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Chapter 48 – Master Pianist

The both of them listened to the piano accompaniment for a number of times.

Even when the delivery man knocked on the door, Li Fan was somewhat unwilling to go and open the door.

After taking the food, Li Fan placed the food casually at one side, walked back to the computer table and continued studying the song,actor.

Evidently, this song had already conquered the 2 of them and made the 2 of them completely forgot about their hunger.

After studying the song for 3 hours, Joker Xue took a microphone, played the accompaniment, and began singing.

Li Fan listened infatuatedly to Joker Xues singing.

“Simply, talk simply.

Please ignore the recent state of mind.

You arent an actor.

Dont make up any of those plots……”

Joker Xues deep and low voice completely interpreted out the various feelings that were in the song.

It was just like that like he had bestowed the song with a life.

This was one of the reason that this song of his could become popular.

It must be said that, Joker Xues singing fundamentals were very deep.

When he sang it for the first time, he was already more or less able to grasp how to sing the song.

After Joker Xue started singing, he couldnt stop singing.

After singing for close to 3 hours, then did Joker Xue stopped.

With excitement brimming in his face, he said, “Li Fan, contact him, I want to find him and ask him to personally guide me about the song.

At my concert, I want to present the most perfect state of this song to my fans!”


After Li Fan sent an email reply to Zhang Han, the 2 of them took a look at each other and smiled.

At this time, they finally felt that their stomach was incomparably hungry and planned to go eat their lunch which had already become cold.

Of course, those were all afterword.

Meng Mengs Leisure Restaurant was just like its name, the atmosphere within the restaurant was very leisure, with Zhang Han accompanying Meng Meng to play.

At noon 11.50am, Liang Mengqi, Yu Qingqing, and Zhao Dahu came to the restaurant.


Zhao Dahu said as he twisted his body and laughed lightly, “It feels so great today, I straightforwardly threw the resignation letter on the directors face! This feels so great! Let him always order me around, humph! Boss, cook a bit more rice for lunch, I want to eat 2 portions! I wasnt able to react in the morning and the egg fried rice were all snatched finished by those 2 heartless fellows!”

“I can only cook that much rice with that rice pot.” Zhang Han laughed lightly and replied.

Meng Mengs appetite was quite small.

Not counting Meng Meng, there were 4 adults present in the restaurant.

Speaking according to the quantity of rice in the morning, Zhang Han had a plate, Liang Mengqi and Yu Qingqing both had 2 plates, Zhao Dahu had 1 plate, and Meng Meng had half a plate, which was a total of 6 and a half plate.

This amount of quantity of rice was enough to prove that the capacity of this house-use rice cooker was already counted as big.

Furthermore, Zhang Han felt that it was quite good.

He did not want to be like those professional restaurants which had to cook for a long very time once they were opened for business.

The significance of the restaurants existence was just a place to cook food for Meng Meng and stay at.

When he cooks for Meng Meng, what he sold during that time were only incidental.

As for selling food to earn money Zhang Han had never thought of it.

If he had thought it, it was reckoned that the restaurants monthly earnings would be above a million.

Returning back to the topic, after hearing that Zhang Han said that there was only that much amount of rice, Liang Mengqis expression immediately became very vigilant as she said hurriedly, “Let me tell you all, I eat 2 portions every time Im here.

Furthermore, you guys were brought here by me, you all cannot be forget back and turn back on righteousness!”

(忘恩負義: Forget favor and turn back on righteousness – Basically means being ungrateful)

After Liang Mengqi finished speaking, Yu Qingqing turned around and smacked heavily onto Zhao Dahus shoulder and said, “Sissy Zhao, you can only eat 1 plate!”

“Why People also want……”

“En” Yu Qinqqing glared.

“Alright, alright, wont it do if I promise you Seriously! But, 1 plate is not enough for me to eat.

How about…we split that 2 plates of fried rice into 3 portion” Zhao Dahu tried to ask.



