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Chapter 425 Refining

The phone conversation with her father solved Zi Yans problem.

Zi Yan came out of the bedroom, sat beside Zhang Han, leaned over, and whispered in his ear, “No problem… But my father seems to hate you.”

Then Zi Yan lowered her head, covered her mouth, and chuckled.

She didnt know how her husband would deal with his father-in-law, but she was looking forward to it.

“Well, I deserve it.

After all, I stole his little princess.” Zhang Han smiled.

But then, he was a little unhappy because it reminded him of what would happen when Mengmeng grew up.

“Will a man steal her from me”

Zhang Han became more and more angry, so he forced himself to stop thinking about it.

“If someone really wants to pursue Mengmeng, let him defeat me first!”

If Zi Yan knew what he was thinking, she would have been amused.

“How old is Mengmeng, and you start to guard against this Can anyone defeat you”

After sitting for a while, Yuwei and Liu Shasha were not worried anymore.

They had been playing with Mengmeng, which showed that they liked Mengmeng very much.

They were talking when they saw Zhou Fei coming up from the corner of the stairs in casual clothes with a Hermes bag.

“Are they guests” Zhou Fei was surprised when she saw the strangers.

Then she looked at Zi Yan and said, “The MV has been arranged according to Sister Yans wishes, and will be released together on the album the day after tomorrow.”

“Mm,” Zi Yan said with a slight tilt of her forehead.

“Who are they” Zhou Fei asked, sitting on the side of the sofa.

“This is Zi Shiya, my younger sister.

These two are her classmates, Yuwei and Liu Shasha.” Zi Yan introduced them.

“Oh, Hello.

Im Zhou Fei, Sister Yans No.

1 bodyguard.” Zhou Fei greeted them with a smile.

Everyone was amused by Zhou Fei.

After the greeting, Yuwei asked curiously, “Sister Zi Yan, are you going to add a new song to your album”

“Yes.” Zi Yan nodded.

Yuwei seized the opportunity to ask, “Wow, thats great.

Sister Zi Yan, your songs are very pleasant and I always have them on a loop.

Can you give me some autographs…”

Zi Yan chuckled and said, “Sure, Ill give you some later.”

“Well, could you sign my clothes, too” Yuwei said sheepishly.

“Okay.” Zi Yan nodded.

“Yeah, thats great.

Ive got my pen ready.” While talking, Yuwei took out a signing pen from her bag, went over to Zi Yan, squatted down, turned around, and said, “Just sign on my back using large characters…”

So, Zi Yan took the pen and signed on her back.

“I declare that this dress has become my valuable collection, and I will go to the bathroom to change my clothes.” Yuwei happily took her suitcase and sneaked into the bathroom.

“Oh…” Zi Shiya touched her forehead.

Soon after, Yuwei came out of the bathroom wearing a red short-sleeve shirt.

They talked upstairs until 11 oclock in the morning.

After making eye contact with Liu Shasha, Zi Shiya said, “Sister, we have to go.

Today is Sashas boyfriends birthday, and we are going to visit him.”

“Why not go there after lunch” Zi Yan said, hoping that her sister could taste Zhang Hans dishes.

“No, we have an appointment.

Next time.” Zi Shiya shook her head slightly.

“Will you come over at night Your brother-in-law is very good at cooking,” asked Zi Yan.


Zi Shiya was surprised and nodded.

“OK, Ill call you in the evening.”

At the same time, she sighed to herself.

“So, the chef in this restaurant is Brother-in-law Well, good cooking skills cant help you marry my sister.”

They said goodbye and went downstairs.

On the first floor, Zhang Han waved to Zhao Feng.

“Feng, give them a ride.”

“Okay.” Zhao Feng stood up and headed out to open the door for the girls.

After they sat inside, he closed the door and went to Zhang Hans side.

“Master, all the antiques have been identified.

Among them, 21 are valuable.

The estimated total price is at least 430 million.

Lin Dong said he would arrange the auction of antiques,” Zhao Feng reported.

“I see.” Zhang Han nodded.

“By the way, Im negotiating the purchase of two helicopters.

Instructor Liu is in charge of two private luxury planes.

Someone bought an airplane before, but he couldnt pay off the balance.

If that person gives up in a few days, we can buy the airplane directly,” Zhao Feng said.

