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Chapter 439 Boat of Curse

“The dwarfs and elves met a few giants on the island.

They were very big.

When they met, they got into a fight, which went on and on.


Zhang Han was telling the story to Mengmeng in a low voice.

In the beginning, Mengmeng listened with great interest and would ask, “How big is the giant Is it as high as the Ferris wheel today”

Zhang Han replied softly, “Its not that high.

The giant is as tall as 10 people together.”

“Well, its higher than a big monkey…”

Mengmeng was a little tired, so she stopped asking questions.

She listened to the story and eventually fell asleep.

Zhang Han gently held the little girl and put her on the small bed next to theirs.

He covered her with a small blanket and then returned to the big bed.

Zi Yan turned to press her soft body on Zhang Han, blowing sweet breath in his ear.

“We will get engaged on the 19th.”

Zhang Han chuckled, leaned over, and whispered to Zi Yan, “How do you feel, nervous”

Zi Yan bit her lips and said, “Im not nervous.

What about you”

“Happy, of course.”

“Just happy”

“Er… Happy, delighted, proud Its the first time Im doing this.

Maybe Ill be excited because youll be my wife then,” said Zhang Han with a smile.

“Well, how many times do you want to be engaged”

“Once in my life is enough.”

“Hehe, my parents like you, not because you are powerful.” Zi Yan pulled her head back and blinked her big eyes.

“You are the best man in my life,” she said.

Then she leaned forward and kissed Zhang Han.

Zhang Han grinned.

He stroked Zi Yans hair with his hand and said softly, “You are the best too.

In our words, you will be a wife who is good for her husband.”

Zi Yan pouted her red lips and murmured, “Then Ill always be good to you.”


Staring at Zi Yans delicate face, Zhang Han swallowed and was aroused a little bit.

Seeing Zhang Hans hot gaze, Zi Yan quickly put her finger on Zhang Hans lips, whispering, “No, tomorrow, tomorrow we will stay in a theme hotel…”

“All right then.”

Zhang Han grinned and kissed her gently on the forehead, He suppressed the affection in his heart, holding her tighter in his arms.

They cuddled up together and chatted for a while, eventually falling asleep.

People would get up earlier in the morning when they slept earlier at night.

At half past six in the morning, the little girl woke up.

She looked at the big bed and found her Papa was already awake.

“Papa, Im coming.”

Mengmeng got off her small bed, walking on the floor barefooted, then she jumped into the big bed.

“Papa, why did I sleep on the small bed again I want to sleep in the big bed.” Mengmeng mumbled.

“Well, Mama is worried that we will press you.”

“Well, Mama is still sleeping.

We are going to the amusement park today, Papa.” Mengmeng remembered it when she was up.

While father and daughter were talking, Zi Yans long eyelashes trembled, and she opened her eyes.

The family of three were lying in bed for a while, and then Zi Yan took Mengmeng to the bathroom with her stuff.

Because they were going out to play today, Zi Yan wore a pair of simple shorts, a white T-shirt and sneakers.

Zhang Han still dressed formal, and Mengmeng put on blue short-sleeved shirt and white pants.

When they were ready, Xu Xinyu came up and said with a smile, “Come down and sit for a while.

We will have breakfast right away.”

“Grandma, shall we go after breakfast” asked Mengmeng, holding Zhang Hans hand and looking up.

Xu Xinyu stopped at her words and replied with a smile soon after, “Of course, we will go out and have fun today.”

“Yay.” Mengmeng cheered and giggled.

They went downstairs to the dining room, the decoration of which was blue.

It made people feel fresh.

There was a rectangular table that allowed 10 people to sit, but it was only equipped with 6 chairs.

On the left side was a glass wall, through a door was the kitchen.

Zi Qiang was busy in the kitchen.

On the table were several glasses of milk, thumb-sized steamed bread, fried ham and lettuce leaves, and square slices of bread, one side of which was fried with eggs.

There were also two bottles of salad dressing for the sandwich.

After they sat down, Zi Qiang took off his apron and came over with two plates.

