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“Of course,” said Zhou Fei, who was shaking her head from side to side proudly.

“Wow.” In addition to Zhang Han, Wang Ming, and Zhao Feng, all the women on the scene ran to enjoy the flowers.

Just then, a black figure came running like lightning.

It was Little Hei.

And its speed scared Wang Ming.

“This is… a spirit beast” Wang Mings ending sound turned into a trill.

It could be imagined how shocked Wang Ming was.

“Yes,” replied Zhang Han.

At the same time, a huge figure leaped from the top of the mountain.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!”

Dahei excitedly roared a few times, and with all fours pushing hard on the ground, rushed over to them.

“ ”

Wang Ming stared at Dahei blankly.

“It is so tall!

“I thought it was a joke when Mengmeng said that it was taller than PaPa.

I didnt expect that it was actually more than two meters.

“Is it also a spirit beast” A surprising thought came to him.

“Well, Dahei is very fierce and Im not its match.

Its a little grumpy to outsiders, as both my instructor and I have been beaten by it.

Uncle Wang… you better watch out,” Zhao Feng whispered to warn Wang Ming.

“Ah” Wang Ming turned his head to look at Zhao Feng and said suspiciously, “Do you think I cant defeat it”

Wang Mings words stunned Zhao Feng because he forgot that Wang Ming was a Qi Strength Master.

“Dahei cant beat you,” Zhang Han chuckled and said, “Its at the top stage of Peak Strength now.”

“Top stage of Peak Strength Hiss!” Wang Ming shivered and stared at Dahei.

His eyes lit up after he took a breath of cool air.

“Good, good, the spirit beast is really good.

Haha, its offspring must be gifted…” Wang Ming looked at Zhang Han, his eyes glowing with excitement.

“How powerful it would be to have a spirit beast for a bodyguard!”

He even began to think about when Dahei would have a baby…

Zhang Han was amused by Wang Ming and didnt know what to say.

The higher the level of the spirit beast, the lower the ability to produce offspring.

But the spirit beast had innate cultivation advantages indeed.

For example, not only could Dahei advance continuously, but also its baby would be born as a high-level spirit beast.

However… The premise of all this was—

In order to have a baby, Dahei first had to find a female gorilla.

“Whoa Whoa…”

Dahei stared at Wang Ming with its mouth twitching.

“He is looking at me in a strange way!”

“Just ignore him.

Ill play with my little master!”

So it moved its mouth a few times, put Mengmeng on its shoulder, and walked back to the mountain.

“Whats the level of that big dog” Wang Ming looked at Little Heis back and wanted to whistle for it to come over, sit down, and extend its paws.

“Its also at the stage of Peak Strength,” replied Zhang Han.

“This…” Wang Mings lips quivered.

He wanted to say something but failed.

What he saw and heard today was beyond his imagination.

“How is Han so promising He even has two spirit beasts!”

It was really enviable!

On the other side, Wang Ya and Rong Jiaxin were checking out the flowers without noticing Dahei and Little Hei.

They lingered for a long time, and finally continued to walk up the mountain.

“What kind of tree is this Why is it so tall Cool!” Wang Ming looked up at the Thunder Yang Tree in front of him and exclaimed, “What Ive seen and heard today makes me feel that I have lived in vain for decades.”

“Uncle Wang, I was in the same mood when I first came here.” Zhao Feng smiled.

Every person who came to Mount New Moon for the first time would look at the new world like a newborn baby.

“The same is true of my first visit.”

“Me too.”

Zhou Fei and Zhang Li agreed with Zhao Feng.

They still remembered their surprise and joy when they first came here.

Although they were used to it now, they still enjoyed the environment and beautiful scenery every time they came to the mountain.

“Ah! Such a gorilla Such a big dog And so many pets” When Wang Ya saw the pet area in the back mountain, she cried softly.

“Is Mengmeng too close to them Yan, they have bacteria, after all.” Rong Jiaxin saw Mengmeng running and jumping in the pet area, and reminded the little ladys mother with some worry.

“They dont have bacteria, and Mengmeng can play with them at ease,” replied Zhang Han with a smile.

Rong Jiaxin was a little surprised, then she smiled and shook her head.

“Yes, Zhang Han is so concerned about Mengmeng.

