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“What kind of dream did you have” Zhang Han gave Mengmeng a soft smile and touched her head.

“I dreamed that I could fly, I suddenly flew up, and I could also fly with Papa and Mama.

I suddenly flew up, I flew high.” Mengmeng held out her small hands as she spoke, trying to demonstrate the scene in her dream.

Zhang Han was amused by the cute girl.

“Then wait for Dad to fly with you in the sky.”

Traveling in the sky and the earth was the dream of every greenhorn cultivator in the Cultivation World.

To be able to fly meant to take the initiative in battle.

Whether it was fighting or escaping, the flying ability allowed one to use more means and skills, such as flying with the help of special tools or flying with pure spiritual force.

Flying with magic weapons could save a lot of power consumption.

By contrast, flying with tools would save more spiritual force.

It was said that all cultivators below the stage of Innateness were equal to ordinary people, which had something to do with their ability to fly.

Because only when a cultivator reached the stage of Innateness could he break the limitation of natural laws and travel to the sky and the earth with his own strength.

The Innateness stage was the real beginning of cultivation, during which period the skills a cultivator could use would change a lot.

Zhang Han had thought that it would take him five years to reach the Innateness stage with the Thunder Yang Woods help.

However, he had obtained a Fourth-Stage Blue Serene Bamboo today, and it would significantly shorten the Thunder Yang Woods maturation time.

As long as he reached the Innateness stage, Zhang Han was confident that he would break all obstacles and eliminate all adverse factors when the Kun Xu World opened.

Mengmeng was pleased with Zhang Hans words.

Looking back with her blinking eyes, she noticed Zi Yan.

“Mama again doesnt want to get up.

Shall we wake her up”

Zhang Han chuckled.

“Dont do it now.

Mom had just slept for a short while.

Follow Dad to clean yourself first, and you can play with your toys after breakfast.”

“Well, lets go.” Mengmeng got up and was ready to get out of bed.

Zhang Han gently got out of bed and tucked up Zi Yan.

Then he put on his clothes, changed Mengmengs clothes, and took her to the bathroom.

As soon as they got downstairs, they heard a noise in the kitchen.

“Are grandpa and grandma cooking Ill take a look.” Mengmeng jumped to the kitchen door and looked inside.

“Grandpa and grandma.” Mengmengs clear and melodious voice came into the kitchen.

“Mengmeng got up.” Xu Xinyu looked back and smiled.

Then she hung her apron aside and washed her hands.

“Well have breakfast in 10 minutes,” Zi Qiang also turned back and said with a smile, “Grandpa specially made egg tarts for you.”

“Egg tarts Thank you, Grandpa,” said Mengmeng happily.

“Hahahaha…” Zi Qiang laughed happily.

Zi Qiang hadnt been making breakfast himself before, for he would either go to the restaurant or let his servants prepare breakfast.

However, the arrival of Mengmeng had made him full of motivation, and he had been getting up on time, at six oclock, every day to make breakfast for his granddaughter.

However, there was one small thing that made him depressed.

Every time he asked Mengmeng if the dish was delicious, Mengmeng would first reply, “Delicious.”

Then she would add, “But its not as delicious as my Papas.

Papa is the most powerful!”

After several times like this, Zi Qiang never asked that question again.

“Han, did you have enough rest Why dont you go and sleep some more” Xu Xinyu walked out of the kitchen and smiled at Zhang Han.

“Im fine, thank you.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

Mengmeng looked up at Xu Xinyu and said solemnly, “Well, Papa never gets up late.

It is Mama who likes sleeping late, and she is still in bed now.”

“Wow, Mengmeng is so lovely,” said Xu Xinyu with a smile.

“Yes.” Mengmeng nodded.

“Lets sit over there.” Xu Xinyu led the way to the side of the sofa, holding Mengmengs little hand, and asked with a smile, “Did you drink water after getting up in the morning”


“Its good for your health to get up in the morning and drink a small cup of warm water.”

After they sat down on the sofa, Xu Xinyu took a pot of clear water and two glasses.

She poured a full glass for Zhang Han and half for Mengmeng.

“Its cold boiled water.

Have a drink,” said Xu Xinyu with a smile.

Her tone was soft, just like her gentle character.

“Papa has a large glass of water, but I only have half.” Mengmeng looked at the two glasses and mumbled.

“Because Mengmeng is small and doesnt need to drink a whole glass of water,” replied Xu Xinyu.

