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Zi Yan and Zhang Li talked for five minutes.

Zhang Li asked several questions out of curiosity, and Zi Yan told her it was about Zhang Hans ex.

Zi Yan was actually a little nervous after speaking it out.

Zhang Li had a good relationship with her, but she was Zhang Hans sister.

She would certainly be on her brothers side if something did happen.

But apart from Zhang Li, Zi Yan found no one else she could tell.

So after that, Zi Yan went silent.

Obviously, Zhang Li knew Zi Yans worry.

She hesitated, and then she said she would vouch for her brother.

“Dont worry.

I dont care who this ex is.

Leave this to me.

Even if its just for Mengmeng, I cant let her see something like that.

Moreover, you are my sister-in-law.”

Hearing this, Zi Yan was relieved and she said with a smile, “Its not that serious.

I believe Zhang Han, I just worry that he and Mengmeng will be disturbed.”

“Haha, I know.

You and my brother are so sweet.

I cant wait to attend your wedding.”


After a few words, she hung up the phone.

Zhang Li thought for a while and dialed elder brother Longs number.

“Brother Long, you need to change my 8:30 playing time to 10 oclock, oh no, 11 oclock, Im kind of busy recently.

And for Qingqing, also help me change her to 11.”

Elder brother Long would naturally say yes to Zhang Lis requests.

In the recreational vehicle, Zi Yan was walking to the door after the call.

When she just got up, her phone rang again.

She picked up her phone and saw it was Tang Jiayi calling.

Zi Yan answered the phone.

“Aunty Tang.”

“Xiao Yan, I want to talk to you about something.”

“Whats the matter”

“Recently, I have been telling your Uncle Hong that I still want you to work in his company.

You have no relatives to take care of you in the Imperial Dynasty company.

It will be more convenient for you to come here.

So we would like to hear your opinion on this.

If you agree, we can talk with the people from the Imperial Dynasty company.

If you think it is inconvenient, Aunty Tang will never bring it up again.”

Tang Jiayis words showed her good faith, and Zi Yan said nothing.

After five seconds hesitation, she replied.

“Thats fine by me, but… It may not be so easy to negotiate with them.

I signed a full contract.”


It doesnt matter.

Your Uncle Hong could take care of it.”

“Oh, OK.

I need to go, Aunty Tang.

Work stuff, others have been waiting for me.”

“Well then, Ill leave you to work.

We can meet after you come back.”

After hanging up, Zi Yan sat in the vehicle for a minute.

There was one thing after another, so she was a little upset.

She preferred to be in a better state when she worked.

After adjusting her mood, she stood up, left the RV, and continued to shoot.

It was after six in the afternoon.

Many people had been lining up in front of the restaurant.

A light-pink Bentley stopped at the side of the road not far away.

Qiao Luoluo got out of the car and walked over.

She looked at the line outside the restaurant and chose to sit down directly.

A tall woman in sunglasses sat here, where the chatting around her was much lower.

Many men looked over there from time to time, and two of them couldnt help going forward to chat with her.

However, she showed no interest to them, so others gave up trying and just stood in line.

It took nearly 50 minutes for Qiao Luoluo to enter the restaurant.

She chose a seat in the corner.

Opposite her sat a man with a black beard, which made her frown.

She thought to herself that she should have had the driver accompany her.

After waiting for a minute, she realized that it was a buffet, so she got up and walked to the kitchen counter.

She took some egg fried rice, and then went back to her seat.

Xu Yong saw her.

“Whats she doing here”

Xu Yongs were eyes fixed on her, from the counter to her seat.

He thought for a while, and finally chose to ignore her.

The boss and others were upstairs.

If she didnt disturb them, he could pretend that he hadnt seen her.

Xu Yong shook his head and continued to play with his phone.

Liang Hao, Liang Mengqi, and others were eating roasted duck at this time.

Liang Haos comment on the food here had always been one word, which was “delicious”.

It was the first time that Qiao Luoluo ate the egg fried rice here.

After taking one bite, she was stunned.

The taste of the delicious food released a little of the anger in her.


A broke young master was forced to earn a living as an exceptional cook.”

Qiao Luoluo looked around while having the egg fried rice.

She was tempted by the smell of roasted duck.

She glanced around.

When she saw two men sitting by the window on one side of the piano, her eyes were fixed.

“Isnt that Mr.

Sheng of An Yu technology

“He is a member here!”

At this time, Qiao Luoluo became a little serious.

All members of the restaurant could be useful connections for her.

