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Chapter 519 He Didnt Choose Me

The two singers had no confidence in winning the mentors favor at all.

Zhang Hans song left such a deep impression on everyone in the venue that they couldnt be interested in the other contestants for the rest of the show.

The contestants who had not yet competed were under great pressure.

They were afraid that they would be compared with Hanyang and would not get high marks.

The mentors began chatting with the two singers on the stage to warm them up.

On the other side, the preparation room was already warmed up.

The remaining contestants were all discussing in a low voice.

“Are we right Is he Hanyang”

“Should be.”

“How I want to salute him and win his favor, then Ill go viral, too.”

“So do I.

But he keeps sitting in the corner and doesnt speak too much.

Im afraid that he doesnt want to be bothered.”


They were all talking about Zhang Hans identity.

Hesitating for a while, Lu Ze, who sat still, planned to have a chat with the promising singer after he was identified as Hanyang.

As for Tong Jiajia, the girl was so curious that she immediately approached Zhang Han.

“Nice to meet you, guru.” Tong Jiajia seated herself beside Zhang Han.

Though she was still nervous, she managed to calm down and ask Zhang Han, “Are you guru Hanyang”

Before Zhang Han could reply to the girl, Sun Dongheng tut-tutted and began chatting the girl up as he usually did.

“Sister, why not ask me I know everything.”

Zhang Han chuckled and slightly shook his head.

He began to watch Sun Donghengs performance.

“Why should I ask you Do you know the guru” Tong Jiajia was confused.

Everyone in the room turned their gaze to Sun Dongheng.

Sun Dongheng replied in a casual way, “No, no, no, I dont just know him.”

He shook his finger at the girl.

“So what do you mean” Tong Jiajia looked at Sun Dongheng curiously.

“Dont you understand” Sun Dongheng patted his head and said, “Come here and sit beside me.

Ill tell you the details.”

“Well, I wont.

What if you are a bad guy” Tong Jiajia shook her head.

Zhang Han was amused by the girl and shook his head.

Tong Jiajia was a cute girl with a round face and big eyes, and it was easy for such a naive girl to attract and be tricked by skirt-chasers, such as… Sun Dongheng

Sun Dongheng would cry out a grievance if he could read Zhang Hans mind.

Though he was a skirt-chaser, it was impossible for him to pursue every girl.

He just enjoyed flirting with them.

That was it.

Finally, Tong Jiajia was persuaded by Sun Dongheng, and sat down beside him.

Then they began chatting.

Their topic was gradually changed by Sun Dongheng, and he soon got some of Tong Jiajias information.

Though born into a wealthy family, Tong Jiajia was neither arrogant nor a spendthrift.

She loved music and hadnt found herself a boyfriend while in university.

Sun Dongheng didnt believe it at the beginning.

It was hardly worthy of belief.

“Why couldnt such a pretty girl find a boyfriend in university Didnt anyone pursue her Hasnt she been attracted by anyone”

But Sun Dongheng soon got the reason for it.

It turned out that Tong Jiajias parents were the vice chief and director of her university, and anyone who dared to pursue her would be scolded and punished seriously.

While they were chatting, 10 groups of performers were assessed.

Both Ah Yan and Lu Ze advanced to the next round of competition with their excellent performance.

Though Lu Zes identity as an idol became his burden, he was encouraged by Zi Yan and managed to defeat the professional singer in his group.

“The next group is Tong Jiajia, a junior from the Hongyang Conservatory of Music, and Qi Jiang, a singer from North Wind Media.”

“Its your turn, Sister.

Come on.” Sun Dongheng made a gesture to encourage Tong Jiajia.

“Im sure you will manage it.”

“Come on.” Zhang Han looked at the girl and smiled.

“Thank you so much.” Tong Jiajia walked toward the stage with great confidence.

Tong Jiajia chose Qi Jiang as her competitor.

Though a weaker opponent would make it easier for her to win the competition, she didnt know the other competitors and thus made a random choice.

She hadnt expected Qi Jiang to be a promising singer who had won several provincial and national awards.

Though it would be a hard battle for her, Tong Jiajia and her family had made full preparation.

