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Chapter 440 A Relic Came out after Striking

After putting on the clothes, Zi Yan dialed Zi Qiangs number.

Although it was almost twelve oclock, Su Long had just gotten in touch with her father and learned that he had not fallen asleep yet.

Therefore, the phone only rang twice before being picked up.

Zi Qiang asked in doubt, “Hello, Xiao Yan, did Elder Su call you What is it”

He definitely had something urgent since he had called Zi Yan at midnight.

Zi Yan replied, “He did ask us for help, and Im going to go out with Zhang Han.

Can you come here to look after Mengmeng for a while, dad”

“Ah, well, Ill come over with your mom now,” said Zi Qiang before hanging up.

“Theyre coming, so lets open the door.”

Zi Yan walked to the door, holding Zhang Hans hand, and they opened it after changing shoes.

In less than one minute, Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu arrived.

“Han, where are you going” asked Xu Xinyu.

“We plan to help Su Long to check something,” replied Zhang Han with a chuckle.

“When will you come back” asked Zi Qiang again.

“In about two or three hours,” replied Zhang Han.

Zi Qiang said while looking into the bedroom, “Well, just go.

Well attend to Mengmeng here.

Is she in the bedroom”


She seldom wakes up at night.

If so, you can give us a call, dad,” said Zi Yan.

“Fine, okay.” Zi Qiang immediately put on the slippers and went straight to the bedroom after responding.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan looked at each other with a chuckle, then closed the door and left.

They headed for the elevator, but Zi Yans face suddenly changed after taking a few steps.


Zhang Han asked in confusion, “Whats wrong”

“The sheet, the sheet has not been cleaned up yet.” Zi Yan blushed and said with great awkwardness, “How embarrassed I will feel if they see it.”

The two of them had had sex in the bed for more than an hour, and it was in a total mess now.

As long as others took a look at it, they would realize what had happened just now.

“Uh…” Zhang Han compressed his mouth and said, “Your parents should have gone directly to the bedroom.

Its fine.

Isnt this a normal thing We have given birth to a baby, so they definitely know that we must have done that several times.


“Thats enough.

Theres someone looking at us in front.” Zi Yan stretched out her tender hand and gently pinched Zhang Hans waist.

“Haha, he should be waiting for us.” Zhang Han glanced at the man in a suit standing in front of the elevator.

The man was staring at them with a respectful and polite look, obviously waiting for them.

As they approached, the man in the suit rushed up and said with a smile, “Hello, Mr.

Zhang, Miss Zi.

I am a member of the Spirit Group, and I came here to pick you up.

The helicopter is ready.”

Zhang Han nodded slightly.

The man in the suit pressed the elevator button, and the three of them entered it to leave the Castle Hotel.

Just on the square on their left was a helicopter.

As soon as they walked out of the hotel, Zi Yan felt a bit cold due to the breeze at night, so she subconsciously crossed her arms tightly.

Zhang Han directly took off his coat,

“Put it on.”

“Fine.” Zi Yan blinked her beautiful eyes and put on Zhang Hans coat, feeling flattered.

The man in the suit next to them could not help but smile after catching sight of what was happening out of the corner of his eye.

He sighed with emotion in his mind: The more powerful and enchanting the people were, the more easygoing they would be.

He had seen a 21-year-old Peak Strength Warrior, who had even walked with great momentum, and his chin had almost reached the sky.

He also had seen a 24-year-old Profound Stage Master, showing his ability to the full extent wherever he went!

Surprisingly, now, he had utterly failed to feel the strong aura of the man beside him though Zhang Han was an outright Grand Master.

However, the captain of the Spirit Group had once told him that the easygoing and caring man next to him had a nickname.

In Hong Kong, people secretly called him—Fierce Zhang!

Before coming here, the captain had repeatedly warned him of adopting a friendly attitude.

The man was particularly curious about Zhang Han, so he sized him up secretly from time to time.

As for Zi Yan, who was next to Zhang Han, the man did not dare to take a look.


Zhang, Miss Zi, please board the helicopter.”

As they walked in front of the helicopter, the man in the suit reached out his hand to make a gesture.