It was just a small restaurant.

If only she could get to know some major figures here, her social status would definitely rise.

“Its perfect.

You have a happy life, just like a colorful balloon.

However, I will be the one who punctures the balloon for you.

Its punishment for abandoning and ignoring me.

If you can continue your happy life like nothing happened, I will admire you by then.”

Women knew women best, just as men know men best.

She knew that what she was going to do would put the hostess of this restaurant in an embarrassing situation.

Only such punishment could vent her hatred from years ago.

Qiao Luoluo made up her mind to do something.

Just then, the restaurant door opened and three women came in.

Liang Hao saw the people and nodded with a smile.

It was the bosss sister, Zhang Li.

Zhang Li smiled back and headed for the second floor.

Qiao Luoluos eyes were fixed on the one behind Zhang Li, Li Anna.

“Is she an employee of Diguang Co., Ltd. And her surname seems to be Li.”

Qiao Luoluo was a little confused.

She thought for a while and her eyes became brighter.

She looked across the table and asked the bearded man in a low voice, “Excuse me, who are those three women just walking in Why dont they need to wait in line”

“Who Them One is the owners sister, the other two are the sisters friends.

Of course, family doesnt have to wait in line.

“Oh.” Qiao Luoluo nodded.

Then she went straight to the counter, taking out a stack of money from her bag and putting it on the counter directly.

Without counting the money, she just turned around and left.

Back to her Bentley, instead of telling the driver where to go, she took out her card purse, rummaged inside for a while, found a phone number, and dialed it.

“Boss Liu This is Qiao Luoluo.

I need you to do me a favor.

Arrange someone to collect information on the female employees of your company whose surnames are Li and about 24 years old…”

After the call, she said, “Go back to Dongyang Pavilion.”

The car drove to the northern Jiansha District.

Halfway there, her cell phone received a message.

In the company, 45 female employees had the surname of Li and were about 24 years old, not a lot of them.

Qiao Luoluo glanced briefly at it.

Halfway through the list, she finally focused on a picture.

“Li Anna!”

After thinking about it, Qiao Luoluo called Boss Liu again and said, “Help me make an appointment with your employee Li Anna for noon tomorrow.

Make it for the Blues Tearoom.”

At 9:30 at night, Wang Yihan left the restaurant reluctantly.

The two kids had a good time.

After they left, Zhang Li dragged her brother into the master bedroom and closed the door.

“Whats the matter Why are you so mysterious” Zhang Han found it funny and asked.

“Brother, who came to you today Which ex-girlfriend Tell me the truth!” Zhang Li asked.

“Its true.”

“Who is it So shameless!” Zhang Li said angrily, “Brother, your wife told me that she didnt want anyone to disturb you and Mengmeng.

Tell you what, you didnt have a real girlfriend before.

Dont keep in contact with any of them, and dont try to fool us with theAfter breaking up, a man and a woman could still be friends bull**.

How could a decent ex find this place “Im so angry! Who is she Once I see her, I will definitely scold her!”

Looking at Zhang Lis indignant expression, Zhang Han found it both funny and annoying.

He patted Zhang Lis head lightly and said, “You can rest assured that your brother cherishes this family the most.”

“Thats good.” Zhang Li rolled her eyes and said, “You havent told me who she is!”

“Qiao Luoluo.”

“Her Hmph! I didnt like her before.

She was very hypocritical.

Anyway, I will come here in the next few days.

Now I start work at 11:00 p.m.

so I have free time,” Zhang Li looked at her watch and said.

“Well, OK, then you can be a bodyguard for your brother during these days.” Zhang Han chuckled.

At this time, Mengmengs cry came from outside the door, so Zhang Han instantly walked out.

At about 10 oclock, the father and daughter chatted with Zi Yan on video.

Because of this, Zi Yan was eager to finish her work as soon as possible, so her work was sped up.

At 11 oclock in the evening, in Liang Mengqis rental…

Chu Hui came in and handed Liang Hao a key to a Cadillac Escalade, laughing.

“Brother Hao, you can drive this car in Hong Kong.”

“Thank you.” Liang Hao took the key and smiled.

“You know me.”

He knew that he preferred SUVs or off-road vehicles, and this Cadillac suited his taste.

“Of course, I used to work with you.” Chu Hui laughed and said, “Its just that Im busy at this business recently.

I dont have much free time during the day.

Ill accompany you in a few days.”

“Well discuss that later when youre free,” Liang Hao replied with a smile.

“Its only 11 oclock, shall we go out for a walk” Chu Hui asked.

