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“What news” Zhang Han asked in a hurry.

“On Mount Shifang in the eastern suburb of Xihang.

Yue Wuwei, the patriarch of the Qingfeng Sect, seems to know about your parents,” Lei Tiannan answered slowly.

“The Qingfeng Sect was a small sect with less than 200 students.

Yue Wuwei was close to Grand Master Middle-stage three years ago, so you should be careful when facing him.

You can visit him, but I cant guarantee that he will tell you everything.”

Zhang Han frowned and said, “I see.

Thank you, Director Lei.”

“Oh, yes, I have already told Mr.

Hong that the 10-day appointment has been canceled.

But there is a bigger problem.” Lei Tiannan paused and then said helplessly, “He Qingtian is back and youd better pray that he hasnt advanced to the Grand Master Late-stage, or he would be your biggest problem.

You can go to Xihang to avoid him for a while and give me some time for preparation.

Ill help you once more for the sake of your father.”

Once more Lei Tiannan could repay Zhang Hans fathers kindness.

And then he would not be so enthusiastic to help Zhang Han anymore.

“He Qingtian Dont worry about him.

But I hope Director Lei can do me another favor,” Zhang Han said.

“Whats the matter” Lei Tiannan asked in surprise.

Lei Tiannan didnt expect that Zhang Han would not be afraid of Hector.

Was he not afraid of death

He Qingtian ranked 17th in the martial arts circle of Hong Kong and was admired by all.

If he successfully advanced to the Grand Master Late-stage, he might not deign to negotiate with Lei Tiannan.

These things, which even Lei Tiannan felt were a little tricky and needed to be dealt with in a few days, were ignored by Zhang Han.

Lei Tiannan thought it was funny.

Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers.

Hearing Zhang Hans other requests, Lei Tiannan was also interested.

He didnt know what Zhang Han wanted to do.

Soon after, Zhang Han said directly, “I need the five elements furnace.

Can I borrow it for a period of time”

“Five elements furnace

“The treasure as worth one million points!”

Lei Tiannan was stunned.

He had rejected so many students of the Heavenly Elixir Sect who wanted to buy the five elements furnace and even repriced it at one million points to prevent it from being sold.

But Lei Tiannan was even more surprised as he asked, “You know alchemy”


“You…” Thinking of the lack of alchemists in the National Security Agency, Lei Tiannans eyes lit up.

“What level of elixir can you make”

There were five alchemists in the National Security Agency of Hong Kong, but… their skills proved that hiring them was a waste of resources.

Lei Tiannan had visited them three times, sat in their office for about seven hours in total, and listened to the sound of furnace explosions more than a hundred times.

But alchemy is so profound that even the Heavenly Elixir Sect found it difficult to produce high-level elixir.

“As long as its the elixir you want, I can make it,” Zhang Han replied.

“What” Lei Tiannan was shocked.

“Are you kidding me”

“Im not in the mood to play a joke on you.

Lend me the five elements furnace and Ill make you several furnaces of elixir when Im free.”

“This…” Lei Tiannan frowned and said, “Prove it to me.”

“Wait for me.”

Finishing those words, Zhang Han directly hung up.

He sat on the sofa silently for a minute.

With the Foundation Elixir and the five elements furnace, there was a 60% chance to get the best Foundation Elixir, and less than a 1% chance to get the perfect Foundation Elixir.

Though all the resources had been prepared, the perfect Foundation Elixir depended on luck.

Zhang Han had a hectic schedule over the next few days, including making Foundation Elixir, advancing to the Foundation Stage and visiting Xihang.

He had to seize the opportunity since Yue Wuwei wouldnt stay in his sect for long.

As for Zi Yans business, the Qiao family knew what they should do and it would take them a few days, which provided Zhang Han three to four days to complete his plan.

After thinking about these things, Zhang Han got up, picked up his windbreaker from the sofa, put it on, and went downstairs.

He quickly made two trays of small steamed buns and put them on the steamer.

Then he looked at Zhao Feng and said, “Feng, steam the buns for 15 minutes then turn off the flame.”

“Ok.” Zhao Feng nodded.

Zhang Han stepped out and said, “Im going out for a few days.

Make arrangements for everything, and have Leng Yue take good care of Zi Yan.

Then Zhang Han went out of the restaurant, got in the panda car, and left directly.

After driving for a while, Zhang Han stopped at the roadside, took out his cell phone, and called Zi Yan.


It was a good sign that she didnt turn off the phone.

