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Hong Kong has a dense population and lots of celebrities with high social status.

Among them, in addition to those who are well known, many are invisible rich people.

No one knows how many assets they have, but every day they are demonstrating “spending money like water” with real actions.

When money accumulates to a certain extent, it becomes just a number in the eyes of its owner.

Someone like Liu Qingfeng would encounter the bottleneck of development at this stage, and for them, the importance of social connections and supporters would gradually increase.

Someone, though worth millions themselves, could raise billions in a day through their horrifying social connections.

It could be seen how important social connections were.

As for martial arts masters… They were special since the title was born dignified with a wide range of social connections, since everyone wanted to have a good relationship with a powerful master.

However, Zhang Han didnt care about this.

He valued full freedom and the right to do whatever he wanted.

For example, knowing Zhao Feng was a man of high quality, Zhang Han accepted him as the first disciple.

Seeing that Sun Ming express his kindness to Mengmeng, Zhang Han decided to cure him.

This was the joy of doing whatever he wanted.

After hearing Zhao Fengs words, Zhang Han pondered and then nodded.

“Auction it.”

“OK, Ill arrange it.

Lin Xue just told me that the Wanqing Auction Company of the Lin Group wanted to auction this membership card,” Zhao Feng said.

“OK.” Zhang Han nodded.

Auctioning a restaurants membership card would lead to a lot of discussion.

And if it could be sold at a super-high price, it would attract even more attention.

Of course, Lin Xue would strive for this good opportunity to promote her company.

Although there were some competitors in the same trade as the Lin Group, Lin Xue believed that they would get the auction right, since the one in a favorable position gained special advantages.



This is the Maojian tea in my collection.” Wang Long put a tea set on the tea table.

After a series of steps, several cups of tea were served to the guests.

Wang Ming, who liked to drink tea, nodded with satisfaction, took the cup.

and tasted it.

“Well… The tea is fragrant with a high quality, its almost the same as my fathers collection.”

Zhang Han didnt know much about tea.

After drinking it, he felt that it tasted like water.

Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, and Rong Jiaxin didnt know much about tea, either, but they could feel the high quality of the tea.

Wang Jiawen took a sip and closed his eyes for a few seconds.

Then he opened his eyes and said, “If Im not mistaken, its Blue Sky and Jade Leaves, right”

Feeling it quite funny, Wang Ming shook his head and said, “Look at the shape of the leaves, and you will know what kind of tea it is.”

“Thats right.” Wang Jiawen smiled awkwardly.

“It seems that the two gentlemen are also tea fanciers.” Wang Long nodded slightly at them and then introduced it.

“This is indeed the Blue Sky and Jade Leaves of Xinyang Maojian, which I once photographed in the mainland.

This time, I specially brought it to Mr.

Zhang for tasting.”

“Thank you.” Zhang Han nodded and smiled.

“Since Mr.

Zhang is back, will I go back to Mengmeng Security tomorrow” Wang Long asked with a smile.

“OK,” replied Zhang Han.

The renovation of the nightclubs and restaurant over there was almost complete, and they would be put into operation soon.

It was also called Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant, shop No.


Zhang Han was happy to see this.

Now there were more and more customers every day, and some of them could be diverted to the branch restaurant as long as Wang Long could guarantee the quality of the dishes.

In this way, the main restaurant would be much quieter.

Zhang Hans idea was very good, but some things would go against his wishes.

After a few words of conversation, Wang Long left.

Although he didnt know Zhang Hans identity in the martial arts world, he saw so many high-ranking people come to line up honestly these two days, which helped him to understand Zhang Hans status.

At first, Wang Long was a little confused.

Did the news of his coming to the restaurant get out so quickly

However, as the identity of the people in line became more and more unusual, Wang Long found that these celebrities did not come to the restaurant for him.

This made Wang Long more curious about the identity of the restaurant owner and admire him even more.

Regardless of his high status, Zhang Han was willing to run a small restaurant here, which showed that he was really enjoying life.

However, Wang Long didnt pay much attention to these things because he came here mainly to enjoy the best ingredients.

As a chef, the happiest thing for him was that the diners could enjoy his cooking, and in Mengmengs Recreational Restaurant, he could obviously get all the pleasures, like if a fish that had gone into the water again.

In the past, because of the limitation of food materials, Wang Long couldnt give full play to his cooking skills.

Now, he felt as if the door of a new world was opening in front of him.

This was what he pursued.

After Wang Long left, two little girls playing with toys ran up to Zhang Han.

