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Zi Qiang, Xu Xinyu, Zhou Fei, and Zhang Hans family were now on the second floor.

Zhang Li was now busy at night, and she went to the Star-Moon Bar after supper.

Zhang Li felt comfortable staying at the bar.

Yes, it was really comfortable.

The bars equipment was of the worlds top quality, making the bar at least among the top three in Hong Kong.

The seats, aisles, dance floors, etc., were all specially designed by the professors invited by Liu Qingfeng.

If someone still felt uncomfortable there, it meant that they didnt like bars at all.

Zhang Li was more looking forward to the opening of the Open-air DJ Plaza, but there were still not enough customers to support her plan.

Although the bar was becoming more and more famous, it was only half full every night.

Zhang Han didnt know much about DJing, but he also had some ideas.

He made a special inquiry and found that Alan Walker didnt appear.

But Zhang Han was busy looking for a kindergarten for Mengmeng recently, so he had no time to do anything else.

After Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu greeted the guests, Zhang Han nodded and said, “Lets chat while enjoying dinner.”

So they sat down at the table, on which there were already many plates.

There were roast pigs hooves, cold okra, shredded potatoes with red oil, roast duck, and so on.

But each dish was covered with another deep plate to prevent it from getting cold.

Zhang Han took off the plate, and the fragrance began to fill the room.

“Wow, there are so many dishes.

I like pigs hooves, chicken legs, and chicken wings the best.

Thank you, Uncle Zhang.” Wang Yihans eyes lit up as she thanked Zhang Han with a smile.

“Eat more if you like,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

He was easygoing like a kind uncle next door.

“Oh, we should eat later.

Lets turn off the lights first, light the candles, sing birthday songs, blow out the candles, and make wishes!” Mengmeng pouted her mouth and said.

“Well, lets put in the candles first,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

Then, Mengmeng took Wang Yihans hand and ran to the tea table.

Other adults also stood up and walked toward them.

Wang Jiawen quickly opened the cake box and put five candles in the cake.

“Turn off the lights,” Mengmeng said eagerly after seeing the candles lit.

She was very happy, as if it was her own birthday.

Zi Qiang went to one side and turned off the lights.

All of a sudden, the lights in the restaurant dimmed.

However, those 12 night-luminescent pearls on the first floor began to shine softly.

This soft light did not affect the light of the candles, but added a more dreamlike beauty to it.

Wang Jiawens mouth twitched slightly when he saw the pearls.

“Okay, its amazing.

They are using the night-luminescent pearls as light bulbs.”

He exchanged a look with Su Yu.

They all knew the value of the night-luminescent pearls, and were astonished at Zhang Hans wealth and stature.

They would be startled if they knew that there were thousands of night-luminescent pearls on Mount New Moon.

Originally, Wang Jiawen was deeply stressed by the disparity in status, and even the number of times he came to the restaurant decreased dramatically.

However, with further contact with the family, he found that Zhang Han and Zi Yan had always treated them the same way, which made Wang Jiawen feel that the real big shots might not be arrogant.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…”

When Wang Yihan was making her wish, Mengmeng began singing happily.

Mengmeng clapped and sang.

Her standard pronunciation and tender voice made everyone feel comfortable.

“Puff…” Wang Yihan opened her eyes and blew out the candles.

“Happy birthday.” Everyone congratulated her with a smile.

Wang Yihan was so happy that she scratched her head shyly and said, “Thank you, Mengmeng, Uncle Zhang and Aunt Zi…”

The fat little girl thanked everyone here.

Zi Qiang shook his head with a smile and said, “Lets have dinner first.”

“Wait, we havent cut the cake yet,” Mengmeng mumbled.

Wang Jiawen cut a piece of cake for each of the two little girls, and then they went back to the table again.

After eating for more than 10 minutes…

Su Yu looked at Zi Yan and said with a smile, “You said that Mengmeng also went to kindergarten”

“Yes, she went and came back.” Zi Yan shook her head helplessly.

“She doesnt want to leave you” Su Yu smiled and said, “Its difficult in the beginning, but then she will adapt to the new environment.”

They began talking about kindergarten.

After dinner, the two little girls ran to one side to play with toys.

When Wang Jiawen went to the bathroom, Su Yu followed him.

