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“What Master Hong is dead”.

“How is that possible”

“How did he do that Hiss! Did he kill him with his eyes”

“We didnt even see how he killed him.

Its so horrible!”

Many people who had seen it could not believe their eyes.

“He moved his palm gently from 20 meters away, and then a Wu Dao Grand Master died immediately.

Whats that skill”

Those who were not martial artists or low-ranking martial artists couldnt figure it out.

After those Qi Strength Masters saw that scene, they almost bit their tongues.

“What monster is this”

They faintly felt that at that moment, an extremely powerful energy was suddenly formed around Master Hongs body.

It crushed him in an instant, leaving him no time to resist.

That mysterious ability scared them, making them feel freezing cold.

They thought that if that man were to fight with them, all of them wouldve died already.

Several Wu Dao Grand Masters present…

They were also extremely shocked.

The metaphysical Grand Master Fang Rushans eyes widened.

“Its like this… This battle isnt between He Qingtian and Lei Tiannan, but him!”

On the far left, after Grand Master Lan from the Lingtian Sword Sect saw Zhang Han raise his hand, her eyes rolled slightly.

She felt that a strong spiritual force spurted out from that mans hand, which was like a volcanic eruption, or a powerful palm.

It held Master Hong in an instant and killed him like killing an ant.

“This man has at least the power of a peak middle-stage Grand Master.

Maybe hes even at the late stage!

“Since when is there… such a young Grand Master in Hong Kong!”

Both Liang Hao and Liang Mengqi, who were on the right, were stunned.

“My God, my God, my God!”

Liang Hao even couldnt close his mouth.

He said in surprise, “The boss is awesome! He killed a Wu Dao Grand Master in an instant! Am I mistaken My God.

A Qi Strength Master couldnt do that!”

“An ordinary Grand Master cannot do that either, such as me,” He Chen took a deep breath and said in shock, “I think he has the power of a late-stage Grand Master.

He can kill people only by moving his hands.

Thats horrible.”


Liang Hao was shocked and Liang Mengqi was also unable to speak.

At the back of the hillside, Zhao Feng, Ah Hu, Zhang Li, and several other people were also stunned by that.

“Master is so strong! Hes awesome! Really!”

Zhao Feng yelled, while deep inside he shouted, “This is a cultivator!

“This is my master!”

“The boss is awesome!” Ah Hu, Elder Meng, and the others admired Zhang Han a lot.

“My brother, he…” With eyes open wide, Zhang Li stared at Zhang Han in excitement.

As for the two people standing in the center of the rocky ground…

Lei Tiannan was shocked at first, but then his eyes were filled with surprise.

“He turned out to be a Wu Dao Grand Master!


“I felt that he was just a Profound-stage master last time.

How did he…” “He looks like an ordinary person, but actually, hes a Wu Dao Grand Master.

Thats unbelievable.”

Lei Tiannan looked at Zhang Han with amazement.

He Qingtian, who was not far from him, had a stiff face.

His eyes trembled slightly and he couldnt believe his own eyes.

“Isnt he just a useless Profound-stage Master

“Which Profound-stage Master can kill a Grand Master

“Who the hell is he”

He Qingtian frowned and stared at Zhang Han.

A sense of crisis arose in his heart because he thought that if that was a conspiracy and Lei Tiannan teamed up with that man to fight him, then… It was extremely frightening!

Though he was a proud and ambitious man, he thought that if those two men fought him together, hed probably escape first.

While he was thinking, the man opposite him opened his mouth and said calmly, “You are He Qingtian, right

“Dont just stand there.

“Dont waste my time.

I still need to catch a plane.

“What tricks do you have Come on, show my wife.”

All the people present were shocked by his words.

“Why do I feel that he takes He Qingtian as a toy”

“He asked him to show his tricks to his wife”

“He looks down on him so much.”

They didnt know that Zhang Han wanted to solve the problem first and then return to the boat with Zi Yan because Mengmeng was still waiting for them.

They had to go out that day, so Zi Yan simply packed up the things the previous night.

Back then, Zhang Han was lying on the bed, playing with Mengmeng while watching Zi Yan working.

He increasingly understood the elders words: There must be a woman in the family.

It meant that a wife was indispensable in a mans life.

