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Chapter 506 The Hundred-Formation Image

The Purple Moon Entertainment Company and Silver Fruit Video Company formally signed the contract.

Now, this issue had come to an end.

The show was currently being prepared.

There was one week to go before the show officially got started.

Originally, the location had been prepared and was ready in the headquarters of Silver Fruit in Lin Hai City.

However, since it had been changed to Shenzhen, the program division had been quite busy during this week.

Fortunately, they had connections in Shenzhen and would directly do the set up in a vacant workshop.

So one week was sufficient for them.

They had contacted a five-star hotel, which was about a mile away, and got the deal done.

The price of the five-star hotel was much more affordable.

They had directly rented three floors in total, which would be used for the participants.

After this deal was done, Zi Yan became idle.

Oh, no!

To be more exact, she was much busier.

When she escorted Mengmeng to kindergarten with Zhang Han every morning, she would be spotted and photographed frequently.

However, since she wore a hunting cap and pulled down the brim pretty low, it made people feel uncertain whether it was her or not.

She intended to keep the popularity of this kind of guessing high and won a few days for the Silver Fruit Video Company, who was prepared to publicize her joining Chinese New Voice.

Though the official promotion did not start yet, much news about the possibility that Zi Yan might join Chinese New Voice and become its supervisor showed up among the overwhelming pink news of Zi Yan, making people feel more concerned about this variety show.

After escorting Mengmeng to kindergarten, Zi Yan and Zhang Han went back to the Cold Immortal School.

The hostess presided over the castle by herself, who seemed to be a great general playing the tactics and strategies.

She said, “This one should be placed on the left side.

“Its crooked.

Move it inside a bit.

“Just put the small bedside cabinet here.

I will place it on my own later.”


Compared with the area of a kind of European noble castle, the castles area was not worth mentioning at all.

Speaking of the castles area, it was much smaller.

However, it would be spacious if a family of three lived there.

Since there were many rooms, they needed to buy more things.

Consequently, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei were as busy as bees.

It was because there were three more days to go before Zi Yan moved in on Saturday.

They were pressed for time.

Except for the castle, the area where the members of the Wang family would live had been tidied up.

It was pretty easy for the cleaning of the area to be done since as the saying goes, there is strength in numbers.

As for Hundred-formation Image, since the jade stone would not be ready the next day, they planned to get it done after Zhang Han was done with practicing medicine.

Finally, at 3 p.m.

on Thursday, as Zhang Han was practicing the last batch of medicine, Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Zhanhong, and Wang Ming waited off to the side.

Dahei and Little Hei were playing on the back mountain.

As for Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, and Wang Ya, they were still busy attending to their chores inside the castle.


All of a sudden, a dull sound rang out from the furnace.


Wang Ming grinned, turning his head back.

After he saw the scene in front of him, he said in astonishment, “It seems it is different from the previous situation.”

As they walked forward to the front of the furnace, Wang Zhanpeng asked confusedly, “Han, what is going on”

Zhang Han stared at the furnace for a while.

His mouth moved slightly.

He uttered a sentence as he said, “The furnace exploded.”

Speaking of the medicine in this furnace, there were two kinds of third-stage spirit treasures and eight kinds of second-stage spirit treasures.

As the time to practice the medicine slowly came… “Boom!” Another bang rang out from Zhang Hans soul sense sea, making him mentally and psychologically refreshed.

The medicinal pellets were exploding in the furnace…

As Zhang Han observed the soul sense sea, he suddenly found that it seemed the suppression he had exerted before was not sufficient anymore.

In the middle of the thousands of cloud clusters, dozens of clouds had been somewhat stretched for some distance and seemed to be converged together.

The lighting that occurred a moment ago also rang out from the dozens of cloud clusters.

If the strength of the lighting was the same as that of the previous one, one lighting strike could not startle Zhang Han at all.

However, the strength of the lighting was three times stronger than that of the previous one.

Consequently, Zhang Han exerted more senses to pull the clouds in the middle apart.