“PaPa, do you want to play Eagle and Chicken” Mengmeng ran up to Zhang Hans leg and asked, her big eyes blinking.

Zhang Han saw the expectation for the game in her eyes.

“What How did you know I wanted to play Eagle and Chicken” Zhang Han asked, pretending to be surprised.

“I guessed.

I want to play, too,” Mengmeng said happily.

“Then lets start.” Zhang Han reached out his right hand with a smile and touched Mengmengs pink cheek.

Then he raised his eyes and swept around the room.

“Ah, come and play the game,” Zhou Fei said in a hurry.

Zi Yan smiled, rolled her eyes at Zhang Han, and then stood up.

Zhang Li put down her mobile phone.

Wang Jiawen and Su Yu were the first to stand up.

This made Wang Ming slightly stunned.

“What has happened

“While the adults are having fun drinking tea and chatting here, why do they suddenly start to play Eagle and Chicken

“Generally speaking, how can parents agree to play this kind of game Ive once been fooled in this way! Not to mention that such a group of adults…”

“Come here quickly.” Rong Jiaxin waved to Wang Ming.

“Ah, here I am.” Wang Ming stood up and walked over, feeling rather strange.

While approaching the group of adults, Wang Ming gave himself a wry smile.

“Han, he is really a good father.”

With more contact, Wang Ming felt that Zhang Han never refused the request of Mengmeng.

Even if some requirements were unnecessary, Zhang Han would agree with her.

If there were some unreasonable requests, it was Zi Yan who refused Mengmeng.

Wang Ming felt that Zhang Han was a little… a little too fond of Mengmeng.

“Arent fathers usually strict”

Wang Mings father was so strict that he used to beat him, which had made him a dutiful son now.

Thinking about it, Wang Ming felt a little sad.

Wang Ya was never treated so gently when she was a child.

If he taught her daughter like Zhang Han, maybe…

Now he only hoped that Wang Ya could marry a good man and have a child in the future, so that he could also experience the feeling of obedience to the younger generation.

So all the adults accompanied the two little girls and played for a while.

The second floor of the restaurant was full of laughter, mostly from the two little guys.

After playing for a while, Mengmeng and Wang Yihan began sweating, and the adults ended the game.

When they sat on the sofa again, Wang Ming looked at Wang Jiawen and Su Yu and found that they seemed to be used to the scene.

At about nine oclock in the evening, Wang Jiawen and Su Yu went home with Wang Yihan, who was reluctant to leave.

The rest of the adults chatted for a little while longer.

“Im a little sleepy,” Zhang Li yawned and said, “Brother, Ill take them to the company to have a rest.”

“OK,” Zhang Han nodded, looked at Rong Jiaxin, and said, “Have a good sleep.

Lets go climbing tomorrow morning, and go to the sea in the afternoon to search for treasure.”


Rong Jiaxin nodded, and didnt think much about searching for treasures.

Instead, she looked at Mengmeng and said with a smile, “Mengmeng, say goodbye to your grand aunt.”

“Good night, Grand Aunt…” Mengmeng waved goodbye to the three of them.

When they went downstairs, Zhao Feng, who was sitting beside them, also stood up.

After they went through the door, they got in the long Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Zhou Fei thought it was not interesting to go back to the apartment alone, so she went with them.

They drove for more than 10 minutes then arrived at the company.

At this time, the company was ablaze with lights.

The decorative lights on the exterior walls and the lights on the lower floors were all on.

“Mengmeng Security.”

They got out of the car and looked up at the bright sign on top of the building.

“You have so many luxury cars Are they all my cousins” As soon as she got out of the car, Wang Ya was dazzled when she saw a line of luxury cars around her.

The closest to her were three Lamborghini supercars.

She knew that one of them was worth over 10 million yuan and the other two were worth nearly 10 million.

Other cars included the Rolls-Royce Phantom, Bentley, and so on, while the cheapest one was the Mercedes Benz S600.

Wang Ya thought of the Wang familys Land Rover team, none of which cost more than two million yuan.

“They all belong to the boss,” Zhao Feng replied with a chuckle.

“There are several limited cars over there.

Look at the black Maybach Exelero, the only one in the world, and it was sent to the boss as a gift.

That car is a Bugatti Black Bess, and there are only three in the world.

I drive the Maserati on the side,” Zhang Li replied simply.

As Zhang Hans sister, Zhang Li was proud to see her brothers achievement.

“Generally no one drives these cars.