She began to sing Spring Breeze in a soft voice.

In the end, she won the competition 2:1.

Going back to the preparation room, Tong Jiajia sat down beside Sun Dongheng without hesitation, smiling.

After a while, it was Sun Donghengs turn to compete.

He was not nervous at all, for his opponent was weak.

Although Sun Dongheng himself was not much stronger than the others, he would win the competition as long as he was better than his opponent.

In the scoring process…

Zi Yan chose Sun Dongheng, and Gu Fan chose the other performer, leaving Zuo Dong and Da Hua in a dilemma.

They discussed it for one minute.

Both the competitors on the stage were worrying.

“You are actually at the same level, but Ah Dong performed a bit better, so we choose Ah Dong.” Da Hua shrugged and smiled.


Sun Dongheng clenched his fist, shook hands with the other performer and encouraged him, and then left the stage.

“Boss, Im also among the national top 25, haha.”

Sun Dongheng went back to his seat beaming with joy, and then he saw Ah Yan and said to him, “Wow! As a livestreamer, I also advanced into the top 25.”

His mouth trembled slightly.

Turning his gaze from Sun Dongheng, Ah Yan said nothing.

In Ah Yans opinion, though Sun Dongheng was just a normal singer, he was riding Zhang Hans coattails and would surely reach a position higher than the top 25.

“He is here to ruin the show, right

“As I said, however strong their social relation is, they cant suppress and surpass Zhang Han.

“I like it.”

Ah Yans eyes were also suffused with excitement!

“Thanks to Zhang Han, he brings fairness and more excitement to the competition.

Even if I lose the match, Ill be defeated in a respectable way, not like TQ.

Im ashamed for him!”

There was enough time for the 50 singers and the 25 competitions between them.

After lunch time, the show continued in the afternoon.

At 2:00 p.m…

The single challenge was over.

“Now we have the top 25 singers in the first season of Chinese New Voice.

Next, you can form your combat teams!”

All the singers became invigorated.

“Well form the teams!”

They were all thinking about their ideal mentor.

Though Gu Fans and Zi Yans appearance would surely attract some singers, most of them would make a choice based on comprehensive consideration.

“Its a mutual selection between contestants and mentors.

Theyll be separated by a wall with three doors, and a team will be formed only when both the ideal contestant and the idea mentor choose to open the same door.

If the mutual selection is unsuccessful, the contestant will be pending and the mentor will lose one chance.

Each mentor has 10 chances to choose their ideal contestants, and there are at most seven members in a team.

Therefore, for the mentors, the more mutual selections they fail, the fewer members they will have.

“Before the mutual selection, each mentor has one hour to communicate with their ideal contestants.

The 25 contestants are now in the single rooms on the right side of the hall, and youll find their name on the door.

In the following hour, the mentors can have a free chat with all the contestants, one chance for one person.

The countdown has started, and the three groups of mentors will enter the field through three doors.”


The screen on the wall began to count down.

“The selection begins.”

“We have only one hour, lets go.”

The four mentors walked into their respective corridors.

They approached the field from three directions.

“I must speed up and be the first to chat withIm Cute.” Gu Fan looked into the camera while walking.

“The other two groups of mentors must have the same plan, though Zi Yan might be less nervous than us.

I want to emphasize that its up to the contestants to choose their own team, so its my chance to steal him from Mentor Zi Yan.”

Gu Fan began running forward.

In the other corridor, Zuo Dong and Da Hua also quickened their pace while chatting with each other.

“Well go forIm Cute first.

He will be a helper for us if we succeed this time.”

“Im sure they are going to persuade him, too.

But he is likely to choose Zi Yan.” Da Hua shook his head.

“So we are trying to steal him from Zi Yan.

Anyway, we should fight for it.” Zuo Dong smiled.


In the leftmost hallway, Zi Yan was walking slowly with a cameraman following her.

She knew that it was time for her to say something.

So she looked into the camera and said casually, “They will go forIm Cute.

“But Im sure he will choose me.

“Want to know the reason

“I wont tell you.”

Zi Yan gave the audience a cheeky smile, and then sped up.