“Doot, doot, doot…”

But the phone was not connected.

The second call was still not connected.

So Zhang Han dialed Zhou Feis number.

“Doot, doot…”


When Zhou Feis words just came… “Ding.”

Zhang Hans cell phone was out of power and shut down.

After thinking for a while, Zhang Han put down his mobile phone and drove directly to the headquarters of the National Security Agency of Hong Kong.

When Zhang Han arrived, the horsetail girl in the reception zone on the first floor greeted him with a smile.

“Protector Zhang, I know where the Treasure House is.

Director Lei is waiting for you there.”

Zhang Han nodded his head and went directly to the Treasure House.

Lei Tiannan was sitting in the room where the treasure was hidden.

Seeing Zhang Han come in, he said with a faint smile, “Boy, I came here after canceling an appointment, so you have to give me a satisfactory answer today.

If you play tricks with me…”

“Open the door.” Before Lei Tiannan had finished, Zhang Han interrupted him.


Lei Tiannan was stunned and amused by Zhang Han.

How could Zhang Han not be in awe of him Was he too kind to the boy

It seemed so.

But if he couldnt prove himself today…


Lei Tiannan snorted and opened the door of the Treasure House with his token.

After they entered the Treasure House, Lei Tiannan closed the door with his own token with the highest authority, and set the order that no one else should enter the Treasure House.

“Everything you need is here.

Make a first-stage elixir first to show me your skill,” Lei Tiannan said.


Zhang Han responded in a low voice and walked inside, looking at the counters on both sides as he walked, and sometimes he would pick up a treasure at random.

This time, there was no light alarm in the compartment.

Since Lei Tiannan had the highest authority, with his token, even if all the treasures here were removed, the alarm would not ring.

After taking some treasures, Zhang Han took the lead to the room where the five elements furnace was, and stopped there.

Lei Tiannans mouth twitched when he saw it.

He went up and opened the door for Zhang Han.

After entering the chamber, Zhang Han looked around the five elements furnace, and then put the flint under the furnace.

“Control the fire.”

Suddenly, Zhang Han opened his mouth.

“ ” Lei Tiannan stared at Zhang Han.

“Are you using me as an assistant

“Thats OK! If you cant make elixir later, I will teach you a lesson.”

Lei Tiannan complained silently, and at the same time, he released his spiritual force and poured it into the flint.

“Puff, puff, puff…”

The fire came from the flint and burned under the furnace.

“Turn down the fire.”

Lei Tiannan withdrew some spiritual force and the fire got much smaller.

“Its too small.”

Lei Tiannan was annoyed and immediately turned up the fire.

Like this, after five repetitions, Zhang Han made other movements.

Zhang Han didnt mean to make Lei Tiannan be his assistant, for he was not in the mood to joke now.

Zhang Han was unable to release his own spiritual force yet, but he didnt want to control the fire with a foundation.

Therefore, he asked Lei Tiannan for help.

Fire controlling also required skills, and Lei Tiannan was at the level of a layman.

If he made elixir by himself, he could only get a pot of soup in the end.

So Lei Tiannan was in charge of controlling the fire, and Zhang Han kept adding materials to the furnace.

After an hour and a half, suddenly Zhang Han said, “Turn the fire to the maximum.”

As Lei Tiannan accelerated the movement of his spiritual force, the flint burst and the last flame burned for 30 seconds.

Zhang Han seized the opportunity and gave the five elements furnace a slap.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Five white elixirs flew out of the furnace.

Zhang Han grabbed them in one hand, opened the hand to Lei Tiannan, and said in a low voice, “The first-stage elixir you want.”

Lei Tiannans eyes fixed on the elixir and he asked, “What kind of elixir is this”

“Spirit Restoring Exilir can help you restore spiritual force in 10 seconds.

The higher your level is, the less spiritual force will be restored.

For example, if you are at the Profound-stage, you will probably restore half of your spiritual force.

Therefore, it is merely a first-stage elixir,” Zhang Han replied.

“So easy What is the success rate of your making first-stage elixirs Is it 30%” Lei Tiannan asked in a hurry.

Zhang Han pondered and said, “With the help of the five elements furnace, the success rate is 100%.”

He didnt tell Lei Tiannan that his success rate would always be over 70% even with a broken iron stove.

“Is that true” Lei Tiannan gasped and looked at Zhang Hang in shock.

However, Zhang Han did not reply to him.

“This… Can I have one” Lei Tiannan asked.


