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Zhou Fei also became serious after hearing that.

She thought for a few seconds before saying, “I think the guitar melody you just played can be the accompaniment for the first section.

Its simple and can highlight your voice.

The prelude can be like that.

Add in some diversified accompaniment in the climax and this song will be done.”

“The specific accompaniment needs to be done in the studio.

In the afternoon… I will finish all the lyrics and find a music studio to make the accompaniment tomorrow,” Zi Yan said after thinking for a while.

“Oh, its easy.

Just ask my brother-in-law to look around.

The accompaniment will be done in an instant,” Zhou Fei said casually.

“No.” Zi Yan closed her eyes and shook her head.

With a little brightness and expectation in her big beautiful eyes, she said, “Ill let him listen to it after the song is finished.”

Looking at Zi Yans happy expression, Zhou Fei covered her head while saying, “All right, Elder Sister Yan, you can do whatever you want, but dont always show off your love.”


Zi Yan smiled and rolled her eyes.

Then, she turned to play the piano again.

She played the piano for a few minutes and then played the guitar before writing down some words on the paper.

Time went by fast in that way, and it was 11:30.

“Brother-in-law and the others are back!” Zhou Fei saw from the window that a few cars were returning and told her.

“Oh, oh.” Zi Yan responded and wrote down two sets of words on the paper before closing the piano cover.

Just then, Zhang Han took the lead to walk in with Mengmeng in his arms.

He walked over to the piano and moved his head forward.

Looking at the paper, he asked, “How is it going”

“Oh no!”

Zi Yan suddenly screamed and hurriedly grabbed the paper in her hand, saying, “Dont read it now.

Wait until I finish it.”

Seeing her like that, Zhang Han couldnt help laughing.


Mengmeng looked around in Zhang Hans arms and finally fixed her eyes on the paper in Zi Yans hands.

Then, she muttered, “MaMa, do you have a little secret”

“Hahaha, right, your mom has a little secret,” Zhou Fei said while laughing.

“Hmph, MaMa doesnt show it to PaPa and me,” Mengmeng snorted.

The little girls behavior made all the adults on the scene laugh again and again.

Zi Yan reached out her hand and pinched her rosy face, saying, “Its not a secret.

I will show it to you in a few days.”

“You can go upstairs first.

Ill go cook,” Zhang Han smiled and said.

Then, a group of people went to the second floor, while Zhang Han began to deal with the fish downstairs.

He moved the knife very fast and all the internal organs of the fish were cleaned out.

Then, the Qingjiang fish and grass carp were placed on the chopping board.

Zhang Han held the knife with his right hand.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

The knife constantly moved back and forth, and a total of seven fish were cleaned in 30 seconds.

The fish were still on the chopping board, looking no different.

But when Zhang Han grabbed one fish head and moved it gently, many fillets fell off from its body.

After he threw away the fishbones, some light flashed through his pupils.

Then, he waved his hand gently.

In an instant, all the fishbones appeared and slowly fell into the trash can.

The main dish that he planned to cook was boiled fish, which was also called fish fillets in hot chili oil.

In addition to fish fillets, there were also bean sprouts and other vegetables.

As a classic dish in Sichuan cuisine, it tasted spicy, tender, and refreshing.

In addition to the boiled fish, he was also going to cook fried prawns, steamed egg custard, salad, and so on.

The seven fish for cooking the boiled fish, including five Qingjiang fish and two grass carp, were not small.

So, three would be enough for people upstairs and the rest would be for the VIP members.

For Zi Yan, who loved hot pot very much, boiled fish was also one of her favorite dishes.

It tasted somewhat like hot pot and had a unique flavor, let alone that it was made with the ingredients from the mountain.

By this time, Wang Ming, Rong Jiaxin, and Wang Ya finally realized that it was true when other people said that Zhang Hans cooking was particularly delicious.

Wang Ming even temporarily gave up the idea of studying formations and didnt go to find if there was any place suitable for the Wang family to settle down.

Instead, he directly decided to rest for a period of time.

The Wang family wasnt the most influential family in Xihang, and the enterprise problem couldnt be solved in a short time.

So, it wasnt an urgent matter.

When Zhang Han was cooking, the diners arrived one after another.

Smelling the aroma of the fish in the air, all the people were tantalized.

After all the dishes were done, everyone started eating.

They picked up the fish fillets and brought them to their mouths…

The smell of the fish permeated the mouth and the flesh was tender and delicious, which was very enjoyable.


All the chopsticks went to the boiled fish.

Seeing that they ate the fish so fast, Zhang Han was stunned.

“It seems that I underestimated these foodies!”


Just in case, Zhang Han took an empty bowl and directly filled it with fish fillets before putting it in front of Mengmeng.

“Wow, this is too much.

I cant finish it,” Mengmeng muttered while eating.

After a wonderful lunch, everyone rested for a moment.

Then, they went to Mount New Moon again.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei also followed them, with pens, paper, and other things.

She planned to perfect the lyrics if she had inspiration in the afternoon.

After arriving at Mount New Moon, Zhang Han went to the pet area first.