Ya, you can drive whichever you want.

My brother usually drives the panda car in front of the restaurant,” Zhang Li added.

“Is that panda car my cousins How does he like that car” Wang Ya was surprised.

“How can he leave so many luxury cars aside and drive that panda car worth merely tens of thousands of yuan”

“Because Mengmeng likes it,” Zhou Fei took over the topic and said with a smile, “You will know what Mengmeng means to my brother-in-law if you live here for a long time.”

“Well, I already feel it,” Wang Ming said, looking at the building.

“Is this building yours”

“This building and the whole area are owned by the company.

The square on the right is the outdoor DJ square that is under construction.

The land behind has just been bought by us.

We are going to rebuild it into a small airport, the construction will start in the coming days,” replied Zhao Feng.

“All right.” Wang Ming grinned and said nothing more.

“Han seems to be so rich,” said Rong Jiaxin.

“Well, yes,” replied Zhao Feng.

In fact, Zhang Hans assets were not as many as the top rich people.

He just spent money bravely and casually.

Zhao Feng was spending money madly at Zhang Hans request recently.

All kinds of reconstruction, materials, car purchases, and so on of the company required money.

Though the company had not opened yet, their working capital was less than 600 million, and all kinds of projects still needed follow-up investments.

Besides, Zhang Han even planned to buy two planes, but Zhao Feng didnt know if Zhang Hans savings were enough.

Fortunately, Zhang Han said that they would go to search for treasures tomorrow, and Zhao Feng knew that they would get a larger income this time since it was arranged by Zhang Han himself.

“It used to be a CBD building.

Liu Qingfeng bought it and later gave it to the boss as an investment.

He owned a few shares in the building,” Zhao Feng said.

“Liu Qingfeng” Wang Ming was stunned.

He knew who Liu Qingfeng was, so he smiled and shook his head.

“If he can maintain a good relationship with Han, he should be able to go further.”

“The second floor and third floor are training grounds, and the seventh and ninth floors are accommodation areas,” Zhao Feng introduced it.

“The rooms here are all deluxe suites, not bad.

I usually stay on the ninth floor,” Zhang Li interposed.

“That sounds good.” Rong Jiaxin smiled.

Whether it was in martial arts or business, she felt that Zhang Han was great.

“On the second and third floors, the lights are on.

Is there anyone else training at this time” Wang Ming asked curiously.

“Yes, they usually train until 11.” Zhao Feng nodded.

“Isnt that too exhausting” Wang Ya grinned.

“No, they enjoy it.

Ill train later,” Zhao Feng replied with a smile.

“Lets take a look first.” Wang Ming was curious.

So they first went to the second floor.

In a large room, more than 70 people were standing orderly and performing movements.

“So many people Are they all…” Wang Ming was stunned.

“Yes, they are all martial artists.” Zhao Feng nodded.

“What do their movements mean” Wang Ming asked.

“These movements are taught by the master,” Zhao Feng explained.

“They are not all security guards.

The security group has 51 men in total including me, and nearly 60 others come from the army.”

“The army” Rong Jiaxin and Wang Ya were also curious.

“How do soldiers train with you” Wang Ming asked.

“Er…” Zhao Feng hesitated and said, “because my master is a general.”

“Poof…” Wang Ming coughed violently and looked at Zhao Feng with a bit of shock.

“He is a general”

“Huh My brother-in-law is a general” Zhou Fei also heard it for the first time, and her eyes widened.

“My brother is a general…” Zhang Li was slightly shocked and felt more proud.

“Ah, my cousin is a general!” Wang Ya was shocked.

“Its just a title of honor, and Master doesnt need to manage the affairs of the army.

His main task is to train the Wolf Head Detachment.” Zhao Feng grinned at their expression and said, “In addition to the title of general, my master is now the second director of the National Security Agency of Hong Kong.”

“Poof…” Wang Ming choked on saliva again.

He could say nothing and just stood there dumbfounded.

Rong Jiaxin was completely stunned at this time.

There were only a few words left in her mind.



“Wu Dao Grand Master.

“Such a large company…”

“Han is really, really brilliant!” Rong Jiaxin was so happy that she couldnt help thinking about Zhang Hans parents.

This made her feel a little sad because she wanted to let Zhang Hans parents have a look at their excellent son.

“Look, your son is so brilliant!”

However, it was just not the time to get together.

“Lets go upstairs and have a rest,” Rong Jiaxin shook her head and said.

They took the elevator directly to the ninth floor.