Lei Tiannan took one and felt that his spiritual force had recovered slightly in a few seconds.

Though it was useless to him, it would be a great treasure for those Profound-stage Masters and Earth-Stage Masters.

Lei Tiannan was a little excited and said, “I didnt expect you to be a genius of alchemy! The 100% success rate is amazing.

Even the gifted students of the Heavenly Elixir Sect dont have this success rate.

Haha, whats the highest level of elixir you can make”

“Whats the highest level you have ever seen” Zhang Han asked.

Zhang Han found that the level of elixir in this world was similar to that in the Cultivation World.

Maybe the elixir inheritance here was more complete.

“The highest level Ive seen is the third stage, which could only be made by the patriarch and elders of the Heavenly Elixir Sect.

Generally speaking, it would be amazing if someone could make a second-stage elixir.

By the way, a few years ago, I heard of the emergence of a fourth-stage elixir.”

“Well, the third-stage elixir is not difficult for me.”

Lei Tiannan pondered for 10 seconds then finally said, “Can you make a second-stage elixir If you can, Ill allow you to keep the five elements furnace until someone could afford it.”

“Second-stage elixir”

Zhang Han turned around to fetch a series of resources.

This time, Zhang Han spent more time making elixirs, nearly four hours.

At about 11 oclock in the evening, Lei Tiannan, like an assistant, walked out with the five elements furnace on his shoulder, laughing so hard that he could not close his mouth.

He looked at Zhang Han with satisfaction and glanced at his right pocket from time to time, for there were three second-stage elixirs in it.

After putting the five elements stove in the back seat of the panda car and watching Zhang Han drive away slowly, Lei Tiannans smile suddenly faded as he muttered to himself.

“Such a genius, I must protect him.

He Qingtian, I hope you dont cross the line, or I will kill you even if you have advanced to the late stage.”

Though Lei Tiannan was at the Grand Master Middle-stage and hadnt advanced to the late stage yet, masters like him all had some powerful skills that they had never shown to others.

Zhang Han went all the way back to the restaurant.

At this time, the door of the restaurant was locked, and the whole restaurant was cold and empty.

He went upstairs to take all the resources to his second bedroom, and then went out and walked to Mount New Moon.

At the top of the mountain, Zhang Han sat on a thick branch of the Thunder Yang Tree, Little Hei sat at the back side of the tree, and Dahei was dozing off against the trunk.

He sat like this all night until the sun rose.

A blue light burst out from the top of the Yuan Qing Tree.

A fruit shining with blue light was formed!

Yuan Qing Fruit appeared.

Zhang Han quickly took down the Yuan Qing Fruit, packed many materials with cloth bags, went to the east cliff, and jumped into the sea.


Last night…

When Zi Yan, Mengmeng, Zhou Fei, Liang Hao, and his sister arrived at the restaurant, Mengmeng pouted and asked, “PaPa, where is PaPa”

“Your father is going out for a few days, but he has made buns for you and your mother.” Zhao Feng grabbed the two trays of steamed buns.

“I want PaPa…” Mengmeng started to cry.

It took them a long time to comfort Mengmeng.

Finally, the girl began to eat the buns while Zi Yan sat by in silence.

On her face covered up with sunglasses were loss, sorrow, sadness, and a trace of grievance, looking puzzled.

In this way, after sitting for an hour, the group left.

Zhao Feng sat until nine oclock and went back to the company.

Today, Zhao Feng came here early in the morning and thought Zhang Han was back when he saw the panda car.

However, the door was locked.

He opened it and entered the restaurant, finding the room empty.

“Where is the master”

Zhao Feng felt puzzled, so he sat in a chair in the dining hall and waited silently.

He waited until 4 p.m.

and there was no sign of Zhang Han, which made him a little impatient.

He made several calls.

“Lili, is your brother with you No Hes not in the restaurant either.

I havent seen him since last night.

Will you come here later OK, Ill wait for you.

“Zhou Fei, is the boss with you No, oh, I see.

The boss is missing.

I dont know where he is since his phone is turned off.”

“Ah Hu, go to Mount New Moon and see if the boss is there.”


About half an hour later, Zhang Li arrived.

She felt it so strange after knowing what had happened, and she didnt know what her brother was going to do.

At seven oclock in the evening, Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, and Mengmeng arrived.

Zi Yan was still wearing sunglasses.

Her eyes were red and swollen recently, so she couldnt go out without sunglasses.

This time, she was still sitting on the sofa, silent.

