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Chapter 500 Ah Hu Left Directly

“Zhang Hanyang…”

“Merciless Zhang…”

“Grand Master Zhang…”

Thousands of people on the scene started their discussions, who retreated as they spoke about it.

It seemed that the whole scene had been changed into an ultra foodstall in an instant, where people were rolling up their sleeves and drinking beers, as well as bragging about themselves.

The whole scene became extremely noisy.

However, amid the commotion, people mostly talked about what had happened a moment ago.

Moreover, many people took out their cell phones and hurriedly dialed the numbers of their friends who had not been able to make it here, as they said, “Brothers, you have missed unprecedented fighting since you were not here this time.

How f**king amazing the fighting was! I will tell you the details…”

The news spread from mouth to mouth.

Soon, it was universally known in the martial arts world of Shenzhen.

The headquarters of the National Security Agency of Shenzhen was located near the suburban area of the Eastern District.

There was a cultivators abode halfway up the back mountain, whose area was quite spacious.

It was a blessed region filled with spiritual Qi.

Director Bi of the National Security Agency of Shenzhen just finished his seclusion from the secular world.

He walked out of the cultivators abode, went into the front yard, and stared in the direction of Nan Xing Lake.

After that, he said with a sighed, “I still missed it eventually.”

“Director Bi, you finished your cultivation.” At this time, a middle-aged man ran out of the room in the yard hurriedly.

The look on his face was somewhat solemn.

He clasped his hands as he said, “Director Bi, the scene going on in the relic site of Nanxing just ended.

Senior Master Han had brought people there to preside over the situation.

However, so many Grand Masters were there this time.

He dared not say anything at all.”

Director Bi frowned as he asked, “What was going on there Did Shi Fenghou fight with Ye Longyuan again”

“Well, as for this… yes, they did end up fighting!” The middle-aged man muttered for a while, thought about the wording, then said, “However, the talents from small world fought with another person, namely, Merciless Zhang from Hong Kong.

He beat all the talents on his own and fought bravely on Nan Xing Lake.

Though the group of people including Ye Longyuan had many tricks, Zhang Hanyang put them down by himself.

In the end, he snatched the Golden Armor and the Demon Dancing Sword away, which were Ye Longyuans and Mu Xues holy objects respectively.”

“What did you say!” Director Bis eyes gradually widened.

A hint of astonishment and doubt filled his eyes.

He said, “Are your words true”

The middle-aged man said drily, “100% true! Even Ji Wushuang, who took first place on the Hong Kong ranking list, said that nobody could beat Zhang Hanyang in the Divine Realm.

Zhang Hanyang is an Invincible Grand Master!”

“Invincible Grand Master…” Upon hearing these words, Director Bi was at a loss.

A hint of confusion flashed across his eyes.

The title of Invincible Grand Master mattered so much.

At this moment, the piece of news, which said that Zhang Hanyang from Hong Kong had put down all the talents from the worldlet by himself and presented a mystery of an Invincible Grand Master, spread around from central Shenzhen.

Various sects and connections from influential families soon learned of this piece of news.

Some were very excited.

That was because they felt so good since the reality showed that people from the secular world could put down people from the worldlet.

Most of them were martial artists who had been bullied by the talents from the worldlet.

Some were astounded.

That was because this piece of news was indeed quite astonishing.

While some others did not give it a damn about it at all, thinking that this piece of news meant nothing more than another piece of news.

After all, Zhang Hanyang usually lived in Hong Kong.

They were a world apart.

They barely would end up meeting each other.

Consequently, they were somewhat emotional and made some comments.

But no matter what their moods were, a lot of people kept the name Zhang Hanyang in their mind today!

To be more exact, the name Zhang Hanyang was more well-known to more people.

At the same time, in the dining hall of a villa of Tomson Riviera in Lin Hai City, Liu Jiaran and Xuanxuan were sitting on the sofa as they talked in low voices.

