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When Wang Ming was about to be lost in various fancies and conjectures, he was suddenly stunned again.

“Han, you know how to make elixirs.

Can all these… natural precious materials become elixirs


Before Zhang Han could answer, Wang Ming felt his teeth get cold.

He looked at the sea with dull eyes and murmured, “This is an industrial chain and assembly line! Its too extreme…”

Wang Ming was now listless.

He heard that when someone else got a natural precious material, they would sell it directly for a good price or spend a huge amount of money and ask the alchemists of the Heavenly Elixir Sect to make elixirs with it.

Moreover, the success rate of alchemy was not 100%.

According to the agreement, if the alchemist failed, the natural precious materials would be wasted and money would not be refunded.

This kind of tension and excitement that could only be felt in stone gambling had to be understood through personal experience.

“But Han doesnt need to think about how to sell these materials at all.

He can use them to make elixirs!

“He said his elixir-making skill was better than array skill.”

Wang Ming looked at Zhang Han with some uncertainty.

“Han defeated Xiang Qitian, the sect chief of the Mystical Fog Sect, with his array skill.

“He said his elixir-making skill was better than his array skill…”

Wang Ming felt his worldview was breaking.

“Comparisons are odious.”

At this time, Mengmeng suddenly began to sing happily: “Let it go, let it go; Cant hold it back anymore… Grand Aunt, have you heard of Frozen”

“No, what is it” Rong Jiaxin asked with a smile.

“In Chinese, it is called Wonderful Stories with Ice and Snow, The Story with Magic Snow, Ice and Snow Adventure, Snow Queen, Ice Queen or Queen of Ice and Snow.

Havent you heard of all these names” Mengmeng asked curiously.

“I havent heard of that.

Is it a movie” replied Rong Jiaxin.

“Yes, I like Princess Elsa.

She can use magic to make snow.

Grand Aunt, Mengmeng will take you to the cinema later,” said Mengmeng seriously.

“Oh, its nice of Mengmeng to take Grand Aunt to the cinema,” Rong Jiaxin said with a smile, and her love for Mengmeng could be seen from her expression and eyes.

At this time, Zhang Han pondered then waved to Zhao Feng.

“Feng, build a cinema in the company.”

Although he could make a block booking, Mengmeng couldnt do as she liked in a commercial cinema.

Zhang Han thought it would be better to build a cinema himself and let Mengmeng watch whatever she wanted.

At the same time, Zhang Han was also wondering if he should build an amusement park for Mengmeng when Mount New Moon was rebuilt the second time.

“Its a good idea.

“In Mengmengs amusement park, of course, there should be not only those common amusement items.

My daughter should have a better time there.

“Magic World

“There are many arrays that can be used, but they require a lot of crystal stones.

“Fortunately, there is a prototype of the crystal mineral at the bottom of the mountain, and the crystals produced in the future can be used.

So this idea is worth planning.

“If a large-scale amusement park is to be built, the area of Mount New Moon will not be big enough.

During the second reconstruction, the two mountains in the east and north should be included in the construction scope.”

Therefore, Zhang Han made such a happy decision.

The others, upon hearing Zhang Hans words, had different expressions.

“Mengmeng said she would take Grand Aunt to the cinema, so you decide to build a cinema

“Almighty money!”

After hearing this, everyone began to worry when they saw Zhang Han thinking seriously.

“Is he trying to make a major move”

Zi Yan pursed her mouth, smiled helplessly, and secretly rolled her eyes to Zhang Han.

“You only know how to spoil Mengmeng.”

Zhang Han returned a look of: “Im also spoiling you!”

Zi Yan slightly raised her lips, mischievously indicating that she did not feel Zhang Hans doting.

Zhang Hans eyes twinkled, indicating: “Ill give you a good feeling when we go back at night.”

Zi Yans pretty face turned red as she was defeated.

No one else noticed the flirting in the couples eyes, instead, they were busy exclaiming and chatting with each other.

“OK.” Zhao Feng nodded, took out his mobile phone and made a phone call to arrange it.

“PaPa, are you going to build a cinema for Mengmeng” Mengmeng looked at Zhang Han a few times and asked happily.

“Well, yes,” Zhang Han replied with a chuckle.

“Is it a cinema specially built for Mengmeng” Mengmengs big eyes brightened.

“Its specially built for Mengmeng.” Zhang Han nodded.


PaPa is the best.

Daddy, hug me.” Mengmeng extended her little arms to Zhang Han.

Zhang Han got up and walked over, holding Mengmeng in his arms.

“Mwah, mwah, mwah.” Mengmeng kissed Zhang Han on his cheeks several times.

How does one feel to be kissed by their daughter

Zhang Han felt great.

“Well, Im going to have my own cinema.” Mengmeng cheered in Zhang Hans arms, feeling so happy.

The adults couldnt help laughing.

The weather was clear and the waves were not high.

But after driving for more than an hour, the waves began to surge up to 10 meters.

