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“Its a large area.”

Looking around, Instructor Liu found that the foggy dead tree area became a vast expanse of whiteness, with a visibility of only 60 to 70 meters.

Suddenly, he was stunned and said, “By the way, Boss, when I just landed in this area, I heard a huge metal friction sound.

At that time, the five skeleton soldiers that were besieging me stopped immediately after hearing the noise.

Then they all looked up to the left as if they could see something.”

“I see,” Zhang Han nodded his head and said, “That sound should be made by the boat of curse.”

“Boat of curse Is it the one mentioned by the authorities Boss, you have seen it” Instructor Liu asked curiously.

“Well, Ive seen it twice.

With my current strength, I dare not explore it at will,” Zhang Han replied.

“Hiss! Its terrible!” Instructor Lius facial expression changed into one of fear.

“It seems that the official warning is well-founded.

Everyone knows that the boss is a late-stage Grand Master, but he dares not explore that ship.

That ship… Its too terrible.”

“Ive seen that ship, too.” Zi Yan looked at Instructor Liu and said, “Its very large in size, even twice as big as an aircraft carrier.

They said it was five or six hundred meters long and 100 meters high.

The ship is all black with nothing in it, but it can fly.

When the ship flew out of the sea, it broke the protective array of the relics, thus we were able to be here.”

“Huh Dammit, its amazing!” Instructor Liu imagined the picture described by Zi Yan, and immediately shrank his neck in fear.

“If Im right, the central area in front is actually a dead area, and the boat of curse would come here to look for food.

This ship, which can detect the remains and come to forage by itself, is worth studying.” Zhang Hans eyes narrowed slightly.

There was no doubt that there were high-level things in the ship, maybe a king-level soul or other creatures.

There was no danger without touching the hull, which meant that the creature was still sleeping.

“Go ahead,” Zhang Han said, holding Zi Yans hand and walking forward.

Instructor Liu followed them, looking left and right to keep alert.

But he found that whenever a skeleton approached, it was directly turned into powder.

Knowing that it was the boss who was beating a path, he was completely relieved.

On the way, Zhang Han pointed out the direction to Instructor Liu and helped him get some Earth-grade treasures, which shocked the instructor.

“How is this possible

“How could he find the treasures directly Its like cheating in a game!”

Gradually, the fog became thicker, and the visibility was reduced from more than 60 meters to only 10 meters.

The forest was all white.

Zhang Han felt a bit dazed.

It seemed that he had once been trapped in such a fog in his previous life.

If he couldnt use his soul sense or some means, he might really be lost in this vast fog.

In this way, after they walked forward in the fog for more than 10 minutes, Zhang Hans ears suddenly twitched as if he felt something, and then he accelerated his pace.

At the same time…

On the edge of the dead tree area, there was a flat ground without any fog.

This flat land also extended far to the left and right sides, where nearly 100 people were gathered, many of whom were just coming out of the fog, and the number of people was still increasing.

On the left, there were two groups of people confronting each other.

There were more than 40 people on one side, and 90% of them were black.

On the other side, there were 17 or 18 people from the Heavenly Talisman Sect led by Ma Di.

An old man with long hair was standing beside Ma Di and looking at the three black men leading the other side seriously.

One of the three black leaders had no hair, and he was Fa Jiaer, a branch leader of the Evil Wind Sect.

The two standing next to him were his protectors.

Fa Jiaer was a middle-stage Grand Master close to the late stage.

And both his protectors had also advanced to the Grand Master Middle-stage two years ago.

In contrast, Ao Yuan, one of the elders of the Heavenly Talisman Sect who had just advanced to the middle stage, was under great pressure.

“Fa Jiaer, what do you mean by ambushing here” Ao Yuan asked aloud as he retreated.

He was about 100 meters away from the dead tree area, so as long as he entered it, he would have a chance to escape.

Fa Jiaer was a master majoring in spells, and he needed a few seconds to cast spells before each attack.

Therefore, Ao Yuan wanted to extend the time as much as possible.

If he was the only one who encountered Fa Jiaer, he could run away directly.

But now there were more than 10 outstanding disciples of the sect behind him, and he was responsible for their safety.

“What do I mean The Heavenly Talisman Sect had stolen my treasures, and I warned you last time that youd better not fall into my hands.

It turns out that youre really unlucky.” Fa Jiaer sneered and walked to the opposite side step by step.

He knew Ao Yuans plan, so he was also paying attention to the distance between himself and the mist cluster.

“But so what

“Anyone who tries to run away from me, Fa Jiaer, is dreaming.”

He planned to make these people despair when they saw hope, and then their expression would make him happy.

