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After lunch, they went around West Lake.

There were quite a lot of scenic spots near West Lake.

Every time they arrived at one site, Rong Jiaxin would tell Mengmeng a story.

Zi Yan was really glad to see that she did that.

Mengmeng was almost four years old and had already been able to remember things, so going sightseeing more often was conducive to her growth.

After going around for a whole afternoon, they returned to the house of the Wang family.

After having dinner, Zhang Han and Wang Zhanpeng went to the pavilion outside again.

Zhang Han took a sip of tea and asked, “Do you know of the Kun Xu World”

“The Kun Xu World Yes.” Wang Zhanpeng froze for a while, as if he was recalling something, then he said, “That is the biggest worldlet in the Central Plains.

I heard that few people live there and there are fewer people who know how to enter the world.

Moreover, it is rumored that the Kun Xu World was in turbulence five years ago, thus the entrance was closed.

Some senior masters said that it wouldnt open until about six years later.

I also heard that there was a large number of masters there, some of whom were real talents.

Every time one talent is born, the world would change a lot.”

At that time, Wang Zhanpeng sighed and said, “It will take around a year for the entrance to open, and I afraid that a lot of people will come out of the world.

By that time… Emperor Qings position will be controversial even though he is regarded as the strongest talent now, and a bloody revolution… will come to the martial arts world.”


Zhang Han nodded.

Presumably, the Kun Xu World was an affiliated space, where there was a variety of Grand Masters, which meant that it was a good place for cultivating with its strong spiritual qi of heaven and earth.

Affiliated worlds were not rare, for they even included some cultivators abodes.

But obviously, the Kun Xu World was not small.

Zhang Han talked with Wang Zhanpeng for a moment, then they came back to the dining hall.

After everyone finished dinner, they returned to Wang Mings house.

Everyone played with toys with Mengmeng until eight oclock, when someone asked Wang Ming to attend a meeting.

Mengmeng put down the toys and asked, “PaPa, when will we go back I miss Big Heihei and Little Hei, as well as Yihan.”

“Lets go back tomorrow afternoon,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Huh Why so urgent You can stay here for another few days.” Rong Jiaxins face changed.

“Thats right.” Wang Ya echoed, “Youve only stayed here for two days.

Why dont you stay for a few more days if you are free”

At that moment, Zi Yan twisted her mouth without saying anything.

She looked at Zhang Han as she blinked her big eyes, like an obedient young wife.

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said, “Maybe next time.

It will be more convenient for us to travel if I buy two private planes.”

Both Mengmeng and Zi Yan were used to enjoying the dishes made from the ingredients from the mountain.

Although the specialties here were also good, they had a worse taste.

Since Zi Yan and Mengmeng ate less, Zhang Han planned to go back sooner.

“Private planes…”

Wang Yas mouth trembled slightly.

The price of private jets vary.

She read a piece of news not long ago that the most luxurious private jet in the world cost nearly one billion dollars, whose owner spent nearly 20 million US dollars on modifications.

How affluent that person was.

Those somewhat luxurious ones also cost several million dollars each, and a whopping price should be paid to maintain the cheaper ones.

“My cousin is so rich.”

“Huh… Thats okay.” Rong Jiaxin shook her head slightly and did not say anything more.

“Lets go to Mount Cyan Fog tomorrow, and we will leave in the afternoon after handing this matter,” Zhang Han said.

“By the way,” Rong Jiaxins face changed and she asked, “did you perform the formation that day”


“How do you know formations” Rong Jiaxin became even more curious.

She did not make out which formation it was since she knew little about formations, but she was aware that it took a period of time to make a formation.

Therefore, she had felt really weird when she had seen Zhang Han only wave his hand before making the formation.

After thinking for a while, Zhang Han gave a response, “Yes, but Im not the most proficient at making formations.”

Indeed, Zhang Han was not best at making formations.

When it came to branches, Zhang Han was more proficient in making elixirs than making formations.

