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All the senior members of the Chu family were having a dinner at this time, talking about the recent business affairs.

Suddenly, the martial artist hired by the family rushed in and told them the news.

The entire room was wrapped in silence.

It was quiet enough to hear a pin drop.

After three seconds, the sound of two chopsticks falling to the ground brought them back to their senses.

“Really” said Patriarch Chu in a trembling voice.

“Its true.

Many people have seen it with their own eyes.”

Hearing the affirmative answer, the group of senior members fell into silence again.

After a while, Patriarch Chu said with lingering fear, “We would rather offend half of the martial artists on the ranking list than provoke Zhang Hanyang.

He… is so terrifying.”

“Its incredible that the Li family, which has been deeply rooted in the past hundred years, was suddenly destroyed.”

“Thats the Li family! Doesnt it mean that Zhang Hanyang has the power to destroy any family in Hong Kong”

“You cant say that.” The elder martial artist of the Chu family shook his head and sighed.

“A strong man like Zhang Hanyang will have his every move watched when he goes out, and he cant destroy any business family arbitrarily.

It must have been that Li Zhan and others had annoyed him.

Otherwise, Grand Master Mo Chengfeng would have stopped him before he took action, rather than persuade him after the battle.”

“What amazing news, Hui!” Patriarch Chu looked at Chu Hui and asked, “You have a friend who has a good relationship with Grand Master Zhang, right”

“Yes.” Chu Hui nodded, a little stiff.

He didnt expect that the ruthless man would be so fierce that he would destroy the Li family and frighten all the martial artists in one day.

“Thats great.

Contact your friend and politely communicate with him.

I want to visit Master Zhang in his free time,” said Patriarch Chu in a hurry.

“OK, Ill ask him now,” Chu Hui said.

And then he stood up and was about to go out to make the phone call.

Patriarch Chu waved and said, “Just call him here.”

Chu Hui was surprised, and then he sat down and dialed Liang Haos number directly.

Coincidentally, there were more than 20 people in the main residence of the Liang family in Singapore, celebrating the birthday of Liang Haos mother.

“Mom, after celebrating your birthday today, Ill go back to Hong Kong for my holiday tomorrow!” Liang Mengqi said with a smile.

“No, you cant.” Father Liang refused and said, “How long has it been since you were home last And as soon as you come back, you want to go out again You must stay at home for at least one month before you can go out to fool around.”

After saying this, Father Liang looked at Liang Hao and said, “By the way, Hao, what did you just say”

“Well, I…” Liang Hao didnt know what to say for a while.

He also wanted to go to Hong Kong!

And just now, several uncles invited him to take charge of several companies again and make a new round of planning for them.

Now he had a headache and wanted to hide in Hong Kong for a holiday!

In his opinion, this was because his uncles were lazy and wanted to relax, otherwise they could do better!

He didnt know that all his seniors were planning to cultivate him.

As the most talented young man in the Liang family and the candidate for the next patriarch, Liang Hao was excellent, but that was still not enough!

However, at this time, Liang Haos mobile phone rang.

“Sorry, Ill take this call first.” He got up and went to one side to answer the phone, and then his face changed.

He stood aside and was silent for a long time.

Then he went back to the table, looked at the crowd, and said slowly, “Dad, Ive just heard that Grand Master Zhang Han has returned to Hong Kong and destroyed the Li family.

He killed Li Zhan, the 3rd-ranked master on the martial artist ranking list in just one stroke, as well as the 9th… and Elder Xu.

Then Mo Chengfeng, the 2nd-ranked Grand Master, appeared to stop him.

Though they dont know what Master Mo said, they are sure that Zhang Han is now a peak-stage Grand Master.”

“What” Everyone present was stunned.

“A peak-stage Grand Master”

They knew that there was a large disparity in strength between a late-stage Grand Master and a peak-stage Grand Master, as well as their stature and influence.

Then all of them went into an uproar.

10 minutes later, Patriarch Liang looked at Liang Mengqi and Liang Hao, shook his head, and said, “Its good that you can make friends with Grand Master Zhang.

Youve really made contributions to the family.”