“You can arrange it,” Zhang Han replied.

Zhang Han didnt care much about these things, since Zhao Feng could deal with them.

And Zhao Feng was really satisfying.

He could handle everything in an orderly way.

“Then Ill go, master,” Zhao Feng said, getting in the car and leaving slowly.

After driving to the road, Zhao Feng asked, “Where to”

“Jiafeng Garden Square in Taibu District,” said Liu Shasha.

Zhao Feng, who was expressionless, nodded his head in response.

Taibu District was located in the north of Longcheng District, with a small area, similar to New Moon Bay.

If there was no traffic jam, it would take nearly an hour to drive to Taibu District.

“Yuwei, Sasha, dont tell anyone that my sister is Zi Yan, and dont talk about her marriage.

Otherwise, we cant be sisters anymore,” Zi Shiya said very seriously.

She knew that many married people in the entertainment industry had successfully kept their secrets.

But although she trusted her friends, she still needed to warn them.

“I know.

Ill keep it a secret.” Yuwei nodded.

“Rest assured,” Liu Shasha said with a smile.


I have several signed photos and even signed clothes…” Yuwei said happily.

As the three chatted, Liu Shasha suddenly looked at Zhao Fengs face and whispered, “Shiya, your sisters driver is handsome, too.”

“Whats your name, handsome man in front” Yuwei asked directly.

Since Zhao Feng was the only stranger here, the three girls all relaxed and began talking freely.

Zhao Feng didnt pay attention to their chatting.

When he heard the question, he replied calmly, “Zhao Feng.”

“Its cool.

A better name than my driver has.” Yuwei giggled.

Zi Shiya became interested in Zhao Feng and asked, “Are you my sisters full-time driver”

“No,” Zhao Feng replied.

Zi Shiya was a little surprised and began studying Zhao Feng carefully.

“Is this car rented Is this man a temporary worker”

But then Zhao Feng added, “Im the bosss housekeeper, and his wife has her own bodyguard.”

“Oh, I see.” Zi Shiya nodded and then asked curiously, “How many companies does my brother-in-law have What does he do How much he is worth”

Zhao Feng was silent for a while.

Just as he was about to speak, Zi Shiya said, “My brother-in-law wants to propose marriage.

If he cant move the Zi family, he will be in trouble.”

“Haha.” Zhao Feng smiled lightly and said, “Little girl, dont worry.

I dont know how much my boss is worth because it cant be calculated.”

It was indeed beyond calculation because no one knew how many divine objects and holy objects were on the mountain.

Besides, Zhao Feng knew all the medicinal pellets they had taken were also priceless treasures, and if Zhang Han wanted to, he could get countless riches through selling them.

“Whats more, some people cant be measured by money.

Your Zi family should feel lucky to be related to the boss.”

“You are bragging,” Zi Shiya said.

“Why dont you tell me the details”

Zhao Feng shook his head slightly and didnt give any more explanation.

After Zhang Han proposed marriage, they would know the truth.

Zi Shiya, who had intended to ask Zhao Feng more questions, was attracted by the mans indifferent attitude and had been looking for a chance to talk to him over the next hour.

The three girls kept whispering in the back seat.

About an hour later, the car arrived in Taibu District.

After parking at the roadside of the square, Zhao Feng turned to Zi Shiya and held out his hand before the girls got out of the car.

He said calmly, “Cell phone.”

“Hmm” Zi Shiya was surprised and subconsciously handed over her mobile phone.

“What is he going to do”

Zhao Feng clicked on her mobile phone several times and then returned it to her.

“This is my phone number,” Zhao Feng said.

“Ill be around at 5 p.m.

so call me when you finish.”

“Hmph! I havent said I wanted to save your cell phone number!” Zi Shiya rolled her eyes at Zhao Feng and took the lead to get out of the car.

After they got out, Zhao Feng drove away.

Yuwei grinned and said, “He gave you his phone number in such a cool manner.

Shiya, isnt he your cup of tea A cool and mature handsome man.”

“Its impossible.

However mature he is, he is just a driver.” Liu Shasha shook her head.

“Come on, Im a little hungry,” Zi Shiya said, taking the lead to the shopping mall in front.