She was scrupulous.

She hummed while packing up the things.

They didnt have much luggage so only a suitcase was used for the three of them.

They got up at six oclock in the morning and Zhang Han prepared breakfast.

After having the meal, the group of people went to the dock and Instructor Liu brought 20 men with ammunition.

After they arrived at Strange Peak Island by boat, Zhou Fei stayed on the boat to look after Mengmeng.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan went to the island from the side, while Zhao Feng took the others up the hill to watch the battle.

“There are so many people,” after seeing a lot of people standing on the hillside and below, Zi Yan said in a low voice.

She was a little nervous and held Zhang Hans hand more tightly.

“They just came here to watch.

Theyre witnesses,” Zhang Han smiled slightly and said.

“Whenever there is a battle between great masters, thousands of people will go there to watch.

By watching how powerful men fight, they can sometimes learn something and improve their own cultivation.

Youll also cultivate in the future.

So, I took you here to watch a small battle today.”

“Is this a small battle It looks magnificent,” Zi Yan licked her lips and said.

“Youll get it later.” After saying that, Zhang Han paused, and then said, “But its extremely dangerous to cultivate.

The Cultivation World is so cruel that only the strongest can survive, and there are no other rules.

“Although Ill always protect you and Mengmeng, you may still get hurt sometimes.”

Zhang Han thought that it was time to warn her.

But Zi Yan just kept silent for a second.

She didnt seem worried or scared.

Then, she faintly said, “I heard that when you saved me last time, 13 people were…”

“Yes, theyre dead.” Zhang Han nodded directly.

Zi Yan licked her lips, finding that it was difficult to describe her feelings.

After learning the information about Zhang Hans cultivation and rebirth, she felt like the whole world had been expanded a lot.

Her worldview collapsed and was then reorganized.

She faintly felt that her life should just be like that.

“I feel a little bit awkward now, but Ill get used to it later.” Zi Yan slightly nodded.

“Mm.” Zhang Han gently pinched Zi Yans palm and said, “Theres a long way to go.

Id like to lead a quiet and peaceful life with you around and watching Mengmeng grow up.

However, I dont think such a man as Master Hong deserves to live in this world.”

So, Zhang Han gently waved his hand.

Then, Master Hong was directly killed on the spot.

That was what happened earlier.

When Zhang Han finished his words, all the Wu Dao Grand Masters reacted angrily.

“Hes too arrogant.” He Chen shook his head again and again, saying, “This will only irritate He Qingtian.

Although he can kill Master Hong in an instant, Master Hong was only a young man who had just been promoted to a Grand Master.

I have that ability, too.

Although hes a Grand Master, hes still too young and his opponent is He Qingtian, who has been a middle-stage Grand Master for many years and is pretty close to the late stage.”

“Hes indeed too arrogant,” a Grand Master standing not far from He Chen nodded and said.

“It looks like hes not 30 yet.

Even though hes talented and a middle-stage Grand Master, he cannot take a senior Grand Master as a toy.

Does he think that he is invincible”

“It seems that even Emperor Qing wasnt as arrogant as him back then.”

“He even brought his woman with him.

What can I say He underestimates He Qingtian.”

After calming down a bit, they realized that there were several people on the scene who also had the ability to kill Master Hong.

They had some doubts about Zhang Hans ability because he… was too young after all.

After He Qingtian heard his words, he breathed tightly and stared at him angrily, while saying, “What did you say”

It seemed that he was about to fight, but he was very vigilant.

He needed to defend against Lei Tiannan, while watching Zhang Han, feeling that he was between a hammer and an anvil.

Fortunately, Lei Tiannan took back his soft sword and moved backward, not planning to fight.

“Show us your strongest move.

Dont say that I didnt give you a chance,” Zhang Han said calmly.

While he was speaking, some light flashed over his pupils and the energy of his whole body changed, which created a mysterious atmosphere.

At the same time, the cards in his jacket pocket flew out one by one.

They kept flying around his and Zi Yans bodies, like some swimming elves.

“Youre too arrogant!”

He Qingtian roared.

With his arms crossed in front of his chest, he struck down on the ground.

Some powerful energy spread around He Qingtian immediately, and then he lifted his arms up.


