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At the foot of Mount New Moon, when everyone got out, Mengmeng saw Zhao Feng take out three long cylinders and two or three buckets from the trunk, and asked curiously, “Papa, whats that”

“Thats fishing gear.

Its for fishing,” Zhang Han said with a chuckle.

“What is it” Mengmeng asked curiously.

“Fishing tools.” Zhang Han explained in detail, “The fishing rod is long, and theres a thin line on it.

At the bottom of the line is a hook, and we can the bait the hook for the little fish to eat when they see it.

Once they bite it, they will be caught and we can eat them.”

“Then I want to eat prawns.

Can I catch the prawns made by PaPa last time” Mengmeng asked.

“Mengmeng, you cant catch prawns with a fishing rod.

What you need is a net.

We have a fishing net here and Ill catch some prawns for you later.

We can eat them when we go back at noon,” Wang Ming said with a smile.

“Great,” Mengmeng mumbled vaguely, looking left and right with her big eyes.

When they crossed the jungle and came to the lawn, Mengmeng said, “PaPa, please let me down.

Ill go to find Big Heihei and Little Heihei.”

“Haha, give dad a kiss.” Zhang Han smiled.

“Mwah, mwah, mwah.” Mengmeng kissed Zhang Han three times with her little pink lips.

After Zhang Han put her on the lawn, she ran up happily, shouting as she ran, “Big Heihei, Little Heihei, Im coming.”

“Ooh ooh!”

“Ow woo!”

Two voices came from the back mountain.

As usual, Little Hei appeared first, then Dahei.

Although it was the same every time, Dahei and Little Hei were very happy, and so was Mengmeng, as if they would never have enough fun.

Zhang Han looked at the little girls back tenderly.

Today, Mengmeng was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt, jeans, and pink sneakers.

Zi Yan gave her a Mickey Mouse hairdo and didnt put on her hat, which made her look more lovely when she ran.

Instead of rushing to make medicinal pellets, Zhang Han first went to the back mountain and played with Mengmeng for a while.

“Mengmeng, play with your friends for a while.

Daddys going to do something else.” Zhang Han touched Mengmengs little head while speaking.

“OK, got it,” Mengmeng responded and ran to Dahei.

Zhang Han smiled and shook his head.

Then he got up and went to the thunder yang tree.

“Ill take a look, too.” Wang Ming followed him.

After arriving at the thunder yang tree, Zhang Han pondered for 10 seconds in front of the five elements furnace.

With a wave of his hand, the spiritual herbs flew to the ground in front of him, and a Fire Stone flew toward the five elements furnace and began to burst into flames.

“Is it going to start” Wang Ming was a little excited.

He was curious because it was the first time for him to see others making medicinal pellets.

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded and began to control the herbs to fly into the five elements furnace.

The first one to be put in was Baigang Grass.

As a third-stage spirit treasure, Baigang Grass could improve the quality of the body, especially ones strength.

This first batch of medicinal pellets were all Heyuan pellets that Zhang Han had planned to give to Dahei.

They could improve Daheis physical fitness and power, and strengthen its bones.

With Baigang Grass and another third-stage spirit treasure, Jinlian Leaf, as the main ingredients, and supplemented by 36 kinds of spiritual herbs, 17 of which were second stage and 19 of which were first stage, and then mixed with Yang Qing Water, Zhang Han was sure that he would make the best Heyuan magical pellets.

After the Baigang Grass was sent into the five elements furnace, with Zhang Hans eyes shining, the flame suddenly increased 10-fold.

After 10 standard seconds, Zhang Han reduced the flame several levels.

At this time, the Baigang Grass had turned into granular smoke, which filled the five elements furnace.

Under Zhang Hans control, the smoke from the Baigang Grass was compressed into a small area, and then he put the Jinlian Leaf into the furnace.

The fire rising up again was even stronger than before.

This time, it took 10 minutes for the flame to reduce several levels.

The Jinlian Leaf had also turned into a granular luminous mist, which was light gold and compressed behind the blue smoke.

The light fog was like two tadpoles, rotating in the five elements furnace.

Next, Zhang Han put in a small amount of Yang Qing Water.


The Yang Qing Water immediately turned into smoke, forming a circle around the two light fog columns.

Next, Zhang Han put in 36 kinds of spiritual herbs in turn.

They formed an emerald-green grinding plate, covering the inner wall of the five elements furnace.

If Wang Ming could have seen this scene, he would have shouted: “Isnt it a Taiji Graph”

However, Wang Ming couldnt see the inside of the five elements furnace.

So he stood aside, looked at it for more than half an hour, and finally shook his head.

“I dont know what it is.

Han, take your time.

Im going fishing.”

“OK,” replied Zhang Han.

With that, Wang Ming went back to the pet area, picked up his fishing gear and folding stool, went to the fish pond, and began to fish.

