am I an ordinary dog”

“Ow woo!”

Suddenly, Little Hei barked loudly and rushed forward as if it intended to bite them.




Everyone hurriedly turned and ran at a high speed.

They ran so hastily that even Wang Qishan accidentally bumped into the tree.

He got up and continued to run, ignoring the pain on his head!

Seeing everyone fleeing, Little Hei twisted its mouth in disdain.

Then it turned and strolled to the back mountain slowly.


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