As for other skills like refining tools, Zhang Han barely knew anything about them.

However, even if all the formation cultivators gathered together, they knew far less about those mysterious skills than Zhang Han did.

“Oh, oh, I see.” Rong Jiaxin smiled and said, “Han, you are really awesome, with hard won credit.”

“Uh-huh.” Mengmeng put down her toys and looked up at Rong Jiaxin, then muttered, “My PaPa is the best.”

“Thats right.

Your PaPa is the most formidable man,” Rong Jiaxin said with a smile.


At nearly 10 oclock, they stopped chatting and all returned to their rooms respectively.

The next day…

Zhang Han and the others got up, then had breakfast at 7:30.

After that, they took a short break and got into the motor home at 8:10.

The Mystical Fog Sect was located in a northern suburb, about one hours drive from the house.

Since there was no road there, they could not enter it by car.

However, they did not plan to go to the Mystical Fog Sect but the nearby Mount Cyan Fog this time.

Mount Cyan Fog, as one of their destinations, was famous for the enveloping thin fog all year round.

Although the mountain was only over 40 meters above sea level, its area stretched out far.

The place where the Wang family sacrificed to their ancestors was located on top of the mountain.

That place was in the possession of the Wang family for making sacrifices, but the Mystical Fog Sect wanted to grab it.

As was known to all, the holy relic, Mountains and Rivers Flag, was likely to be buried there.

Since the Mystical Fog Sect was the most powerful sect in Xihang, no one dared to snatch this treasure even though they knew the holy relic possibly was there.

Because… this treasure originally was in the possession of the ancestors of the Wang family, moreover, it was just a toy for those who did not know how to make formations.

Although they did not intend to grab it, they still wanted to take a look.

When they arrived at the foot of Mount Cyan Fog, Mengmeng blinked her big clear eyes, looking out of the window, and asked with curiosity, “PaPa, look, there are so many people as well as cars.”

“Well, they are all here to have fun,” Zhang Han smiled and answered.

He glanced over, finding that about 200 to 300 cars were parked down the mountain, while the people were in a greater numbers, who were chatting in groups.

However, the road was not blocked, and a space within a 100-meter radius was available at the foot of the mountain.

Led by Shi Kun, plenty of disciples of the Mystical Fog Sect were standing on one side of the vacant lot, while many disciples of the Shi family were standing on the other side.

Under everyones gaze, a motorcade representing the Wang family slowly came into view.

At that time, lots of comments were heard.

“Here they are, here they are!”

“It seems that all the people of the Wang family show up today.”

“If the Wang family is defeated this time, it will be trampled like a fish on a chopping block.”

“Haha, but how can the man match the Mystical Fog Sect”

“It seems that the centuries-long resentment will come to an end today.”


There were as many as 2,000 to 3,000 people present, most of whom were martial artists.

This competition was really like a grand gathering.

However, most of them were Obvious Strength Masters and Inward Strength Masters, while few were Qi Strength Masters, let alone Wu Dao Grand Masters.

Although only five Wu Dao Grand Masters showed up, their presence caused a furor.

Among them, three were from the Wang family, which could be counted as a powerful martial arts clan in Xihang.

However, among the strong people, there were some still stronger, so no one thought that the Wang family would win.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Accompanied by a blast of sound of the opening and closing of doors, all the people representing the Wang family got out of the cars and walked to another side of the vacant lot.

Both Wang Ming and Wang Zhang were carrying some boxes, in which were stored some jade for making formations and various treasures to enhance the formations power as formation cores.

“This time.”

Seeing all the people of the Wang family standing still, Shi Kun said in a loud voice, which could be heard by everyone, “The purpose of this formation battle is to decide the possession of Mount Cyan Fog.

Mount Cyan Fog originally belonged to our Mystical Fog Sect, but it is also used by the Wang family for making sacrifices to their ancestors.

Therefore, our Mystical Fog Sect gave the Wang family an opportunity to grab this land.