How could he let her be threatened”

So she smiled and went to the pet area with Zi Yan.

“Han, er, is that divine object you mentioned here May I have a look” Wang Ming rubbed his hands and asked expectantly.

“Youve seen it many times,” replied Zhang Han.

“Ah Many times Whats that” Wang Ming stood under the Thunder Yang Tree, looking left and right.

“Right behind you.” Zhang Han hinted at him.

“Behind me” Wang Ming hurriedly turned around and saw the Thunder Yang Tree.

His eyes immediately widened.

“Is this tree a divine object” He said suspiciously, “Thats impossible! Shouldnt a divine object be magnificent It is just an ordinary tree!”

“Because I dont want the others to sense it.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“What do you mean Can it listen to you” Wang Ming asked in confusion.

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded.

He had already refined the Thunder Yang Tree and was able to control it at will.

“Whats the use of it” Wang Ming looked up at the Thunder Yang Tree.

“Its much better than 90% of the worlds divine objects.

Ill show you its function.” As Zhang Han smiled, there was a light flashing through his eyes.

All of a sudden—

The palm-sized leaves on the Thunder Yang Tree shook a few times.

Wang Ming exclaimed in surprise, and then closed his eyes to feel the changes.


In an instant, the Qi on Mount New Moon had changed a lot.

Wang Ming could feel that just now, there was an ordinary tree in front of him, without any Qi.

Now, it seemed that there were huge waves coming at him from the direction of the tree, which made him tremble with fear.

“Ouch! What is it”

He cried out, opened his eyes, stepped back a few steps, looked up at the Thunder Yang Tree and exclaimed, “Its too shocking!”

Zhao Feng saw this and blinked in confusion.

“What is going on

“Why dont I feel anything”

“This tree is a divine object.

No wonder it looks so domineering.

It looks like a divine object indeed!” Wang Ming said in a daze.

Zhang Han smiled faintly and took a box out from his bag.

This also drew the attention of Wang Ming and Zhao Feng.


The box opened, and under the gaze of Zhao Feng and Wang Ming, a golden thread rose from the box, just like a crystal rope.

The two felt that it was like some liquid.

This thread flew straight to the Thunder Yang Tree and disappeared into its trunk.

“What is this” Wang Ming asked numbly.

“In your way, its called a holy object, spiritual marrow,” replied Zhang Han.


“Holy object” Wang Mings pupils contracted and his facial expression froze.

But then he suddenly exclaimed, “Ah! Terrible!”

“Whats wrong” Zhang Han asked with confusion.

“It ate the holy object!” Wang Ming pointed to the Thunder Yang Tree and said, “Holy objects are also very precious.

How can you feed them to the tree, Han”

“Well…” Zhang Han was amused by Wang Ming and didnt know what to say.

“No, no, it can evolve You even can feed it holy objects…” Wang Ming finally realized what had happened.

He smiled awkwardly, feeling himself short-sighted!

“All these spirit beasts and divine and holy objects are piled up in front of me.

If someone else were to come see this, he may not be calmer than me!”

“The tree doesnt eat the spiritual marrow, but absorbs it and makes the spiritual marrow play an extremely important role,” Zhang Han turned and added.

Another light flashed through Zhang Hans eyes, which he directed to the Thunder Yang Tree.

This time, with the help of Zhang Hans soul sense, the original blurry picture in his mind gradually showed the detailed topography of Mount New Moon.

He could see that tens of millions of roots of the Thunder Yang Tree were deeply embedded in the ground, like a network, which radiated light after absorbing the spiritual marrow.

The deepest root tip began to secrete drops of spiritual marrow, and then the spiritual marrow turned into light, which was diffused in the spirit water.

This made the spirit water constantly change and become viscous…

Gradually, all the spirit water seemed to condense into the density of mercury and began to circulate slowly.

At the same time, due to the increase of density, the concentrated spirit water began to penetrate downward, and the whole circular cave gradually became empty.

Flowing down nearly 20 meters, the spirit water became more viscous and stopped in the cracks.

This was the first step in the formation of a spirit crystal mine.

Only through continuous evolution could spirit water agglomerate into a new spirit crystal mine.

“Ah Han, is there a furnace” Wang Ming suddenly saw the five elements furnace on the side of the Thunder Yang Tree and asked curiously.