Five peeled eggs were on one plate, fried lettuce with mushrooms on the other.

The breakfast was delicate and healthy.

“You are here.” Zi Qiang looked at Mengmeng and smiled.

He sat down and said to them, “Have some breakfast.

Taste the milk-flavored bread, grandpa specially made for you.”

Zi Qiang picked up a small steamed bread and handed it to Mengmengs plate.

Mengmeng took a small bite.

“Delicious, it has the taste of milk, and its sweet.” Mengmeng babbled.

Her words made Zi Qiang smile contentedly.

He looked at Zhang Han and Zi Yan and said, “Cooking is also learning.

No matter how rich you are, sometimes you should cook for yourself.

It will relax your body and mind, and the food made by yourself is safer…”

Before he could finish talking, Mengmeng added, “Papas food tastes better.”

“What” Zi Qiang stopped.

“Pooh…” Zi Yan chuckled and said, “Dad, you forget that we have a restaurant in Hong Kong, and Zhang Han is very good at cooking.”

“Yes, Papa is the best cook.

Grandpa, when you go to Hong Kong, Papa could cook for you.

You will know then,” said Mengmeng seriously.

“All right.” Zi Qiang curled his lips.

He looked at Zhang Han and said, “Han, I didnt know you can cook.”

“Yes, I can,” replied Zhang Han with a smile.

“You cook every day” Zi Qiang asked again.

“Yes,” replied Zhang Han.

Zi Qiang shook his head and said, “Right, Yan cant cook, she knows nothing about it.

Having her in the kitchen was more of a hindrance than a help.”

“Who said that” Zi Yan disagreed and retorted.

“I once cooked with him.

Ive made super delicious barbecued meat.

When you come to Hong Kong, Ill make some for you.”

She was actually a little nervous, saying those words.

What she did was ordering around rather than cooking.

Zhang Han had never let her in the kitchen.

He had said that she was too delicate, and the smoke was bad for her.

She thought her husband had been taking care of her like a baby, He was the best and most thoughtful husband in the world.

Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han tenderly.

Hearing what Zi Yan said, Zi Qiang smiled and nodded.

“OK! Well go to Hong Kong.

Ill take a vacation and have a rest.

Then Ill have more strength for the new business when I return.”

The trip to Hong Kong had two purposes.

First, Zi Qiang wanted to spend more time with his granddaughter.

Second, he could inspect the local market.

Zhang Hans partner, Liu Qingfeng, had once offered him cooperation, and he had said Zi Qiang could work with him anytime.

With Liu Qingfengs wide connections overseas, Zi Qiang could enter Chinas market more easily.

The Zi Clan happened to have two projects, so he thought this time would be an opportunity to work with Liu Qingfeng.

“Ill make sure you dont want to come back!” Zi Yan declared with a smile.

“So cocky Then Id like to see how delicious your food is.” Zi Qiang grinned.

Then they began to have breakfast.

After dinner, they had a rest and went out at about 7:30.

This time, only Zi Peng, Dong Ling, and Zi Shiya went out with them.

Three Audi A8L slowly left the Zi Clans Manor and arrived at Resorts World Sentosa after more than 40 minutes driving.

After getting off, Zi Shiya asked, “Whats our first stop”

Zi Yan smiled and said, “Universal Studios first.”

The Universal Studios was large.

They first visited the Hollywood theme area and took many family photos of Zhang Han, Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

Zi Shiya admired Zi Yan.

Even if she was not a star, her family of three would become online influencers because they were so pretty.

After a tour in the Hollywood theme area, they reached the Science Fiction World.

Mengmeng was happy in both places.

Then they went to the Lost World, Remote Kingdom, and other seven theme areas.

Fortunately, it was not during the holidays.

The place wasnt as crowded as it was in the Golden Week holidays of October 1.

However, when they left the theme park, it was 11:30.

Happy time passed fast, they decided to visit the sea aquarium and have lunch later.

The sea aquarium was one of the largest aquariums in the world, with more than ten thousands of marine animals, such as sideburns sharks and other animal stars, the dazzle of which attracted people.