While they were talking, Zhang Han picked up the glass and drank it up.

“Ill drink it up, too.” Mengmeng reached out her hands, held the glass, and drank up the half glass of water one mouthful at a time.

“Han.” Xu Xinyu hesitated.

“Whats up Mother-in-law, if you want me to do anything, just say it.” Zhang Han grinned and said, “Im not a martial artist or anything else in front of you.

Im just your son-in-law, and you can say anything as you like.”

“Yes grandma, dont be so courteous.

My Papa is the most powerful, and he knows everything.” Mengmeng waved her hand.

In other words, she was saying, “Were a family, and dont be so courteous.”

Xu Xinyu touched Mengmengs pink cheek with a smile, and then looked at Zhang Han.

“Mengmeng hasnt applied for a kindergarten yet, so… Im wondering if you plan to settle down in Singapore If you agree, we can find a good manor for you.

When you are busy with your work, I can take care of Mengmeng and make your life more convenient.”

What she said was comprehensive because she had thought about it for two days.

She had been worried about whether Zhang Han would feel that it was he who would marry into the Zi Family.

But later, she had understood the martial arts world and more about Zhang Hans position in the martial arts world.

Without any concern, she had planned to ask him.

“This…” Zhang Han was shocked when he heard those words.

Then he forced a smile and shook his head.

“Im afraid not.”

After thinking about it, he explained, “First, its about my parents, and I can get more information on them in China.

Second, Ive rented a hill in New Moon Bay, and there are lots of important things on it.

The vegetables I planted on the mountain are the best, but the crops on the mountain cant be transplanted, for the time being, so we will need to stay in Hong Kong.”

“Oh, I see.” Xu Xinyu shook her head helplessly.

“Grandma, its Papa Xanadus and specially arranged for Mengmeng.

It is gorgeous, and I like to play with Big Heihei, Little Heihei, and other dogs there.

Dad also raised pigs there, and one kind of them has long hair.

Also, there are cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, etc.

We cant stay here.

We have to go back, or Big Heihei and Little Heihei will miss me.

Grandma, why dont you visit us” said Mengmeng proudly.

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded and said with a smile, “Mother-in-law, you and father-in-law can visit us to Hong Kong, whether you want to start a company or do anything else.”

“Okay.” Xu Xinyu said with a smile, “We are going to Hong Kong with you for a holiday, but we will come back later.

Ah Qiang just promised Mr.

Huang to be the Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce yesterday, and its time for him to show his capabilities.”

Zhang Han smiled and shook his head slightly.

At that moment, Zi Qiang held out his head from the dining room and said, “Breakfast is ready.”

“Lets have breakfast.” Mengmeng jumped off the sofa and ran to the dining room.

After breakfast, while Xu Xinyu accompanied Mengmeng to play with toys on the sofa, Zi Qiang turned his gaze at Zhang Han, expecting to challenge him.

After a few seconds, he adjusted his mood and said confidently, “Han, play 300 rounds of Go with me!”

“Okay.” Zhang Han smiled and nodded.

Then they sat in the small sofa of one side, took out the Go, and began fighting.

With the development of the Go games, it was more and more difficult.

Zi Qiang felt the challenge and looked at the chess game seriously.

He held a chess piece in his fingers, thought for a few minutes, and quickly made a move.

Before Zhang Han could react, he breathed out a long breath, and said in a deep voice, “Excuse me!”

At that time, Zhang Han would stop making moves.

Now that Zi Qiang had said he had won the game, it was no use for Zhang Han to struggle.

Therefore, Zhang Han would study the end-game for another minute and then show a look of surprise and admiration.

“Father-in-law, this move is wonderful!” Zhang Han shook his head.

His words always made Zi Qiang smile happily and proudly.

In his opinion, if he played Go with a poor player, he wouldnt be very happy even if he won.

While it was true happiness to play against skillful players and never lose.

If Zi Yan was here to watch them play, she would definitely say two words to Zhang Han—Drama King!

Even though she couldnt understand every of their moves, according to Zhang Hans eyes and her understanding of him, she could find some clues.

In the morning, until half past eleven, they had been playing Go, occasionally taking a rest.

It was almost noon, and Zi Qiang went to make lunch.

Zhang Han looked at the time and found that Zi Yan had also slept for more than six hours, so he was going to wake her up for lunch.

Looking at Mengmeng, he said, “Mengmeng, lets wake up Mom.”

