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“How is that possible” Elder Xu made a strange cry and kept retreating.

He was shivering in despair, his face ashen.

“We are done!

“No, theres still a chance! As long as I can ask Zhang Hanyang to forgive me!”

When he turned his gaze to Zhang Han and was about to say something, his unspoken words turned into a scream!


He felt a chill in his left knee, followed by an unbearable pain.

He stumbled, collapsed, looked to the right, and found that one of the fierce dogs claws had pierced his knee.

With a tearing sound…

Little Hei stretched out its claws with sharp nails, pressed on Elder Xus joints, and easily stabbed them inside, as if his bones and flesh were just soft tofu.

At the same time, the dog displayed its sharp tusks and kept approaching Elder Xus neck…

In front of them, Dahei was walking step by step toward Li Zhan, who was constantly crawling backward on the ground.

Li Zhans pupils reflected the ever-enlarging figure of Dahei.

“Dont come over here!


“Zhang Hanyang, spare my life!

“I can be your slave forever!

“Let me go!”

Li Zhan looked at Zhang Han crazily and said the above words, almost growling.

However, Zhang Han was still floating in the sky and looking at Li Zhan indifferently, as if he didnt hear Li Zhans roar.

According to Zhang Hans eyes, Li Zhan felt like he was regarded as a blade of grass.

“Hows that possible”

Li Zhan looked at the approaching Dahei in desperation, and his mind was in chaos.

“How could he be so powerful

“How can I fail


Just as he was thinking, his foot was caught by Dahei.

The next moment, he felt the sky turning.

His body was swung upward and hit hard on the other side of the ground.

In this way…

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang…”

What happened next was similar to Daheis bullying of Zhao Feng and Instructor Liu.

But this time, it was using a different amount of force…

The bloody mist in the air proved it.

The people on the hillside turned pale.

“The battle of the trapped beast, this is the battle of the trapped beast!” someone said in a trembling voice.

“This is not a battle of trapped animals, but… pure torture.

Zhang Hanyang is too strong.” A slightly aged voice resounded all over the hillside.

The crowd looked back and their faces changed slightly.

“Grand Master Fang!”

It was Fang Rushan, a Grand Master specializing in divination.

Seeing Fang Rushans horrified expression, they realized that Zhang Hanyang had to be much more powerful than they imagined!

“Elder Fang, Zhang Hanyang, he…”

A middle-aged man walked up to Fang Rushan, made an obeisance, and then asked doubtfully, “Is he at the peak of the Grand Master stage”

“The peak of the Grand Master stage!”


Many people present began gasping in astonishment.

The meaning of these words was too great to scare them, but they thought that it all seemed reasonable.

“The peak”

Fang Rushan looked respectfully at Zhang Han and said slowly, “Who aside from a Grand Master at the peak could defeat Li Zhan and four other masters with great superiority Only the most ferocious dragon would dare to challenge the waves and cross the river, and Grand Master Zhang…”

Fang Rushan didnt finish his words, but everyone understood what he meant.

He had acquiesced that Zhang Hanyang was a Peak Grand Master!

“A Peak Grand Master!”

Most people changed their attitude and looked respectfully at Zhang Han.

There were only two Peak Grand Masters in Hong Kong!

Ji Wushuang, ranked 1st on the martial artist list, and Mo Chengfeng, ranked 2nd.

But they were both Grand Masters who had become famous 50 years ago, and they had not appeared in public for almost 30 years.

According to reliable news, they were still guarding Hong Kong and would not appear unless there was some earth-shaking event.

In the last 10 years, the two of them were always first and second on the martial artist list.

Although Li Zhan was ranked third, the disparity in strength between him and the first two was very obvious.

But today…

The martial arts world didnt expect that the third place on the ranking list would change.

And Zhang Hanyang, as the most powerful and promising young master, made himself the third Grand Master at the peak level in Hong Kong!

Under many peoples horrified gazes…

A one-sided battle was going on in the Li Manor.

“This is a massacre!” A man who had supported Li Zhan turned pale.

“It took Zhang Hanyang less than 20 minutes since he arrived here to kill Grand Master Li and others.


He had believed that Li Zhan would win!

Moreover, even if Li Zhan would win, they would see a fierce battle today.

But he didnt expect it to happen.

“How did this occur”

Seeing his expression, people around him exchanged tacit smiles without making any comments.

They supported Zhang Hanyang at the beginning, and wanted to refute that man for a long time, but they dared not do so because of the influence of Li Zhan.

Now, even though they had the chance to speak, they were too shocked to say anything.

Besides, they didnt want to bully the poor man.

It was only two minutes after the blood color on the light wall disappeared.

But the five Grand Masters in the wall were dead!

In addition to the main residence, the Manor of the Li Clan was not peaceful.

The Li family members, the guard group, and other people were all waiting nearby, looking at the main residence.

They knew that there was a battle going on inside, but they could not see the specific situation all the time.

They could only look at the man floating low in the sky, but that was enough to make them tremble with fear.

At the same time, Zhang Han noticed them.

Zhang Han stretched his hand forward and said in a tone with no emotion, “There is no need for the Li family to exist!”

As soon as Zhang Han finished speaking, the light around the main residence suddenly spread out and began to permeate the whole manor from inside to outside.

