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The moment the feather of the free-range chicken slowly fell to the ground…

Lu Xiong jumped up and began walking in the jungle at high speed without any tools.

His clothes were fluttering in the wind and it seemed that he would fly away at any time.

Every time he pointed his toes on a tree trunk, his body could move 30 to 40 meters forward with the help of reaction force, giving him unparalleled speed.

It was worthy of being the Wind Controlling Skill of the head of the sect, and it was so mysterious and profound.

Zhang Han stopped behind Lu Xiong and looked at his movements with a smile.

Taking a simple step, Zhang Han immediately flashed more than 20 meters forward, stopped at a low altitude of five meters above the ground, and began to follow five meters behind Lu Xiong.

With each step, Zhang Han could advance more than 20 meters, as if he had become a beam of light.

If Su Mu, the genius of Singapores young martial artists, was here, he would gasp in astonishment.

Space Compression!

Su Mu was born with an affinity for earth magic and could understand some space compression skills.

Therefore, every step he took on the ground allowed him to move a long distance.

But he couldnt use such skills on the water, let alone in the air.

Maybe Su Mu only understood one aspect of this skill by virtue of his talent, while Zhang Han really mastered the principle of space compression, so he could use this skill with any medium.

After a few steps forward, Zhang Han looked to the top of the mountain ahead and smiled.

Less than a minute later, Lu Xiong, who was exerting all his strength in controlling the wind, took an opportunity to look back, then smiled proudly and murmured, “Although Grand Master Zhang is better than me in strength, he is not necessarily better than me in flying skills.

“I have almost reached the peak of wind controlling skill, which enables me to be faster than 90% of the people in the martial arts world, while only a few talented martial artists can surpass me in this field.

Im not unworthy of my reputation.

“Speed is the key to all martial arts.

As long as I can continue to speed up and fully understand the wind controlling skill, Ill reach the real peak, and even exceed the speed of sound.

In this way, I will be almost invincible among martial artists at the same stage.

“Haha, even the head of the sect hasnt reached the peak yet.

When the gate of the small world opens, Ill thoroughly master the wind controlling skill and astonish him.”

Lu Xiong muttered to himself proudly, feeling happy that he had defeated Master Zhang in todays competition.

There was no doubt about the strength of the famous Grand Master Zhang.

Even Mo Chengfeng had to stop him through consultation, and Ji Wushuang had not even appeared, which was enough to show Zhang Hans ability.

Only by beating such a brilliant genius could Lu Xiong be so happy.

After self-evaluation, Lu Xiong tried his best to control the wind, intending to get to the top of the mountain as soon as possible.

After another 20 seconds, Lu Xiong arrived at his farmyard.

The square farmyard covered a small area of about 700㎡.

Its walls were made of red brick, with tile-roofed houses inside.

The electric wire in the yard made it unlike a temporary residence built in the wild.

There were two tile-roofed houses inside; one was Lu Xiongs residence, and the other was for Lu Guo to live in when she came here.

“Huh Why hasnt he arrived”

After standing in front of the door and waiting for more than 30 seconds, Lu Xiong felt a little surprised.

He touched his beard, shook his head, and said to himself, “Is it true that Grand Master Zhang is only good at positional warfare, but his speed is really slow”

10 seconds later…

“Is he lost Its impossible.

This mountain has only one summit!

“Why hasnt he come up yet

“Its so weird.

Id better go down to meet him.”

Just as Lu Xiong took two steps forward and planned to go down to meet Zhang Han, a voice came from his yard.

“Elder Lu, why are you standing outside Come in.”


Lu Xiong was stunned, and then his expression froze.

“What is going on”

He quickly opened the door and went in, only to find a set of table and chairs near the pagoda tree in the yard.

Zhang Han was sitting there, drinking tea…

“Drinking tea”

Lu Xiong shook his head and looked at Zhang Hans cup of tea carefully, which had almost stopped steaming.

It seemed that Zhang Han had been sitting here for a long time.

Seeing Lu Xiong, he smiled lightly and took another sip of tea.

“Nice tea,” said Zhang Han with a smile.

“Of course, its my…” Lu Xiong paused.


Lu Xiong realized what had happened and gasped in astonishment.

“Is this real

“How fast was he

“How can I lose the competition with my advanced wind controlling skill

“Stop scaring me!”

“You, when did you get here Why didnt I see you” Lu Xiong hurried to the other chair and asked.

“Oh.” Zhang Han nodded his head lightly and said casually, “I just walked around and didnt see you, so I made a pot of tea.”

“This…” Lu Xiong was at a loss, feeling that he had been hit hard mentally.

Lu Xiong, who had been proud just now, felt very sad, as if he had been thrown to the ground from a high altitude!

After taking a few deep breaths, Lu Xiong calmed down and asked hesitantly, “Grand Master Zhang, did you exceed the speed of sound”

“The speed of sound” Zhang Han was confused, and then shook his head, smiling without replying.

When martial artists were about to reach the speed of sound, they would encounter strong resistance, like a natural moat, which stopped many of them, and they were thus unable to advance to a higher stage.

