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Chapter 44 – Zi Yans power

Zi Yan was the woman who he had his eyes on, thus he, of course, had to use some tricks.

At Imperial Entertainment, no matter who he had his eyes on, there was not a time that Li Cheng had fail!

Upon hearing Zi Yans words, the director turned over, looked at her and said with a sneer,

“Zi Yan oh Zi Yan, dont you have any bit of idea just what state you are in right now How can a has-been celebrity become famous again without paying some price Not talking about a mere kiss scene, even if it is a passion scene, you also have to accept it.

As an older generation in the entertainment industry, dont tell me that you dont even understand this bit of logic”

Hearing the directors words which were just like a reprimand, a trace of light smile flashed through the depth of Li Chengs eyes.

Zi Yans expression was still the same.

With a cold tone, she said, “I understand this logic, but I wont shoot the kiss scene.

Also, the reason the company let you come here is to coordinate with me to shoot the mv, not for you to teach me how to do things.

If you insist on adding the kiss scene, I dont mind not shooting this mv!”

“What did you say”

The directors expression became thoroughly gloomy.

However, in a moment of time, he also did not have any idea in his heart.

He never thought that Zi Yin would be this tough.

At a loss, he secretly looked at Li Cheng, wanting to see what Li Cheng wanted to do.

Seeing that the situation became cold, Li Cheng finally opened his mouth, “Zi Yan, how about I place a protective membrane on my lips for the kiss scene What do you think about it”

A protective membrane was like a plastic membrane, which would sometimes be used when filming a kiss scene.

However, most of the time, for the kiss scene to be lifelike, the protective membrane wouldnt be used.

Also, within Li Chengs mind, protective membrane that kind of thing was able to be removed easily.

During the kiss scene, just fiddle with it for a bit and it would fall off.

At that time, wouldnt it be the same as having to kiss for real

Looking at Zi Yans delicate face and alluring figure, Li Chengs heart immediately became somewhat hot, especially Zi Yans red lips which he looks forward to very much in the next scene.

However, Zi Yans answer caused him to be dazed.

“I wont shoot any kiss scene.” Zi Yan rejected coldly and stiffly.

Her tone was extremely resolute.

No one suspected that if the director was to insist on the kiss scene, Zi Yan would definitely not shoot the mv.

“It wont do even with a protective membrane”

Li Cheng somewhat couldnt control his expression anymore.

Under everyones gaze, Zi Yans continuous rejection made him felt somewhat losing face.

In any case, Li Cheng was the prince of the Member of the Board of Directors, possessing a high position and Zi Yan was but a has-been celebrity.

If not for having a good face, he wouldnt even pay attention to her.

However, she actually didnt give Li Cheng any face right now.

How could Li Cheng not felt angry about this

“Wont do!” Zi Yan rejected coldly once again.

In the past, she did not shoot passion scene because she did not want to shoot it.

And right now, she had Meng Meng, which was one more reason for her to not want to shoot passion scene.


Li Chengs gaze sunk as he said with a fake smile, “You can shoot the mv however you like.”

After finish speaking, Li Cheng left in large steps.

“You…….” The director glared at Zi Yan, “Humph! Shoot it yourself then!”

After the director spoke, he turned around and followed with quick steps towards the direction Li Cheng left.

“We will shoot the mv ourselves then, who do you even think you are Idiot.” Zhou Fei took a look ferociously at the director and said loudly, “Come, come, come, listen to my command and shoot the mv.

With or without that director, it is still the same.”

Upon hearing that, the director who was leaving almost tripped over.

After turning around and glared at Zhou Fei, he stormed off in a huff.

Liang Mengqi stayed at a luxurious high-level sea view apartment.

The neighborhood she stayed at was the same neighborhood as Joker Xue.

Just that, Joker Xues apartment was bought by himself and Liang Mengqis apartment was rented.

Currently, Liang Mengqi was lying down on her bed, using her phone, and just sent a message to a WeChat group,

“Guess who I met today”

“A handsome guy” A person who was calledI am very beautiful replied.

The profile ofI am very beautiful was a guy.

He seemed quite delicate and pretty, but anyone who had heard him spoke all knew that he fitted with the name very well.

Because this guy was that sissy that Zhang Han met at the beach.

“Incorrect, it should be that you met your ex-boyfriend.” A person with the internet nameI am very cool replied.

ThisI am very cool was the other female within the 3 of them.

She had short hair and seemed somewhat like a tomboy.

Also, her temperament was very candid.

“What ex-boyfriend! Do you all remember the little lady who I was going give a beverage to at the beach” Liang Mengqi replied.

I am very pretty: “I remember.

I, of course, remember such an adorable little baby~”

I am very cool: “Can you not be this lowly You are disgusting me to death.

Mengqi, could it be that you ran into that little girl”

“Thats right, I ran into that father and daughter.

Hehe, you all take a guess at what that guy work as” Liang Mengqi replied.

I am very pretty: “Looking at that harsh look of his, could it be that he is an artist from the slum”

I am very cool: “I guess……a gang person who looks after a place Although he was somewhat harsh, his manliness was ample.

He is much stronger than a certain sissy.”

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful: “Upstairs is correct.”

Seven Second Fish: “Upstairs is correct.”

There was a total of 10 people in the WeChat group, they all belonged to the same friend circle.

The people who were typing in the chat most of the time were only Liang Mengqi, sissy, and the short hair woman.

Other people would only occasionally type in the chat group.

The main reason for that was because that within the 3 of them, Liang Mengqi had no job, and the sissy and short hair woman had short work time, and thus was relatively free.

“Where did you all guess to That guy opens a restaurant!” Liang Mengqi snorted lightly.