2 stiff voices immediately replied to him.

The resolute tone made Zhao Dahu to not doubt the slightest that if he was to continue dawdling, the 2 women in front of him would most likely turn into female tigers!

Liang Mengqi was still okay a bit since she was a lady from a wealthy family.

But Yu Qingqing didnt care about all those, she was the kind of ruthless character that would get angry if she said she was going to get angry!

Yu Qingqings taekwondo black belt was not fake at all.

“Sigh……” Zhao Dahu drooped his head dispiritedly as he sat at the table beside the 2 women and silently shed tears in his heart.

As for Liang Mengqi and Yu Qingqing, they started chatting together cheerfully.

When Meng Meng came down from the 2nd floor to prepare to eat, the 2 women smiled and chatted with Meng Meng for a bit.

The food was done.

Zhang Han carried his and Meng Mengs lunch to the dining table.

There was no need to talk about Liang Mengqi and Yu Qingqing, the 2 of them straightforwardly walked to the counter to get the food themselves.

The 2 of them were more straightforward this time, as the both of them straightforwardly took 2 plates of egg fried rice.

After proudly taking a look at Zhao Dahu who was scowling miserably, with a victorious expression, they walked back to the dining table to enjoy the delicious lunch.

“How is he able to cook it this deliciously” While eating, Yu Qingqing shook her head and sigh, “Sigh, how will I be able to eat the rice of other restaurants in the future.”

“Sigh.” Liang Mengqi sighed along with Yu Qingqing and said, “Im finished, Im finished, for me to eat 2 plates of rice in one go, if my brother was to know this, he will definitely laugh at me.

Also, if I continue eating like this, Im afraid that I am going to start growing weight in a few days.”

“Cough, cough, about that, Im not worried about gaining weight, Im currently still a bit skinny.

How about you two……” Zhao Dahus feeble voice came from behind.

“Dont even think about it!” The 2 women rejected coldly at the same time.

After rejecting Zhao Dahu, the 2 of them took a look at each other and laughed at the same time.

After eating finish, Liang Mengqi patted onto her tummy in satisfaction.

With a happy expression, she turned her head around, looked at Zhang Han who was tidying up the dining table with an admiring gaze and said with a joking tone, “Boss, why is your rice that fragrant Could it be that you added in some kind of poison”


Zhang Han couldnt help but laugh and said, “Your imagination is truly wide.

Be at ease, there is definitely no poison.

My ingredients are the best, therefore the rice could be that fragrant.

Also, even If you ate 2 plates, you also wouldnt gain weight.

As long as you are not like a pig, the kind of person to sleep after having a meal, you wont gain weight.”

“Humph!” Liang Mengqi blinked her eyes and snorted, “People is not a pig.

People even do yoga every day!”

(The wordpeople is referring to Liang Mengqi herself.)

“Oh, oh, oh.” Yu Qingqings eyes lighted up as she clicked her tongue and said in a small voice, “To speak in this kind of tone, could it be that you have fallen in love with him”

Hearing that, Liang Mengqis face became red and rolled her eyes at Yu Qingqing petulantly.

Then, she looked towards Zhang Han and said, “Boss, why are you not playing the piano”

“Because, because, only when Meng Meng wants to listen to the piano, then will daddy play the piano.” After Meng Meng drank the last mouth of milk, she swayed her little arm and said.

“It that so Then, Meng Meng, do you want to listen to your daddy play the piano now” Liang Mengqi asked with a smile.

“Eh…I want to.

Daddy, Meng Meng wants to listen to the piano.” Meng Meng said with her cute voice.

“Alright, I will play the piano for Meng Meng.”

Zhang Han placed the utensils that were washed into the cabinet, took off his rubber gloves and hang it on the bottom side of the cabinet, then walked over and carried Meng Meng who was stretching out her little palms and requesting for a hug.