But for cultivators, this was just a door to be entered.

In order to obtain supernatural speed, a cultivator had to get control of space or time; that is to say, he should either compress the space or slow down the time.

The cultivating methods related to time and space were the most advanced ones in the field of cultivation, which belonged to the two main research fields of the cultivators.

However, even Zhang Han could not fully understand them when he was at the ninth stage of the Pass-tribulation level.

Lu Xiong felt even more depressed when he saw Zhang Hans expression, for he knew that Zhang Hans understanding of the speed of time was totally different from his.

“Ah, Im so sad.

Ive met with a setback.” Lu Xiong sighed repeatedly, but then he smiled.

Looking at Zhang Han with admiration, he said, “Grand Master Zhang is really not an ordinary martial artist, and I admire you.

You are even better than some famous talents in the worldlet.”

“You know the worldlet well” Zhang Han took a sip of tea and asked casually.

“Of course.

I was born in the worldlet and had never left it before I reached the Grand Master stage.

In this world, I have explored several other worldlets and, most important of all, the frequently found relics, which benefited me a lot.

Though there was abundant spiritual Qi in my worldlet, the relics could only be found in the mainland, which was regarded as a training ground and resource warehouse by us from the worldlet,” Lu Xiong smiled and said.

“Elder Lu, what little world were you born in” Zhang Han became interested in Lu Xiongs words.

“I was born in Witch Hidden World in the southwest, but I have lived in this world for half of my life.

I havent left Lu Guo since my son and daughter-in-law had an accident.

I dont want to explore the remains anymore or teach Guoguo to cultivate.

I just want to accompany her for life.”

Obviously, Lu Xiong was a man with stories, and what he was talking about was his feelings after experiencing countless joys and sorrows.

“Even if it was not what you wanted, something was bound to happen,” Zhang Han said ambiguously.

Lu Xiong was a little surprised, and then he burst out laughing.

Drinking up a cup of tea, he said, “You are right, Grand Master Zhang.

Id better let nature take its course sometimes.”

After drinking his cup of tea, Lu Xiong said, “Lets go to the backyard.

Ill roast these two chickens and open a bottle of wine.

Lets talk while drinking.”


Zhang Han followed Lu Xiong to the back of the house and found another door in the wall, leading to a small cement platform and a vegetable field.

On the edge of the platform, there was a square table and four chairs.

“Nice location.” Zhang Han sat down and looked around, finding that he could overlook the whole kindergarten from here.

“Of course, my granddaughter works here, so I asked Grand Master Fang, who was good at geomancy, to find such a good place,” Lu Xiong replied while waving his hand.

An old bracelet that Lu Xiong was wearing suddenly glowed, and then a barbecue appeared in front of them.

Lu Xiong again waved his hand to kill the two free-range chickens, and then dealt with their feathers, blood, and internal organs in a few seconds as if he had done it hundreds or thousands of times.

When everything was ready, he lit a pile of firewood below the barbecue and began to roast the two chickens slowly.

Then he took out some other food.

A jade bottle of wine, a plate of green beans, and a plate of peanuts.

“Come on, Master Zhang, have a taste of Longgu Wine, a specialty of my sect.” Lu Xiong poured Zhang Han a glass of wine and another for himself.

Zhang Han took up his glass, sniffed it, and nodded slightly.

“Not bad.”

There was a special fragrance of plants in the wine, which was the best wine that Zhang Han had drunk after his rebirth.

“The wine was made from the Qiyun Fruit grown in Longgu of my sect.

My worldlet has been closed for many years, and I can only consume the wine I have stored.

But it is less than a year before the next opening of the worldlet, and I should have enough wine.

If Grand Master Zhang is interested in it, you can come here often.” Lu Xiong laughed.

“Okay.” Zhang Han smiled and nodded.

He was more appreciative of Lu Xiong.

There were two reasons for Zhang Hans visit to Lu Xiong.

First, Lu Xiong worked in the kindergarten all day and could guarantee the safety of Mengmeng.

Second, Zhang Han appreciated Lu Xiongs admirable sense of justice.

There were not many people like Lu Xiong.

Zhang Han knew that he could never get a strong sense of justice himself, because he was neither good nor bad.

To some, he was a kind man, but to some others, he was Fierce Zhang.

In conclusion, the former were people on Zhang Hans side, while the latter were his enemies.

“Whats the name of Elder Lus sect” Zhang Han took a sip of the wine and asked casually.

“In Witch Hidden World, I was Bai Yueting, and my sect was a medium-sized power with few disciples.

The head of the sect had just reached the Earth-realm stage, and any larger sect could easily destroy us.” Lu Xiong shook his head and said, “I hadnt been back for many years before the worldlet was closed.

In fact, another reason why I invited Master Zhang is that I need your help.

When the gate of the small world is opened, I want to go back to visit the head of the sect and some of my martial brothers.

Now that Guoguo is Mengmengs teacher, I want you to take care of her when Im not here.”

“Oh, no problem.

Ill be very busy then, but as long as she is beside Mengmeng, I can guarantee her safety.” Zhang Han nodded.

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