“Haha.” Liang Mengqi sneered, expressionless.

“Whats the matter with you” Father Liang asked curiously.

“Well, youve reminded me so I wont go to Hong Kong.

The first disciple of the boss, Zhao Feng, has been pursuing me and Im disturbed by him every day.

Yesterday, he asked me when I would be coming back to Hong Kong.

Hes so annoying, so Id better stay at home,” Liang Mengqi complained.

Her words inspired many senior members of the Liang family.

“Zhao Feng is pursuing Mengqi”

“No wonder he always showed up with Mengqi when he was in Singapore.”

“The first disciple… Hiss!”

“Well, Ping,” Liang Mengqis eldest uncle cleared his throat and smiled at Liang Mengqis mother, “Is Mengqi 24 years old We had children when we were her age.

She has reached the age of marriage, and I think we should let her go out more.

Maybe she can meet her other half! Do you agree”

Liang Mengqis eldest uncle finished and looked at the crowd.

Some people silently thought, “How did he remind Liang Mengqi with such a formal tone Amazing!”

But on the surface, they still smiled and nodded, saying, “You are right! She should go out more often and see the world.”

“This…” Mother Liang looked at Father Liang in hesitation.

Father Liang was silent and thought for a while.

He sighed, “Well, Mengqi, you have grown up.

Go if you want.

I have met Zhao Feng several times, and I have a good first impression of him.

But after all, weve had little contact with him, and this matter can only be decided by yourself, not by external factors.

Your own happiness is in your own hands, and Ill support you.”

“Dad, I know that I need to know more about him.

He is a good man, though he is not as good as the boss, but he has a different charm.

Dont worry, Dad, I mainly want to eat the delicious food made by the boss,” Liang Mengqi said with a smile.

“Oh! Who are you lying to! What delicacies cant you eat in Singapore”

Many elders couldnt help laughing.

They all liked Liang Mengqi, who was lively, lovely, and had different ideas.

So the atmosphere in the room became lively again, and several elders expressed their expectations for Liang Hao.

Liang Hao hesitated for a while, took a glance at Liang Mengqi, who looked like the cat that ate the canary, and then said, “Dad, Mom, I want to tell you something.”

“What is it”

“I have a good relationship with Zi Yan, and I got to know a girl named Zhang Li through her.

I admit that I like the girl and Ive been pursuing her, though I havent succeeded yet,” Liang Hao said.

“Who is Zhang Li” Everyone was slightly stunned, and felt that the name was familiar to them.

“She is Zhang Hans sister,” Liang Hao shrugged and said, “his parents daughter.”

“Pfft…” Liang Haos eldest uncle spewed out a mouthful of rice porridge, coughed a few times, made a gesture of praise to Liang Hao, and said with admiration on his face, “Good, you are really good!”

At this time, several other elders looked at each other and said, “The companys business is not important.

I think its not worthy of the talented Liang Hao to deal with! No need.”

“Yes, let Hao go out to see the beautiful world.”


Another round of approval came.

This time, Liang Fu quickly gave an answer.

“Liang Hao, you are really excellent, and you are old enough to get married.

But you have to work hard this time, because in terms of status, we are lower than them.

Anyway, tell us what you lack, and Ill transfer some money to your bank account first.”

Hearing what Father Liang had said, everyone present smiled.

They were all in silent admiration.

“What a wonderful method!

“Zi Yan of the Zi family is Zhang Hans wife, and she brought lots of benefits to her family.

“However, Zi Yan is the only special one in the Zi family, and we Liang family have at least two!

“A first disciple and a sister, its quite good.”

Thus, they happily decided that Liang Hao and his sister should leave for Hong Kong tomorrow.

In Xihang…

Some of the Wangs stayed here, sorted out their family business, and planned to leave.

When they learned the news, they were more confident and told it to many friends.

So the news was also spreading in Xihang.

In the Mystical Fog Sect…

Xiang Qitian knew that the Wang family was going to evacuate, and was considering whether or not to let them go.

After all, they had the Mountains and Rivers Flag, the most valuable treasure in their sect.

Although he would keep his promise and would not interfere in anything with the Wang family for half a year, he…

He wouldnt let the Wang family leave Xihang with the Mountains and Rivers Flag.