Zhang Han took the lead in boarding the helicopter, holding Zi Yans hand.

After the man in the suit got on the helicopter, the propeller started spinning up and the helicopter quickly flew to the targeted sea area.

Singapore also appeared different at night.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan were looking down.

At that moment, Zi Yan was in high spirits, showing something to Zhang Han from time to time,

“Look there, it is Jade Park.

I used to pass that place every day when I was in elementary school.

“The bright building is a museum, which probably has been rebuilt, because it looks much bigger than before.

Ouch, I havent returned to Singapore for more than seven years, and it has changed a lot.

I cant recognize some places.”


Zhang Han smiled, holding Zi Yans hand.

After listening to her for a while, he said with a smile, “I heard from father-in-law that you were very naughty when you were young.”

“No, he talked irresponsibly.” Zi Yan soon turned and shook her head a few times, like shaking a rattle.

“I was only a little naughty when at three or four years old.

After that, I was no longer naughty.”

“Really Are you indeed so awesome” Zhang Han revealed a surprised expression.

“Yeah.” Zi Yan nodded seriously.

Then she reacted and reached out her hand to pinch Zhang Hans waist, grumbling gracefully, “Youre so annoying.”


Zhang Han burst out laughing.

Soon, they arrived in the targeted sea area within half an hour.

The sky was clear and bright, with a silver moon.

The man in the suit nearby coughed slightly and pointed to the island outside the window beneath him.


Zhang, the one below us is Dark Wind Island.

Actually, Captain Su and his companions are only a dozen nautical miles away from here,” he said.

“Oh, this island isnt very small.” Zi Yan glanced at the island several times with her big eyes, vaguely seeing its outline in the air.

Zhang Han looked down and sized it up carefully without saying anything.

Soon, they saw more than a dozen frigates appearing on the sea, not far ahead.

The left one was an aircraft carrier, so the helicopter approached it and landed slowly.

After walking down the helicopter, they saw 40-50 people standing at the left edge of the deck.

Zhang Han glanced at them, discovering that everyone, including Su Long, had a dignified expression.

“Director Zhang.”

Su Long took a few steps towards and greeted with a nod.

“The boat is here, and you can check it first,” said Su Long.


Zhang Han held Zi Yans hand and walked to the edge of the deck.

After arriving at the destination, they noticed that both ships were radiating lights in front of them.

While several lights illuminated a specific area of seawater, a vast shadow slowly moved forward underwater.


Zi Yan got a fright after seeing what was happening.

She could not help covering her mouth as her eyes widened.

The huge shadow, like a whale drifting slowly, came into view.

At that point, they could merely see its clear black outline.

However, it was more than twice as enormous as the aircraft carrier here, which gave people a strong sense of oppression.

Zhang Han was a little startled.

Sure enough, it was the boat he had seen at the bottom of the sea!

This black boat, with a looming appearance, similar to a large cruise ship, was surrounded by black mist.

However, it was relatively weird that the deck of the boat was as flat as the aircraft carrier.

No one was on it, but it moved forward as if the boat were conscious, which chilled all the people present.

Several fishermen, on five fishing boats, discovered this vessel.

One of the boats possibly hit the underwater hull when they dropped the fishing nets.

As a result…” Su Longs eyes slightly narrowed, and he said slowly, “The fishing boat turned into a cloud of black fog and was inhaled into the sea.

All six people on it died.

We just tried a few different rounds of ammunition to hit it, but they all disappeared inexplicably.

Moreover, we found that once the fish accidentally touch the hull, they will also turn into a cloud of black fog.

I suspect that a strange spatial formation exists on it.”

After that remark, more than 20 people behind Su Long looked at Zhang Han.

They all were superiors in the Spirit Group, almost all of whom were Qi Strength Masters.

However, they were only filled with dread for such a situation.

No one dared to dive into the sea or send someone else to investigate, for it was too strange.

“It seems that it will hit Dark Wind Island in around 10 minutes.

It will be fine if it stops.

Once it passes through Dark Wind Island, it will hit the mainland in two hours, causing an unexpected sensation at that time,” said Su Long in a deep voice.