“This is the five elements furnace.

I borrowed it from Director Lei,” Zhang Han replied.

“Five elements furnace Why does it sound familiar to me” Wang Ming thought for a while, and suddenly exclaimed, “The five elements furnace… Isnt it the most precious treasure for alchemy Director Lei was willing to lend you this treasure Han, you really have a great influence!”

He had heard that the five elements furnace was regarded as the most precious treasure by disciples of the Heavenly Elixir Sect.

While the chief of the Heavenly Elixir Sect had his own holy furnace, and the elders all had their Heaven-grade furnaces, all the sub-chiefs and core disciples were still in lack of such treasures.

As a result, the five elements furnace was a goal for them.

However, they even asked an elder to persuade Lei Tiannan, who didnt sell them the five elements furnace.

“I didnt expect that the five elements furnace was here.

“Its unbelievable.



“ ”

Wang Ming looked at Zhang Han in a daze.

Zhang Han saw this and shook his head.

Before Wang Ming could speak, he explained, “Yes, I know alchemy, too.”

“Poof… How can you know alchemy, Han”

All Wang Mings saliva spurted out.

After he finished speaking, Wang Ming couldnt help feeling shocked.

He took a deep breath for a minute before he calmed down.

Shaking his head, Wang Ming said, “Han, you are indeed a talent.

But you have learned arrays, alchemy, and your own martial arts, which are too much for you to digest.

In fact, you only need to master one skill.

The knowledge system of alchemy is so profound, and even some masters spend their lives in endless research.

There is no end to learning, and the more you learn, the slower your development will be…”

“That makes sense.” Zhang Han nodded.

Although he was knowledgeable, there were still many fields that he didnt know very well, such as the sudden appearance of that moon-like object in Zi Yans body and his rebirth.

Zhang Han could neither understand nor find any relevant clues.

The truth of these things seemed to be covered with layers of mysterious veils, which needed to be uncovered step by step.

“Since you know, how can you still…” Wang Ming said slowly.

In terms of strength, he was not qualified to educate Zhang Han, but as a relative, he still wanted to remind the young man.

But before he finished his words, Zhang Han shook his head and said, “In the field of alchemy, my level is much higher than it is in the field of arrays.”

“ ”

Wang Ming stayed where he was, his lips quivering, but he didnt know what to say.


Wang Ming swallowed his saliva loudly and asked in a trembling voice, “Is it true”

“Yes,” replied Zhang Han.

The two fell into silence again.

As for Zhao Feng, he was still watching them expectantly.

He had passed the stage of shock a long time ago, and now the scene would only consolidate his admiration and worship of Zhang Han.

“After all, my master is a cultivator!

“Master is so awesome!”

After a while, Wang Ming shook his head and gave Zhang Han a forced smile.

“Well, Han,” he sighed, “I admire you sincerely.

You are so marvelous.”

He felt his spiritual world and self-confidence crumbling.

The more he learned about Zhang Han, the more he admired this nephew.

At first, as a genius in the young generation of the Wang family, he was a little complacent, but now he was ashamed of himself.

“PaPa, PaPa, come here!” Mengmengs call came from afar.

“Dad is coming.” Zhang Han looked over there, smiled softly, and walked quickly to his daughter.

“Marvelous!” Wang Ming looked at Zhao Feng, sighed again, and followed Zhang Han.

While Zhang Han went to Mengmeng and played with the little girl, Wang Ming went over to Rong Jiaxin and whispered, “Look at that big tree.

Its a divine object, a divine object!

“Just now, Han brought out a holy object! He has so many treasures.

“The five elements furnace is on the other side of the mountain.

Its a Heaven-grade treasure.

Han even knows alchemy…”

Rong Jiaxin was also a little surprised, but more delighted.

“When the Kun Xu World opens, Han will surely be able to take back his parents and surprise those who boast of being a talent…” Rong Jiaxin was full of expectation for the future.

After a while, Wang Ming also calmed down and felt that his impulse had been ridiculous.

He hadnt been in such a mood in many years, as if all the pent up shocks of those years had been released today.

“What a Xanadu it is.” Wang Ming praised it sincerely.