Liu Jiaran said, “Xuanxuan, the way you see it, during the period when the scumbag was here, how many people did he beat”

“Oh, as for this, I need to calculate it discreetly.” Xuanxuan was at a loss.

She counted on her fingers and muttered, “The first one is our Senior Hu.

Classmate Ma is the next.

As for the rest, they are the chairman of the student union, the chairman of the school boxing club, the chairman of the school Taekwondo Club, Master Meng from the New District, Tiger who is the senior brother of Master Meng, and so on… Upon calculating, there are 13 in total!”

“Are there that many” Liu Jiaran was distracted.

She took a glimpse at Ah Hu, who played on the cell phone by the dining table while enjoying the meat and drinking beer wobbly, and asked peculiarly, “This scumbag is not only violent but also lowly.”

Xuanxuan grimaced as she said, “Yes.

Surprisingly lowly.”

When it came to how to play with people, they would rather play second fiddle.

Last night, they had gone to a restaurant to eat, which was located on the 29th floor.

There were six elevators there.

A group of five people had gone into one elevator directly.

Ah Hu directly walked past the vacant elevator and pressed the button of the elevator where the group had been.

Though the door had opened, Ah Hu had not gone in, making the people inside the elevator feel confused.

They had closed the door.

After that, Ah Hu pressed the button again and did not enter there again.

In the end, the group went into another elevator.

Ah Hu had gone to press the button of the new elevator again.

Eventually… the five people inside the elevator had become quite agitated and helpless!

This issue had made them feel surprised.

It was not until later on that they learned that the five people were Tiger and his four underlings, who were about to deal with Ah Hu…

Upon thinking of this issue, Liu Jiaran felt amused.

Except for “surprisingly lowly”, which was Xuanxuans comment, Liu Jiaran thought that Ah Hu was lowly in a cute way.

Out of curiousness and various factors, Ah Hu stayed.

It was the first time he had been here eating today.

His appetite was horrifying.

As they were chit-chatting on the sofa, a loud call rang out, which was: “Damn it! Boss is amazing!”

Both Han Jiaran and Xuanxuan were startled.

They said one after another, “Hey, what are you doing”

“Are you sick Fool!”

Upon hearing their words, they were excited.

It was not until he hung up the phone that he glimpsed at them and said, “Hmph! What do you know You are two silly and naive girls.”

Liu Jiaran jumped onto the sofa, placed her hands on her waist, and said, “Who are you referring to as silly and naive girls You are an old dog!”

Ah Hu picked at his ears and said sullenly, “You should speak more articulately.

Dont call me your husband all the time.

I am not interested in a little girl whose figure is not good.”

He was experienced in dealing with the kind of little girl like Liu Jiaran.

“You!” Liu Jiaran blushed, indicating that she was angry.

She went crazy inwardly.

Xuanxuan rolled her eyes and said, “Brother Ah Hu, what did you just say If I heard it correctly, you have a boss, right I think, as for the kind of master like you, you are the master.”

“Master” After Ah Hu heard Xuanxuans words, the look on his face became solemn.

A hint of solemnness flashed across his eyes.

He was locked in his thoughts.

Upon seeing the look on Ah Hus face, Liu Jiaran was curious and forgot what she had intended to say a moment ago.

Three seconds later, Ah Hu heaved a long sigh and said, “My boss is super amazing! You wont even have a chance to know him.

He only has one disciple now, who is the earliest senior disciple, namely, my Brother Feng.

Previously, I hung around in the underworld with him.

I will try my best to be the bosss disciple in the future.”

“Tut, it seems that youve described him as an awesome one.” Liu Jiaran twitched her mouth and said contemptuously, “You big jerk.

Did you learn how to act cheaply from your boss”

“Huh” As Ah Hu heard Liu Jiarans words, the look on his face froze.

A chord inside his heart was touched.

He frowned, put down the chopsticks, and stood up.