With the improvement of his strength, he found that he was born to like killing, and he enjoyed the pleasure of darkness and blood!

“Dont talk nonsense.

That treasure was in the ruins and didnt belong to anyone.

Moreover, our eighth elder got it at the cost of his life, and we havent investigated this matter yet.

How dare you come back to bite us in such a vicious way! Youre too unreasonable.” Ao Yuan frowned and said seriously, “You are so fond of killing people.

Do you know that there is always someone stronger than you All murderers will be killed in the end.”

Ao Yuans words resonated with the crowd standing more than 50 meters away on both sides.

They were very familiar with the background of both sides, and couldnt help talking about them.

“The Evil Wind Sect is here to cause trouble again!”

“Alas, the strength disparity is too big since there are three Grand Masters from the Evil Wind Sect and only one from the Heavenly Talisman Sect.

According to the character of the branch leader, Im afraid that all those from the Heavenly Talisman Sect will be destroyed!”

“The most important thing is that those masters have gone to the front central area.

No one here can control the situation, let alone protect the Heavenly Talisman Sect.”

“There will probably be a massacre here.

The disciples from the Evil Wind Sect are so cruel after all.”


The discussions among the onlookers were all about the facts.

In the martial arts world, there was indeed a group of people who liked to kill and regarded killing as their unique way of cultivation, and many of them had become evil legends of an era.

But they generally couldnt live long without a strong backing.

As there was always someone stronger, at any time, a more powerful martial artist might appear and easily kill them.

However, when these discussions were heard by a man with a flattop haircut who seemed to be about 25, he slightly frowned.

“Hahaha…” Fa Jiaer laughed when he heard the words.

Then he calmed down and stared at the people in front of him in a more vicious and cruel way.

“Only the weak can say that.”

“You think youre invincible” Ao Yuan was getting more and more angry, but he was also retreating faster.

That was because he had a hunch that Fa Jiaer was going to attack him.

“Ah…” Ma Dis younger martial sister was almost scared to tears.

The other disciples faces were also pale, and there was even cold sweat on their foreheads.

They were shaking with despair.

What was going to happen was terrible.

They had been learning how to draw and use talismans in their sect, and this was their first time coming out to practice their skills and toughen themselves.

Under such circumstances, they were brave enough to not be too scared to stand up.

At this time, Ma Dis hands were shaking and his back was cold.

But he knew that he had to stand in front of the younger martial brothers and sisters.

So he put his hand behind his back and moved his fingers quickly to send signals to those behind him.


The crowd recoiled faster.

“Haha, surround them!” Fa Jiaer sneered.

At once, both protectors beside him moved to outflank the frightened disciples, trying to block their retreat.

Ao Yuans face darkened.

When he took a deep breath and was about to say something…

“Stop!” Suddenly, a serious voice came from the crowd, and then a young man emerged from the onlookers on the right.

He took only one step forward with seemingly slow movements, but suddenly, he appeared more than 30 meters away, just at the side of the two groups.

Fa Jiaers eyes met his icy gaze.


“Earth spells”

Fa Jiaer got serious.

The young man didnt hide his qi, and Fa Jiaer could sense that he was also a middle-stage Grand Master.

But he was not afraid.

Even if the other side had such a Grand Master helper, they could be evenly matched in strength with him at most.

“You have a helper” Fa Jiaer sneered.

“Is your Evil Wind Sect going too far this time” The young man had an oval face, a well- proportioned figure, and looked a little childlike.

But he was like a drawn sword surrounded by a powerful field of qi, and no one dared to look down upon him.

“Dont forget that you are in Singapore,” he warned, “Your Evil Wind Sect cannot act recklessly and disparage everyone.”

“Hahaha… Boy, we are in the relics and I can do whatever I like! You are Su Mu, right Even if your grandfather came here personally, I would not be merciful, let alone you! Boy, dont do something stupid.

Otherwise, after I kill them, itll be your turn!” Fa Jiaer looked at Su Mu and knew which family he was from.

Su Mu didnt know how to retort, so he clenched his fist and said in a cold voice, “If you want to fight, then lets fight!”

The qi around Su Mu became stronger, indicating that he was about to launch an attack.

“You go and play with him.” Fa Jiaer waved to his protectors.

They rushed at Su Mu at once.

Su Mus spiritual force swept out like a wave.

As he gently stamped his feet, all the sand and stones on the ground within 10 meters of the square were lifted up, and then shot at the attackers like bullets.

However, the attack of the two guardians was not affected at all.

The body of one protector vibrated for a while, and then began to show a light-golden metallic luster, while the other protector held a conch in his hand and began to absorb the sand and stones that were shot at him.

The rest of the sand and stone hit the first protector, causing a thumping sound, just like the sound of knocking metal.