He played with Mengmeng for a while and felt the strength of Dahei and Little Hei.

He smiled and nodded, thinking that it was great.

After sitting for a while, Zhang Han went to the Thunder Yang Tree and prepared to start alchemy.

Zi Yan sat on one side.

After perfecting the lyrics, she stood up and said, “Ill go to have a look.”

Then, she went to the mountaintop.

Zi Yan looked with curiosity and asked, “Will you start to refine the pellets”


Zhang Han smiled and pouted his lips slightly.

“There are people around.”

Zi Yan rolled her eyes to Zhang Han.

Then, she looked back and found that no one noticed them, so she tiptoed and kissed his lips.

Zhang Han really enjoyed Zi Yans kiss.

Her lips were rosy and tender, and when she got closer, they would slightly pout, which were very attractive.

“Haha.” Zhang Han laughed contentedly and said, “Then Ill get started.”

“Mm, you can start,” Zi Yan replied while holding his arm.

She saw that he waved his left hand slightly and some spiritual herbs flew into the furnace, while there were blazing flames below.

“Will I disturb you here” Zi Yan asked.

“No, it isnt difficult to make these kinds of pellets,” Zhang Han replied.

“Oh.” Zi Yan blinked her big eyes and stared at the furnace for a while.

Then, she said, “It feels like boiling soup.”


“Sort of.” Zhang Han explained, “The soup made by these things is also drinkable, but the effect is not the best.

The most perfect state is making it into round pellets, which have several levels according to the integration degree.

That also determines the quality of the pellets quality.

The worst are the ordinary ones, then middle ones, top ones, excellent ones, and sacred ones.

Its quite complicated.

After I finish it later, you can try one at night.”

“Do I also need to eat it Then, will I become a very powerful martial artist” Zi Yan asked with a slight smile.

“Uh…” Zhang Han paused.

After thinking for a second, he replied, “I dont think it will improve your strength because theres a secret in your body that even I dont understand.

I cant see through it.

When we were at the hotel earlier, you made me get promoted a lot for the first time.

It was a big breakthrough.

I dont know why, but Ill figure it out later.”

“Is there a secret” Zi Yan licked her lips and said, “Do you think Im also like you”

“I dont know.” Zhang Han smiled bitterly, but then he shook his head and said firmly, “No matter what secret it is and no matter what will happen, you are always my wife, the one I love.”

Zi Yan chuckled.

She felt so happy at that moment and her big eyes blinked.

Then, she blushed a little and said in a low voice, “It doesnt matter whether Im powerful or not.

Your being powerful would be enough.

Since you can make breakthroughs when we make love, then, when you want it, we… we can…”

“What” Zhang Han narrowed his eyes and asked with a smile.

“Come on, you know what Im talking about,” Zi Yan said coyly with blushes.


Zhang Han laughed happily.

Just like that, Zhang Han refined the pellets while chatting with Zi Yan.

About half an hour later, Zi Yan went back to play with Mengmeng.

Zhang Han was still standing there, adding spiritual herbs successively.

Zhang Han knew a lot about herbs.

Although it wasnt the perfect recipe, he could still refine the desired pellets with other alternatives.

In addition to the five third-stage spirit treasures used in the morning, he also put all the other four third-stage spirit treasures in it, plus 79 second-stage spirit treasures and 187 first-stage spirit treasures.

He used those things in order to refine a furnace of small Foundation Elixir!

The effect of small Foundation Elixir was similar to that of Foundation Elixir, which could be used to improve ones strength.

The Foundation Elixir refined from Yuan Qing Fruit made Zhang Han get promoted from the early Qi Refining stage to the early Building Base stage.

It was also because Yuan Qing Fruit was almost a fourth-stage spirit treasure.

Those three-stage spirit treasures didnt have such a great effect, but the small Foundation Elixir made by them could also make a person break through to the Building Base stage from the late Qi Refining stage.

For people like Zhao Feng who were at the peak of the Inward Strength stage, they could also be promoted to the early Qi Refining stage.

The specific effects would vary from person to person.

Not only one pellet would be produced in the furnace.

With a large number of spiritual herbs, there would be more than five, up to a maximum of 11.

Zhang Han expected it to be eight or nine.

To get the Elixir, all the third-stage spirit treasures, 90% of the second-stage spirit treasures, and less than half of the first-stage spirit treasures had been used.

Most of the remaining spiritual herbs were first-stage and a small part was second-stage.

There were no third-stage spirit treasures left.

Zhang Han had been refining it until five oclock in the afternoon.

As the flames went out, several pellets flew out of the furnace.

Zhang Han grabbed them all and put them in his palm.


Not bad.”

Zhang Han smiled and was very satisfied with the result.

He looked at the time and found it was time to go back to cook dinner.

The remaining spiritual herbs would be refined the next day.

Then, Zhang Han went to the back of the mountain and played with Mengmeng for a few minutes before going back home with all the people.

When the car team just left the mountain, a helicopter whizzed over Mount New Moon.

On the edge of the helicopter, there was a man with a telescope.