The energy contained in the light wall was about 5% of the original.

But this 5% was enough to block the whole Manor of the Li Clan.

Hearing what Zhang Han said, Daheis eyes began to glow with ferocity.

“Ow woo!”

It swung its huge fist and beat its chest excitedly.

In any case, it would meet all the requirements of its master.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang…”

A dull sound was reverberating throughout the whole Manor of the Li Clan.

“Ow woo!”

Although Little Heis cry was still a bit like a wolf, the humanized mood contained in its cry made everyone dare not despise it.

This was not an ordinary pet, but a Grand Master spirit beast!

Only in the face of Mengmeng would Little Hei often bark like a pet dog.

It knew that when it barked at the enemy, it might not be a deterrent.

But the crowds attention was not on the two Heihei powers.

They all watched the light slowly surrounding the manor, which was almost invisible to the naked eye.

Hearing Zhang Hans words, they were all nervous.

“Zhang Hanyang really wants to sweep out the Li family!”

“Hiss! My gosh! Once the Li family is destroyed, it may cause an earthquake in Hong Kong!”

“That was so terrifying!”


The crowd on the hillside was in an uproar.

Lei Tiannan, not far behind Zhang Han, was astonished.

“Will the destruction of the Li family have a big impact”

Lei Tiannan reached out to Zhang Han and wanted to say something.

Then he saw Zhang Hans calm expression, so he gave up.

He finally knew why Zhang Han had the nickname “Fierce Zhang”.

Because once he made a determined effort, it would be so scary.


“Thats enough.” An aged mans voice came from a distance.

Everyone turned around and saw a black figure going toward the Li Manor very quickly.

He stopped at the top of a tree and held out his right hand, and then a palm-sized, star-shaped dart slowly flew into the manor.

When the dart hit the light wall, the energy in the light wall began to be absorbed by it.

Zhang Han glanced at him.

Then, Zhang Han raised his right hand and patted forward.

The rest of the energy turned into a five-meter-high Hand of Earth Killing Intent.

The giant hand, like a rolling black cloud, stopped the dart and hit it back, attacking the old man at the top of the tree.

On the other side, the old man in plain clothes kept calm.

When the Hand of Earth Killing Intent approached him, he gathered some strength in his arms and swung them outward, and then the giant hand was broken down and slowly disappeared.

“The late stage of Building Base.”

Zhang Han looked at the old man and had a little interest in him.

A cultivator at the late stage of Building Base was able to compete against Zhang Han.

Though Zhang Han had just advanced to the middle stage of Building Base, and there was a large disparity in strength between the middle stage and the late stage, Zhang Han had a 10-inch Dantian, which was enough for him to narrow the strength gap.

Whats more, he wanted to check his strength as an over-perfect Building Base cultivator.

After the aged man blocked Zhang Hans Hand of Earth Killing Intent, he said in a faint voice, “Be lenient wherever it is possible.

Stop, Grand Master Zhang, thats enough.”

“Who is he”

Everyone on the mountainside was confused.

However, the old generation of martial artists, including Fang Rushan, all changed their expression in astonishment.

“Grand Master Mo, Lei Tiannan is greeting you.” Suddenly, Lei Tiannan walked forward a few steps and made an obeisance to the aged man in the distance.

Hearing his words, everyone on the hillside could not help trembling.

“M-Mo Chengfeng.”

“The 2nd-ranked Grand Master on the martial artist ranking list.”

“He comes out in public again for this fight! Its amazing!”

Many people had only heard of Mo Chengfengs reputation, but they had never seen him.

At this time, they were shocked to see him in plain clothes, just like the people working in the fields.

“Zhang Han, its almost over.

Shall we withdraw” Lei Tiannan looked at Zhang Han and whispered.

Zhang Han glanced at Lei Tiannan and smiled quietly, but did not answer.

He turned to look at the old man in the distance ahead and said calmly, “I always do what I want.

If you want to stop me, you should defeat me first.”

As Zhang Hans fingers moved, the cards that had been scattered around the main residence slowly lifted up and began to revolve around him.

The temperature in the area dropped rapidly.

This scene stunned many people.

“Is Zhang Hanyang going to fight against Mo Chengfeng If thats the case, we can watch a world-shaking battle today!”


Mo Chengfeng sighed and flew toward Zhang Han.

“Theyre going to start”

Even Lei Tiannan felt his heart in his mouth.

However, Mo Chengfeng stopped 20 meters away from Zhang Han.

He stood at the top of a house and said slowly, “Im not here to fight you.

Now that Li Zhan is killed, I wish you to forgive his family.

And I promise you, there will be no more Li family in Hong Kong.

Do you agree with me”

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Everyones eyes were focused on Zhang Han.

He was still calm and silent.

At this moment…

They saw Mo Chengfengs lips opening and closing slightly, as if he were saying something.

But they did not hear anything.

Secret Voice Transmission!

“What is he saying”

Everyone looked at the scene in disbelief, though they didnt know what they were talking about.

The only thing they knew was that Zhang Hanyang and Mo Chengfeng probably would not fight.

After hearing what Mo Chengfeng said, Zhang Hans expression changed.

He looked at Mo Chengfeng, nodded and said, “Okay.”

After that, Zhang Han landed on the ground, and then left with Dahei and Little Hei.

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