They came to a glass window, in which a diver swam to their side.

When Mengmeng saw him, she pulled her hand from Zhang Han and waved to him.

“Hi, how are you!”

The diver inside also waved and stopped moving.


Mengmeng paused and then raised her arms.

The diver also raised his arms.

“Papa, he is copying me!” Mengmeng looked at Zhang Han and pointed herself.

The diver inside looked up at Zhang Han and pointed himself as well.

“Hum! puff.” Mengmeng thought of an expression quickly.

She pressed two fingers on her little face and swelled her cheeks, pursing a cute round mouth as a goldfish.

The diver in there froze.

He couldnt copy this difficult expression!

Thus, he fled and swam to the other side, interacting with other tourists.

Mengmeng chuckled and said, “Papa, hes gone.”

Then they left and went to have lunch.

Their next spot was the Water Adventure Park.

When they arrived there, Mengmeng cheered.

The water park was built with originality.

The water maglev slide, and its reverse slide were a totally different experience to Mengmeng.

People could snorkel with 20,000 fish in colorful reefs.

In the crystal clear water, people could see and even touch the fish with their hands.

In the water park, Zhang Han, Zi Yan, and Mengmeng sat in a banana boat.

They glided down the high-altitude slide, passed the incline, and then fell into the swimming pool.

The water splashed all over the pool, and Mengmeng and Zi Yan screamed out.

In addition to seven thrilling games, they also tried a dozen interesting theme projects.

Mengmeng laughed all the time and had great fun.

It was getting dark, so Zi Yan looked at the time.

She said, “We have pretty much tried every project.

Lets go to the bay restaurant for dinner.”

“All right.” Mengmeng had a great time, so she nodded.

They arrived at the bay restaurant and had dinner on the terrace while overlooking the water park.

It was a perfect way to end the day.

After dinner, Zi Qiang looked at the time and asked them, “Its eight oclock.

Shall we go back”

“We wont go back today.

Well stay at the castle hotel,” said Zi Yan softly.

Zi Qiang thought and said, “Stay here OK, lets stay.

So many places we didnt visit.

We could go tomorrow.”

“Oh” Mengmeng was excited again.

She said happily, “Well, we can play for another day.

Papa, Mama, lets go to sleep now.”

Everyone was amused by her.

“We have one place left to go now,” said Zi Yan with a smile.

“Where!” asked Mengmeng.

“To see the crane ballet.”

Zi Yan scraped Mengmengs cute nose.

“Lets go.

But I want Papa to carry me, Mengmeng is tired.” Mengmeng stretched two small arms to Zhang Han.

“If you are tired, Grandpa will carry you.” Zi Qiang opened his arms to welcome Mengmeng.

“No, I want Papa.” Mengmeng refused directly.

Zi Qiang thought that he needed to work harder to be closer to Mengmeng.

They went to the scenic spot of the crane ballet.

The Crane Ballet of Resorts World Sentosa was the largest outdoor electric motor performance in the world so far, setting up a standard for night entertainment.

The whole performance made people feel like in a dream.

After the performance, they strolled around and the time came to 9:30.

They went to the Castle Hotel, one of the six luxury hotels.

Castle Hotel only received VIP guests and had a membership system.

Zi Qiang didnt have a membership, but he made a phone call to the owner of the hotel.

They were greeted by the manager when they arrived, and they checked in the most luxurious suite.

One interesting thing happened when they walked into the hall and waited for the elevator.

They ran into a group of people.

Zhao Feng, Instructor Liu, Zhou Fei, Zhang Li, Liang Hao, and Liang Mengqi came out from the elevator.

“Oh, what a coincidence! Uncle Zi Qiang, Aunt Xu, Sister Zi Yan, Boss, you have come here.” Liang Mengqi greeted them with a smile.

Mengmeng pouted and said with pride, “Well, weve been playing all day.

Well continue to play tomorrow!”

“OK.” Liang Mengqi laughed.

After they greeted each other, Liang Mengqi and the others went out.

