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Chapter 467 Lets Go to Kindergarten

They arrived at the teaching building soon.

The area of the class was moderate, and the unique desk was a long, white, semi-circular table, which was lower than an ordinary desk.

In front of the desk were the podium and a whiteboard with an independent frame, which could be written on with a felt-tip marker in order not to produce harmful substances such as chalk dust.

A projector, computer speakers, and other pieces of equipment were also available.

After all the parents sat down, the curtain of the projector dropped down slowly.

Lu Guo used the remote control to click several times and projected a picture of a QR code.

“Dear parents, Id like to introduce myself to you.

My name is Lu Guo, and Im the leading teacher of class five for the next three years.”

Lu Guo put her hands in front of her, smiled, and said politely, “This is my WeChat contact info.

Please add it into your address book and note the names of yourself and your children.

Here is my mobile number.

I will inform you of anything in time.”


All the parents took out their mobile phones and scanned the code to add Lu Guos number.

Zi Yan took out her mobile phone, scanned the code, and marked herself as “Mengmengs Mom”.

Zhang Han marked himself as “Mengmengs Dad”, during which period he looked around at the other parents.

Apart from Lu Guo, there were 36 people here.

Most of the parents came in person.

While many of them seemed to have high social statures, some of them looked ordinary.

In addition, there were some foreign parents.

However, no matter who they were, they all remained calm at this time.

They listened to Lu Guos speech carefully and didnt talk to each other.

Obviously, they all cared about their childrens education.

“Let me tell you something that parents should pay attention to.”

After waiting for two minutes, Lu Guo said again, “Maybe some babies have never left their parents, which requires their parents to pay special attention.

After the children are sent to the school on the first day, they may not be able to accept the arrangement, but we hope that parents can quickly leave their childrens sight and trust our profession.

We will soon integrate them into the collective life.

“Whats more, dont be too anxious when going to and from school.

If there is any conflict between children, parents, please treat it rationally.

The teachers will solve these problems and wont make small things big.

“As for lunch, Eisen, the schools restaurant chef, is a world-famous nutritionist, and all the lunches are made with reasonable nutrition.

Children will be arranged to have their own meals, but if any parents want to send their meals, please send them to the school gate at noon, and the guard will send them separately.

Dont forget to write the name of your children on the lunch box.

“As for how to transport students, we hope that every morning and evening, parents can personally transport their children.

Dont forget to ask your children what they have learned each day when they leave school.

They need encouragement and praise.


Lu Guo told a lot of things to the parents.

All the parents listened to Lu Guo very carefully, just like in a meeting, and even some parents took out their own notebooks to write down what the teacher said.

Finally, some parents put forward their concerns, and Lu Guo answered them one by one.

When it was about 10:20 in the morning…

Lu Guo clapped her hands and said with a smile, “Lets go to the studio of the office building to attend this years entrance ceremony.”

The parents got up and followed Lu Guo to the main building.

The parents walked into the studio one by one.

There were a total of 100 students, including Mengmeng, so there were nearly 200 parents.

After the parents sat down, the principal and the deputy principal walked to the row of tables on the rostrum.

All those in the administration had their own names at their desks, of which 70% were Chinese, 30% were foreigners, 70% were women, 30% were men, 70% were young people under 30, and 30% were middle-aged people between 30 and 50.

There were more than 20 people sitting on the rostrum.

After the parents arrived, at 10:30 a.m., the head principal stood up with a microphone and said, “First of all, welcome, parents.

Im Zhou Gang, the principal of the kindergarten.

Saint Kindergarten was founded in 2003 at a cost of two billion yuan, and we have nearly one hundred experts, doctors, and other excellent employees in the field of child education.

Our purpose is not to make profit, but to give children get an all-round development…”

Zhou Gang also knew something about this because he used to be Luo Shans subordinate.

The two billion yuan that was used to set up Saint Kindergarten was almost all the property of Luo Shan, and his purpose was to develop his own network.

Over the years, Luo Shans network had spread all over Hong Kong, and he had become one of the core members of the Luo family.

After three minutes of opening remarks, Zhou Gang began to introduce others.

“Lets welcome Professor Li to make a speech.”

Sitting next to him, a woman in a suit, about 40, stood up, turned on the projector, and began to introduce.

“As we all know, childrens learning ability is very strong and teachers education is very important, but what is even more important is parents cooperation because before the age of seven, childrens character will be shaped, so during this period of time…”

Professor Li talked for about five minutes, introduced some very professional knowledge, and then it was another persons turn to speak.

After all the speeches, it was 11:30 in the morning, and the parents left one after another.

“Mengmeng is going to school tomorrow.

Im a little nervous.

If she cries, what should we do” after getting in the car, Zi Yan pursed her lips and asked anxiously.

“Lets wait and see.” Zhang Han sighed.

The two talked all the way.

Mengmeng was going to school, and their feelings were very complicated, especially Zi Yans.

She felt that in a flash of time, Mengmeng would go to kindergarten.