At this time, in the back mountain of Mystical Fog Sect, among the rubble, rays of light were constantly flying.

Xiang Qitian was standing on the platform of the array, showing the Four Symbols Formation one after another.

After using the Four Symbols Formation twice, he closed his eyes and began to imitate Zhang Hans way of making arrays.

After several array flags flew out, his face turned pale.

He opened his eyes and sighed.

“I cant understand it.

Zhang Hans array is too profound for me to learn with my current cultivation.”

He murmured in surprise, “Zhang Hanyangs array is more horrible than I thought.

“There are so many flaws in the Four Symbols Formation, which I am proud of.

I never felt it before.

“What a monster Zhang Hanyang is!”

Although they were enemies, Xiang Qitian recognized Zhang Hans strength and discovered his own shortcomings.

He decided to learn the array skill and hope to make a breakthrough in this field one day.

Its true that “Excellence in work is only possible with diligence, and a deed is accomplished through taking thought.”

Every head of a sect was a wise man.

Yue Wuwei was an unreliable sect chief that Zhang Han had once met, whose sect was called the “Stander-by Sect.”

But he knew what the Building Base stage was, which assured Zhang Han that he was wiser and more powerful than he pretended to be.

As a late-stage Grand Master, Xiang Qitian had been studying arrays, but he still couldnt understand some high-level theories and skills.

So he had been standing here for two days and two nights.

When he was about to practice the Four Symbols Formation for the last time, he saw the first elder of the sect rushing toward him.

Xiang Qitian stopped and asked unhappily, “What happened”

“Sect Chief, Ive got news from Hong Kong.

Zhang Hanyang, by himself, killed Li Zhan, the 3rd-ranked master on the ranking list, Grand Master Wu, 9th on the list, and the 12th… He killed all of them with just one stroke, which was called aweird move and no one could understand it.

Then Mo Chengfeng showed up and stopped him.

They are sure that Zhang Hanyang is now at the peak of the Grand Master level.”

“The peak…” Xiang Qitian calmed down in astonishment.

He found his voice three seconds later.

“It must be true since Mo Chengfeng appeared.

Well, call our men who are monitoring the Wang family back.”

Xiang Qitian turned his head, moved his hands, and began practicing the Four Symbols Formation.

“Yes,” the elder nodded, whispered, and left.

He knew that the sect chief had been depressed since he was defeated by Zhang Hanyang with just one stroke last time.

It was understandable, because he had been defeated easily by someone else in his best field.

It was a shame.

At the same time…

In the Zhang familys manor in Shang Jing…

Patriarch Zhang was sitting in the conference room with six core members talking about something when they suddenly got the news.

“Hong Kongs martial arts world is about to change a lot.

Four of the top 10 on the martial artist ranking list were killed.

Its amazing!” a middle-aged man shook his head and said.

“Fierce Zhang Hanyang maybe the fastest-advancing martial artist in Hong Kong.”

“In fact, when Zhang Guangyou was still in the Zhang family, we had been developing rapidly.

Even in the martial arts world, we had a great influence.

What a pity…” said another balding, middle-aged man.

“Zhang Guangyou was a talent and hero, but he was not suitable for being a patriarch.”

Patriarch Zhang smiled and said, “Though our elder never talked about it, we cant forget that there is something wrong in Zhang Guangyous identity… Its a pity that Zhang Han cant live up to him, and he has no promising offspring.”

“As for Zhang Han, I have some news about him.” Another man in his early 30s said, “He won Liu Fengs car on Mount Lang Xing and sold it.

Then he went to Hong Kong with a child.”

“Maybe he could survive after leaving Hong Kong.

Lets stop talking about this and return to the previous topic.

Shall we cooperate with the Zhao family this time…” Patriarch Zhang waved his hands.

They just heard the name of Zhang Hanyang but didnt know who he was.

In their eyes, he was just a fear-inducing martial artist far away from them and wouldnt be associated with them in terms of interests.

On the other side…

In the old courtyard behind the Chen family manor…

An aged man with short white hair was feeding some pigeons.