For them, nightlife had just started.

Seeing Zhao Feng dressed casually, Zhang Han pondered.

He thought the companys staff should have their day off, every employees holiday should be three months a year.

Anyway, they should have their own private life, and they couldnt be single forever.

Whether they wanted to get married, or hung out with someone, or leave the company, it was their choice.

Zhang Han would say nothing.

It was just in his mind, no one in the security group would actually leave.

Until many years later, no one would leave, and even someone would die in the war.

Perhaps Zhang Hans personal charisma had confirmed them in their rooted belief.

On the top 17th floor of the hotel, Zi Yan said, “I want to stay in Princess House!”


Pincess House is yours,” said Zi Qiang with a smile.

“Mama should stay in Princess House.

Mama will be the princess, Mengmeng will be the princess daughter, and Papa is the prince.” Mengmeng muttered in Zhang Hans arms.

“Haha…” Zi Qiang looked at the little girl and laughed.

Actually, he wanted to play with Mengmeng for a while, but it was late.

Thus, he went to rest early.

Princesss House was also a luxury suite, one could feel its inner magnificence once entered.

Its hall had a sofa, TV and other items.

In the center of the master bedroom was a pink round bed that was twice the size of an ordinary bed.

Light pink curtains surrounded the bed.

Outside of the balcony was a glass window.

In front of the window was a hot spring pool, with four reclining chairs floating.

There were two bedrooms on the left and right sides, cinemas, gyms, and so on.

“Lets go to the bedroom.”

Zi Yans eyes brightened.

Zhang Han stared at them and knew her intention.

He laughed and entered the bedroom on the left.

After they lay on the bed, Zhang Han began to tell stories.

His voice was very low as if he had the magic of hypnosis.

Their little girl fell asleep in ten minutes.

Zhang Han smiled and carried Zi Yan in his arms.

He walked out of the bedroom and closed the door gently.

Then they fell into the king bed.

Pajamas were soon thrown aside, followed by Zi Yans groan of pleasure.

Her groan was low, and it was suppressed.

The time went by slowly.

At about 12 oclock, Zhang Han roared in a low voice, and Zi Yan let out a cry.

A romantic intercourse ended.

They cuddled in bed for a while, before going into the hot spring water and leaning on a water reclining chair.

At that moment…


Zhang Hans mobile phone rang.

With a wave, the mobile phone on the bed floated into his hand.

The screen showed an unknown number of Singapore, and Zhang Han answered the phone directly.

“Director Zhang, Im Su Long.

Something horrible happened.

I cant figure it out.

Do you want to take a look”

“Whats wrong” asked Zhang Han.

“A huge empty ship appeared on the surface of the water.

Its near the sea.

According to its route, its about to hit Dark Wind Island.

I sense theres some strange array on the ship.

But Im not sure.

So I wanted to ask Director Zhang to have a look at it.” Su Long sounded serious.

Hearing the words, Zhang Han was lost in thought.

Is it the Boat of Curse I saw at the bottom of the sea

Zhang Han paused.

“Its late at night, and I have time.” Su Long nodded.

“OK, Im in—”

“I know.

In Sentosa, Ive sent a helicopter to get you.

I just called Zi Qiang, thats how I got your number,” said Su Long.

“OK,” replied Zhang Han and hung up the phone.

“Are you going by yourself or… ” asked Zi Yan curiously.

“Lets go together.

Your father could babysit Mengmeng for a while,” replied Zhang Han.

“What are we going to see”

“Its a ship…” Zhang Han smiled and looked at Zi Yan.

He said, “That is a Boat of Curse.”

“A strange boat.

We saw it at the bottom of the sea that day when we fished for treasure.

As long as we dont get close, its not dangerous.

So Im going to take you to have a look.”

“Oh, if there is no danger, we could take a look,” said Zi Yan and stood up from the pool.

She was like a lotus flower rising from water, and Zhang Han couldnt stop staring at her.

He was going to have another round.

Then he thought about it and decided to continue when they returned.

Hence, they both started to put on their clothes.

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