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Chapter 487 Territory Transformation

It was 5:20 in the morning.

It was just dawn and the sun hadnt risen in the east.

A whole years work depends on a good start in spring, and a whole days work depends on a good start in the morning.

At the foot of Mount New Moon, the air was fresh and a little cold.

Seeing Zi Yan, who was wearing a thin coat and shivering, Zhang Han smiled, took off his coat, and put it on Zi Yan.

“Thats nice of you.” Zi Yan curled her mouth and then looked at Zhang Han happily.

“You are my wife and its my duty to take care of you.” Zhang Han smiled softly and walked into the jungle with his arm around Zi Yans waist.

Though it was dark in the jungle, Zi Yan was not afraid at all because she had a patron saint around her!

After crossing the jungle, their vision suddenly widened, and Mount New Moon was as beautiful as ever.

Because there was not enough sunshine, the scenery on the mountain was not so bright at this time, and New Moon Bay was quiet, which was another kind of beauty.


Just three steps forward, they saw Little Hei running over, sitting down in front of them, happily sticking out its tongue and wagging its big tail.

Every time its masters family came, Little Hei would get so excited.

Though it was no longer an ordinary dog, it was still loyal with a sense of mission.

“Well, Little Hei, are you awake If not, go back to sleep,” Zi Yan said solemnly.

Zhang Han was surprised and then burst out laughing.

Zi Yan was so lovely and childlike today.

“Woo, woo!”

Little Hei barked in a low voice and shook its head to show that it was not sleepy.

“Its nearly sunrise.

Lets go up the mountain,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

Then he walked toward the thunder yang tree with his arm around Zi Yans waist.

Thinking for a while, Zhang Han began flashing upwards with Zi Yan in his arms, and they seemed to be flying.


Zhang Han jumped into the air more than 10 meters high and landed on a thick branch, looking toward the east.

The continuous mountains were covered by the lush jungle, and from time to time, there were birds singing happily.

In the distance was the rough sea.

Everything in front of them was like a picture.

“So beautiful.” Zi Yan slowly leaned her head on Zhang Hans shoulder.

“You are the most beautiful.”

“When did you become so flattering Haha, when I first met you, you were like a piece of wood, dull and indifferent.

I was worried about you at that time.”

“You were worried about me” Zhang Han asked in a meaningful tone.

“Er” Zi Yan widened her eyes and shook her head.

“No, not at all.

Why should I worry about you”

“What you just said…”

“You heard me wrong, I didnt… Look, the sun is going to rise!” Zi Yan looked around and finally found something to change the topic to.

Then she pointed to the eastern horizon.

Part of the sun had come out.

The sunshine on the mountain brought light to everything.

The sunshine on the thunder yang tree seemed to awaken the tree, which suddenly emitted a cyan light.

“The suns come out.” Zhang Han smiled and said in a soft voice, “The sunrise is beautiful, but whats more beautiful is our home.”

“Where you are is home,” Zi Yan said softly.

They began saying love words, while Little Hei sitting nearby was listening to them with interest.

“When I get married to a female dog, I will say the same thing to her.

These are valuable experiences!”

“Well, but you are also my princess, and the princess should live in the castle.” Zhang Han grinned and suddenly raised his hand.

His eyes began to look sparkling.

“Clatter, clatter!”

The cyan light flowing down from the top of thunder yang tree looked like a stream, which surprised Zi Yan.

When Zhang Han finished speaking…


A dull sound seemed to ring from the bottom of the earth.

It was not very loud, but it was shocking!


Something was buzzing.

Staring at everything in front of her, Zi Yan widened her eyes and opened her mouth in astonishment.

The mountain shape here had changed again.

Around the thunder yang tree appeared a square, and in front of the tree, blocks of boulders were breaking out of the ground.

Less than a minute later, Zi Yan saw a castle that only appeared in fairy tales.

Although this was just the prototype of a castle, Zi Yan had been deeply attracted by it.

Gradually, the trees in the distance were uprooted by invisible hands, and all kinds of wood and stone were brought over to Zhang Han one after another in this way.

The overall decoration style of the castle was relatively modern.

The tallest building was about five floors high, with five columns and a viewing balcony.

On the third floor of the building, there was an outdoor swimming pool.

In addition, there was a small hall surrounded by columns upstairs, and Zi Yan knew that it should be a place for rest or a dining room.

Sitting in front of the French window of the small hall, both the sea and New Moon Bay in the distance could be seen clearly.

After the appearance of the castles prototype, the wood transported by invisible hands automatically turned into doors, but the color of the wood was not beautiful.

At this time, some brown stones were turned into powder and floated to each door as if they were coloring the wood.

Some white stone powder began to be attached to the outer wall of the whole castle, which looked so beautiful accompanied by the green trees.

All of a sudden…

Piles of shiny objects like sand appeared on the ground.