“I dont believe that I cant do anything to you!”

Zhang Hans pupils shone slightly.

He observed the soul sense sea conscientiously and exerted all of his soul sense to stretch thousands of cloud clusters outward.

All of a sudden, Zhang Han felt something was not right.

As the distance went further, the strength that had hailed the cloud cluster became stronger.

Meanwhile, Zhang Han could sense that his soul sense was increasing gradually.

“What is the name of this trick of practicing”

Zhang Han fixed his eyes.

As the group of members including Wang Ming looked on, Zhang Han sat cross-legged and closed his eyes slowly.

He exerted all of his soul sense and stretched the cloud cluster outward continuously.

As he reached his limit, he found out all of a sudden that the area of the cloud cluster was enlarged by double.


His whole soul sense sea could not hold the cloud cluster anymore!

The world of his soul sense sea changed, which expanded outward continuously.

It seemed that he had been elevated to the state of the Ten Inches Dantian.

At the same time, Zhang Hans soul sense increased at a visible speed.

It seemed that the cloud cluster was eager to converge together and grew bigger quietly.

Within a short period of 10 seconds, each cloud cluster was smaller than the previous one by half!

However, under this state, Zhang Han only hung on for 10 seconds.


Dizziness came over him.

Zhang Han retrieved his soul sense.

The cloud cluster converged together once again.

There were some slits among each cloud.

The whole cloud layer became quiet once again.

Zhang Hans state a moment ago was quite good.

Unfortunately, he had only hung on for 10 seconds.

Moreover, if he continued exerting his soul sense, his soul sense would be damaged.

Based on his observation, it would be quite good if he could exert the soul sense one time within two to three days.

However, most importantly, there was quite a long time to go before he could break through to the Innateness and the Thunder Yang Wood would grow out.

Zhang Han was somewhat concerned about not being able to suppress his soul sense sea if he continued practicing.

“Ah…” Zhang Han was somewhat emotional.

Previously, he had been anxious about how to strengthen his power.

Now, he felt somewhat concerned that he would not be able to suppress his power since his strength had been elevated so much.

It was Zi Yan who had made all of these things happen to him.

Without Zi Yan, his current state would have been only the Six Inches Dantian or Seven Inches Dantian.

“Probably, she brought fortune to me.”

Zhang Han smiled, opened his eyes, and looked in the direction of the castle.

He explored the situation of the castle with his soul sense and found that Zi Yan was ordering the staff to place the sofa in the movie hall.

Wang Zhanpeng and the other two stared at each other confusedly at Zhang Hans side.

Even though they had been staring at him for a long time, they still did not understand what Zhang Han was doing now.

Zhang Han diverted his eyes and shook his head slightly as he said, “Its nothing.

The furnace exploded.”

Zhang Hans words made Wang Ming change the look on his face.

He forced a smile and said, “Han, I would have forgotten it if you didnt bring it up.

During the process of practicing medicine, the furnace will explode.

However, I hear that it is quite normal that the furnace will explode nine times out of 10 while the disciples of the Heavenly Elixir Sect are practicing medicine.

The probability of the furnace exploding could even be 99 out of 100.

The success rate is extremely low.”

Zhang Han smiled gently and said, “The medicine prescription may be problematic.

Or I might not handle the fire of the furnace well.

It might happen due to other reasons.

All in all, fresh beginners all need to go through this process.”

Wang Zhanpeng replied, “However… as for the several senior masters of the Heavenly Elixir Sect, their success rate of practicing medicine is only 20-30%.” The corners of Wang Zhanpengs mouth trembled slightly.

Wang Zhanpeng thought, “Not everyone is as f**king lucky as you.

Though you had practiced with several furnaces of medicine, only one furnace exploded.”

“They had been practicing for a few years.”

Zhang Han smiled and did not say anything at all.

He stood up as he said, “Lets go.

I will set up the Hundred-formation Image for you.”