Innumerable stones in a 10-meter radius were all lifted up more than three meters.

The stones, which were as large as palms or thumbs, had all become He Qingtians weapons at that moment.

“Then Ill let you taste my firing palm!”

He Qingtian sneered while jerking his hands forward.

In an instant, countless stones rushed forward and gradually gathered into the form of a huge palm five meters high along the way.

Since the stones couldnt withstand the great power, they exploded and numerous small stones were created.

In a breath, the stones became as small as pupils and it seemed that people could feel the heat wave from that palm at a distance.

Many Qi Strength Masters were shocked by that.

“Thats He Qingtian, who ranks 17th on the list.

His firing palm has reached the peak of perfection.

Hes over 10 times stronger than Master Hong!”

“The firing palm contains infinite power.

I can even feel it here.

If I were there, Im afraid Id be dead in an instant!”

“Thats so powerful.

I wonder how Master Zhang, oh no, Grand Master Zhang will deal with that!”

“Mm Why does Grand Master Zhang still not move”

Everyone was shocked when they saw Zhang Han at that moment because he was still speaking softly into the beautiful womans ear while the firing palm was approaching.

“Youre fighting He Qingtian.

How can you ignore him”

Some people got nervous.

Not to mention what would happen next, just that attitude had shown his contempt for his opponent.

It could be imaged that He Qingtian must have been very angry after seeing that hed been ignored.

In fact, He Qingtian was pissed off!

It was his first time to see a man treating him with such an attitude.

“Hes so bold!” He Chen frowned slightly and sighed, saying, “Even I would be very careful when facing his firing palm.

He… Mm What is this”

Suddenly, his pupils shrank and he didnt get the chance to finish his words.

He saw the fierce fire was going forward quickly.

When it moved more than half of the distance, Zhang Han pressed his right hand forward.

Suddenly, 18 cards flew forward and formed a weird pattern in the air.

“Heavenly wheel seal!”

Then, the fierce fire was suddenly shocked, and then it became smaller and smaller.

It was absorbed in the 18 cards.

The weird pattern seemed to be tying up all the 18 cards.

Just when people were wondering how he dealt with that move…

“Puff, puff, puff…”

A small palm print burst out from the card in the center.

The palm was growing larger and larger.

That was clearly the firing palm that He Qingtian just performed!

“He actually absorbed the attack and then released it to counterattack What is this trick”

Lei Tiannan, who was not far at the back, was quite surprised by that.

“I didnt expect him to be so strong!”

He Qingtian obviously didnt expect that.

He was mad.

He gritted his teeth and performed the firing palm once again, which collided with the firing palm that had returned.


In an instant, a gale began to blow in a 20-meter radius, as if there was a blast.



What made He Qingtian quite surprised was that the returning firing palm still contained great energy and it quickly rushed over.

“How could this be”

He Qingtian hurriedly began to control his spiritual force and gathered it in front of him to resist the last wave.

Under everybodys attention, the remaining firing palm, along with the stones, constantly slammed into He Qingtian.

Although they didnt cause any damage, He Qingtian felt like he was being pressed.

That was really an eye-opener for the people around.

He Chen couldnt speak anymore.

With his mouth slightly stiff, he looked at Zhang Han in shock, feeling that he had underestimated him!

In about three breaths, the mess on the field disappeared.

He Qingtians face darkened.

“Such a lame trick shouldnt have appeared in front of me.” Zhang Han looked extremely calm, as if he was just stating a fact.

He looked at He Qingtian while saying lightly, “Show me your strongest move directly.”

Many peoples expressions were changed after they heard his words.

They doubted him earlier, but at that moment… they felt that he was fully qualified to say that.

After hearing his words, He Qingtian became furious and said coldly, “Boy, youve irritated me.

It seems that no one has made me so angry in many years.

Trust me.

Ill definitely kill you today! If you want to see my strongest move, then break my biggest secret Nine Shadows Movement first!”

After that, He Qingtian shook his body and his figure was divided into two.

But when it was divided into three…


Suddenly, Zhang Hans eyes were shining with a diamond-like dazzling light.

He Qingtians third figure failed to be formed.

And the second figure…


Just like a fart, it dissipated directly.


He Qingtian rounded his eyes and couldnt believe what was happening.