There were 25 small rooms in the hall, and Zuo Dong and Da Hua were looking for someone inside.

“He is here!”

Suddenly, Da Hua shouted and began running forward.

Zi Yan quickened her pace to follow him.

When she approached Zhang Hans room, she saw Da Hua standing outside.

The name on the door was “Im Cute”.

But the little display next to the handle said: “Occupied”.

“Well, Gu Fan got a head start on us.” Da Hua shrugged helplessly.

“He was the first to start a conversation.

But none of us is likely to succeed.” Zuo Dong smiled, turned around, and looked at Zi Yan.

“Your relationship must be more complicated than I thought.

You are confident, right”

“Well… I dont know.” Zi Yan blinked her eyes.

“Take advantage of your beauty, and youll get a competitive team,” Zuo Dong said.

“Stop encouraging your opponent.” Da Hua patted Zuo Dongs arm and smiled at Zi Yan.

“Lets wait and see.

MaybeIm Cute will be stolen from you.

Be careful.”

Five minutes had passed.

Gu Fan opened the door and came out.

He couldnt help smiling.

“You are all here.

Haha, youre late, Ive made a deal with him.”

Then he left the other mentors for the left side of the hall.

He seemed to be so confident.

Da Hua and Zuo Dong were wondering if Gu Fan was trying to trick them.

Zi Yan was the only one who didnt care about what had happened.


“Recently, Ive rewarded him every night.

“Its impossible for him to choose another mentor.

“He is my husband, and he will without question choose me.”

“Its our turn.” Zuo Dong notified Da Hua, and they entered the room.

Zi Yan could hear the faint sound of their communication and Zuo Dongs smile.

Zuo Dong and Da Hua chatted with Zhang Han for three to four minutes, and left his room with smiles on their faces.

Zi Yan burst out laughing.

“They are good actors.

“I almost believe it.

“When I tell them that he is my husband, they will be astonished.


Zi Yan coughed to cover her excitement, then entered the room.

“Im Cute,” Zi Yan said hello to Zhang Han as a mentor, and then sat down opposite him.

Hearing Zi Yans words, Zhang Han smiled and nodded.

“Yes, youre cute.”


“Mind your attitude when speaking with your mentor!”

Zi Yan coughed to clear her throat, and then said, “Whats the benefit youll get from the other mentors”

“Well, its a secret.” Zhang Han pushed his sunglasses upward.

“Excuse me”

“You dare to have a secret”

Zi Yan stared at Zhang Han, slightly snorted, and said, “Tell me who youll choose.”

“Its difficult to make a decision.” Zhang Han pretended to be hesitating.

“Maybe Ill choose one of them because Ill get a great benefit from them.”

Zi Yan realized that Zhang Han was playing a joke on her.

“You troublemaker!

“Are you threatening me”

Zi Yan pursed her lips and said, “Here is my offer.

Well… We can cooperate to write new songs, but your own songs are good enough.

And I wonder if you want to share some snacks with me in your spare time.”

“Snacks” Zhang Han put on a smile.

“Yes, for example, baked seaweed, chicken-flavored circles, french fries…”

Zi Yan mentioned several kinds of Mengmengs favorite snacks, and then added, “Ice cream, and… popping candy”


She heard Zhang Han swallowing saliva.

“Well, youre making me hungry.

Good idea, and may we have a happy collaboration.”

“May we have a happy collaboration.” Zi Yan smiled and shook hands with Zhang Han.

Her big eyes curved into crescents.

A mischievous spark glinted in her eyes.

If their friends, such as Zhou Fei and Zhao Feng waiting backstage, saw them, they would be stunned.

“What a public display of affection.

“Stop attacking us mentally!”

After a while, the staff outside of the door notified them.

“Time is up.”

The mentors could stay in one room no longer than five minutes.

Five minutes had passed by quickly.

“Well, Ill go for the other competitors.”

Zi Yan left the room under Zhang Hans meaningful gaze.

“Next… Ill visit Lu Ze and Sun Dongheng.”

Thinking about it, Zi Yan went on.

On the way, Zi Yan passed by several competitors that she was interested in, but didnt stop to talk with them.