This was the energy waste of the free crystal stone used by Zhang Han, and they were gathering together to form glass.

In this way, the castle gradually took shape under the witness of Zi Yan.

In front of the castle, huge stones appeared and formed a square, and the crystal residue formed a large fish tank on the stone platform on the left side of the square.

The Yuan Qing Tree and some flowers on the right side of the square were now surrounded by a newly built flowerbed, and two lines of circular fountains and hollies were arranged in the center of the square.

A stone road began to extend to the area of the Flower Sea, to the other side of the pond, and then to the back mountain.

It was extending out like a spiders web.

There was a bridge in the pond full of lotus flowers with a small pavilion in the middle of it.

“This is our castle,” Zi Yan mumbled.

“Yes, our castle.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “Is there anything that needs to be improved”

“No, its so beautiful.

Nothing needs to be changed.” Zi Yans eyes lit up as she looked at Zhang Han with admiration.

“Then Ill build some other buildings.

Now the area on the mountain is relatively small, and we can add two more mountains,” Zhang Han said.

“Two more mountains Will that have a big impact” Zi Yan was stunned and said with worry.

“No.” Zhang Han smiled and stretched out his hand.

The cyan light of the thunder yang tree began extending to the two hills on the eastern and northern sides.

“Clatter, clatter!”

The roots of the thunder yang tree began to grow, extending underground.

Suddenly, the area of the two hills in the east and north began to shrink!

Or, they were not shrinking!

It was Mount New Moon that began to grow as if it had eaten the two hills.

Even the radius of the twisting mountain road had been enlarged many times to the north.

“We still need some buildings for the Wangs.

Ill just refer to the style of their houses.”

Zhang Han murmured and his eyes began to shine.

In the direction of the lower left side of the castle, a series of buildings similar to the manor of the Wang family appeared.

On the right side, there were also a series of newly built buildings, which were divided into two parts, and each part was equal in area to the Wangs manor on the left side.

The style of these buildings was a mixture of modern and classical.

Zhang Han though for a while and again expanded the area of the pool in front of the castle.

A two-story circular building appeared outside the pond, which would be used as a restaurant.

Finally, many trees came from other mountains and landed on both sides of all roads, and the reconstruction of the former mountain was complete.

“Lets change the back mountain.” Zhang Han turned around with Zi Yan in his arms.

Zi Yan was still in a daze.

What she had seen was so astonishing and it would take her some time to accept it.

She took a look forward.

“Humph… hum… humph hum…”

Looking at Dahei snoring in the pet area, Zi Yan couldnt help laughing.

“Its so noisy outside, why is it still sleeping!”

“It may be too tired.” Zhang Hans mouth twitched.

“Although the ground remained flat during the reconstruction, the sound from the beneath the ground was not quiet.

How could this guy fall sleep”

Fortunately, Little Hei was here, or even if there were thieves on the mountain, Dahei would not notice them!

Zhang Han blinked his eyes, and then a stone pillar rose from under Dahei, sent it over the pond, and then disappeared.


Dahei suddenly opened its eyes and looked at the surface of the pool approaching it.


Dahei fell into the pool.

A second later, Dahei quickly jumped out, shook the water drops from his body, and shook its head a few times.


“Whats going on”

Dahei looked around and found its master in a tree.

“Ow woo!”

Dahei pouted and groaned pitifully.

“Master, you are too naughty!”

Seeing Little Hei sitting quietly on the ground, Dahei rolled its eyes and ran to its companion.

“Little Hei, why didnt you warn me that Master was here! Are you still my brother Next time we eat hotpot, I will give you less meat!”

While Dahei was running, the back mountain began to change.

Flat stone roads appeared on the mountain.

The holly trees surrounding the fishpond were replaced by a circular stone platform, with some small decks for fishing in the middle.

The small houses for dogs, the houses for livestock, and the planting area had all been expanded a lot.

On the left side of the planting area, new fruit trees were growing.

“Ive been designing the orchard for a long time.

Both you and Mengmeng like fruit, but there was not enough energy for an orchard when the territory was transformed the first time.

The origin of these fruits is in Cultivation World, and they are more delicious than ordinary fruits even though they are not spirit treasures.

Besides, they have a shorter growth cycle.

“Most fruits taste like apples and bananas, but they are more delicious.

Here are some unusual fruits that will ripen in three or four days.

“The grass area on the left can be used as a golf course, and then we can build a football field.

In the third transformation in the future, I will build a dream paradise for Mengmeng.”

Zhang Han smiled and raised his hand to change the shape of the ground on the left side.

“Well…” Seeing that all the renovation projects were almost done, Zhang Han smiled with satisfaction and turned to look at the front mountain.

Under his gaze, the woods in the center moved to both sides, revealing a road.

A huge stone appeared and stopped in the air, forming a huge semicircular arch.

Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan, who was still in a daze, and said with a smile, “Please name our home.”

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