“Lets wake up Mama.” Mengmeng put down her toys and went back to the bedroom with Zhang Han.

The little girl ran two steps forward and put her hand on the edge of the bed.

Upon seeing that Zi Yan was still sleeping, she whispered, “Mama, Mama, its time to get up.

The sun has risen very high, Mama…”

Under Mengmengs call, Zi Yan soon opened her eyes.

When she saw Mengmeng, she smiled, held out her hand, and gently pinched her face.

“Give me a hug.” Zi Yan stretched out her arms and held Mengmeng for two minutes.

Only when she was fully awake did she sit up and stretch.

“What a good sleep.

Ill get up!”

“Mama, go to brush your teeth and wash your face.

Grandpa is preparing lunch.” Mengmeng reminded her.

“Okay.” Ziyan nodded, got up, put on her shoes, and then hugged Zhang Han.

Every time she was in his arms, she felt at ease.

Then she put on her clothes and went to clean herself.

Before lunch, Zhang Han went to the side and dialed Su Longs number.

“Director Zhang, we were just talking about you.

What can I do for you”

“I wonder if you have any furnaces I want to borrow one for about two hours,” said Zhang Han.

“Well… Yes, I have.

But whats the grade of the furnace do you want If you prefer a high-quality one, I remember that Grand Master Chai in Western Mountain has a holy-level furnace.

But he is ill-tempered, and I have to ask him for instructions first.

In addition, I have a heaven-grade furnace myself, but I dont know if it is suitable for you,” replied Su Long.

“A heaven-grade one is enough,” said Zhang Han.

“When will you come and get it Shall I send someone to pick you up” said Su Long.

“One oclock in the afternoon.”

“OK, Ill arrange it now.” Su Long replied and hung up.

“Are you going out this afternoon Wont you take me” asked Zi Yan behind him.

“Well, Ill go out and get you a little present,” said Zhang Han with a smile.

“Oh, dont tell me, or it wont be a surprise.” Zi Yan rolled her eyes at him.

Zhang Han smiled because he was going to show her the necklace as soon as he came back.

Xu Xinyu sat beside them and smiled at them, saying, “Let Han prepare it himself.

Yan, lets see what youre going to wear tomorrow.”

Mengmeng raised her head and asked, “Then what am I going to do”

“Youll come and see beautiful clothes with us,” said Zi Yan with a smile.

Mengmeng asked again, “When will Papa come back”

Zhang Han thought about it and answered, “Ill be back in three hours.”

“Thats a long time.” Mengmeng mumbled.

A few minutes later, they had lunch in the restaurant, and then Zhang Han went out.

There was already a Spirit Group member waiting in front of the door.

When he saw Zhang Han, he bowed to him and said, “Good afternoon, Master Zhang.

The chief is waiting for you at the base.”

“I see.”

Zhang Han nodded, followed him outside, got on a Hummer, waiting in front of the house, and then they drove slowly to the gate of the manor.

On the way, they passed the square they had seen before and saw that there were many people busy doing something on it.

Several of them, wearing black suits and carrying notebooks, kept pointing to different directions.

Apparently, they were designing the engagement venue for the following day.

Zhang Han smiled happily at the thought of his engagement with Zi Yan.

After leaving the Zi Clans manor, they drove all the way north for about 20 minutes and arrived to an unnamed office building.

The office building was about more than 30 floors, and its appearance was quite magnificent.

When entering it, Zhang Han saw many staff members walking back and forth.

“Master Zhang, this way please.” The man led the way to the elevator and went up to the 27th floor.

When the elevator opened, Zhang Han saw more than 10 people led by Su Long.

“Grand Master Zhang.” They greeted Zhang Han.

Zhang Han nodded and replied with a smile.

“This way, please.

The furnace is in the innermost room.” Instead of saying anything else, Su Long took Zhang Han directly to the room he mentioned.

Everyone else was sitting in the chairs outside the door, while only Su Long and Zhang Han entered the room.

The room was empty, with an area of about 50 square meters.

In the center, Zhang Han saw a ball-shaped furnace.

Su Long introduced.

“Its called Seven Gold Furnace and is made of seven kinds of metal treasures.

It once belonged to an Alchemy Master, who unfortunately died unexpectedly when he was exploring a relic a few years ago.

We took back the furnace and put it here, and occasionally we would ask some masters to help us make some elixirs.

We have prepared the Fire Stone and Silver you mentioned.”