One hour was enough for her, and she planned to go back after chatting with Lu Ze and Sun Dongheng.

She soon found Sun Donghengs name and took the lead to enter his room.

“Which mentor do you like the most” Zi Yan asked.

“Mentor Zi Yan, of course.

You are like a fairy.” Sun Dongheng flattered Zi Yan.


Zi Yan was amused by him and said directly, “Ill go for the next competitor.

And Ill choose you.”

“Thank you, M… Mentor.” Sun Dongheng hurried to swallow the word “madam”.

Gu Fan was chatting with Lu Ze when Zi Yan reached Lu Zes room.

Two minutes later, Gu Fan left the room and let Zi Yan in.

“Lu Ze, do you have a favorite mentor” Zi Yan asked the same question, and then added, “If you like Gu Fan, I can help you join him.”

“I like all four mentors,” Lu Ze replied in a moderate way.

Then he smiled and said, “But Mentor Zi Yan has always been my idol, and Ill choose you this time.”

“Its a deal.”

Then Zi Yan went to find her next objective without taking a break.

Though each mentor had 10 chances to make their own choice, it was difficult for a complete team with seven singers to be formed, because the promising singers usually had their own ideas.

One hour had passed quickly.

Time was up, and the four mentors were stopped on the way to their next objective.

Most of the 25 performers were competitive.

But “Im Cute” had attracted the attention of almost all the audience and mentors, leaving no space for the other singers to show themselves.

Let alone he was suspected to be Hanyang, which was nearly confirmed.

Hanyang was known as a talented songwriter, and Gu Fan felt that he was like a schoolboy challenging a university student.

“Next, the selection begins,” Director Cheng Xu announced.

All the mentors were now sitting on a sofa behind three doors.

“The first competitor, Lu Ze, comes from Royal Entertainment Company.

Lu Ze, make your choice please, and then its the mentors turn.”

Hearing the hosts cue, the four mentors looked at each other.

“Lu Ze is pretty good.”

Zuo Dong stood up and took two steps forward without hesitation.

Then he thought about something and went back.

“I remember that Zi Yan used to work for the Royal Entertainment Company, so I decide to give up this rare opportunity.”

“You know too much.” Zi Yan smiled and walked toward her door.

Gu Fan hesitated for a while and decided to follow Zi Yan.

“His singing style fits mine well, and I want to make a bet on him.”

“Mentor selection is over, open the door.”


All three doors were opened.

Lu Ze appeared in front of Zi Yan.

Zi Yan smiled and applauded.

“Thank you,” Lu Ze said politely, and then make a gesture to Gu Fan.

“Thank you.”

“The mutual selection succeeds, and Lu Ze joins Zi Yans team.

Please take a rest in the team room.”

The team room was on the right side of the hall with three rows of chairs inside, representing the three teams.

Lu Ze found himself a position in Zi Yans row and sat down happily.

It was really worth being happy.

This program was very smooth, and there were so many highlights that could enhance the popularity of all the singers.

“The next one is…”

All the competitors made their choice one after another.

So did the three groups of mentors.

Ah Yan, Tong Jiajia, Lu Ze, Sun Dongheng, and a female competitor joined Zi Yans team.

Up to now, Zi Yan had used nine of her chances and succeeded five times.

The other mentors had made nice choices as well, and now there were six singers in Gu Fans team and five in Zuo Dong and Da Huas team.

“Next, the last competitor.

His name is…Im Cute, the strongest dark horse this season.


Undoubtedly, both Gu Fan and Zuo Dong were saving their last choice for “Im Cute”.

In order to maintain the last chance, they gave up many singers.

“Competitor selection is over.

Mentors, please make your decision.”

All the mentors were standing at their own doors.

“The mutual selection has succeeded.

Open the doors.”


All three doors were opened.

Finding no one in front of them, Zuo Dong and Da Hua forced a smile and turned left to look at Gu Fan.

Gu Fan shook his head helplessly and turned left to look at Zi Yan.


Under their gaze, Zi Yans smile froze.

She turned right slowly and looked at the other mentors with confusion in her eyes.

There was no one in front of her, either.

“He didnt choose me”

Zi Yan was stunned.

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