Then she would go to primary school, middle school, university, and grow up.

Sometimes, she wanted Mengmeng to grow up quickly, but sometimes she wanted Mengmeng to be a carefree princess all the time.

Her feelings were a bit ambivalent.

Zhang Han also thought so.

Mengmeng had been following him every day since she returned home from abroad.

Once he couldnt see Mengmeng at home in the daytime, he would miss her.

The next day…

After breakfast, Mengmeng started singing happily.

Her mood could be read from her small face.

Going to kindergarten made her feel happy, but now she didnt realize that there were no PaPa and MaMa there.

“Well, do you like it”

Zi Yan tied Mengmengs hair into two small plaits, and dressed her in short sleeves, a white coat, blue jeans, and small white sneakers.

“PaPa, isnt that my schoolbag Why are you carrying it on your back!” Mengmeng blinked her big eyes and asked.

“Because the bag is a little heavy,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“But Mengmeng wants to carry it herself,” said Mengmeng unhappily.

“Let her carry it on her own,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Oh, just wait a while.” Zhang Han ran into the second bedroom with the schoolbag.

There were water cups, a change of clothes, and all kinds of stationery in the bag.

The total weight was heavy for Mengmeng.

But Zhang Han could solve this problem!

About three minutes later, Zhang Han came out with the bag and handed it to Zi Yan.

Zi Yan took the bag, estimated the weight, and smiled at Zhang Han.

“You are cheating again.”

Now the bag seemed to be empty.

“Lets put the bag on your back,” Zi Yan said with a smile, put the bag on Mengmengs back, stretched out her hand, and scraped Mengmengs little face.

She laughed and said, “Take two steps forward and show your bag to PaPa and MaMa.

Wow, Mengmeng is so beautiful today.

Mengmeng is going to school and growing up to be a girl.”

“Really Am I beautiful Mengmeng is going to school, and I am not a kid anymore.” Mengmeng giggled.

“Lets take a picture to commemorate this day,” Zi Yan took out her cell phone and said to Mengmeng.

“Hahaha.” Mengmeng held her waist with her left hand, bulged her cheeks out, and pointed her right index finger at her face, which made her look very cute.

“Well, its done.” Zi Yan looked at the photo, smiled, and was about to take back her mobile phone.

“Oh, wait a minute.

Ill take a picture with PaPa,” said Mengmeng in a hurry.

“Im coming.” Zhang Han walked over to Mengmeng with a smile.

“PaPa, lets pretend to be tigers.

Like this, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.”

Mengmeng stretched out her small hands, put them on both sides of her face, and made the action of waving her claws.

At the same time, she opened her mouth like a cute little tiger trying to bite.

“PaPa, copy me and do this.” Mengmeng paused and urged Zhang Han.

“Okay, okay.” Zhang Han nodded, stretched out his hands, and pretended to be a little tiger.

Zi Yan took a glance at him, and couldnt help laughing.


A funny picture was left on the phone.

Zi Yan looked at them again and giggled.

She was laughing at Zhang Han.

Although his expression and action looked silly, Mengmeng was beside him and made him look lovely.

“Lets go to school,” Zi Yan put away her mobile phone and said with a smile.

“Whoa, lets go to kindergarten!” Mengmeng waved her arms.

It was nearly eight oclock in the morning, and there were many diners downstairs.

After seeing the family of three, most of the diners said hello with a smile.

Under everyones envious gaze, the family of three got in the lovely panda car and left the restaurant.

“Brother Feng, is Mengmeng going to school” Sun Dongheng was surprised and hurried to ask them.

“Yes, she goes to kindergarten today,” Zhao Feng replied.

“Oh, when I come to have lunch at noon, I cant see Mengmeng,” Sun Dongheng said in disappointment.

Sometimes after lunch, if Mengmeng was on the first floor, he would occasionally record a small video of her from far away to meet the requirements of his fans.

A lot of people were attracted by the short videos made by Mengmengs fan group and wanted to apply to be her fans.

It was them who begged Sun Dongheng to record more videos every day.

Sun Dongheng always sighed that Mengmeng could attract numerous fans merely with her face, and he wondered why he wasnt born with a handsome face.

After driving for nearly half an hour, they arrived at Saint Kindergarten.

The entrance of the kindergarten was very busy, and there were luxury cars everywhere.

Zhang Han also saw some cars worth merely hundreds of thousands, like an Audi A6L, Chevrolet, and so on.

But their panda car was the most unique.

Zhang Han found it very crowded in front, and stopped at the back of the street.

“Those in front are the media, arent they Why are many people here” Zi Yan looked at the crowd at the school entrance and said.

There were a lot of parents and a dozen reporters from the media on the street.

At this time every year, the major media outlets would report the news of the opening of Saint Kindergarten as well as other famous schools.

At the same time, they wanted to see if there were any big shots children coming to school today.

After all, some adults liked to compare the childrens family backgrounds with each other.

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