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Chapter 452 Crisis

“Lei Tiannan may get too comfortable in the position of the director.”

Elder Xus eyes went cold.

He said, “Does he think that because he is one of the National Security Agencys men, he will be totally safe Several directors of the National Security Agency have gone in recent years.


I proposed to him to exchange the five elements furnace a few years ago.

He gave me a blunt refusal.

Now he lent it to another person straight away.

Does he look down on me”

Hearing what he said, the atmosphere in the hall tightened.

Both Patriarch Li and the seniors in the Li family were anxious because they could feel Elder Xus anger.

Fortunately, he did nothing after a grunt.

But they knew that Elder Xu didnt calm down.

It seemed that… his expression spelled death.

“Do you know who he lent the furnace to” Li Zhan looked at Elder Xu and asked.

“He lent it to the famous Zhang Hanyang in Hong Kong,” Elder Xu replied.

“What Him again!” Patriarch Li exclaimed.

Seeing Elder Xu looking over, he kept a straight face and said, “That Zhang Hanyang is extremely conceited.

I sent someone to demand a reasonable explanation for what happened to my sons broken leg.

He said that if anyone had a problem, the leader of the Li family could come by himself.

He showed no respect to our family at all!”

“Huh.” Li Zhan suddenly chuckled and shook his head.

“He was indeed changed by his achievement.

As a newcomer in Hong Kong, using some brutal means to establish himself was totally delusional.

There are some people he cant afford to offend.”

Obviously, Li Zhan regarded himself as one of “some people”.

Now he sounded displeased.

His attitude was unclear before.

But he heard what they said and kept it in mind.

Li Zhan intended to change the situation.

However, he was at the Grand Master Late-stage, so was Zhang Hanyang.

He felt that the opponent was a bit unpredictable, and he wasnt absolutely sure of success.

He could find two people from the list of Hong Kong Top Martial Artists to fight with him, but at the Grand Master Middle-stage, they were just not strong enough.

He thought that it was not worth it.

Now with Elder Xus help, he had total confidence.

Although Elder Xu and He Qingtian were both close to the strength of Grand Master Late-stage, Elder Xu had a secret method that could improve his actual strength to that stage in the fight.

In Li Zhans opinion, the two of them would definitely defeat Zhang Hanyang.

Now he had made up his mind to kill his enemy.

“This time, I just came here to force Lei Tiannan to give me the five elements furnace.

Furnace treasures are rare, so the five elements furnace is very important to me.

I didnt expect that there was bad blood between you and Zhang Hanyang.

In that case, lets go straight to Mount New Moon and take the five elements furnace.

If Lei Tiannan and Zhang Hanyang have any problem, then we will deal with them.


Elder Xu spoke with a sneer.

Li Zhan squinted and shook his head slightly.

“It seems that many people in Hong Kong have forgotten about my existence.

In that case, its time to remind them who is Hong Kongs leader.”

After Li Zhan said those words, Patriarch Li and the others were extremely shocked and surprised by him.

The leader of their family decided to be involved in this, therefore another storm was coming to Hong Kong.

The Li family would definitely shoot to fame in Hong Kong!

Meanwhile, in Lei Tiannans office of the National Security Agency in Hong Kong…

“Knock, knock, knock.”

There was knocking on the door.

“Come in,” Lei Tiannan sat on the sofa and answered while looking at some documents.

The door opened and a man came in.

It was Protector Leng.

He bowed to Lei Tiannan and said, “Director Lei, I just heard that Elder Xu of the Heavenly Elixir Sect is in Hong Kong, he must have come for the five elements furnace.

He was directly led to the Manor of the Li Clan by Protector Du, probably to meet with Grand Master Li.”

“He went to see Li Zhan” Lei Tiannan murmured.

Suddenly, he stared at Protector Leng and said, “Go to Mount New Moon now… Forget it.

Ill go myself.”

“Well, why are you going there” Protector Leng asked in bewilderment.

“The five elements furnace is on Mount New Moon.

Zhang Han and the Li family had a little friction a while ago.

Since Elder Xu went to find Li Zhan, they might go to get the five elements furnace directly.

If Li Zhan takes the five elements furnace by force, those two spirit beasts on the mountain would certainly die.”

Lei Tiannan frowned and hurried out.

Lei Tiannan had long coveted those two beasts, and he didnt want anything bad to happen to them.

He sensed the danger and hoped to resolve it in advance.

He thought for a while and decided to take a look at them in person.

He would take back the five elements furnace first, and then go to Elder Xu.

They could settle the ownership of the five elements furnace later.

“Then Ill go with you.” Protector Lengs expression changed a little as he followed him in a hurry.

They quickly went downstairs and got in a black Hummer.

While they were heading for New Moon Bay, a long white Bentley slowly stopped at the foot of Mount New Moon.

On Mount New Moon…

Dahei and Little Hei came out of the forest.


Dahei hiccupped, then it went to the fish pond and scooped up a handful of water.

“Gurgle, gurgle…”

After a few sips, it gargled and spat out the water.

Little Hei also drank some water.

Taking some spirit water after a meal made their lives better.



Little Hei looked aside at the top of the mountain and was fully alert, howling in a low voice.

“Ow Ow ooh ooh…” Dahei was confused and scratched its head.

“Whats going on”

“Ow ow ooh ooh…”

Little Hei shouted and ran forward.

Now Dahei understood.

Dahei knew that Little Hei was expressing “we have an enemy”.

In an instant, Dahei looked fierce, running with four feet to the top of the mountain.

The dogs in the pet area began to become restless and kept barking.

Before long, Dahei and Little Hei arrived at the top of the mountain, then they looked around and saw two old men were coming near.

They walked casually.

But Little Hei was smart and it sensed coldness from them.


Little Hei and Dahei kept moving forward.

The distance between the men and the beasts was less than 20 meters.

Elder Xu raised his eyebrows, he sounded a little surprise as he said, “Oh Are these the two Heaven Stage beasts Not bad.

They got two spirit beasts to protect the mountain.”

“They have the capability to get two spirit beasts.” Li Zhan smiled blandly and looked at Dahei and Little Hei.

He said, “Would you two like to go with me”

Dahei and Little Hei didnt respond to his words, they still just stared at them warily.

Elder Xus eyes were fixed on the five elements furnace under the thunder yang tree, then he squinted.

“I should take the five elements furnace first.”

As he spoke, he began to walk over.

But before he could come closer…


A figure crossed the distance of 10 meters.

It was Little Hei who directly blocked his way and stared at him fiercely.

Even facing this Grand Master with Heaven Stage strength, it didnt give in.

In its mind, this was its masters territory, and it was born to defend it.


Elder Xu frowned and disregarded the spirit beast.

The Heavenly Elixir Sect had some spirit beasts, which were nothing special for him and he didnt like them either.


Li Zhan took two steps forward with a strange smile on his face.

He said again, “Last chance, would you like to leave with me”

“Ow woo!”

Dahei roared, it was a refusal.

“You are quite loyal.

What a pity.

Then I wont keep you.”

Li Zhan sighed, his eyes flashing with coldness.

A raging spiritual force slowly gathered in his palm.

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