No one knew what she was thinking about.

After sitting for an hour and a half, she got up and left.

That night, Zhao Feng, Zhang Li, and Luo Qing were in the restaurant.

At nine oclock, Liang Hao and Liang Mengqi arrived.

This made Zhao Feng feel a little surprised.

It was not until 11 oclock in the evening that the brother and sister left.

On the third day, there was still no news from Zhang Han, and everyone began to worry.

“Instructor Liu.” Zhao Feng called Instructor Liu and said directly, “Can you check if theres any news from my master Check the flights and so on Has he left Hong Kong Has he shown up somewhere”

“OK, Ill arrange for someone to check on it now.” Instructor Liu nodded.

It took a long time to find out the news.

Zhang Han left with some things after he returned that night, and he never appeared again.

“Where on earth has my brother gone” Zhang Li was a little anxious.

She was in a bad mood, but there was nothing she could do but wait in silence.

At six oclock in the evening, Zhou Fei drove over followed by Liang Hao.

In fact, they already knew that Zhang Han was not in the restaurant, but Mengmeng insisted on coming and Zi Yan didnt object to her.

So they went to the restaurant directly.

This time, Zi Yan sat on the sofa for two hours, silent.

“Are you running away”

Zi Yan didnt know that the reason why she had been confused in recent days was that her mind was full of Zhang Han.

But the genuine photos, the video, the voice, the phone call, and the location information he sent…

All this turned into a huge hammer and was smashing down in Zi Yans mind!

It was painful.

For the first time, she was in such a complex and desperate mood.

She was at a loss and didnt know what to do, as if she had become a shell without a soul.

After sitting for two hours, Zi Yan got up and her voice trembled.

“Lets go.”

Zhou Fei left with Mengmeng in her arms, followed by Liang Hao and Liang Mengqi.

Zhao Feng and the others shook their heads helplessly.

When Zhang Han was away, they all seemed to have lost their mainstay.

What should they do

Zhao Feng felt a headache.

He sat off to the side sighing.

At about 10 oclock in the evening, in Yunyin Garden—

After coaxing Mengmeng to sleep, they all sat on the sofa in the living room on the second floor.

“I dont know where my brother-in-law is.

Mengmeng eats very little in the evening and keeps crying and making noise all these days.

Can she bear it if she goes on like this” said Zhou Fei in great distress.

Then she looked at Zi Yan and asked, “Sister Yan, could you please tell us the details”

Zi Yan was not wearing sunglasses and looked haggard.

She did not answer Zhou Feis question.

“Its not good to go on like this.

I think its better for you to talk openly.

No matter what the result is, there must be a conclusion.” Liang Hao sighed.

Sometimes, husbands and wives will quarrel like this, but Liang Hao felt that the conflict seemed to drag on for a long time.

No matter what the matter was, if he wanted them to make up, he had to give them a chance to make it clear.

“But now, Zhang Han is missing.

Where can they talk about it” Chou Fei said angrily.

“I have a way to get the boss out,” Liang Mengqi thought for a moment and suddenly said.

“Whats the method” Zhou Fei asked in a hurry.

“Pretend to get engaged!” Liang Mengqi put out her tongue and said.

“I saw this plot in a soap opera a few days ago, but its going to cost my brother a little.

Sister Yan and my brother pretend to get engaged tomorrow, and only invite some familiar friends.

Well tell Zhao Feng about this, and the boss will surely appear!”

“This… this is not appropriate.” Liang Hao hesitated.

“Do you have a better way Anyway, its fake.

Then you can explain to Zhang Han that youre making a movie.” Liang Mengqi stared at Liang Hao and said, “Well, have you ever liked sister Yan before Why are you so timid now”

“I…” Liang Hao didnt know what to say.

“Oh, now that Zhang Li knows it, according to her character, will she still talk to me in the future”

But after thinking about it, Liang Hao sighed and said, “I have no problem.

This method is feasible.”

“As long as they make up, Zhang Li should not be angry with me.”

“Im tired.

Im going to have a rest,” Zi Yan said wearily and went straight to the bedroom.

Zhou Fei thought about it and followed in.

About 10 minutes later, Zhou Fei came out and sat on the sofa, announcing, “We will do as Mengqi said.

If my brother-in-law doesnt show up tomorrow, Sister Yan will go back to Singapore.”

“Yes, if you dont come, Ill leave.”

Tomorrow was also the last day of the three-day deadline that Zhang Han planned.