Enjoying the breeze and looking at the beautiful scenery, Wang Ming said happily, “What a wonderful life.”

Zhang Han stood in front of the five elements furnace and watched it.

The wind swept his face and his short hair fluttered slightly.

In the process of alchemy, he was also surrounded by the qi of immortals.

This made Zhao Feng, who stood in silence behind, adore Zhang Han even more.

As time went by…

All the energy in the five elements furnace was continuously condensed.

After an hour and a half, they finally agglomerated into a palm-sized pellet.

The medicinal pellet was light blue and glowing, but it was not done yet!

“Complete.” Suddenly, a light burst out from Zhang Hans eyes, and the Fire Stone below burst.

Then a light-blue flame began to surround the five elements furnace.

One second, two seconds…

Finally, after the 10th second…

The flame dissipated and a blue light flew out of the furnace.

Zhang Han waved his hand, and the medicinal pellet flew into his palm.

The Heyuan magical pellet with a diameter of about 3 cm had been made successfully.

Looking at a mist floating on the surface of the pellet, Zhang Han smiled faintly.

A third-stage Heyuan magical pellet with the best quality…

Its effect was equivalent to a fourth-stage Heyuan magical pellet, which was enough to enhance Daheis strength.

Thinking of this, Zhang Han turned his head and looked at the back mountain.

Seeing that Dahei and Mengmeng were playing happily, Zhang Han smiled and gave up on calling Dahei to come and take the pellet immediately.

“Then Ill make the Kunluo pellet.”

According to Zhang Hans plan, he would spend the morning making Heyuan and Kunluo magical pellets for Dahei and Little Hei, and make other pellets in the afternoon.

Just at this time, Zhao Feng came over and said, “Master, Liang Hao contacted me half an hour ago.

He and Grand Master He have arrived at the foot of the mountain.

Because master was making the pellets, I didnt let them come up the mountain.”

“Oh, you can let them come here,” Zhang Han said.

He was going to have a rest.

In the eyes of Wang Ming and Zhao Feng, the process of alchemy just now was very relaxed and casual.

But in fact, Zhang Han was very serious.

Though there were so many spiritual herbs, most of them were below the third stage, and once the furnace exploded, Zhang Han had to find the raw materials again.

Therefore, it was very tiring to concentrate on refining for more than an hour.

Although the Heyuan magical pellets had been made, it was still difficult to make the Kunluo pellets next.

So Zhang Han decided to take a rest and adjust himself.

Since He Chen happened to come here during this period, Zhang Han planned to meet them first.

“Ill call them.” Zhao Feng nodded and started to make the phone call.

Then they strolled forward to the mountain area.

Zhao Feng was a little excited.

After watching Zhang Han for a while, he couldnt help asking, “Master, can I defeat Dahei after taking the pellet at this time”

Recently, there had been many people on the mountain, and Dahei knew that there were two elders, so it had behaved better than before.

However, it still pushed Zhao Feng five or six times, and every time Zhao Feng was pushed, he went back seven or eight meters.

This made Zhao Feng feel very helpless, who planned to push Dahei several times after his strength promotion.

Yesterday, the master said that he would give the pellets to him.

Zhao Feng was so excited that he almost could not sleep last night.

But he was destined to be disappointed.

Zhang Han looked at Zhao Feng with a smile, shook his head under Zhao Fengs expectant eyes, and said mercilessly, “You cant defeat it.”

After eating the Heyuan magical pellet, Dahei should be able to advance to the middle stage of Qi training, that was, the Earth-Stage Master level.

Although Zhao Feng would also take the third-stage pellet, he would not get as much of a promotion.

Zhao Feng was now at the peak of Inward Strength, and he could advance to the early stage of Qi Refining at most with the help of the pellet.

Although Zhang Han could make him advance to the peak of the Qi Refining stage at a faster speed, which was only a step away from the level of Grand Master, it would add too much trouble to Zhao Fengs later cultivation and even destroy Zhao Fengs future.

A cultivator with an unstable root was not allowed.

Zhang Han did not rush to advance to the middle stage of Building Base, either.

He knew that advancing with medicinal pellets would not benefit him a lot, and he was better off advancing to the Innateness stage later with the help of Thunder Yang Wood.

At this time, Zhao Fengs mouth quivered slightly after he heard Zhang Hans words.

“Okay, Ill endure it.”

Zhao Feng smiled and shook his head.

Although he wanted to beat Dahei several times, he had a better relationship with Dahei and Little Hei actually.

They had just walked half the way when Liang Mengqi walked out of the jungle happily.

Besides Liang Hao, He Chen and three other middle-aged men were following her.

“Boss, here we are!” Liang Mengqi waved and said hello from afar, with a sweet smile.

But then she turned and ran to the flower sea area on the side.