“Ill ask Yunlei where they are.” Liu Shasha called her boyfriend and soon hung up, saying, “Lets go to the Dilin Restaurant on the second floor.”

The three entered the mall and walked for a long time on the second floor before they found the Dilin Restaurant.

Yuwei complained, “Why doesnt he come out to pick us up Its too difficult to find the restaurant.”

“Maybe hes talking to his friends.

Lets enter the restaurant first.” Liu Shasha was a little unhappy, but she didnt complain.

After giving their names, they were taken by the waiter to a private room inside.

“Sasha, youre here.

Im sorry.

I just got an urgent call,” Yunlei hurried to greet them and said with a smile.

“It doesnt matter.” Liu Shasha smiled.

However, the smile and gaze of Yunleis roommates made her feel a little uncomfortable.

“This is my girlfriend, Liu Shasha.

These two are her roommates.

The beauty is Zi Shiya, and this is Yuwei.

Sasha, this is Tianqi, my eldest brother in the dormitory and this is my second brother…”

There were six men in the room, all of whom were Yunleis roommates.

As the youngest, Yunlei was called “Little Six” by his roommates.

“Come on, everyone, take a seat.” The eldest brother kept staring at Zi Shiya.

When they were seated, he exclaimed, “Zi Shiya is not only beautiful in name, but also beautiful in person.”

“Yes, does beauty Zi have a boyfriend Can I have the honor” The third brother, who was relatively fat, joked.

“Stop dreaming.

Its difficult to be Shiyas boyfriend.” Yuwei didnt mind that they ignored her.

She waved and said, “Order the dishes.

We are all hungry.”

“Well, wait a few minutes.

Elder Brother Ming will be here soon,” Yunlei said with a grin.

“Lets order the dishes first.

It will take a while for the dishes to be served,” Yuwei said casually.

She didnt care about anything else.

She wanted to eat when she was hungry.

“Its not polite.

Elder Brother Ming is our senior and his family runs several companies in this city.

He has a high status and is also very picky,” said Yunlei with a forced smile.

“Yes, we should wait for him.

Its not easy for Little Six to get on well with Elder Brother Ming.” The eldest brother waved and said, “Lets talk for a while.”

“Lets talk for a while,” Liu Shasha said emotionlessly.

Although she was a little reluctant, she decided to control her mood since today was Yunleis birthday.

After thinking about it, Liu Shasha took out a box from her bag and handed it to Yunlei, saying, “Happy birthday, I bought a belt for you in Singapore.”

“Wow, thank you.” Yunlei took the box, but did not open it.

He looked directly at his roommate and said with a smile, “How about my girlfriend”

“So nice.” His roommates cheered loudly.

While chatting, they all liked to tease Zi Shiya.

After learning that she didnt have a boyfriend, the third brother and the fifth brother showed strong interest in her, but the girl seemed not easy to pursue.

Chatting made time pass quickly.

10 minutes later, a man with yellow hair came in.

“Brother Ming.”

“Brother Ming.”

Yunlei and his roommates stood up one after another to say hello.

According to their expressions, they wanted to please the man very much.

But the three girls did not stand up.

“There was a bit of a traffic jam on the way.

Sorry Im late.” Bai Ming smiled and went inside to sit down.

“No, we just arrived,” Yunlei said with a smile.

“Who are they” Bai Mings eyes lit up after seeing Zi Shiya.

The long curly-haired beauty was his cup of tea.

“This is my girlfriend, Liu Shasha, and this is Zi Shiya, and this is Yuwei,” Yunlei said.

“Nice to meet you.” Bai Ming smiled and nodded.

“Nice to meet you,” the girls replied.

“Brother Ming, Shiya is still single, and we are betting if we can win her heart.” The third brother grinned.

“Oh I want to join you, too.

Every gentleman loves a beautiful woman.” Bai Ming laughed.

“Brother Ming, we will have no chance if you join us!” The fifth brother forced a smile.

It was hard for Zi Shiya to keep smiling now.

It was OK to make a joke or two, but too many jokes made her a little impatient.

Bai Ming took a look at them and knew what was going on.

So he said with a smile, “OK, stop joking.

Lets order dishes and go to the seaside park after lunch.

In the evening, Ill book a seaside club to celebrate Leis birthday.”

