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Chapter 50 – pressuring

[For Alliance Head Snoopy, Gadget]

“Right, they are ants.” Zhang Han laughed, and extended his hand to scrape Mengmengs face.

“Haha …” “An ant.” Receiving Zhang Hans praise, Mengmeng looked at Zhang Hans smiling face, and all the fear in his heart disappeared, as he chuckled.

This scene not only made the yellow-hair and the others expressions change, even Liang Mengqi was stunned.

She could not understand why Zhang Hans heart was so heavy, the people in front of her were clearly hoodlums, what if they started fighting and got injured What if he couldnt make a meal What if he couldnt coax the child What if I cant play the piano Did he ever think about the consequences

Liang Mengqi felt angry and amused at the same time.

As for Zhang Han, he turned his head and looked at Zhao Feng and the others.

His expression was indifferent, and his tone of voice was still as gentle as before:

“You little ant, I can strangle you with my fingers.

Does Mengmeng want to see how Father will beat up those bad guys”

“Brat, what did you say” The yellow-hairs expression turned vicious, and he stretched his hand towards the back of his waist, where his dagger was.

This action caused the atmosphere to turn cold, while Yu Qingqings body tensed up, as if he was planning to attack as well.

Seeing that, Mengmeng became a little afraid, and anxiously said: “I dont want to see, I dont want to see, Mengmeng doesnt want to see PaPa fight…”

Mengmeng knew that she would be injured if she fought, she did not want to see where PaPa was injured.

“Fine, fine, fine.

I dont want to fight.

I dont want to fight, its okay.” Zhang Han hurriedly turned his head and coaxed her with a few words, then handed Mengmeng over to the Liang Mengqi beside him and said: “Help me hug him.”

“Oh, okay.” Liang Mengqi took Mengmeng and turned around, not allowing Mengmeng to see those bad guys.

Zhang Han walked to the computer counter, opened the drawer and took out three stacks of bills.

After that, he walked towards Zhao Feng and the others.

His gaze became extremely indifferent, and his eyes revealed a sense of disdain, as though he was an emperor looking at his own citizens.

Although Zhang Hans footsteps were slow, it gave the people in front of him quite a bit of pressure!

Even Zhao Fengs expression changed slightly.

‘Its an expert!

Zhao Fengs pupils contracted slightly.

“If you want to collect fees, do it honestly.” Zhang Han placed the money in the yellow-haired youths hands, laughed lightly, and said: “Its not that you have a loud voice, but youre very powerful.

If you dare to step in here in the future, your life, doesnt need to exist.”

Zhang Hans words were plain, but they gave these few people a pressure as heavy as Mt.


Other than Zhao Feng, the others even felt that this pressure was stronger than what Tang Zhan had come from.

This was a society governed by the law, but they did not doubt Zhang Hans words at all.

They felt the same way in their hearts, that if yellow hair came to the restaurant next time, he might really lose his life!

Who is he Why … How could he emit such a great pressure

Especially the yellow-haired youth, he felt the greatest pressure.

At this moment, he actually wanted to open his mouth and say, “I understand.”

Especially in front of Zhao Feng, if he behaved like a coward, it would be even more shameful.

He even felt that if he performed well and was looked upon by Zhao Feng, then he would definitely be able to rise to the top of the society.

Therefore, the youth endured the monstrous pressure.

With a flushed face, he gritted his teeth and said, “You …”

Just as the words left his mouth, suddenly.


With a dull thud, the yellow-haired youths face turned from red to white.

Drops of cold sweat trickled down his forehead.

On his chest, a huge fist was lying there.

The fist, was not Zhang Hans, but Zhao Fengs fist.

Zhao Feng used 50% of his strength to punch his opponent, causing the yellow hair to immediately feel unbearable pain, it was so painful that he couldnt even speak.

From that muffled sound, it was clear that this punch was not light.

Zhao Feng didnt even spare yellow hair a glance as he stared at Zhang Han and said apologetically: “Sir, I am truly sorry that I didnt properly discipline my subordinates and scared your daughter.

It was my fault.”

“Alright, you can leave after youve collected the money.”

Zhang Han gave him a bland look, from his body, Zhang Han could faintly feel the bloodlust of a soldier.

After he finished speaking, Zhang Han turned around and walked to Liang Mengqis side and carried Mengmeng, then sat down at the dining table and coaxed him.

“Un …”

Zhao Feng muttered to himself, then took out a name card from his pocket and placed it on the table.

He smiled, then said: “Sir, we are not randomly collecting fees, there are some local thugs here, if they are causing trouble here, then you can give me a call.

Here is my business card, your restaurant is very interesting, if there is a chance, I will take care of the business, goodbye.”

After Zhao Feng finished speaking, he took the lead and walked out, his words were also true, at the same time collecting protection fees, they would also be in charge of the restaurants safety, if someone caused trouble, then their people would be able to arrive at the place in less than five minutes to resolve the problem, but under normal circumstances they would leave behind the companys special number, but this time, Zhao Feng had left behind his private number.