I, Xiang Qitian, the chief of the Mystical Fog Sect, promise that we will abide by the rules whether we win or lose.”

After hearing his words, everyone from the Wang family frowned.

What they wanted was the place where the Wangs sacrificed to the ancestors rather than Mount Cyan Fog, besides, this place was originally in the possession of the Wang family.

It was the Mystical Fog Sect that stole their territory.

“You cant have your cake and eat it too!”

Many people of the Wang family commented in anger.

But then, Shi Kun added, “According to the previous rules, each party should send 10 people to join the battle, and the party which wins more rounds will achieve victory.

However, considering the decadence of the Wang family, we only need to send five people, adopting the Wheel War.

As long as a man finally defeats all his opponents, his party will win.

I have negotiated the rules with Wang Zhanpeng.

Therefore, our first fighter is a young disciple of our sect, named Lu Xing.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a lot of people, who surrounded themselves in a semicircle at a distance began to go into an uproar.

“Lu Xing is an outstanding disciple of the younger generation in the Mystical Fog Sect.”

“Yes, he is a Heaven-stage Master, whose formation is very cruel.”

“The Wang family… seems to have only cultivated Wang Ming among the younger generation.”

“It must be Wang Ming.

Wang Zhanpeng and Wang Zhanhong are proficient in formations, while Wang Zhanzong knows little about them.

However, the Wang family will be too shameful if they ask the two seniors to accept the challenge directly.”


Sure enough, amid the din, Want Zhanpeng waved his hand and said, “Xiaoming, accept the challenge first.”


Wang Ming nodded and walked 20 meters forward, while he and Lu Xing looked at each other.

“Make your formation first.”

Lu Xing, in a blue shirt, stood with his hands clasped behind his back, speaking in a scornful tone.


Wang Ming hardened his eyes and walked to a two-meter-high stone platform.

The jade and treasures he brought were already in the two boxes.

“This battle is called Mysterious Trace.

If you can break the formation within three minutes, you will win.”

“Will it take me three minutes to defeat you” Lu Xing sneered.

After hearing what he said, Shi Kun put on a satisfied look.

Of course, they should despise and repress the Wang family ruthlessly.

Wang Mings face became icy.

He stretched out his hand to hold the jade and threw them out in succession.

Gradually, a strange pattern appeared on the ground.

As he held palm-sized Genuine Qi and put forth his strength, the formation flag fell into the formation, making all the jade around him disappear with a thin rippling mist!

“I will break your formation in 30 seconds!”

Lu Xing laughed wildly and then moved.

Going into the formation, his figure disappeared amid the mist.

The instant he entered the formation, everyone present could not help timing it in their mind.

“One second, two seconds… 10 seconds…”

At that point, Zhang Han, Zhang Li, Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, Mengmeng, and Wang Ya were all in the motor home 20 meters behind the people of the Wang family.

They did not get out of the vehicle to watch the battle.

In fact, Zhang Han went over with them because he was cautious.

Only by staying with them could he guarantee their safety.

After discussing it with Zi Yan, he decided to keep Mengmeng away from cultivation when she was so young, therefore, he did not intend to take her to watch the battle, so they stayed in the motor home.

As for Zhang Han, after learning that the juniors of the two parties would fight each other first in accordance with the rules, he lost interest to get out of the car.

By occasionally probing what was happening with his soul sense, he knew that Wang Mings formation was likely to be broken soon.

There were too many flaws in his formation, including three big ones as well as 24 small ones.

If Wang Ming knew what Zhang Han was thinking, he would certainly be stunned.

He had considered it to be a very profound formation, but why did it have so many flaws

Under many peoples gazes…

“23 seconds… 25 seconds!”

25 seconds later, laughter was heard from the formation, then Lu Xings figure appeared.

“Just so-so!” Lu Xing said as he walked on his stone stage.

He added while making the formation, “Ill show you what a real formation is.