Zi Yan was a little excited.

She looked at the sea and said, “Its better to go surfing right now.”

At this time, she was not afraid of the sea, even the biggest waves.

Since her husband could take her to the bottom of the sea, the waves were nothing!

“Try it out if you want.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“Then Ill go down and ask if theres a surfboard,” Zhao Feng said, and walked quickly to the bottom of the ship.

After a while, he came up with two surfboards.

“There are two surfboards,” Zhao Feng said.

“Then lets go down and have some fun” Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan with a smile.


“Im going, too, Im going, too!” Mengmeng shouted in Zhang Hans arms.

Zi Yan hesitated and looked at Zhang Han.

“Come with us,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Is that ok” Zi Yan hesitated.

Before Zhang Han answered, Mengmeng said, “Yes, yes, PaPa is the most powerful.

PaPa will take us to play.”

“Hahaha…” Zhang Han smiled.

Holding Mengmeng in his left hand and Zi Yans hand in his right, Zhang Han thought for a moment.

Instead of going straight to the sea, he went to the bottom deck.

Zhao Feng followed them with the surfboards.

After arriving at the destination, Zhang Han looked at Zhao Feng and said, “Throw them down.”


Zhao Feng directly threw a surfboard down.

The surfboard could have fallen directly into the water below, but at last, it floated forward a dozen meters.

During this period, Zhang Han leaped to catch up with the surfboard and hooked his feet to the rope of the surfboard.

“Oh no!” Mengmeng in Zhang Hans arms was startled and shouted loudly.

But then, the little girl found that it was like riding a motorcycle on the sea in PaPas arms, which was so interesting.

After thinking about it, Zhang Han asked Zi Yan to hold Mengmeng, and then held Zi Yan horizontally in his arms.

At the same time, Zhang Hans hand went through Zi Yans armpit and held one of Mengmengs small arms tightly.

Then on the waves, there was the laughter of adults and children.

“Ah! Brother! Sharks!” Suddenly, Zhang Lis shout came from the yacht.

“Sharks” Zi Yan looked around curiously, and finally saw several shark dorsal fins on the right side more than 20 meters away.

“Sharks!” Zi Yan warned Zhang Han.

“Huh Sharks PaPa, hurry up.

Here come the sharks.” Mengmeng was frightened and waved to urge Zhang Han.

“Well, dont worry.

Theyre just passing by.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and continued to control the surfboard.

These sharks were the ones he had encountered before.

And the leading one was the shark with several scars.

When they arrived, Zhang Han noticed that they wanted to get closer at first, but after seeing Zhang Han clearly, they suddenly braked.

“Damn it, its that hateful human!”

“Fight in the sea”

“Brothers, let them see the power of the overlord of the sea!”

The leading shark shook his head coolly, and suddenly several sharks moved.

They began marching in an orderly way 20 meters away from Zhang Hans side.


The leading shark broke through the water, and its whole body jumped out of the sea.

Then it went down, raising a huge spray.

Then there was the second, the third…

They were like jumping dolphins.

“Well, what are they doing” Mengmeng blinked her big eyes and looked curiously at the side.

“They are… playing,” Zi Yan answered as she looked at the side.


In addition to the two of them, Zhang Li and others on the boat were also stunned.

“Are these sharks performing”

In their eyes, the sharks jumped twice.

The third time, they leaped out of the sea together, and their huge tails hit the water vigorously in the direction of Zhang Han.

The seawater was lifted up and poured down on Zhang Han.



The sharks swam away quickly under the command of the leading one.

Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.

When the crisis came, the light in his eyes flashed, and the seawater changed its trajectory, falling into the sea five meters ahead of them, without any impact on them.

“Well, bad sharks.” Mengmeng chuckled.

In Zhang Hans arms, Zi Yan slightly raised her head, kissed Zhang Han on the cheek, and then said, “Lets go up.”

“OK.” Zhang Han nodded and swam to the yacht.

Back on the yacht, they saw other people sitting in reclining chairs, the sea wind blowing on them, drinking cold drinks, very leisurely.

Wang Ming sighed sincerely.

“I havent enjoyed such a leisurely life for a long time!”

About five oclock in the afternoon, they arrived at the Southern District port.

By this time, Lin Xue and her father had finished sorting out and registering the goods.

Because of playing all the way, Zhang Han and the others arrived an hour later than the cargo ship.

After getting off the ship, Zhao Feng arranged for a truck and called Ah Hu and others to transport all the resources on the yacht to Mount New Moon.

Zhang Han and the others also disembarked in the port because the yacht would sail back to the Deepwater Bay Club.

“Boss.” At this time, Xu Yong, his eyes shining green, ran to them.

“We have counted 30 tons of jewelry, one ton of ancient gold coins and a large number of silver coins.

This is the list, and they are worth 2.2 billion yuan in total.

Chairman Lin intends to buy them all.

He can pay 1.5 billion yuan first, and the balance will be paid in half a month.