Because he felt that the Zhang Han in front of him was very extraordinary, to the point that he could even use the wordterrifying to describe him!

In his heart, he even felt that if he were to fight with the owner of this restaurant, he would definitely be the one to lose!

But… He was one of the top three in the special forces back then!

As for him … Was it really just the owner of a restaurant

Zhao Feng was a little absent-minded as he walked out the door.

“Brother Feng, why did you hit me just now” The yellow-hairs face turned slightly pale as he said innocently.


This time, Zhao Feng did not hold back at all and kicked the yellow hair five meters away, falling onto the ground while covering his stomach with cold sweat.

“We are here to collect rent, not to cause trouble.

If you dare do this again, I will break your leg and throw you out of Hong Kong!” Zhao Fengs face was gloomy, his tone extremely cold.

His words scared the others into silence!

In the underworld, no one had ever doubted the words of a madman.

The origin of his nickname was made from blood, and he never broke his word.

“I, I know …” The yellow hair man grinned in pain and replied with difficulty.

He knew that if he did not respond, with Zhao Fengs personality, he would probably attack again.

“Next one!” Zhao Feng said coldly and led the way to the next restaurant.

The yellow-hair was helped up by his two companions and followed quietly behind them.

After this incident, the other restaurants would probably receive quite a bit of polite treatment.

Inside Zhang Hans dining room.

“Mengmeng, didnt I already tell you They are just ants, we dont need to be afraid.” Zhang Han said to Mengmeng with a smile.

“But, but they look too scary …” Mengmeng said weakly.

“Thats right, Mengmeng is a cute, soft girl, how can she not be afraid of those ugly people.” Liang Mengqi said with a light smile.

“Youre pretty brave.” Zhang Han looked at Liang Mengqi, and shook his head with a smile.

“Humph!” Im not afraid of those hooligans.

Boss, let me tell you, its a good thing were here today.

Do you know what Qing Qing does “Let me tell you, Qingqing is a black belt Taekwondo expert!” Liang Mengqi shook his head and said with slight complacency.

“Oh Is that so “Thats right.” Zhang Han looked at Yu Qingqing strangely.

“Of course, my familys Qingqing is very powerful.” Zhao Dahu said as he shook his head.

“Nope.” Yu Qingqing walked over and looked at Zhang Han in surprise.

“Boss, just a few words and you scared those people away, I cant compare to you.”

The pressure just now was not only felt by Zhao Feng and the rest, but also by Yu Qingqing and the others.

On the other hand, Liang Mengqi and Zhao Dahu did not feel anything, they only felt that Zhang Han had an imposing manner, and the better the skills he had, the deeper the feeling, as if the two societys people could see after looking at each other for a while and could tell whether he was truly fierce or was trying to show off.

“My, my PaPa is the strongest.” Every time others praised Zhang Han, he would feel as if they were praising himself.

The pride in his heart was all displayed on his face, and the key thing was that Zhang Han still enjoyed it a lot.

Which father didnt want to be high and mighty in the eyes of their children!

“Cough, cough.”

Seeing that Zhang Han was smiling so sweetly and feeling so good, Liang Mengqi felt that a chance had come.

He coughed lightly and said, “Erm … Boss, can I ask you a favor ”

“Yes, go ahead.”

Of course, in Zhang Hans eyes, there was a difference ofrespect for one foot.

Just by speaking with respect, it was useless, but the way Liang Mengqi blocked in front of Mengmeng just now, Zhang Han could be considered a truerespect.

Therefore, facing her request, Zhang Han would consider.

“Boss, can you cook more rice at once See, Mistress Zhao isnt even full yet.” Liang Mengqi glanced at Zhao Dahu and said.

Zhao Dahu was startled, then overjoyed, and agreed with a fawning expression: “Yes, thats right, Big Brother Boss, I really cant fill my stomach.”

“You deserve it if you dont have enough to eat!” Hearing Zhao Dahus lowly expression and tone, goosebumps rose all over Yu Qingqings body as he said, “Scram! “Dont be so disgusting!”

“But I really cant fill my stomach …” Zhao Dahu said pitifully.

“The rice pot here is not big.

Every time I cook, I make the most of it.” Zhang Han said as he shook his head slightly.

Hearing that, Liang Mengqis expression paused, and asked hesitantly: “Then, why dont we change it to a different steamer”

Zhao Dahus eyes lit up, and he anxiously said: “Thats right, why not change the pot Ill pay for the wok, oh no, Ill buy the wok! ”

Looking at their expressions, Mengmeng felt that it was interesting.

She raised her little palm and cheered: “Change the pot, change the pot…”

Under everyones gazes, Zhang Han smiled and nodded: “Ok.”

“Yay!” Zhao Dahu jumped in joy, he said passionately: “Boss, go take a rest, Ill clean up this place.”

“Mm, as long as it isnt a mess.” Zhang Han did not care what they did, he only warned them and then carried Mengmeng upstairs.

“Dont worry, it wont be a mess even if you specify a tiny bit of it!” Zhao Dahu gave the order with a serious face.


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