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Chapter 52 – household dish

Her words made the little princess incomparably happy.

She would only be happy if PaPa was powerful, but of course it would be better if she was praised a little.

“Aiyo, well be going this way for three hours.

Mengqi, say, did you seduce our boss” Yu Qingqing said as his mouth twitched.

“Dont talk nonsense, do you think everyone is as dirty as you The boss is an upright person, hmph.

” Liang Mengqi let out a light snort, driving away Zhao Dahu who was sitting opposite to him, and sat on the chair himself.

“Hmph, bullying.” Zhao Dahu also snorted lightly.

“Qingqing, let me tell you, the boss made a mountain.

Its so beautiful there, theres …”

After he sat down, Liang Mengqi excitedly chatted with Yu Qingqing about everything he had seen and heard in the Mount New Moon today.

Zhang Han ignored their teasing and carried Mengmeng to the sofa instead.

“Mengmeng, watch the TV for a while.

Daddy is going to start cooking.” Zhang Han looked at the time.

It was already half past five, and it would take about an hour to cook a few dishes.

“Okay, Mengmeng wants to see a cartoon.” Mengmeng replied with her childish voice.

Zhang Han used the remote control to turn on the television, called out the childrens channel, and then walked into the kitchen with the bag in his hand.

First, he placed the two large bags of flour into the storage cabinet.

When he turned around and saw the exceptionally large electric cooker, oven and other completely new products on the storage cabinet, the corner of Zhang Hans mouth slightly twitched a few times.

‘Looks like Ive underestimated the wordgluttonous after all.

Zhang Han found it funny, these kitchen utensils were not cheap, Zhang Han also did not think that the three foodies would change into large capacity kitchen utensils so quickly.

The capacity of electric cooker is 18 liter, how much is 18 liter

You may not know this, but an electric cooker with 18 L of rice can cook 28 cups of rice, a rice cooker with its own rice measuring cup, a flat cup of rice waiting for rain, 3 or 2 meters, 3 or almost 3 bowls of rice.

According to the calculation of 2 or 2 meters per person, it can cook the rice for 42 people, the calculation of 3 or 2 meters per person can cook the rice for 28 people, and the calculation of half a kilogram per person can satisfy 17 people.

You can see how big the rice cooker is from here.

Zhang Han slightly shook his head, washed the rice, and started to boil it in seven cups.

He first laid the eggs aside, then began to gather the beans, potatoes, eggplant and tomatoes.

After finishing his preparations, Zhang Han picked up the manuals for each product and quickly flipped through them.

The prices of the kitchen utensils were not low.

From this, it could be seen that the three people had some assets.

Needless to say, Liang Mengqi already knew from her conversation with her brother that she was a disciple of a genuine big family, and also the most expensive out of the three.

Yu Qingqing was second, she was the genuine Black Belt Taekwondo, and worked at Taekwondo.

Her weekly working hours were only on Saturday and Sunday for two days, and her monthly salary was more than 200,000.

Zhao Dahu was slightly weaker than the other three.

He was the Deputy Director of a media company, and his annual salary was around 1.3 million.

They did not lack money, but that did not mean that they would spend it randomly.

They usually did not eat and play extravagantly, and Yu Qingqings car at the door was a Matteng which was worth more than 200,000.

At this moment, in front of the restaurant, the Land Cruiser that arrived at noon slowly stopped in front of the parking space.


Zhao Feng got off the car, closed the door, and threw away the cigarette in his hand.

He then looked at the signboard in front of the restaurant with a deep gaze, and walked inside.

When it was time for dinner, Zhao Feng drove out of the company alone, and prepared to find a restaurant to eat.

While driving, he thought about something, and unknowingly, he arrived at Zhang Hans restaurant.

Zhao Feng was startled by the side of the road, but since he was already here, he decided to take care of it.

He knew that he came here because Zhang Han gave him a lot of pressure at noon.

He felt that Zhang Han was not an ordinary person, and besides being curious, he also wanted to taste what the two hundred and eighty yuan of Egg-Fried Rice looked like.

When he walked into the dining room.

Liang Mengqi, who was in the middle of chatting, stopped talking.

“What are you doing here again “Let me tell you, this is a legal society, and the friend in front of me is an expert of the black belt of Taekwondo.

If you come here to cause trouble, my friend will help!”


Zhao Feng was slightly stunned, then looked at Liang Mengqi with a funny-looking look.

This girl with a sense of justice and courage had given him a good impression, so Zhao Feng smiled slightly, shook his head and said: “Im here to eat, not to cause trouble.”

“Humph!” Then let me warn you, you have to be honest here, or else Ill show you! ” Liang Mengqi snorted lightly and sat back down.

Zhao Feng laughed and walked in, and then sat down in the most innermost chair, and quietly waited there, only that his eyes would occasionally size up Zhang Han.

Zhang Han was boiling the milk, looking like a normal restaurant owner.

However, Zhao Feng was very clear that the owner of the restaurant would probably take him down in less than a minute.

The pressure that he felt from the owners body was even more intense than his own party leader previously!

Back then, he was able to hold on for nearly two minutes in the captains palm!

However, what he did not know was that if Zhang Han wanted to take him down, a single move would be enough.