After Zhang Han placed Meng Meng at the small sofa which was at the side of the piano, he sat down in front of the piano, opened the piano cover and after thinking for a bit, he turned around and asked, “What do you all want to listen to”

“Castle in the Sky!” After muttering for a bit, Liang Mengqi replied while feeling somewhat of a small excitement in her heart.

This was the first time that Zhang Han had a bit of the genuine appearance of a restaurants boss.

In Liang Mengqis eyes, Zhang Hans action was really like that of a gentleman!


Zhang Han nodded his head lightly and prepared to play Castle in the Sky.

Castle in the Sky was the theme song of one of Japans very old animation movie.

The movie was screened at Japan during the year 1986.

The movie tells the story of young orphan Sheetas adventure of discovering the mystical floating city of Laputa along with a fellow orphan named Pazu who she met, while being pursued by both Muska and the pirates, who lust for the citys myriad treasures.

The theme song original name was calledCarrying You, and was later on generally known asCastle in the Sky.

The theme song was composed by the music master, Joe Hisaishi.

Because of its elegant tune which made others shed tears, and its beautiful tuning which touched the heartstrings of others, it became well-known in the entire world, and became the famous movie music which circulated down even to this day.

“He really knows how to play the piano I actually thought that Steinway Model O Grand Piano was but just a decoration.” Yu Qingqing grinned and said in a small voice, as her gaze which looked towards Zhang Han also became very curious.

For a restaurants boss to know how to play the piano, it feels somewhat odd just thinking about it.

Very quickly, Zhang Han began playing the piano.

There was no whatsoever musical score at all because Zhang Han was incomparably familiar with all of the 88 piano keys of the piano.

Zhang Han understood the tone of every piano key very deeply.

When Zhang Han began playing, the melodious melody which was at the early part of Castle in the Sky rang out.

However, when it was at the middle where there was quite a sad ambiance, Zhang Hans playing speed suddenly became fast, letting this somewhat sad music to be filled with a lively atmosphere.

This pleasant melody was actually able to make others become infatuated when they listened to it.


Zhao Dahu just finished slowly eating the plate of egg fried rice.

After finishing, he lightly placed the spoon at one side very solemnly, showing his respect towards the egg fried rice.

Then, he picked up the cup of cow milk and drank a mouth.

When Zhao Dahu heard the melodious music, he turned his head around sub-consciously.

Upon seeing Zhang Hans appearance while Zhang Han was playing the piano, Zhao Dahu spat out the cow milk that was in his mouth.

“Cough, cough, cough.

Nani He…really is a master pianist”

“Dont be noisy! Take a mop and mop clean the area that you just dirtied!” Yu Qingqing wrinkled her brows and glared at Zhao Dahu fiercely.


Zhao Dahu replied in a small voice and walked towards the kitchen quietly and slowly.

After carefully taking the mop, he went to back to mop the floor.

While mopping the floor, he looked somewhat absentmindedly at Zhang Han who was playing the piano.

In a moment, he actually also felt in his heart that Zhang Han was handsome, and even couldnt help but mumbled in a small voice,

“How can he be that handsome If I was a woman, I will definitely chase after him!”

Castle in the Sky ended quietly under the lively tempo.

“You played it very well!” Yu Qingqing praised loudly.

“Humph, humph, as I said, the boss is a master pianist, and he is even more formidable compared to Lang Zong.” Liang Mengqi said somewhat proudly.

“Indeed.” Zhao Dahu nodded his head and agreed, “When I heard you said that, I didnt believe it at first.

But right now, I also feel that the boss is better compared to Lang Zong.

No! The boss is the most formidable master pianist that is alive in this world!”

Zhao Dahu originally did not like Zhang Han very much, and it was mainly because of that incident at the beach.

Just that, after coming to the restaurant today, this restaurant completely toppled Zhao Dahus notion.

The egg fried rice and milk had conquered his stomach, this melodious piano music had conquered his ears, and Zhang Han this person himself, was nearly at the point of conquering his soul!

He did not understand just how could a person be this formidable


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