This formation is called Three Hidden, and I will acknowledge defeat if you can hold on for 10 seconds!”

His words not only made some others sigh with emotion, but also depressed the people of the Wang family, especially Wang Ming.

He kept wondering what flaws did the formation he had just made have.

In less than a minute, Lu Xing already made his formation before Wang Ming got the answer.

Within five seconds after he entered the formation, he flew out of it backward.

Catching sight of him, Wang Zhanpeng moved and picked him up.

Wang Mings face had completely turned pale, and he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

At that moment, his breath was barely perceptible since he had suffered some internal injuries.


Youre vulnerable.” Lu Xing sneered and returned to his camp, receiving a blast of cheers.

Shi Kun put on a satisfied look and said, “Lu Xing, from my Mystical Fog Sect, wins the first round.

As for the second round, I will send…”

Five minutes later, more people chatted with each other, most of whom were saying, “The Mystical Fog Sect is so formidable!”

Shi Kun gave a wide smile.

“Peng An, from my Mystical Fog Sect, wins the second round.”

“Lian Minghai, from my Mystical Fog Sect, wins the third round.

Weve defeated three of your disciples.

The younger generation of the Wang family is so weak.

Maybe they dont even know what a formation is! How ignorant and ridiculous!

“I, Shi Kun, will enter the field in person in the fourth round.”

Shi Kuns eyes were filled with coldness, and he moved 20 meters in an instant to stand on the stone stage, looking at the people of the Wang family disdainfully.

There were still two elders in the Wang familys camp, so the reason why he took part in the fourth round was to defeat the two of them on his own!

“Ill accept the challenge!”

Wang Zhanhong put on a cold face and was about to move.

At that point, Wang Zhanpeng reached out his hand to stop him.

He moved and stepped onto the stone platform.

“Wang Zhanpeng, we dont need to break the others formation.

We may as well make formations directly to fight against each other!” Shi Kun said coldly as his eyes were imbued with homicidal intent.

“Okay!” Wang Zhanpeng responded.

As the two of them held out their palms, a large number of jade immediately flew to the ground and spread out.

They made their formations respectively.

Shi Kun made a psychedelic killing formation, while Wang Zhanpeng made a protective formation.

Seeing that Shi Kuns formation was about to take shape, Wang Zhanpeng was inadvertently in a cold sweat.

His face stiffened with worry.

Judging from the power of the formation, he would fail to resist it once it took shape.

Shi Kuns face has been shrouded in a hint of killing intent, and he only waited for the formation coming into being!

At that moment…

Zhang Han shook his head slightly inside the motor home.

Actually, only killing formation could resist Shi Kuns formation.

Now that Wang Zhanpeng chose to make a protective formation, he was bound to be defeated.


“Ill go out, you can wait here for a while.”

Zhang Han got up and walked to the door.

“I want to go with you.

Mengmeng, wait a while.

PaPa and MaMa will come back soon…” Zi Yan said to Mengmeng, then left the vehicle with Zhang Han.

She knew Zhang Hans origin and desired to blend in with him, so she planned to watch more battles between martial artists.

Moreover, she did not worry about Zhang Han, because he was invincible in her mind.

She said, “My husband is an immortal.”

Zhang Han held Zi Yans hand and gently pinched it, then put his arm around her waist and walked toward the people of the Wang family.

At that time, the two formations were about to take shape and Wang Zhanpeng heard what Zhang Han said.

“Qiansan Kunba Position.”

“Lisha Douzhan Position.”

“Donghu Qingtian Position.”


He said five positions in succession.

After Wang Zhanpeng heard his words, his face changed.

He looked over and waved his hand without any hesitation, shooting out five first-stage spirit treasures that would be used as the formation core.


In a flash, Wang Zhanpengs protective formation emitted five energy pillars, rushing to five directions, making the wind blow wildly.

Suddenly, a loud sound, like a fart, was heard.