He knew that they should not make too many jokes, and also found that Zi Shiya was not easy to pursue, which aroused his interest.

However, he looked at Yunlei and smiled meaningfully.

“This guy is good at dating two girls at the same time, and his little girlfriend is pretty.

“If Miao Li finds out the truth, he will be in trouble.”

He was well aware of the development of this matter.

Miao Li was a mature girl who liked to date little fresh meat.

She flirted with Yunlei once, and the boy immediately fell in love with her.

What a pity that Miao Li couldnt be controlled by Yunlei.

If she didnt agree to break up, Yunlei dared not act rashly.

That was because Miao Jiang, Miao Lis brother, was the leader of the underworld in the coastal area.

Even Bai Ming dared not provoke him.


After dropping the girls off at their destination, Zhao Feng went back to the restaurant.

At this time, the people on the second floor had finished their meals and were resting.

Rong Jiaxin was having a good time with Mengmeng.

At lunch, she learned through chatting that Zi Yan would finish the conference the day after tomorrow and fly to Singapore the next morning.

So she asked Wang Ming to inform his family since an engagement was an important thing.

After lunch, Zhang Han went alone to the headquarters of the National Security Agency in Longcheng District.

When he passed the first floor, the reception girl looked at Zhang Han stupidly.

“Zhang, Director Zhang, Director Lei is waiting for you in the Treasure House.”

She didnt expect that in just a few days, she would call him Director Zhang instead of Protector Zhang.

And the handsome Director Zhang had only been here a few times.

After meeting with Lei Tiannan, Zhang Han took out the Foundation Elixir.

Lei Tiannan looked at it and his eyes lit up.

“Great! The National Security Agency will get another martial arts master with its help.

Ill put it directly in the Treasure House and price it at 400,000 points.”

“Give me the Void Stone.”

“Why are you in a hurry” Lei Tiannan curled his lips.

Walking to the innermost side and looking at the three Heaven-grade treasure worth millions of points, Lei Tiannan sighed.

These three treasures had been lying in the Treasure House for more than five years.

Since Zhang Han came, they had been reduced by half!

Finally, he cut the Void Stone in half with the Dragon-piercing Sword and handed half to Zhang Han, which was only the size of two thumbs but that was enough for Zhang Han.

“Im gone,” Zhang Han said and left without hesitation.

“Why are you always in such a hurry” Lei Tiannan said unhappily behind him.

“I came here specially to wait for him, but he didnt even talk to me for a while”

“Im going back to take care of my daughter.” Zhang Hans voice came from afar.

Lei Tiannan smiled and shook his head.

After leaving the National Security Agency and getting in the car, Zhang Han didnt start the car, but directly called Protector Leng.

“Theres a new item in the Treasure House called Foundation Elixir, and Heaven-stage martial artists can directly advance to martial arts masters after eating it.”


“Are you serious” Protector Leng asked in a trembling voice.

“Yes,” Zhang Han replied and hung up the phone.

“A little help brings much return, and vice versa” was Zhang Hans principle in the Cultivation World.

Zhang Han always remembered that Protector Leng lent him 50,000 points when he needed them most.


After the phone was hung up, Protector Leng quickly clicked open the app to search.

After refreshing the website for a minute, he saw the information of the Foundation Elixir and chose to exchange for it directly without hesitation!

These were the points he had saved for several years, and he originally wanted to exchange them for the Dragon-piercing Sword.

But that couldnt be compared with the Wu Dao Grand Master.

The strength of a Grand Master could bring more opportunities and more treasures.

As long as Protector Leng was not a fool, he knew what to choose.

Therefore, the Foundation Elixir flashed in the app for only a few seconds like ocean spray, which appeared and disappeared soon after.

Zhang Han started his car, drove all the way back to the restaurant, and took his friends to Mount New Moon.

Except for the album release the day after tomorrow, Zi Yan had nothing to do recently and was having a good rest.

In fact, these days were like her honeymoon with Zhang Han.

At Mount New Moon, Zhang Han played with Mengmeng for a while like before, and then went to the thunder yang tree, summoned the 18 cards in his coat pocket, and had them fly into the five elements furnace.

The first thing to be refined was the flood dragons soul he had absorbed from the spiritual farmland on the sea bed.

And then he would refine a Space Ring as an engagement gift.

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