Not intending to keep them in suspense, she typed very quickly with her fingers, “Let me reveal it to you all, he opens a restaurant that is calledMeng Mengs Leisure Restaurant, and his daughter is called Meng Meng.

I feel that he has so much love.”

I am very beautiful: “He has so much love, oh, oh, oh.

So that fellow is the boss of a small restaurant.”

“Humph, his restaurant is very unique.

It was even the first time I have seen it that kind of restaurant.

The decor inside is just like that of a household.

Also, you must not think that he is a small boss.

His television wall is made with jadeite and there is also a Steinway Model O Grand Piano there.

Each of it costs above a million.”

I am very pretty: “Aiya! So he is a rich man oh Rich man, I request for a hug.”

I am very cool: “Truly disgusting, damned sissy.”

Seven Second Fish: “Truly disgusting, damned sissy.”

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful: “Truly disgusting, damned sissy.”

“This is not the main point!” Liang Mengqi replied, “The main point is that the rice that he cooked was really, really, really fragrant.

The important thing is that I said really 3 times.

From I was small to big, this was the first time that I had eaten such fragrant rice.

Aiya, just thinking about it now is making me hungry.

My saliva is about to drip too.”

I am very beautiful: “En Is that true or fake Big miss, your mouth is so picky that I have never seen you give such an evaluation like this.”

Seven Second Fish: “What kind of rice, what kind of rice, quickly say!”

“Egg fried rice!” Liang Mengqi replied.

I am very cool: “Pfft……You are trying to make me laugh”

“I am not joking!” Liang Mengqi replied, “His egg fried rice is really, really, really fragrant.

There is also cow milk too.

The cow milk is the most delicious cow milk I have drank.

Do you all know This bosss temperament is really unique.

He only opens for business during the time when he is cooking for his daughter.

I was only able to eat the egg fried rice after waiting for quite a while.

Also, a plate of egg fried rice cost 280 rmb and a cup of cow milk cost 80 rmb.

But I personally feel that, dont say 280 rmb, even if his egg fried rice cost 2.8k rmb, I would also not hesitate to buy it! The egg fried rice is just too delicious already.”

Liang Mengqi typed out a bunch of words.

This made the few others felt slightly dazed.

I am very cool: “True or fake Is it really that delicious”

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful: “/Sticking out tongue/.

280 rmb for a plate of egg fried rice and 80 rmb for a cup of cow milk.

It is so expensive!”

I am very beautiful: “Humph, why do I not believe it No matter how it is made, isnt egg fried rice still egg fried rice Is his egg fried rice stir-fried in heaven”

“I am a dog if I bluff you all!” Liang Mengqi snorted lightly and replied, “Believe it or not is up to you all.

In any case, Im preparing to sleep right now, Im afraid that I will not be able to wake up at 7am.

If I were to miss his egg fried rice, I will not have the appetite to eat anything else.”

I am very cool: “7am is it I will come too!”

I am very beautiful: “Me too!”

“You two give me a call before 7am then.

I will go sleep first.” Liang Mengqi replied and was intending to go sleep already.


The phone suddenly rang.

Liang Mengqi picked the phone up and discovered that it was actually her brother, Liang Hao.

“Brother, what are you calling me for during this late.” Liang Mengqi asked.

“Mengqi, are you at Xiangjiang right now” Liang Hao laughed and asked.

“Thats right.”

“I am also going to go to Xiangjiang.” Laing Hao said unhurriedly.

“Ah” Liang Mengqi slightly went into a daze and asked, “What are you coming here for You are not going to care about the 2 companies in Singapore”

“I am currently preparing to hand it over to second uncle and the others.

I took over the companies for 2 years and it is already enough that the market value of the 2 companies has been doubled.

I will be coming to Xiangjiang to take a long vacation next.” Liang Hao laughed and said.

“Tsk! It is truly strange that those people at home would release you out.

It is fine if you come too, just nice I am also quite bored being alone here.”

“I am not going there to play this time.

En……I am going there this time to find Zi Yan.” Liang Hao smiled slightly.

Right now, his tone was somewhat gentler.

“Zi Yan” Liang Mengqi slightly went into a daze and said, “Find her for what

“I am already 26 years old.

The family kept on wanting to find a marriage for me, but I did not agree.

Our father allowed me to settle my girlfriend problem within a year.

After thinking back and forth, I feel that Zi Yan suits me the best.

Also, I heard that her circumstance at Xiangjiang is not that good, I can try to help her when I come to Xiangjiang too.” Liang Hao said unhurriedly.

“When are you coming to Xiangjiang” Liang Mengqi asked.

“The earliest would be in a month time I guess.

I have not decided on a specific time yet.

I will come to Xiangjiang after I have settled the companies affairs.” Liang Hao replied.

“Oh, alright then, Im hanging up, I still have to wake up early tomorrow to go eat egg fried rice.

Bye bye.”

After speaking finish, Liang Mengqi hung up the phone.

Before sleeping, Zhang Hans figure and his graceful posture when he played the piano ineffably floated pass her mind.

That fellow is actually quite handsome too.

Liang Mengqi muddleheadedly mumbled and gradually fell asleep.


The next morning 6am , Zhang Han and Meng Meng woke up and finished washing up.

Coming to the first floor, Zhang Han opened the Apple MacBook and played songs that were pleasant to listen to.

Preparing for the breakfast, Zhang Han cooked the rice and beat the eggs well.

7 minutes before it was 7am, the restaurant received a customer, or more precisely, an employee from the stir fry restaurant next door.

“Boss, can I ask what food do your restaurant sell” An ordinary looking female who seemed to be the age of 30 asked curiously.


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