Liang Hao looked at her with a smile and took the lead to come up to Zhang Han.

“Boss,” Liang Hao smiled politely and said, “This is Grand Master He Chen, whom I mentioned to you.”

“Hello, Master Zhang.” He Chen reached out and said politely, “In the last battle of Strange Peak Island, Master Zhangs performance was admirable.

I heard that Liang Hao knew Master Zhang, so I came here to visit you.”

“Hello,” Zhang Han nodded lightly, shook hands with He Chen, and said, “I heard that you are all from Singapore.”

“Thats right,” He Chen said with a smile, “Im here to protect them.

This is He Bancheng, my nephew, who runs the family business.

This is Huang Yuan, the president of the Singapore Chamber of Commerce and the head of the Huang family.

This is Lu Xuan, the head of the Lu family.”

“No one from the Zi family” Zhang Han asked.

The Zi family was also a business family in Singapore.

How could they not send anyone to participate in this business negotiation


Zhang,” Huang Yuan said, “the reason why the Zi family didnt come is that their main businesses are all in China… In addition, they are busy with several large businesses recently, so they have no time to participate in this negotiation.”

“I see.” Zhang Han nodded.

Although Huang Yuan didnt tell him directly, it could be guessed from his expression and tone that the relationship between the Zi family and their circle might not be very good.

“The Zi family is also a famous family mainly engaged in business.

Though Elder Zi is not in charge of the family business now, he is still the most authoritative member of the family.

The most powerful master in the Zi family is at the Grand Master Early-stage, and there are several Qi Strength Masters in the family.” He Chen thought for a moment and continued, “Zi Tengfei, the current head of the Zi family, is Zi Yans eldest uncle.

Ive heard that Zi Yans parents are not entrusted with important tasks, but are just executives in a subsidiary company.

Now that Master Zhang has become Zi Yans husband, Im sure that the Zi family will go up to a higher level.”

“After returning to Singapore, I will apply for Zi Yans father to be the vice president of our chamber of commerce,” Huang Yuan said at once.

The purpose of their visit this time was to form a friendly relationship with Master Zhang through their relationship with Zi Yan and the Zi family.


Zhang was famous and the second director in Hong Kong.

If they could maintain a good relationship with him, their business in Hong Kong would be much easier.

Zhang Han was also clear about their plans.

After thinking about it, Zhang Han shook his head and said, “I havent proposed yet.”

He Chen and the others were stunned.

Then they understood and said, “Dont worry, Master Zhang.

We wont talk about it to others.”

“I still have something to do, please help yourself,” Zhang Han nodded and said.

“Then well leave,” He Chen said with a smile.

“Please inform us when Master Zhang goes to propose marriage.”

Huang Yuan and the others politely bid farewell to Zhang Han and turned to leave.

For the first visit, they didnt plan to talk too much and didnt want to get any benefits, for their only purpose was to meet Zhang Han.

Zhang Han only wanted to make preparations by reminding them.

He didnt want to make both sides unhappy when proposing.

What if the Zi family asked him: “Who are you Where do you come from How much are you worth Can you match Zi Yan”

Zhang Han was afraid that he would be unable to stop himself from slapping the questioner to death.

No Grand Master could be insulted, let alone Zhang Han.

He didnt like that kind of gossiper, and in the Cultivation World, few people gave a speech before the war.

Back on the mountain, Zhang Han adjusted himself and started the second round of medicinal pellets in the furnace.

These were the Luokun pellets.

There were three main materials:

Fengsha wood, a third-stage spirit treasure, helped to improve the bodys qualification and speed through the power of wind.

Obviously, it was very suitable for Little Hei, who was characterized by fast speed.

In addition to that, there was also Jinlian Leaf, which had been used once before.

Among the nine third-stage spirit treasures, two third-stage spirit treasures had both been used by Zhang Han.

The third one was Qimai bamboo, a third-stage spirit treasure that could increase the chances of gaining a certain ability when the cultivator was advancing.

As the saying goes, it was the awakening of talent.

Kunluo pellets could be made with the three kinds of spirit treasures as the main materials, and 37 kinds of second-stage spirit treasures and 68 kinds of spirit treasures as the auxiliary materials.

Kunluo pellets could not only increase the strength of the cultivators, but also improve their physical fitness, enhance their ability to use the wind, improve their movement speed, and give the cultivators a chance to obtain a talent.

Zhang Han moved another Fire Stone to the lower side of the five elements furnace.

With the process of refining, various kinds of spirit treasures were added into the furnace.

An hour and a half later…


A fire-red light came from the furnace.

As Zhang Han grabbed the pellet and looked at it, his eyes lit up.

Good fortune!

It was a third-stage Kunluo pellet.

The first divine-level medicinal pellet Zhang Han had made after his rebirth!


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