“Where to” as Liang Mengqi came out of the bedroom, she asked while eating an apple.

“How about the Starry Sky Bar” Liang Hao suddenly said.

They all became quiet.

“What” Liang Mengqi widened her eyes and said, “Why would we go there Yesterday we already went there and today you want to go again.

Do you… like Zhang Li Or Luo Qing No way, you fell in love with one of them at first sight”


What are you thinking!” Liang Hao paused and was at a loss whether to cry or laugh.

He said, “I just thought Zhang Li was very interesting on stage.

If you dont want to go, lets go somewhere else.”

“Its rare for you to be interested in anyone.

Lets go see Zhang Li!” Liang Mengqi said.

The group of people went downstairs.

Liang Hao drove his Escalade, and Chu Hui drove his Ferrari 458 toward Causeway Bay.

During this period, Liang Mengqi asked Liang Hao several times what he felt for Zhang Li.

Liang Hao couldnt say anything but he laughed bitterly.

At first, Zhang Lis stubborn temper attracted his attention.

Then her wild nature on stage made him think of her from time to time, which he found very interesting.

It was like there were several Internet cafes at the entrance of the university.

If you were more interested in the manager of one of them, you would go to that Internet cafe more often than the others.

It was an attraction.

They soon arrived at their destination.

Seeing her brother staring at Lili on stage with great interest, Liang Mengqi curled her lips.

She thought, “If my brother liked Zhang Li, and they were together… If the boss didnt have a wife and I became the bosss wife… What would everyones position in the family be…”

At noon the next day…

On Anhu Street of the Jiansha District, Li Anna looked nervous as she stared at the sign of the Blues Tearoom.

Before she came here, she knew that the other person was a major shareholder.

Her boss told her to serve her well.

After entering, she reported her name and was taken to a quiet seat on the second floor by the window.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Qiao.” Li Anna smiled and greeted her.

“Nice to meet you, please take a seat,” Qiao Luoluo replied with a smile.

Three minutes after Li Anna ordered a drink, it was delivered to her.

Qiao Luoluo didnt say anything during the period, and Li Anna kept silent and wondered why she wanted to meet with her.

“Do you know why I wanted to see you” Qiao Luoluo took her eyes back from the outside street and asked Li Anna.

“I dont know.” Li Anna shook her head slightly.

Qiao Luoluo smiled and said, “Your working ability was good, so I remember you.

And yesterday, I saw you in Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant.”

“Did Miss Qiao go there for dinner, too” Li Anna was relaxed and asked with a smile.

“The food is delicious.”

“I feel the same way,” Li Anna said.

“Yesterday, I saw you could just get in without getting in line, so I asked around and found that you were very close to the bosss sister.”

“Yes, Lili and I have lived in a rented house for a long time, and we are very familiar with each other.” Anna nodded.

“Oh, you must know her well.”

“Mm-hmm,” Li Anna replied and then paused, “Miss Qiao, do you know Lili”

“Of course, I dont just know Zhang Li.

Her brother Zhang Han is an old friend of mine.

I found it yesterday by accident.

So I wanted to give him a surprise after I saw you yesterday.

I may need you to do me a favor,” Qiao Luoluo took a sip of tea and said.

“No trouble, I am at your service if you need anything.” Li Anna was nervous and she thought of what her boss had said.

Miss Qiao in front of her was a character she dared not mess around with.

“Then Ill just say it directly.

You need to go to the restaurant later and get a membership.

Take my car.

The driver will give you a mobile phone for payment, but dont give away my name.”

“OK,” Li Anna nodded and said, “shall I go now”

“Go ahead.

Oh by the way,” Qiao Luoluo thought and said, “I didnt see Zhang Hans wife.

I heard she is on a business trip.

Do you know her”

“I know… her.” Li Anna didnt know what Qiao Luoluo was thinking, so she nodded and told the truth.

“Who is she Maybe I know her too.”

“Its Elder Sister Yan, Zi Yan,” Li Anna answered.


Qiao Luoluo held her tea and paused, she was stunned.

“Its her!

“Hanyang, Zi Yan, it explains everything!”

She was thinking, but her face showed a smile.

She said, “I know her.

It seems that I need to prepare more gifts.

Go now, the driver will bring you back later.”

“OK.” Li Anna nodded, turned around, and walked downstairs to a brown Jaguar sports car.

It seemed to be getting more and more interesting.

Qiao Luoluo looked out of the window, and there was a sneer in her eyes.


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