Zhang Han looked at Su Long and said, “Well, thank you very much, Grand Master Su.”

“They are all small things.” Su Long smiled, hesitated for a moment, and asked, “Can I stay here as an onlooker”

“Sure.” Zhang Han nodded and walked towards the furnace.

He took out a palm-sized Xuan Void Gold from his bag, threw it into the furnace, and then summoned a Fire Stone to float to the lower side of the furnace.

The furnace was ignited in a flash, indicating that he started refining the Xuan Void Gold.

Su Long was stunned, because Zhang Han was refining that metal rather than elixirs as he had expected.

However, he did not speak and watched in silence.

More than an hour later, he saw a flash of light in Zhang Hans eyes, and then two silver bars flew into the furnace.

In about five minutes, the flame went out, and a necklace floated out of the furnace, which immediately attracted Su Longs eyes.

The chain of the necklace was made of silver, with a crown pattern on it, which gave a solemn feeling.

At the lower end was a pink heart-shaped diamond the size of a thumb, which was shining.

“This necklace is really unique.” Su Long couldnt help but admire it.

Even he, a man with poor aesthetic standards, thought it was good-looking.

Thus, it was sure to attract all women.

He recalled that he had heard from his granddaughter that, at present, the largest pink diamond was called Pink Star, which was a little bigger than a nail.

It was nearly 60 carats and had been auctioned for more than 70 million dollars.

The present one was more precious than diamonds in terms of materials.

Being made of a Heaven-Stage gem, the pink and bright pendant was about 200 carats in size.

After refining the necklace, Zhang Han picked it up to check it, and then he smiled and put it in his pocket.

Then 18 cards flew out of his pocket and disappeared into the furnace, after which another Fire Stone began to burst into flames.

There were still two thirds of the Xuan Void Gold in the furnace, which were all leftover bits and pieces and could be used to refine his weapons.

Su Long watched from one side and saw the flickering light in Zhang Hans eyes from time to time.

He was a little surprised because he didnt sense Zhang Han using magic.

After another hour or so, suddenly, a dull sound came from the furnace.

Then the cards flew out and fell back to Zhang Hans pocket.

Su Long couldnt control his expression any more.

They were just Earth-Grade treasures.

Why did they become Heaven-Grade treasures after being refined once

Su Long asked in confusion, “How were these treasures refined”

Zhang Han thought about it and gave him three words—Soul Sense Sea.

Soul Sense Sea

Su Long was even more confused.

But he soon understood what Zhang Han meant and asked excitedly, “Is it psychokinesis Grand Master Zhang, are you able to use psychokinesis”

Zhang Han pondered and replied, “Almost the same.”

In truth, psychokinesis was different from Soul Sense.

Psychokinesis was a kind of energy formed before the cultivators Soul Sense Sea was born, which would continue increasing the difficulty of opening up ones Soul Sense Sea.

In comparison, cultivating their Soul Sense was the right way for cultivators.

Obviously, being a martial arts Grand Master was not enough to reach this level.

“Well…” Su Long didnt care about it.

Seeing Zhang Han coming to the door, he hesitated and said, “Master Zhang, could you please do me a favor”

Zhang Long glanced at him and asked, “Whats it”

Su Long paid obeisance and asked politely, “Su Mu, my grandson, has been practicing earth magic, but he reached the bottleneck one year ago and cant go any further.

I had been worrying about him until I got to know that you, Grand Master Zhang, knew a lot about magic.

When you were in the swamp, the light wave at your feet was the result of using water magic, right Maybe you also have studied earth magic, so I wonder if you could guide Su Mu”

He was very respectful, indicating that he really cared about his grandson and expected him to make a breakthrough.

Without hesitation, Zhang Han nodded and said, “Okay.”

He had a free attitude towards life and was free to do whatever he wanted.

His code of conduct was to give more respect to those who respected him and more harm to those who hurt him.

Obviously, Su Long belonged to the former, so Zhang Han was willing to guide his grandson.

With Zhang Hans promise, Su Long was overjoyed.

Just now, he had been worried about it, because cultivators were usually reluctant to teach their own magic to others, or give advice to others cultivation.

Naturally, they wanted to keep the last card.

Therefore, Zhang Hans promise made him admire the generous and righteous master even more.

“Su Mu is downstairs in the backyard.

Is it convenient for Master Zhang now” Su Long asked again.

“Lets go now.” Zhang Han nodded.

They left the room and took the elevator downstairs.

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