After sitting back, Wang Jiawen looked at Zhang Han and said, “Mr.

Zhang, if you think its hard for Mengmeng to go to kindergarten, Yihan could accompany her for a few days.

If Mengmeng has friends, she wont resist your plan.”

“Its really a good way.” Zhang Han nodded and said, “Is it convenient for you Isnt Wang Yihan also in school”

“She is now in the middle class of Baoshan Kindergarten.

She didnt learn much in school, and Su Yu could teach her if she missed some lessons.

Taking this opportunity, we want Yihan to experience the education style of Mengmengs kindergarten.” Wang Jiawen smiled and shook his head.

“We intended to send Yihan to Saint Kindergarten the year before last, but she was naughty and her English wasnt good, and she failed the third interview round.”

Zhang Han took a glance at Wang Jiawen and Su Yu, and then said, “Shall I contact someone and send Yihan to Saint Kindergarten”

“This…” Wang Jiawen was surprised and wanted to say “yes”.

Going to Saint Kindergarten meant that Yihan could select any primary school she liked after graduation, so it was a perfect chance for her.


They would owe Zhang Han a lot if they accepted his help.

But for Wang Yihans future development, Wang Jiawen wanted to promise Zhang Han.

He was a little uncertain, so he turned to look at Su Yu.

“Will, will it be very troublesome” Su Yu looked at Zhang Han and asked hesitantly.

She hesitated because of embarrassment.

“Its no trouble at all.” Zhang Han gently smiled and shook his head.

Zhang Han, Zi Yan, Wang Jiawen, and Su Yu had similar thoughts.

After two minutes of discussion, the matter was settled.

“Ill call and ask them.” Zhang Han smiled and went to the second bedroom, where he found Luo Shans number in the address book and called him.

“Doot, doot, doot…” On the third ring, the phone was connected, and Zhang Han immediately heard Luo Shans warm voice.

“Good evening, Mr.


I heard that Mengmengs mood was out of control in the morning.

Is there any problem”

There was a little uneasiness in his enthusiastic tone, but what Zhang Han said next made him feel relieved, even a little overjoyed.

“There are some problems.

My daughter likes to follow me.” Zhang Han grinned, feeling happy because of Mengmengs love.

“Mengmeng has a good friend here.

She is over four years old and is now studying in Baoshan Kindergarten.

I want her to go to the kindergarten with Mengmeng, and I wonder if it is convenient for Mr.


“Oh, its fine! Its convenient for me, of course.

The kindergarten is built to educate children, and we welcome every child.” Luo Shan laughed and then continued, “Mr.

Zhang, send me the students name and her parents information.

Ill have her go through the formalities now and come to school normally tomorrow.”

“Well, thank you very much, Mr.


“Dont be so courteous, Mr.


After chatting for a few words, Zhang Han hung up the phone.

He could feel the happiness in Luo Shans tone.

The process of helping others was also the process of accumulating intangible wealth for oneself.

In this way, Luo Shan succeeded in becoming a core member of the Luo family.

Obviously, as long as he could help Zhang Han, Luo Shan would do anything except tear down the kindergarten.

As for Zhang Han, he would do anything for Mengmeng.

Zhang Han left the bedroom.

“Just write down Wang Yihans and your information and send them to this number.

She can go to school directly tomorrow.” Zhang Han handed over his mobile phone.

“Okay, thank you… Im a little embarrassed.” Wang Jiawen smiled, took Zhang Hans cell phone, and found he was going to send the information to Luo Shan.

“The chairman of Saint Kindergarten…

“With just a phone call, Zhang Han could send Yihan to Saint Kindergarten, and she can go to school tomorrow.

“How amazing Mr.

Zhang is.”

Wang Jiawen was shocked, and then he sent a message containing Wang Yihans information along with his and Su Yus names.

Within a second, Luo Shan replied: “Received”.

The efficiency surprised Wang Jiawen.


The voices of the two little girls on the sofa grew louder.

“Wow, I like this gift so much.

I love you, Mengmeng…” Wang Yihan was about to kiss Mengmeng on the cheek, but…

“Ah, I think Ive got an electric shock!”

“Ah, Mengmeng, can you generate electricity” Wang Yihan looked at Mengmeng in surprise.