He looked at Zhang Han and almost lost his voice.

“How did you do that”

“How dare you call such a weak move your biggest secret!” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said plainly, “Its lame.

Ill give you one last chance to show me your strongest move.”

After Zhang Han said that, all the people present were stunned.

He Qingtian seemed to have been thoroughly humiliated in just a while and he refused to recognize that the secret move that he tried so hard to learn had been regarded as garbage.


“It cant be garbage!

“There must be something wrong!

“It must be!

“Yes! It should be like this!”

He Qingtians eyes were getting brighter and brighter.

Just at that moment, he was suddenly enlightened!


He Qingtian laughed madly and looked at Zhang Han, while saying loudly, “What you just said is right.

It was really lame.

But thanks to you, I finally understand that the Nine Shadows Movement should be like this!”

After saying that, he lifted his right hand in front of his chest, with the middle finger and index stuck straight out.

Some light flashed over his eyes.


Nine figures were formed in an instant.

They were all looking at Zhang Han, with exactly the same expression.

He Qingtian laughed while saying, “Then I will let you taste the biggest secret move in my life, Nine Shadows Movement, wind control!”

“This is a little interesting.” Zhang Han still looked at He Qingtian calmly, saying, “But I dont want to see your performance next.”

As soon as he finished that, some light flashed over his eyes and his palms rushed forward.

The 18 cards were immediately sent out and moving at different angles, as if they would topple the mountains and overturn the seas.

At the same time, the spiritual force in Zhang Hans body continued to gather in the 18 cards, and each card absorbed enough energy.

Suddenly, according to Zhang Hans spiritual sense, the cards were connected together, as if by an invisible spider web.

A mysterious atmosphere was formed on those cards, making it hard for people to understand.

All the Wu Dao Grand Masters pupils shrank after they saw that.

“W-Weapon formation”

Fang Rushans body suddenly trembled, he couldnt believe what was happening in front of his eyes.

He felt that the 18 cards had been formed into a powerful formation!

A weapon formation involved a lot of mysterious techniques.

The cultivator should be skilled at formations, and also…


Fang Rushan said in shock, “I didnt expect that Id see a weapon formation today.

Hes horrible!”

Other Grand Masters were also shocked.

The facial expression of Grand Master Lan from the Lingtian Clan changed slightly.

“Even I dont know much about that move and only the elders in my clan are familiar with it.

Is he already that strong”

He Chen looked at Zhang Han in amazement and muttered, “How old is he Is it… that there will be a second person like Emperor Qing in Hua nation”

Everyone else also felt the mysterious energy at that moment.

However, the target, He Qingtian, didnt feel the mystery at all, thinking that they were just some ordinary objects with spiritual force.

“Hahaha, my Nine Shadows Movement can be converted in an instant.

You dont know how powerful it is after all.

I will break your move first, and then take your life!”

He Qingtian laughed loudly, while his nine figures moved, as if they were nine different people each with different moves, to resist the incoming cards.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang…”

Some intense sounds were heard and some discerning people could find that there were a total of 18 sounds!

“Your attack is like childs play for me!” Seeing that the 18 cards were flying back to Zhang Han, He Qingtian shook his head slightly and sighed.

“I thought you were a tricky character.

Who knew that youre just a paper tiger After all, youre still too young.

You dont understand how powerful my hard-won skill is!”

“Oh Really”

Zhang Han suddenly smiled lightly.

When He Qingtian saw Zhang Hans indifferent and significant looks in his eyes, his heart skipped a beat and he suddenly had a sense of crisis.


The next moment, he felt his heart was attacked and then all his shadows dissipated, only leaving his real body.

With eyes open wide, he lowered his head slowly.

He saw that a black card was slowly coming out from his heart.

Looking up, he saw that one of the 18 cards slowly dissipated…

“When did the card come

“Havent I just driven the 18 cards back

“Why is that

“Its impossible!”

He Qingtian couldnt figure it out, but he felt that he was losing his energy quickly.

“How, is, that, possible” He Qingtian stared at Zhang Han and said in a tone of disbelief.

In his gaze, the 18 cards slowly flew back to Zhang Hans pocket.

Finally, he looked at He Qingtian and said lightly, “Its you who are too young.”


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