He stared at Liu Jiaran closely and said somewhat rigidly, “Lady Liu, you cant make fun of some people.

At least, you cant do it in front of me.

To be honest, even your father needs to be respectful when he sees the boss.

I dont want to hear this kind of wording next time.”

After Ah Hu finished his words, he left directly.

Xuanxuan, who was dumbfounded, and Liu Jiaran, whose eyes were red, stayed on the spot.

A minute later, Liu Jiaran grabbed her cell phone, made a call, and said chokingly, “Father, he bullied me.

I was just having fun.

How could he do that to me…”

All right.

The life of a bodyguard was not easy.

After all, the lady was hard to be pleased.

On Zhang Hans side, it was not until his group members got on the plane that Zhang Han took out his cell phone and saw that there were some unanswered incoming calls, including one from Zhao Feng and one from Rong Jiaxin, but mostly from Zi Yan.

It was two oclock when he had found that the relic site was closed.

It was 2:30 p.m.


Zhang Han thought that it was normal to have some unanswered calls.

Zhang Han called Zi Yan back directly.

The call was picked up after it rang once.

“Did you come back Why did you just see my call Are you okay Are you hurt Did you fight”

A succession of Zi Yans words came from the other side of the phone, indicating that she was greatly concerned about Zhang Han.

Zhang Han smiled and replied, “I just got on the plane.

I promised you that I definitely would be fine.”

Zi Yan said somewhat weakly, “Then, when will you arrive I want to see you right away.”

Upon hearing her words, Zhang Han said more gently, “More than an hour to go.

I will arrive at probably about 4 oclock.

We should pick up Mengmeng at kindergarten after I come back home.

Did she cry and make a scene this morning after getting up”

“Of course she did!” Upon hearing Zhang Hans words, Zi Yan chuckled and said somewhat helplessly, “She cried when she did not see you this morning.

It took me a while to make her feel happy.

She was somewhat angry and did not eat the breakfast sent over by her aunt.

It was not until she heard that it was made by you that she put on a show of a bad temper due to your indulgence of her.”

“Hahaha…” Upon hearing Zi Yans words, Zhang Han burst into laughter and said, “As long as you are a human, you will get a temper.

Since Mengmeng is so obedient, she wont be spoiled no matter how indulgent I am to her.”

Zi Yan said grudgingly, “Thats not for certain yet.

Without me watching her, Mengmeng would have been spoiled by you.”

“Of course.

I cant do it without you…”

So they chatted.

Since Zi Yan did not intend to hang up, Zhang Han accompanied her chatting.

Lei Tiannan, Wang Zhanpeng, and Protector Leng stared at each other and smiled.

Zhang Hans bold and invincible move on Nan Xing Lake a moment ago greatly astounded people.

However, now he was a good man who went on with ordinary life.

This kind of difference made them feel somewhat peculiar.

Probably, they also admired Zhang Han more in secret.

Half an hour later, the talk on the phone finished.

Protector Leng smiled and said, “Ive seen many amazing people.

However, this is the first time that Ive seen the kind of good man like Director Zhang, who is amazing as well as family-oriented.”

Upon hearing his words, Zhang Han shook his head with a smile and said casually, “There are no accurate definitions for what is good and bad.

Sometimes, in some ways, the one who commits all kinds of evil acts is somewhat kind.”

“Uh…” Protector Leng was somewhat at a loss and nodded slightly.

Lei Tiannan said admiringly, “Zhang Han, the serene world stone is super large.

You got such a treasure this time.”

Protector Leng asked curiously, “What is the serene world stone”

Wang Zhanpeng said somewhat uncertainly, “It seems that it is used to upgrade the quality of weapons.”

“Yes.” Lei Tiannan nodded and said, “If I use this piece of serene world stone to refine my weapons, for example, the Demon Dancing Sword and the Golden Armor, their quality can be upgraded to the level of holy objects!”

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