“I dont know if Director Zhang is aware of any specific details.”

Everyone around Su Long fell silent.

They just looked at Zhang Han, waiting for his input.

Even Zi Yan was somewhat nervous because the ship in the sea was excessively huge and weird.

Under everyones gaze, Zhang Han looked at the underwater boat.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up.

“This is a Boat of Curse.”

Zhang Han said in a low voice slowly, “I think something is sleeping in the boat.

“What it did was unconscious, and it seems to be foraging.

“Judging by current situation, its goal is Dark Wind Island.

“As for the curse, only when I board the ship will I feel it.

However, I am uncertain now, so…”

After finishing speaking, Zhang Han shook his head slightly, showing that he would not take risks.

In other words, the ship somewhat frightened Zhang Han.

He was aware that he could not touch it safely by right of his current strength.

Just now, Zhang Han had used his Treasure-Sniffing nose, by which he could sniff the air within a few kilometers.

However, his soul sense could not penetrate the cloud of black fog surrounding the underwater boat.


Even so, Zhang Han caught a whiff of a strange odor.

It seemed that there were plenty of treasures, relatively high-end ones, in the boat.

After Zhang Han finished his analysis, the faces of everyone present changed.

Among them, a majority of people could not help but gasp.

They looked at the underwater boat again, feeling that it was like a ferocious beast.

It gave them goosebumps.

“Curse, curse! Such a huge Boat of Curse Uh…”

Su Longs eyes instantly widened.

As he looked at the underwater boat under, his eyes were imbued with fear.

He had heard, seen, and fought against the Cursed Technique.

In fact, he could even find a way to deal with the Grand Masters who were proficient in the Law of Curse.

But in the face of this ship…

This damned over 500-meter-long Boat of Curse was too frightening.

“Is it targeting Dark Wind Island” asked Su Long while looking at Zhang Han.

“There is an 80% chance,” replied Zhang Han.

“What the hell is it Isnt the curse a technique How can it forage” said Su Long hesitantly.

“Because the curses are divided into various kinds.

Maybe you havent seen too many, and they are too low-end.”

Zhang Han could feel that a certain creature was sleeping in that Boat of Curse.

That Boat of Curse was just something it unconsciously controlled, meaning the curse was its protection.

Such an idea did arouse Zhang Hans interest.

If he did not have a family, he would take the opportunity to dive into the water and enter the boat.

However, now, he had a family, Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

Hence, he did not want to take risks.

“Uh… Hiss…” Su Long took a deep breath and shook his head slightly, saying, “Can it sink Dark Wind Island”

“Under normal circumstances, it wont.” Zhang Han gave an ambiguous response.

“But it is really strange.

We just have to wait.”

“Alas, we can do nothing but wait.” Su Ling sighed gently.

At that point, Zi Yan, who was standing beside Zhang Han, tightened her arms.

Only when she clung to Zhang Han could she feel more secure.

Seeing that they no longer asked Zhang Han, Zi Yan whispered, “The huge boat is scary.

Will it suddenly appear above sea”

Zhang Han chuckled and answered casually, “Theres nothing terrible, as long as we keep a distance.

Moreover, it wont—”

Unexpectedly, he didnt get a chance to finish speaking.

Zoom! Zoom!

Suddenly, a shocking metallic friction sound was heard resounded.

The Boat of Curse, like a behemoth, slowly rose from the water, lifting up more than 20-meters-high waves!

When it was completely exposed and appeared on the sea, everyones face changed.

It was colossal!

Even the aircraft carrier, the warlord on the sea, became negligible, let alone people who were like ants before it.

Zhang Hans mouth trembled slightly, and he looked at the boat with dissatisfaction.

You humiliated me.

I was just about to say no, but you actually rose to the surface of the sea!

The boats massive hull created pressure for all present, even though the aircraft carrier and the frigate stayed at a safe distance.

The commander rushed and gave an order.

They needed to stay further away from the Boat of Curse.

They had to stay at its two sides, like escorting it, and sail through wind, as well as waves.

Their destination was the same as the huge boat—Dark Wind Island.

As they approached Dark Wind Island, Su Longs eyes began to be filled with concerns.