“All right, all right, all right.”

Wang Zhanpeng and the two others were excited.

They followed Zhang Han and walked to the back mountain.

The area of Mount New Moon was much larger.

However, the appearance of its surroundings was almost the same as before.

They traversed a dense forest on the back mountain, which had been transformed into an over five-meter-high cliff.

There was a pile of rubble down below the cliff.

Zhang Han raised his hands.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

The rubble descended from the air continuously, forming a square city wall, whose height was almost at three meters.

Zhang Han said, “Jade stones.”

“Here they are.” The bracelet around Wang Mings wrist blinked and two boxes of jade stones showed up beneath Zhang Hans feet.

Wang Ming said, “999 pieces.”

Zhang Han also divided all the special treasures, which he had gotten back.

Wang Ming, Zhao Feng, Rong Jiaxin, and even Instructor Liu got one.

As ones strength achieved a certain state, the special treasures would not become precious and rare anymore.

Zhang Han nodded and waved his right hand as he said, “Yes.”

Consequently, all the 999 pieces of jade stones floated in the air.

As a result, as Zhang Han clenched his fist, all the jade stones shattered into pieces.

Three people, including Wang Ming, were at a loss and thought, “How will the formation be set up since the jade stones were shattered into pieces”

As they felt confused, streaks of light, which looked like powder, fell like raindrops.

A definite circle formed inside the downside stone wall.

Following that, various kinds of horizontal and vertical silken lines formed one after another, which were even denser than a spider web.

Zhang Hans eyes became brighter gradually.

In the end, a ray of shining light flashed, and the last jade stone power fell.

The whole formation became quite bright.

Three seconds later, the lights all dissipated.

The formation was done successfully!

“Huh” Wang Zhanpeng stared at the formation image for a while.

All of a sudden, the look on his face froze.

He said, “Well… it seems that there are three formations inside.

However, why does it seem to be whirling Is it moving”

Wang Ming shook his head as he said, “Whoa, I feel somewhat dazzled after staring at it for a while.

What is going on”

Wang Zhanhong stared at the formation image for several seconds and could not help exclaiming as he said, “Amazing.

So mystifyingly amazing!”

While talking, all of them stared at Zhang Han, waiting for him to enlighten them.

“Everybody sees the shape of the Hundred-formation Image differently.

Consequently, the formation they see will also be different.” Zhang Han smiled gently and said, “If you can see over 100 formations in the Hundred-formation Image, you will figure out its essence.

After you have been studying it for some time, you can start studying the Thousand-formation Image.”

Wang Zhanhong stared at Wang Zhanpeng as he asked, “So, we see different images, right”

“What I saw a moment ago was something similar to the Qi Li Maze Formation.” Wang Zhanpeng looked downward and said, “Now I see the Bing San Maze Formation again.”

Wang Zhanhong mumbled as he said, “Whoo.

I saw the San Yu Maze Formation and Qing Feng Defense Formation.”

“This is so strange.” Wang Zhanpengs eyes were bright again, which were overflowing with excitement.

“Well…” Wang Ming squeezed his small face as he said, “I only see one basic formation and feel somewhat confused.”

“Haha.” Upon hearing his words, Zhang Han shook his head and said, “You will see the formations that you are experienced in at first.

You can penetrate outward slowly based on your knowledge.

One day, you will finish understanding the Hundreds of Deployments.

However, you should spend no more than seven hours per day on the Hundred-formation Image.

As the saying goes, going too far is as bad as not going far enough.

You can study other formations of other sects the rest of the time.”

Wang Zhanpeng nodded continuously as he said, “All right, all right.”

“Then little uncle, two masters, you can study the formation image first.

I will go home first.”

Zhang Han nodded, turned around, and went back to the front mountain.

He walked into the castle directly and went to the movie hall on the third floor, where decorations had just been done.

“Honey, are you done” Zi Yan saw Zhang Han walking over cheerfully, held his arms, and said, “What do you think of my decoration”

As they talked, they walked into the movie hall, whose area was quite large.