Su Mus facial expression changed.

“Invulnerable Body”

For Su Mu, such a Grand Master who had refined his body to be invulnerable was an unbeatable rival.

He hadnt expected that one of the protectors was a Grand Master whose specialty was body refining.

The two protectors soon arrived in front of Su Mu, and with every move, they tried to kill the young man, which made him continue to retreat.

The crowd watching the battle not far away couldnt help retreating and asking in fear, “Why is the top young martial artist in Singapore so vulnerable”

“Take care of your words.

His opponent is not a young disciple, but an experienced Grand Master.”

“The Evil Wind Sect is so terrible and overbearing!”


When the onlookers were talking, all those from the Heavenly Talisman Sect had retreated to a place only 30 meters away from the dead tree area behind.


Fa Jiaer opened his hands and began to chant quickly in a low voice.

In less than a second, everyone present felt that their life was being threatened.

Suddenly, a faint light flashed in Fa Jiaers eyes, and then black air masses as thick as his arms rushed out of his hands.

They quickly moved forward on the left and right sides, ready to surround all those from the Heavenly Talisman Sect.

Ao Yuans face changed, and suddenly, a blue talisman appeared in his right hand, being thrown forward by him at the air mass on the right.

Ao Yuans hands were raised horizontally, controlling this talisman, and continuously inputting his spiritual force into it, temporarily blocking the attack of the air mass on the right.

But he was more and more desperate, because the light-black air mass on the left was rapidly approaching him.

However, he had no hand to resist it with.

The two air masses were growing, trying to form a circle to surround him and his disciples.

Once the two masses were connected, Fa Jiaer could cast a more terrifying spell.

Ao Yuans face paled, for he had never expected that the disparity between him and Fa Jiaer was so great.

Just when he didnt know what to do…

Ma Di, who was pale, turned back and shouted at the top of his voice, “Run!”


Then, with steely determination, Ma Di shook his hands, summoned two stacks of talismans and activated more than 30 of them at one time.

The talismans flew out one by one, blocking the air mass on the left, but they were only a drop in the bucket and had no impact on the attack of the air mass.

Without hesitation, Ma Di again activated dozens of talismans, and then rushed toward the snake-like air mass.

Controlling the talismans with both hands, he tried to input as much qi into them as he could, and the air mass was slowed down a little bit.

“Elder brother!”

“Eldest martial brother!”

The disciples of the Heavenly Talisman Sect shouted with tears in their eyes.

“Go!” Ao Yuan snapped.

But as soon as he had given the order, he saw the air mass on the left break through the layers of talismans and rush toward Ma Di.

It was a futile effort for a Profound-stage Master to try and block a middle-stage Grand Master.

But his attitude and determination to protect his younger martial brothers and sisters moved them all.

“Let me help you!” Just when Junior Brother Lu roared and was ready to rush up…


Ma Dis last talisman defense was broken, and the snake-shaped air mass rushed at Ma Dis chest like lightning.

Ma Di turned around, looked at his younger martial brother and younger martial sister, and smiled.

“Ah!” Just when the younger martial sister let out a scream…


Suddenly, a semicircle shield of light appeared in front of Ma Di, completely isolating the air mass.

“Hmm” Fa Jiaer frowned and looked at the misty area.

Even Ao Yuan noticed the abnormality and glanced back from the corner of the eye.

His eyes were lit up with hope.

“Ouch!” Ma Di was stunned at first, then gave out a cry of fright.

He collapsed to the ground, rolled back several meters, stood up with cold sweat on his forehead, looked left and right, took a deep breath of relief, and said with lingering fear, “Here comes our helper! I was scared to death just now.

I almost died!”

His younger martial brother and younger martial sister were also cheered up, and they were all looking back in confusion.

The dead tree area was still foggy.

But everyone present had a strange feeling, as if there were some ancient beasts hidden in the forest.

One second, two second…

Five seconds passed by.

All of a sudden…

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Five black lights formed a fan and rushed at Fa Jiaer.

“Hmm” Fa Jiaer stared at the light fan indifferently and stretched out his right palm.

Suddenly, hundreds of thumb-length needles flew out of his sleeve.

They connected and overlapped each other, forming a huge luminous net.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Just like Ma Dis talismans, Fa Jiaers net was directly broken, and the five black lights rushed forward without slowing down.

Fa Jiaers pupils constricted in fear.

He quickly stopped casting, and waved his hands after the two serpentine air masses dissipated.

Suddenly, a wave of light appeared and surrounded him.



He heard a piercing sound.

There were many thin lines of energy between the gaps of the five lights to connect them, and then the light in the front suddenly flashed.