“Hmm What do you mean” Mengmeng was stunned, not knowing what Yihan meant.

Just then…

“Mengmeng, Yihan, come here.” Zi Yan smiled and waved to the two little girls.

“Were coming.” Mengmeng jumped off the sofa and ran to her mother.

Wang Yihan followed her.

“Yihan, I heard that you have been in kindergarten for a long time.

Is it fun there” Zi Yan asked.

“Its fun! There are lots of children in kindergarten.

The teachers take us to play games, and we also have little red flowers.

Only good children can be rewarded with little red flowers, and they will get Dads praise.

The teacher also takes us out for spring outings, picnics, and many more things,” Wang Yihan replied.

Hearing her words, Mengmeng was more and more curious about kindergarten.

“Mengmeng, do you want to go to kindergarten and play with other children” Zi Yan looked at Mengmeng and asked.

“I dont want to.” Mengmeng pouted and said, “I want to be with PaPa.”

“Oh, Mengmeng, its fun in kindergarten.

You can play in kindergarten during the day and go home at night,” Wang Yihan said.

“But I want PaPa to go to kindergarten with me.” Mengmeng said unhappily, “PaPa is not allowed in kindergarten.”

“There are only five days of classes per week in kindergarten.

You can stay at home on weekends.

Every day after school, Mom and Dad will pick you up,” Wang Yihan said.

She had completely forgotten about how she cried on the first day of kindergarten.

“Five days” Mengmeng lowered her head slightly, looked at her fingers, and calculated the time.

“The chance is coming.”

Zi Yan added in a hurry, “The kindergarten classes are from 8:30 a.m.

to 4:30 p.m., only eight hours in total, and the happy time will pass quickly.

Mengmeng, if you get a little red flower, PaPa and MaMa will be very happy.”

“But I dont want PaPa to leave Mengmeng.”

“How could Dad leave you” Zhang Han smiled softly and said, “Dad has been guarding you.

I will take you to school in the morning, pick you up in the afternoon, and make lunch for you at noon.”

“But I…” Mengmeng pouted, showing a sad expression.

Before she finished, Zi Yan hurriedly said, “How about going to school with Yihan”

“Hmm” Mengmeng suddenly froze, her attention attracted.

“Ah Mengmeng and I go to school together Thats great.

Mengmeng, lets play together.

Your English is so good, and you will surely get a lot of little red flowers,” Wang Yihan said happily.

But she didnt know that she was going to go to another school with Mengmeng.

She thought it was Mengmeng who would be going to her own school.

Wang Jiawen was not worried about this because several classmates who had a good relationship with Yihan lived in the same community as her.

When they were not in school, they could still play together.

Therefore, even if Yihan changed schools, she could communicate with her friends when she went back at night.

“What is a little red flower” Mengmeng asked.

“When the teachers praise us, they will reward us with a little red flower, which proves that we are good children.” Wang Yihan said proudly, “I have 22 little red flowers now.”

“Mengmeng, are you and Yihan good friends” Su Yu asked with a smile.

“Yes,” Mengmeng replied.

“If you go to school with Yihan, you can play together in the daytime and go home with Dad in the afternoon.”

“Mengmeng, go to school with me.

I promise its very interesting.”


Facing the all-round persuasion, Mengmeng was a little confused.

Looking at Zhang Han, Zi Yan, Wang Yihan, and finally her fingers, Mengmneg said in a slightly reluctant tone, “Okay, Ill go to school.”


The adults exchanged smiles with each other.

They were fully relieved.

“Its not easy!”

Now that Mengmeng had made this decision, it meant that she had really agreed to go to kindergarten.

“Go and play, Yihan, and talk to Mengmeng about kindergarten,” Su Yu said with a smile.

“Well, I see.

Mengmeng, lets go to the sofa.

Im telling you, in kindergarten…”

The adults also relaxed and started chatting.

It was nearly 10 oclock when Wang Jiawen and his family left.

Zi Qiang and Su Yu left at the same time.

When they came back to the bedroom, Zi Yan again told Mengmeng something about kindergarten.

With the efforts of the adults, Mengmeng finally agreed to go to school.

Although she was reluctant, she would not regret having made this decision.