Though he looked like an ordinary old man, he was well-known by his nickname “Warlord of the Chan Clan”!

As one of the guardians of Shang Jing, he was better-known than most of the Grand Masters including Mo Chengfeng, and even many overseas martial artists knew that there was a Warlord of the Chan Clan in Shang Jing and were afraid of him.

“Master, I just heard that something happened in the martial arts world of Hong Kong, a man named Zhang Hanyang…” All of a sudden, a family member came in.

“The peak-stage of Grand Master How old is he” The aged man felt interested in the news.

“It is said that he is 26 years old, but I dont know the details.

He seems to have shown up from nowhere,” the man replied.


Its good that Qing will have a competitor, or he will feel lonely being the unique one among his contemporaries.” The aged man shook his head and smiled.

“They all said that Emperor Qing was the talent in the north and Zhang Hanyang was the fierce man in the south, and they could be compared with each other.

But… Zhang Hanyang doesnt like to spare his enemys life, and Im afraid that when they fight against each other one day…” The man hesitated.

The old man stretched out his hand and shook it slightly, without answering the question.

According to his expression, the man knew that he had confidence in Emperor Qing.

At the same time, similar things were happening in many places, including Linhai, Shenzhen, the northeast, the northwest, and so on.

All of the martial artists gradually knew the name: Zhang Hanyang.

Everyone was focusing on Zhang Hanyang, the former 17th-ranked master on the martial artist ranking list in Hong Kong, who was now well-known as being 3rd in the list.

He was a peak-stage Grand Master that represented one of the most powerful forces in the martial arts world of Hong Kong, who had even killed five Grand Masters with just one stroke.

The whole Heavenly Elixir Sect was upset.

Elder Xu died in Hong Kong, and even the sect chief heard about it.

But when he got to know the reason, he was silent and didnt pay attention to it.

Such a matter was settled by being left unsettled.

Meanwhile, Zhang Han, Dahei, and Little Hei were sitting in the carriage of a military vehicle.

The vehicle had just entered South Island and was on a mountain road near the sea.

“Stop,” Zhang Han suddenly felt something strange and ordered the driver.

The driver slowly stopped at the roadside and looked at Zhang Han.

“Wait here for a while,” Zhang Han said.

“Okay.” The driver nodded.

Then Zhang Han opened the back door and quickly disappeared into the jungle on the mountain.

The hill was not high, and its area was similar to Mount New Moon, so Zhang Han reached the top of the hill in a few seconds.

On a huge rock, Mo Chengfeng was standing there looking at the bay nearby.

“You can see the sunrise first at sea, and the reflection of the stars at night.”

Mo Chengfeng felt the arrival of Zhang Han and said slowly, “50 years ago, the scenery here was more beautiful.”

Zhang Han did not answer.

He went to the huge rock and looked down at the bay.

After three seconds, Mo Chengfeng smiled and shook his head, saying, “Im also surprised to learn that you are Zhang Guangyous son.

I didnt expect that you could make such a great breakthrough in martial arts in such a short time.”

“It seems that you are not far from making another breakthrough.

Why do I see the trend of decline in you” Zhang Han took a glance at him and asked calmly.

In the main residence of the Li family, Zhang Han had checked Mo Chengfengs condition with his soul sense.

He had sensed some of Mo Chengfengs soul sense and knew that he was not far away from the Innateness stage.

“This…” Mo Chengfeng looked at Zhang Han in surprise.

“Im not far away, but its unreachable.”

“Lets get down to business,” Zhang Han said directly.

“Qing Zhen Zi came from a worldlet, but we dont know its name.

He tried in vain to kill your father and was stopped by the Warlord of the Chan Clan.

Later, Qing Zhen Zi came to Hong Kong and paid a visit to Brother Ji.

So I got to know his identity.”

Mo Chengfeng narrowed his eyes and said, “Qing Zhen Zis former name was Kong Bufan, and he used to be an inner-door disciple of the Wind Snow School in the Kun Xu World.

“You didnt hear me wrong.

He had the strength of a late-stage Grand Master at that time, but he was just an inner-door disciple of the Wind Snow School.”

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