There were three sets of sofas in the front and the back.

There was one sofa set specifically for couples, and one medium-sized sofa where people could lay and sit on.

The medium-sized sofa was suitable for a family with three members.

There was a long sofa at the back, which was prepared for the guests.

Zhang Han smiled and said, “It looks very good.

I did not realize that you are so good at decorating.”

“Of course.

Dont you know that girls usually like to decorate their house very much”

Zi Yan said cheerfully, “Since our house is so spacious, it is super comfortable to decorate it.

By the way, what should I do about my house in Yunyin Should I sell it since we all live here It seems we have not gone back there for a long time, right”

“Umm…” As Zhang Han was about to say something, Zi Yan shook her head continuously and said, “No, no, we cant sell it.”

“Ah” Zhang Han was at a loss slightly and stared at Zi Yan peculiarly.

He did not know what she was thinking about.

However, what Zi Yan said afterward made Zhang Han feel somewhat awkward.

She licked her lips and said, “If you upset and bully me in the future, I will go back and live there.

I will also take Mengmeng there!”

Zhang Han adjusted the expression on his face and said, “Well, I wont do that.

“I think its better if you sell it.

I will inform Xiaofeng about this later.”

Zi Yan pouted her mouth and said gently, “Hmph!” She stared at Zhang Han as her big eyes blinked.

She said softly, “What if you bully me in the future”

“Do you think I will do that” Zhang Han grinned, stretched out his hands, and bared Zi Yans waist, making her cling to him completely.

Zi Yans curvy figure touched Zhang Hans heartstring.

He said somewhat ambiguously, “In some ways, I will.

I even want to bully you right now.


“Aiya!” Zi Yans shining and big eyes were fixed.

After that, her beautiful face blushed.

She saw from the corner of her eyes that a staff member was walking to the other side in a hurry while lowering his head.

She twisted her body, broke free from Zhang Hans embrace, and said cutely, “You are so naughty.

There are so many people here.”


Isnt it quite normal”

As they were flirting with each other, Zhou Fei popped her head out from the side room all of a sudden and asked, “Elder Sister Yan, come here to check whether I can do the decoration like this.” After she saw Zhang Han, she grinned and said, “Brother-in-law, you are done with your chores, right You can come to check it together.”

Zi Yan responded as she walked over while holding hands with Zhang Han, “Here we come.”

The room that Zhou Fei was checking now was an Instrument Room.

Whether it was the door or the wall, they were all equipped with better sound-proof mechanisms.

Various kinds of classic instruments were already placed inside.

The instruments inside the room included a guitar of Eric Clapton, a classical guitar, electric guitar, violin, violoncello, accordion, synthesizer, and so on.

The piano was lacking.

If they moved the Steinway in the dining hall over here, the variety of the instruments in this room would become much more comprehensive.

The instruments were placed quite neatly.

Besides the instruments, there were two computers and some electronic devices.

The furnishing and decoration of the room were quite delicate, including some refreshing green items to offset it.

Zhang Han looked around, nodded smilingly, and said, “Its quite good.”

Zi Yan said cheerfully, “If you are interested, we can write songs here in the future.”

Zhang Han was amazing, who knew many songs as a songwriter.

Zi Yan knew that Zhang Han could create songs based on his understanding of the piano and the instruments.

However, his knowledge of the instruments would be poorer than her professional knowledge.

Zhang Han replied with a chuckle, “All right.”

“Then, lets look over the other rooms.” Zi Yan showed her achievements in recent days to Zhang Han cheerfully.

The bedroom was decorated by Zi Yan on her own.

Zhang Han had checked the decoration before and found that it was very beautiful.

Moreover, the main and spacious bedroom for the little princess, the guest room, the storage room, the dressing room, the bathroom, the lounge, the treasured liquor room, the study, the indoor swimming pool, and so on were all decorated well.

The whole castle became less empty and looked like a home.

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