That night, Zi Yan promised Mengmeng to let her sleep beside Zhang Han, and Mengmeng was happy.

After listening to a story, Mengmeng soon fell asleep beside Zhang Han.

Zi Yan smiled, leaned on the other side of Zhang Han, and fell asleep slowly.

At nearly eight oclock the next morning…

Wang Jiawen put Su Yu and Wang Yihan at the door of the restaurant and then went to work.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan walked out of the restaurant with Mengmeng.

They had made an appointment to go to school together.

Zi Yan was in the front seat, and Su Yu and the two little girls were in the back seat.

“Mengmeng, we are not going to my school.

We are going to another kindergarten together!” Wang Yihan said excitedly, “Im going to a new school.”

Obviously, Su Yu and Wang Jiawen had prepared well last night.

“But I still want PaPa to accompany me,” Mengmeng muttered.

“Daddy and Mommy cant go to kindergarten.

The day will soon pass, and they will come to pick us up in the evening,” Wang Yihan said.

“OK,” Mengmeng answered.

Soon, they arrived at Saint Kindergarten again.

There were still many cars in front of the entrance, and Zhang Han found a parking lot close to the school to stop the car.

“Well, here we are.

Lets get out of the car,” Zhang Han said, then opened the door and got out.

He took Mengmeng out of the car, arranged her schoolbag, and praised her.

“So beautiful!”

“Hmph.” Mengmeng pouted her lips and snorted.

After two seconds of silence, she said, “PaPa.”

“Whats the matter” Zhang Han chuckled and replied.

“Ill get a little red flower.” Mengmeng looked up at Zhang Han and said with determination, “I want to make you happy, and Im sure I can get a little red flower.”

“Clatter, clatter!”

Looking at the little girls expression, for a moment, Zhang Han felt a warm current flowing in his heart.

His nose twitched.

He felt that he was being cared for and loved by his daughter.

What a great feeling!

In addition to happiness and pride, he had some other complex feelings.

Maybe this was the love between parents and children, which lit up Zhang Hans world.

“Dad will wait for your little red flower.

Every time you take a little red flower back, Dad will promise you one thing.” Zhang Han touched Mengmengs head.

Even if there was no little red flower, Zhang Han would promise his little princess everything.

But hearing this, Mengmeng was happy.


“Of course.” Zhang Han smiled.

While they were talking, Su Yu and Wang Yihan also got out of the car.

Zi Yan didnt get out because there were still several people taking photos across the street.

Seeing Zhang Han and Mengmeng standing with Su Yu and Wang Yihan, she felt a little uncomfortable.

Then she saw Su Yu say something to Zhang Han, and then go back to the back seat of her car.

Obviously, Su Yu was also considerate, or she was good at thinking of others.

So Zhang Han walked into the school with the two little girls.

The students still gathered in the small square not far from the entrance.

When they went straight to the square, Lu Guo, who was far away, saw and approached them.


Zhang.” Lu Guo greeted Zhang Han and then smiled at Mengmeng, “Mengmengs here.

A lot of children are waiting for you to play with them, and they all want to be your friend.

This is Wang Yihan, right”

“Good morning, Teacher.” Wang Yihan greeted Lu Guo.

“Our teacher, her, her surname is Lu, and we should call her Teacher Lu.” Mengmeng introduced her.

“We should say,Good morning, Teacher Lu.”

“Okay, good morning, Teacher Lu.” Wang Yihan chuckled.

“Good morning, girls.

Mengmengs memory is so good.

Come on, we will go to the class later,” Lu Guo said with a smile.

Mengmeng looked at Zhang Han and said pitifully, “PaPa, PaPa, you must pick me up soon.”

“Dad is sure to pick up Mengmeng on time.” Zhang Han nodded.

Then, the two little girls, hand in hand, were taken to their classmates by Lu Guo.

Mengmeng turned around several times while walking, and was very reluctant to leave PaPa.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute, Teacher, please come here,” Zhang Han suddenly thought of something and said in a loud voice.

Lu Guo was surprised.

She turned around and walked back a few steps.

“Whats the matter, Mr.

Zhang Is there anything I forgot to say”

“Yes.” Zhang Han took a glance at Mengmeng and said in a low voice, “Do you have little red flowers here”

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