With the energy support of the other four lights, the first black light pierced Fa Jiaers shield like a sword.

When Fa Jiaers defense work had been completed, the black light appeared within his protective cover.

Fa Jiaer eyes narrowed, reflecting the approaching black light.

He felt as if time was no longer flowing.

When he could see the black light clearly…

He found it was just a black card.

“A card”

As soon as he thought about it, he felt a chill in his chest, and then a fire seemed to be burning in his body, devouring his life.

The card flew through his body and out of his back as if it were a peerless sword, but it was not tainted with blood.

“How…” Fa Jiaers eyes widened.

He reached helplessly forward, as if to touch the enemy in the fog.

Soon after, he couldnt breathe, and his mind kept replaying the words of Ao Yuan.

“There is always someone stronger than you, and all murderers will be killed in the end.”

“So, is this because I deserve it”

Blood came out of his eyes, but he was still holding his last breath, trying to wait to see who killed him.

At the same time…

Fa Jiaers two protectors saw his tragic situation, and their faces changed.

They hurriedly retreated and tried to rescue Fa Jiaer, but found that his breathing was getting weaker and weaker.

The two men quickly retreated and returned to in front of their disciples behind, looking in the direction of the fog with great vigilance.

Su Mu breathed a sigh of relief.

He was under too much pressure just now, and intended to escape after a few moves.

Unexpectedly, such a strange thing happened.

“Is there a helper Who is it How could Fa Jiaer be killed so easily”

He was frightened.

In the dead silence, everyone looked in the direction of the fog.

“Dammit, were going out at last.

Im so dizzy that I cant tell the direction.

Are you dizzy, madam Here is a bottle of mineral water, do you want to drink” Suddenly, a cheerful voice came from the forest.

“ ”

The crowd was confused.

“Whats going on Isnt he quite different from a hero in ones imagination”

On the other side, the five lights slowed down gradually, thus people could see that they were five black cards.

The cards slowly flew back and became suspended in front of the fog.

After seeing the cards clearly, Su Mu suddenly thought of something and shouted, “Its him!”

Su Mu hadnt expected that it was that fierce man who did it and that he could be so amazing.

“No wonder he is a Grand Master who could seckill He Qingtian!”

“He is so powerful!”

Su Mu couldnt help trembling inside.

However, the others present were chewing his words in confusion.

“Its him”

“Who is he”

“Please make it clear!”

Suddenly, two faint figures appeared at the edge of the foggy area.

They seemed to be a man and a woman.

At the same time, a pleasant voice was heard.

“Hoo… Were finally coming out.

Its a little stuffy here.”

“Wait, have I ever heard this voice”

Ma Di was stunned.

But he soon widened his eyes in surprise.

“Ah! Its you!” Ma Di screamed, but then he was shocked.

“You…” He stared at the two people and the five cards floating in front of them.


“A Grand Master!

“How could things develop like this

“Ive been boasting in front of a Grand Master”

Ma Di was at a loss.

“What are they doing Why are they all looking at us” Zi Yan blinked and whispered in Zhang Hans ear.

“What are you looking at” Instructor Liu scratched his head and held the treasures in his arms with greater strength.

“They were fighting just now.” Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan and chuckled.

He was still talking and laughing, as if he had just accidentally killed an ant, rather than a martial arts master.

“Uh, uh, uh…” Fa Jiaer stared at Zhang Han, exhaled his last breath, and fell to the ground.

Zi Yan and Instructor Liu felt the unusual atmosphere and stopped talking.

Everyones eyes were focused on Zhang Han.

They were shocked deep inside.

“Who is he Such a young man killed Fa Jiaer!”

Junior Brother Lu and the other survivors of the Heavenly Talisman Sect were too shocked to think.

“Arent they the two people we met before”

“How powerful he is!”

“Thank you for saving us, young hero.” Ao Yuan, the elder of the Heavenly Talisman Sect, bowed to Zhang Han and saluted him while speaking in a loud voice.

At this time, Zhang Han merely glimpsed at him calmly and did not give any response.

“Well…” Ma Di made an obeisance in hesitation, not knowing what to say.

Zhang Han gave him a faint smile and said, “You left in a hurry, and I had no chance to thank you.

Your talismans are not bad and are convenient to use.”

“Ah Really Haha.” Ma Di blushed, rambling in his response.

“Im so embarrassed!

“How dare I give talismans to a Wu Dao Grand Master and advise them to stay in a safe place! Oh!”

Zhang Han then took Zi Yans hand and walked forward, as if he were just passing by.

Instructor Liu followed them, looked at the crowd, and touched the natural precious materials hidden in his arms.

“See Great trees are good for shade, and my backing is so strong!”

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