Shi Kuns killing formation dissipated gradually like a punctured balloon.

This scene stunned many people behind.

“What the hell is it Much thunder but little rain”


“” Shi Kun was dumbfounded at that point.

He could not believe that his formation was broken by another man so easily.

“What happened

“Hows that possible

“It is that man! It is he who reminded Wang Zhanpeng!


“How detestable he is!”

A fury rose from Shi Kuns eyes, and he said with strong homicidal intent, “How dare you play tricks! Why dont you cherish the chance our Mystical Fog Sect gave to you Ok, fine, you can stay here.

Seven Ghosts King Killing Formation! Start!”

With Shi Kuns fierce shout, he took out a black stone from his bosom and flung it into the ground in the middle.


Suddenly, people felt the ground around their feet vibrate.

Then within the vacant lot, wisps of light black fog spread.

They surrounded the Wangs and the Wangs motorcade.

Obviously, this was a premeditated formation, and Shi Kun already had an idea to kill them all here!

A brisk gale was blowing, and an utter dreary cry could be faintly heard.

The faces of the Wu Dao Grand Masters present all changed at that moment.

Because they could see seven ghosts floating quickly around the formation!

They knew that this was an extremely vicious and ruthless killing formation!

“Is he going to destroy the Wang family”

Many people lost their voices in horror.

Just then, an indifference sneer was heard.

“How dare you show such an infamous formation in front of me!”

In the formation, the Wangs faces all turned pale, even Zi Yan was a little scared because she caught sight of the seven ghosts.

The next moment, Zhang Hans words attracted their attention.

Zhang Hans eyes lit up.

As he raised his hand, nearly a hundred pieces of jade rose from the box, which were intertwined with each other and glowing.


Zhang Han clenched his fist all of a sudden.

All the jade exploded and turned into a profound formation.

Accompanied by the spiritual force rushing out of Zhang Hans body, it flew to shoot a bulge in the same shape as a tomb on one side.

“Why did he shoot there”

Wang Zhanpeng and others were confused.


With a loud noise, the bulge fell apart and a lot of energy poured into it.

Then, everyone felt that layers of ripples covered the whole formation.

The next moment, the formation moved horizontally and immediately surrounded the people of the Mystical Fog Sect as well as the Shi family.

Five of the seven ghosts were going to attack Shi Kun.

As for the other two, accompanied by a lot of energy, one of them was aimed at the disciples of the Mystical Fog Sect, while the other was targeting the disciples of the Shi family.

“This, this is impossible!”

Shi Kuns fingers kept moving, trying to control the formation, but he found that the formation was totally disconnected from him.

Looking at the five ghosts approaching him and remembering the power of the formation, he was as pale as death.

“Hows that possible”

At that point, a loud and stern shout was heard from the top of Mount Cyan Fog.


A figure quickly moved from the top of the mountain.

But he was too late after all.

The five ghosts invaded Shi Kuns body with an irresistible force, and his face turned green and black alternately all of a sudden.

In the meantime, his eyes were bloodshot and he felt his soul being devoured.

He realized that he was going to die.

He fixed his eyes on Zhang Han and stretched out his right hand, seemingly to say something, but he failed to open his mouth.

As for the other two ghosts, when they were about to slaughter, the figure approached them and took out a palm-sized wooden box.

With a brown light flashing, the two ghosts were sucked into it.

However, the ghosts energy made the disciples of the Mystical Fog Sect and the Shi family fall to the ground several meters backward.

Many people were seriously injured.

The energy of the formation dissipated gradually.

The old man with brown hair put on an extremely ghastly look.

He slowly turned his head and said coldly while staring at Zhang Han, “Why are you so ruthless Do you know that these people would have been killed by you if I came here one second later”

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Everyone present looked at Zhang Han with shocked expressions.

“Where does this powerful master come from”

Under everyones gaze, Zhang Han kept calm.

He looked at the old man calmly and said, “I kill them if I want.

“How can you stop me”


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