“Its Mengmengs Xanadu!” Mengmeng, who was beside Little Hei, turned around and said solemnly, “PaPa built it for Mengmeng.

Its specially built for Mengmeng.”

“Yes, its Mengmengs.

Its specially built for Mengmeng,” Zhang Han echoed with a chuckle.

He looked at Mengmeng tenderly, with a happy smile on his lips.

“Hahaha, Little Heihei, lets go, go there…” Mengmeng happily let Little Hei carry her to the side.

Rong Jiaxin and the others shook their heads.

Zi Yan was also very happy.

She smiled, blinked her big eyes, reached Zhang Hans ear, and whispered, “I also want a special Xanadu for me!”

Zhang Han narrowed his eyes, smiled, and whispered in Zi Yans ear, “I will build a castle for you, just on top of the mountain.

I will build it overnight, leaving our traces inside, just like a witness to our love.”

Zi Yans eyes flickered and she looked affectionately at Zhang Han.

Her affection made Zhang Han smile happily.

If there was no one here, he could even…

However, there was no “if”.

“Eh Is this a fish pond Its not small.

There seems to be a lot of fish in it.” Wang Ming stood in front of the holly trees around the fish pond and looked at it a few times.

He sang his praises.

“Fishing here is absolutely leisurely and elegant.”

Zhang Han took Zi Yans hand, smiled, and introduced it to Wang Ming, “There are a lot of fish in it, which can be eaten now.

If you are interested, you can come here to fish.

Ill ask Feng to prepare some fishing gear later.”

“Really Thats great.

Its a nice place.” Wang Ming was full of praise for this place.

Looking left and right, he went to the livestock area and took a lot of photos of the cattle and sheep.

Besides praising Zhang Han for his good breeding, Wang Ming asked about the information of Hungarian sheep-pig.

Then he went to the planting area, looked at the rice and wheat, and told the others that he had planted rice when he was a child.

Finally, he returned to the Thunder Yang Tree, looked left and right, and began to touch the trunk, and couldnt contain his laughter.

At half past 10, Zhao Feng went over and said, “Master, the freighter I arranged will arrive at the destination in about an hour.”

“Well, lets go back for lunch and go out to sea in the afternoon to salvage the treasures,” Zhang Han got up and said.

So they went back home, ate lunch in the restaurant, and then went to the Deepwater Bay Yacht Club, where Zhao Feng had rented a yacht.

This time it was a large yacht, and after getting the destination coordinates, it proceeded to the ocean.

When they sat down on the deck chairs on the top floor, Rong Jiaxin asked, “Han, what do you mean bysalvage the treasures”

“Its a sunken ship with lots of treasures in it,” Zhang Han replied.

“Huh Undersea treasure I thought you were looking for fish or something.” Wang Ya was a little surprised.

The undersea treasures refereed to the valuable sunken ancient pirate ship, treasure ship, or foreign trade ship.

Since the ocean occupies most of the earth, the undersea treasures are rich and can be found all over the world, including both antiques for research and pure jewelry.

Wang Ya remembered that she had read a report that five billion dollars worth of shipwrecked treasure had been found.

Because the ship broke, the treasure was gradually lost, and finally only 500 million dollars worth of treasure was salvaged.

There were also reports of other undersea treasures, with high valuations of between one and two billion dollars, and more of hundreds of millions.

Wang Ya told others what she knew, and they marveled.

Zhang Han once again became the focus of attention.

“Is he going to get billions of dollars worth of undersea treasure”

Hearing the report, Zhang Han finally shook his head and said, “Its not as much as Ya said.

Its worth between 300 and 500 million dollars.”

Most of it was gold, gems, and a few antiques.

Zhang Han was not sure how much its total value was.

After all, he didnt look at it all carefully at that time and didnt calculate the value of the night-luminescent pearls in the stone house, which must be valuable according to their quality.

Moreover, he wanted to put those pearls on Mount New Moon for decoration, and didnt plan to sell them.

But the amount he now estimated was surprising enough.

“Thats about two billion yuan…” The crowd marveled.

“Its so easy to make money,” they thought.

Since salvaging the treasure at will almost cost nothing, it was all Zhang Hans net profit.

Wang Ming thought of the speed of making money with his own enterprise, and his mouth quivered a few times.

“Comparisons are odious!”


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