Although Zhang Han saw the Qi Refining Stage as trash, but dont forget that he saw it as the perspective of a tribulation expert.

In other words, if the Qi Refining Stage was placed in a martial forest, it would count as an inner strength expert!

What was the level of inner strength The Obvious Strenth, hidden strength, would only produce inner strength later on, which was also spirit energy.

But Zhao Feng, right now, couldnt even be considered as a Obvious Strenth.

As Zhao Feng stared at himself, he realized something as well.

It was just that he never cared about the look of anant.

If Zhang Han still had the personality of a young master in the past, he would probably fight in all four directions to become a true monarch that ruled the world if he gained the ability to cultivate.

But after experiencing such hardships, with the return of his past life and the presence of Mengmeng, Zhang Han had become even more casual.

After he had raised his strength, he would settle the matter of his parents disappearance, share his familys joy, and bring them to the Mount New Moon.

He would also have a bland and happy life.

After the milk was boiled, Zhang Han placed the pot on the counter.

Immediately, a rich aroma wafted into the room.

Although Liang Mengqi and the other two had drank before, they still took a whiff in an intoxicated manner.

And Zhao Feng, who had never experienced such a scent before, was actually somewhat surprised.

“This taste…” “It seems pretty good.”

Zhao Feng muttered to himself.

“PaPa, PaPa, Mengmeng is hungry.” After smelling the fragrance, Mengmeng also felt hungry.

She turned around and said to Zhang Han: “Mengmeng wants to drink a cup of milk.”

“Not now, the milk is very hot.

Theres only half an hour left to eat.

Lets wait for a little while longer.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“Ugh…” “Fine, fine.” Mengmeng pouted and replied.

He no longer watched TV and stepped on the sofa barefooted with his arms on the back.

He raised his head and looked at the busy Zhang Han.

On Zhang Hans side, it was obvious that he was speeding up.

He took the onion with his left hand and drew a Chinese kitchen knife from the knife holder with his right.

Originally, Zhang Han only had a few household knives, but after going through Liang Mengqi and the others shopping, he had truly gotten a complete set of kitchen utensils, such as deboning knives, fish knife, beef knife, skin knife and so on.

He had a total of more than 20 tools, and he even had all sorts of tools to cook dishes.

But Zhang Han did not know much about the uses of the kitchen knives, so he could only use Chinese style kitchen knives.

The Chinese kitchen knife is made of high carbon steel, with a sharp blade and wooden handle.

It can cut, cut, cut and chop all kinds of ingredients.

Western chefs use it to do heavy chopping work, but skilled Chinese chefs can use it to do almost all the work.

“Bang, bang, bang …”

A burst of hurried muffled sound came out, other than Zhao Feng who was staring straight at him, Liang Mengqi and the other two also turned their heads to look, only to see a flash of blade light, giving off a dreamy feeling.

In two seconds, a whole blade of green onion had been neatly sliced into two.

The speed at which it was cut was hard to imagine.

After cutting the green onions, Zhang Han turned the kitchen knife in his hand and placed it back on the knife holder.

He then casually took out a skinning knife that Zhang Han recognized.

This action stunned Mengmengs eyes.

She said with incomparable adoration: “Wow, PaPa, so powerful!”

This sentence was precisely the only thought in the hearts of Zhao Feng, Liang Mengqi, Yu Qingqing and Zhao Dahu.

“So handsome …” The two women thought to themselves.

“So cool, I should have practiced it.” Zhao Dahu looked at her enviously.

“He… Its a blade wielding expert! ”

Only Zhao Fengs gaze was deeper, the way he saw it was different from the others, he could see an experts Qi from Zhang Hans blade, not to mention anything else, if he used this blade technique on the opponent, he would feel that he would not be able to last half a minute under Zhang Hans hand!

As for Zhang Han, when he heard the little princess praise, he did not answer nor turn his head.

Instead, the corners of his mouth rose to form a smile.

His left hand was holding a potato while his right hand was using a paring knife to rapidly move back and forth.

Little by little, the potato skin was being removed.

In just a few breaths of time, Zhang Han had completely removed the potato skin, and quickly tidied up the beans, eggplants, and tomatoes.

He took out a frying pan and put the oil in it.

Then, he boiled the beans for a while and put the potatoes in it again.

After a while, he added in the smoked, octagon, 13 incense sticks, and a little white sugar.

By brewing the fire into a small flame, about twenty minutes worth of salt, onion, garlic, and fragrant wood would be ready for cooking.

Zhang Hans set.

His movements were fluid and smooth, giving off a very comfortable feeling.

It was a type of visual enjoyment.

After doing all this, Zhang Han wiped his hands, took off his apron and hung it on the side of the kitchen, then walked over to Mengmengs side and sat down.

“PaPa, youre so powerful.”

Zhang Han sat, while Mengmeng stood, just enough to reach Zhang Hans face.

The little princess hugged Zhang Hans neck and brought her cherry lips over.


After kissing a few times, Zhang Han laughed heartily and started to play with Mengmeng.

“Thats great.” Liang Mengqi muttered with a slightly envious tone.

“Mengmeng is so happy.” Yu Qingqing muttered.

“How warm it is.

I also want a daughter now.

Qingqing, why dont we …” Zhao Dahu had not finished speaking.



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