He kept looking down and finally found a bundle of spiritual herbs under the Thunder Yang Tree.

“Is that the Earth-grade treasure Dongxi grass

“Earth-grade treasure, Lanqi flower

“Hiss, there are so many!

“God, the five elements furnace is really here!”

The person with the telescope got extremely excited.

It was the first time that he had seen so many spiritual herbs, which were just put there randomly like haystacks.

“Master Zhang deserves his reputation.

Its awesome.”

The man gasped in admiration before taking out his mobile phone and dialing a number.

“Brother Du, I found it.

The five elements furnace is really on Mount New Moon and there are a large number of spiritual herbs!

“I got it!”


Back at the restaurant, everyone had hot pot for dinner.

Hot pot was the most frequently eaten thing there.

After all, it was so popular with the public.

After the meal, all the people sat on the sofa on the second floor, resting and having tea.

Rong Jiaxin looked at Zi Yan, who was playing with Mengmeng, and smiled slightly.

Then, she looked at Zhang Han while asking, “Han, you want to get married after your parents are back.

Thats okay for me, but…

“Shouldnt you get the marriage certificates first You also need to register your residence.

Besides, should you go to Zi Yans family to propose first”

As soon as she said that, everybody became silent.

Zhou Fei, Zhang Li, Wang Ming, and Wang Ya all looked at Zhang Han.

They were all looking forward to watching them get married.

“Yan, Im a straightforward person.

I wonder if you have any opinions on this matter,” Rong Jiaxin looked at Zi Yan and said with a smile.

“I…” Zi Yan licked her mouth and felt a little shy.

She glanced at Zhang Han and said in a low voice, “Ill listen to him.”

Then, everyones eyes fixed on Zhang Han again.

“I think Auntie is right.

I intend to propose soon.” Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan with tenderness and said with a smile, “Then well get engaged, get the marriage certificates, and hold a grand wedding after fetching my parents.”

“Yes, thats it.” Rong Jiaxin laughed happily.

Zi Yans eyes blinked and there were a series of words in the bottom of her heart:

“Propose, get engaged, get married, wedding…

“Im going to get the marriage certificates with him…”

Zi Yan felt very happy deep inside.

“Oh Mm…” Mengmeng blinked her big bright eyes and looked around before she murmured something.

Nobody understood what the little girl said.

However, Zhang Han faintly heard her saying: “taking flowers and taking beautiful photos.”

Apparently, the little girl still remembered what Zhang Han once said to her: “When PaPa and MaMa get married, Ill take flowers for them.”

Seeing that the whole thing had been decided temporarily, the atmosphere in the house became more active.

Zhou Fei, Zhang Li, and Wang Ya made jokes with Zi Yan from time to time.

There were always blushes on Zi Yans face.

At about 10 oclock, everyone stood up and left.

Downstairs, Zhang Han took out some pellets.

Zhang Han handed over two small Foundation Elixirs and said, “Auntie, these two are for you and Uncle.

Eat them after you go back.”

Wang Ming was quite excited by that.

Rong Jiaxin smiled and asked, “What are these pellets”

“Youll know that after eating one.” Zhang Han smiled while shaking his head.

“Let them experience it for themselves.”

Then, he waved to Zhao Feng, saying, “You, Xu Yong, Ah Hu, Elder Meng, Leng Yue, one for each.

Oh right, give one to Instructor Liu, too.”

Zhang Han handed over six pellets.

The five of them were the most powerful in the security group, whose strength was close to Peak Strength.

So, the pellets effect could be better absorbed by them.

After getting the pellets, the group of people left happily.

Zhang Han locked the door and turned off the light, while the night-luminescent pearl downstairs was still shining.

Going back upstairs, he found that Zi Yan and Mengmeng had just finished washing up.

“Here, have one.”

Zhang Han brought the pellet to Zi Yans mouth.

Zi Yan opened her mouth and ate it obediently.

She suddenly felt it was a little cool inside her body.

“Huh” Mengmeng was stunned.

She looked at Zhang Han with confusion while saying, “PaPa, where is mine”

“Youre still too young.

You cant eat it now.” Zi Yan pinched Mengmengs little face while speaking.

“Dad will give you a better one later,” Zhang Han replied with a chuckle.

“Hmph.” Mengmeng snorted and stopped speaking.

After Zi Yan ate it, Zhang Han put his right hand on her waist to constantly feel the changes inside her body.

After the pellet went down, it turned into a lot of energy and permeated the whole body.

If the person could cultivate, the energy would enter the meridians and the Dantian would be refined.

However, it dissipated in Zi Yans body.

“Its all right.

At least it can nourish the body.”

But some doubt appeared in Zhang Hans eyes after he saw the next scene.

The energy should have nourished the body, but it constantly flew outward and was discharged through the pores.

“It cant be absorbed

“Even a little bit cant be absorbed”

Zhang Han had been observing until the last trace of energy was discharged as if her body didnt like it, which confused him a lot.

“It cant be absorbed at all.

The pellet is ineffective.

Whats wrong”

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