There are also a number of antiques, but 90% of them are incomplete and worthless.

Only a few of them can be auctioned,” Xu Yong said without pause.

“Then leave it to them.” Zhang Han waved his hand and didnt even bother to look at the list.

“Shall we discuss the price with them again” Xu Yong thought for a moment and said, “I think the price can be raised a little.”

“That will do.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly, for the price was in line with his expectation.

Although he would surely make more money after negotiating, it was not necessary to bargain for such a small amount of money.

The 2.2 billion in addition to the previous deposits and the money from the antique auction was about three billion yuan, not a small amount.

Zhang Han would not have to worry about money in the future.

In the face of these figures, all he had to do was spend money.

It was no exaggeration that as long as he made those spiritual herbs into medicinal pellets and sold them, he could earn another 10 billion yuan.

Money was important, of course, but when the martial artists advanced to a certain level, their demand for treasures would exceed that for money.

No one would exchange their treasures for waste paper, which was the same in the Cultivation World.

A crystal stone was equivalent to cash for a lower-stage cultivator, but for higher-stage cultivators, crystal stones were useless and they began to barter.

“Lets go back and make dinner.” Zhang Han held Mengmeng and walked to the front group.

“Lets have dinner.” Mengmeng cheered.

“What do you want to eat tonight” Zhang Han asked Mengmeng.

“Well… I want to eat roast pigs feet, roast duck, and that, that…” Mengmeng forgot the name of the dish and began to think about it.

“Okra.” Zhang Han smiled and reminded her.

“Yes, okra.

MaMa likes it very much.

Mengmeng also likes it very much.”

Zhang Han laughed and took the lead in the extended Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Rong Jiaxin, who was following them, smiled.

She could feel that only Mengmeng was Zhang Hans favorite.

“Generally speaking, now that Im here, dont you ask what your aunt wants to eat first

“But Zhang Han asked Zi Yan and Mengmeng first as usual…”

She had the same feeling when Zi Yan first met Zhang Han.

They got in the car and drove all the way back to New Moon Bay.

At 5:30 p.m., they arrived at the restaurant, and there were already many people in line.

There were more and more well-dressed people.

“Hello, Mr.

Zhang!” When they saw Zhang Han, they stood up immediately and greeted him respectfully.

The old customers also stood up and shouted, “Hello, boss!”

When they entered the restaurant, most of the members had been seated.

Wang Jiawens family and Wang Jiaxuans family were sitting at Wang Qiangs table.

On the table were two gift boxes, which contained four bottles of red wine and a box of tea.

These were all gifts specially prepared by Wang Jiaxuan.

Since Zhang Han solved their problems last time, she had been waiting for Zhang Han to come back to accept her thanks.

When they came to the restaurant again today, they all felt it was very strange here.

“Who are the people in the line Why are so many bosses here with higher social status than us”

Wang Jiawen told them, “Dont be so surprised, this scene is repeated every day…”


Zhang.” Seeing Zhang Han coming in, Wang Jiaxuan took the lead to welcome him and greeted him with a warm smile.

“Mengmeng, Mengmeng.” Wang Yihan ignored the others and went straight to Mengmeng.

Following Wang Yihan, Wu Guang said shyly, “Mengmeng, I miss you so much.”

“Tut-tut.” Wang Jiaxuan glanced at Wu Guang and forced a smile.

She knew that Mr.

Zhang liked Mengmeng best, and Wang Jiawen had told her many times.

“Hello.” Zhang Hanwei smiled, then looked at Zi Yan and said, “Go upstairs.

Im going to start cooking.

Well have dinner at about 6:30 p.m.”

While talking, Zhang Han put Mengmeng in his arms on the ground, and the three little guys got together and began chatting.

“Lets go up and talk.” Zi Yan smiled and headed to the second floor.

Zhang Han went to the kitchen.

Zhao Feng had already prepared the ingredients in advance, including more than 20 steaks, five pigs feet, a plate of chicken wings, as well as okra, cucumber, etc.

When Zhang Han was about to cook…

Liang Hao got up and went over to him.

“Well, boss, boss,” He whispered, “He Chen, Master He, intends to visit you tomorrow.

He just wants to make friends and talk with you, and he will come with a few wealthy Singaporeans from big families.

He is wondering if it is convenient for you tomorrow.”

“Its not convenient,” refused Zhang Han.

Zhang Han was going to start making elixirs tomorrow.

Since those spiritual herbs were uprooted, they could only be kept in the best condition for two days.

Otherwise, the curative effect of elixirs would be reduced a lot.

Furthermore, there were so many herbs, even Zhang Han needed some time to deal with them.

“Well, yes, Ill tell him later.” Liang Haos mouth quivered slightly as he went back with a forced smile.

“Wait,” Zhang Han suddenly raised his head and said, “Have them contact Zhao Feng.

I can meet them tomorrow morning.”

“Really” Liang Hao was overjoyed and nodded, “OK, OK, Ill tell him immediately.”


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