Many others gradually became nervous.


Su Long kept an eye on the huge boat and swallowed his saliva.

“It doesnt matter even if Dark Wind Island sinks after being struck.

Im only afraid that it will target the mainland.

If so, do you have any way to stop it” he asked Zhang Han.

Zhang Han did not give a response after hearing his question, but he sized up the ship.

20 seconds later, he said firmly, “It is indeed targets Dark Wind Island!”

At that time, it approached Dark Wind Island, while the aircraft carrier, and the frigate stopped.

As Zhang Han finished speaking—

Clatter, clatter!

Suddenly, something strange happened with the Boat of Curse again.

It… actually floated out of the sea!

The hull rose, lifting up mountains of waves once again.

Under everyones gaze, it flew more than 10 meters in the sky, heading toward the largest beach on Dark Wind Island.

“How can it fly”

“My gosh.

Is it possible”

“Its so terrible!”

Many people, whether on the aircraft carrier or the frigate, were dumbfounded.

They completely failed to comprehend such an incredible scene.

As for the superiors, they stared at the huge boat fearlessly.

They were envious!

If they could master such technology, they could master the initiative of the sea!

Under everyones gaze, the hull flew straight to the beach, which was in front of the lush trees.



A dull thud, like the sound of hitting something with the prow of the giant boat, reverberated.

However, there was nothing left in the ship!

Many people were startled.

In the next moment…

Zhang Han took a closer look and spat out two words, “A worldlet!”

Suddenly, he prow of the boat lit up, like ripples shining in the sky.

Then, it illuminated the surroundings with intense light as if a corner of the world was torn.

The prow of the ship faded into the world swiftly, and then, in just 30 seconds, the entire ship fell into it and disappeared.

The ripples that could accommodate the hull were still flashing, shrinking at a macroscopic speed.

Eventually, under everyones gaze, the fluctuations narrowed to a circumference of 20 meters, turning into a white foggy cloud, which was like a football.


Su Longs expression was extremely stiff, and he looked at Zhang Han with great amazement.

“Did a relic actually come out after striking This, this is really…”

Su Long was rendered speechless, for he had never imagined that an ancient relic would actually appear on account of the strike of the huge boat!

“Grand Master Liu, well detect the level of the relic right now!” said Su Long to a thin man in his early fifties.


He nodded.

At that point, Su Long also relaxed, so he asked Zhang Han with a smile while looking at him, “Do you want to go with us, Grand Master Zhang”


Zhang Han nodded.

Thus, they boarded two helicopters and soon reached one side of the beach.

Since Zi Yan was also quite curious at that time, she blinked her big eyes and looked around.

After getting off the helicopter with a dozen men, her expression was like that of a curious baby.

Grand Master Liu stepped into the cloud of fog and walked around nine times.

Finally, he looked at the jungle, as well as the mountains behind it.

In the end, he stood in front of the fog, closing his eyes.

“Hey What is he doing” asked Zi Yan with curiosity.

“Preparing to detect the level of the relic,” answered Su Long with a smile.

“Oh.” Zi Yan responded and was somewhat curious, wanting to ask how to detect with his eyes closed.

However, she did not ask more questions at the thought of the mysterious martial arts world.

“He is regulating his breathing and ready to display Profound Skills,” explained Zhang Han with a chuckle.

“What are Profound Skills.” Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han with a trace of pride in her eyes.

My husband is an immortal who knows everything.

He is really awesome.

Zhang Han replied in a whispering voice to Zi Yan, “Profound Skills are…”

After talking about two minutes, as Grand Master Liu moved.

Zi Yan looked over, so Zhang Han stopped talking.

“Dragon hovers beside the water spring of the peak!”

Grand Master Lius eyes suddenly brightened with his fingers moving quickly.

As he stepped down, he rose half a meter in the sky, seemingly very mysterious.

In the meanwhile, he said constantly, “The dragon is fixed in the true hole of the Edge Hill.

“The wind blows once the door is

“The dragon already sees the sun ring!

“The wind starts blowing!”

As Grand Master Liu finished speaking, the white mist in the area of more than ten meters suddenly shook three times.

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