Zhou Fei chose a room next to the room that Zhang Li had stayed in before, Wang Ya stayed on the left, and Rong Jiaxin and Wang Ming stayed on the left of Wang Yas room.

Zhou Fei was a little confused when he got the news.

She remembered that when she and Sister Yan returned to the motherland, her brother-in-law was in the shabby and messy rental house in the capital, dressed in old clothes and eating instant noodles.

Only two months had passed since then.

“General, director, Grand Master…

“What made Zhang Han achieve such a leap forward in promotion in just two months” She faintly felt that all this was because of the little princess Mengmeng.

“Is it because of Mengmeng that my brother-in-law decided to start a business”

Zhou Fei was lying in bed thinking, obviously she still needed some time to digest the news.

Back at the restaurant—

After everyone left, Zhang Han went downstairs and locked the door, and then he went upstairs to coax Mengmeng to sleep.

The room also fell into silence.


The door of the master bedroom was opened, and Zhang Han hurried to the second bedroom with Zi Yan in his arms.

He closed the door.

At first, there was no sound, but then, there was an uncontrollable whimpering sound coming from the second bedroom.

Although the sound insulation in the room was very good, the sound could also be clearly heard.

Obviously, it was even louder inside the room.

The sound lasted for a long time.

At last, in the middle of the night, there was a sound of water in the bathroom.

Then the master bedroom door opened and the whole suite was quiet again.

Zhang Han went to sleep contentedly with Zi Yan in his arms.

In addition to the first time when something strange happened, the other several times were quite normal, which made Zhang Han very happy.

Until now, Zhang Han did not understand why that mysterious and profound energy could help his 5-inch Dantian advance to a 10-inch Dantain only heard in legends, which would enable him to break the shackles of physiology and make his body reach the perfect state.

This had improved Zhang Hans strength and, more importantly, his talent.

With a 5-inch Dantian, he couldnt kill He Qingtian so easily in the battle of Strange Peak Island.

But 10-inch Dantian could not only enable him to do so, but also help him defeat Xiang Qitian.

Although Zhang Han couldnt detect the abnormality in Zi Yans body for the time being, he would uncover the mystery one day.

No matter what the reason was, he would not let Zi Yan and Mengmeng be affected!

Zhang Han slowly fell asleep with Zi Yan in his arms.

At six oclock the next morning…

Zhang Han got up to make small steamed buns and mixed congee for breakfast.

At about 7:30 a.m., Wang Ming and the others came to the restaurant.

After breakfast, they went to Mount New Moon.

After stopping at the intersection at the foot of the mountain, the group rushed up the mountain.

“The terrain of this mountain is nice and flat,” Wang Ming looked at Mount New Moon and said with a smile.

“The view at the top of the mountain is better.

Youll see later,” Zhang Li replied.

When they went into the jungle and got to the lawn…

“Hiss, hiss, hiss… Hmm” Wang Ming took a deep breath and keenly felt the difference.

“The air here is very fragrant, the humidity is good, and the temperature is lower than outside.

A Garden of Eden! Why is the lawn so soft What kind of grass is this” he asked.

He squatted down curiously, touched the lawn, plucked a piece of grass, looked at it, and chewed it.

“Why are you eating grass, Grand Uncle” Mengmeng was shocked.

“Cough, just to have a taste…” Wang Ming grinned, looked at Zhang Han, and said, “I dont think Ive seen this kind of grass.

What kind of grass is it”

“Its just more fragrant grass,” Zhang Han responded and put Mengmeng down.

“Big Heihei, Little Heihei, Im coming!” Mengmeng ran forward happily.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh!”


Two happy calls came from the back mountain.

Wang Ming was stunned.

“The pets are really smart.”

“Ah, the flowers over there are so beautiful!” Wang Ya found the sea of flowers on the right and was immediately attracted.

“Its beautiful indeed.” Rong Jiaxin nodded.

“Aunt, Ill take you there.

The shape of the flowers is very special.” Zi Yan smiled and led them to the flower sea.

“Haha, my brother-in-law is romantic.

Ya, have you seen the video of confession that was very popular on the Internet some time ago Lights, balloons, a rain of petals, fireworks…” Zhou Fei said with a smile.

“Ah Ive seen it.

Thats what my brother-in-law did” Wang Ya opened her eyes wide in surprise, and suddenly realized that she had made a mistake.

The girl blushed and shook her head quickly.

“No, cousin.

It was my cousin that did that”.


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