After discussing the details with Zhou Fei, Liang Hao and his sister left the room.

In the elevator, Liang Hao sighed.

After getting in the car, he said, “Ill tell Lili about it first.

I dont want her to misunderstand me.”

“You cant tell the truth, you cant tell it!” Liang Mengqi hurriedly said, “Brother, how do you still think of yourself You have to take the whole situation into consideration! Dont hold back when you follow the plan.

Ill inform them, and you dont have to worry about it!”

After that, Liang Mengqi dialed Zhao Fengs number directly.

“Hello, Zhao Feng, I have something to tell you.

Zi Yan and my brother are getting engaged tomorrow, and the banquet is on the top floor of the Peach Blossom Hotel.

Remember to go there.”

Before she hung up, she clearly heard Zhao Fengs cell phone falling to the ground.

“With just a few words, maybe the boss will come back at midnight,” Liang Mengqi rolled his eyes and said.

“Well, Ill be a bad man.” Liang Hao sighed, then suddenly sneezed, so he sighed again and started his car to leave Yunyin Garden.

In the restaurant, Zhao Fengs mind went blank after he got the news.

He informed the others, and all the people on the scene began shouting.


“How is that possible”

“Where is brother Zhang Han Look for him!”

“Im going to be mad at Liang Hao.

Where is my brother Lets find a way quickly!” cried Zhang Li eagerly.

“Think about it, think about it, Instructor Liu…” Zhao Feng looked at Instructor Liu.

Instructor Liu shuddered and said, “Im going to call someone now and start carpet search…”

The people in the restaurant stayed up all night.

The next morning, Zhang Lis eyes were red with anxiety.

“Anyway, they cant get engaged.

Zhao Feng, you…”

“Dont worry, Lili.

Even if the master doesnt come back, I will stop them! Ive just sent someone over.

When the master doesnt come back at noon, well go there too,” Zhao Feng replied.

“Eh” Instructor Liu suddenly shook his head and said.

“If the boss doesnt come back, then we cant just wait.

We have to think of other ways!”

“What is the way” Zhao Feng suddenly said, “I remember!”


Everyone looked at Zhao Feng.

He ran to the counter with a notebook hurriedly, where he finally found a business card.

“Its him, its him! Mr.

Sheng, the chairman of Anyu and the supreme master of the hacker world.

He is sure to find out the details, and then we can find a solution!”

“You should call and ask,” Zhang Li said in a hurry.

“OK.” Zhao Feng quickly dialed the personal number on the business card.

“Hello, Mr.

Sheng, this is Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant, and we want to ask you for help.

Yes Great.

Is it convenient for you to come to the restaurant now…”

Seeing the success, Zhang Li quickly dialed Zhou Feis number.

“Feifei, do me a favor.

Take my sister-in-laws cell phone out and take it to the restaurant…”

While the whole restaurant was busy preparing, in the hall of Qiao Familys main residence, there were 13 senior members of the Qiao family headed by Patriarch Qiao.

The atmosphere in the room was so tense that they seemed to be waiting for someone.

Suddenly, the door of the hall was opened.

Qiao Luoluo, in casual clothes, came in lazily.

“Patriarch, as soon as I got off the plane, you picked me up.

Is there any new task” asked Qiao Luoluo.

She was a little smug.

She had studied finance in the UK for four years.

Now she had come back to show her strength and made two successful businesses.

Obviously, she would enter the core of the Qiao family, which was her dream.

“Qiao Luoluo, come here.”

Patriarch Qiao stood up and waved to her, expressionless.

Qiao Luoluo smiled.

She felt the atmosphere was a little weird, but she didnt think much about it and went straight over.



Before she could finish speaking, the Qiao family leader gave Qiao Luoluo a fierce slap in the face.

For a moment, red fingerprints appeared on her left cheek.

Qiao Luoluo staggered and stared at Patriarch Qiao.


Another slap from Patriarch Qiao.

“Youre good, arent you Huh Do you know how much trouble you have caused!”

As Patriarch Qiao spoke, he slapped Qiao Luoluo in the face without any pity.

None of the senior members present came out to help her.

“You dare to provoke such a tyrannical Master Zhang.

What else do you dare not do

“How long have you been back If you stay longer, will the Qiao family be ruined by you”


In the quiet hall, aside from the scolding of Patriarch Qiao, there was only Qiao Luoluos cry of pain.

At first, she didnt know who master Zhang was.

But when she knew who it was…

She was in total despair.


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