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Chapter 532 Ice and Snow Amusement Park

The name of the mall was New Era.

It was a large shopping mall, inside which were many international brands that Zhang Han was unfamiliar with but Zhou Fei and Zi Yan could name.

The prices were relatively high.

Common clothes were usually priced at 80 to 100 yuan, or 300 to 400 yuan.

Those at 800 to 1,000 yuan were much better.

However, there were also clothes priced at 8,000 to 10,000 yuan, and 80,000 to 100,000 yuan, or even more expensive.

What was considered a high price varied among different people.

But in the eyes of Zhang Han and Zi Yan, in fact, things either looked good or bad.

However, here in the northeast of China, you could always see people in minks priced at tens of thousands of yuan, which made them cool and fashionable.

For some people, wearing expensive clothes could indeed improve their class.

“Fine feathers make fine birds.” This saying was not groundless.

But some people, even if they wore gold necklaces, expensive watches, and minks, their vulgarity made them just like an upstart.

As Zhang Han and Zi Yan were looking around casually, there were three men beside them, one of whom said loudly, “Dammit, Im not bragging to you.

I was on Dahe Street yesterday…”

“Huh” Mengmeng froze, turned her head around, and then looked at Zhang Han, pouting.

“PaPa, his voice is so loud.”

The voice was a bit rough.

Zhang Han turned around and then touched Mengmengs small head, and said, “Its a little loud, but sometimes happiness matters most.”

Zhang Han didnt say anything, and never forced Mengmeng to be gentle and cultivated.

All he wanted was the happiness of his little princess.

Zi Yan was responsible for educating her on this aspect, teaching Mengmeng to be natural and graceful, lively and cheerful.

“This down jacket looks pretty good.

Give me a smaller one to try.”

Zi Yan picked up a white down jacket, the edges of whose hood were fluffy.

Its style was slim and its thickness was moderate.

Zi Yan felt pretty content with it, so she instructed the shop assistant.

“Okay.” The shop assistant got a smaller one from the side and handed it to Zi Yan.

The latter did not go to the fitting room, but just took off her two coats, put on the white down jacket, and turned around in front of Zhang Han.

“What do you think”

“Pretty,” Zhang Han answered with a smile.

“This down jacket is really suitable for you.” The shop assistant smiled and saw Zi Yans red lips curve up slightly.

She looked carefully, and said a little hesitantly, “Are you….”

But then she retracted her words.

She wanted to say that she looked a lot like Zi Yan.

But out of politeness and uncertainty, she didnt ask.

“Ill buy this one and just wear it now.

Just pack up my two coats together.” Zi Yan looked into the mirror and nodded in satisfaction.

The down jacket cost 3,680 yuan.

After paying, the group walked forward, ready to go to the childrens section to buy one for Mengmeng.

The little girl was wearing Zi Yans coat, like a penguin, wobbly and very cute, but she would not be comfortable if she had to wear it for a long time.

When they went out, Rong Jiaxin couldnt help saying, “Xiaoyan really looks good in everything…”

“Emm, auntie looks pretty in everything.”


The shop assistant froze slightly.

“Is she really Zi Yan”

She couldnt help looking at her back, and the more she looked, the more she felt that the lady was Zi Yan.

But at this time, she couldnt follow up.

She searched for some information about Zi Yan on her mobile phone but soon had to take the next customer.

“The temperature in the mall is quite high, and its a little hot in a down jacket.”

Having worn it for only a few minutes, Zi Yan took it off and hung it on Zhang Hans arm.

“PaPa, I feel hot too.

Can I take off this coat” Mengmeng asked, raising her head.

“Sure.” Zhang Han squatted down, took off Mengmengs coat, and put it in the bag with Zi Yans coat.

“I can move again.”

Mengmeng dangled her short arms and legs, and jumped happily a few times.

“Huh Boots Should I try some leather boots But most boots have internal higher heels, will they make me too tall” Zi Yan asked hesitantly when she walked by a ladies shoe store.

“No, you will look even better with higher heels.

Besides, Han is quite tall, so it doesnt matter if your shoes are a little higher,” Rong Jiaxin said with a smile.

“I agree.

Elder Sister Yan, you should look good in long boots, but you need a pair of leggings, then a short leather skirt or shorts, plus a down jacket.

It is great to dress up this way,” Zhou Fei said.

“Then let me have a try.”

Zi Yan smiled slightly and took the lead into the shop.

Mengmeng followed, and her little arm stretched forward as she mumbled, “Buy, buy, buy!”

Even if it wasnt for herself, the little girl didnt refuse purchasing.

Wearing aviator sunglasses, Zi Yan picked out a few boots.

When she sat down and changed into them, the shop assistant made compliments beside her.

“Maam, your legs are so long.

Its very beautiful to wear such boots.

These are all very suitable…”

“Then pack them all up,” Zhang Han said casually.

But Zi Yan shook her head slightly.

“No, just choose one.

Well continue shopping later.”

So Zi Yan looked at these shoes and finally chose a good-looking pair of leather boots that cost 1,990 yuan.

Then she bought a pair of leggings and shorts, and also a sweater.

At the same time, Zhang Han and Mengmeng also bought down jackets, thermal underwear, sweaters, and shoes.

In addition to these, standard sets of hats, gloves, ear muffs, and masks were also bought.

Of course, Zhou Fei and Rong Jiaxin bought new clothes and also took on new looks.

Zhao Feng only changed into a sweater, and he still wore a suit because he did not buy a down jacket.

After doing mass shopping, it was 5 p.m.

and a little dark out.

The clothes they bought were sent to Ice Bay The First, and they wandered along Central Street.

Out of the mall, most of them took on a new look.

Zhang Han, Zi Yan, and Mengmeng were all wearing same hats; peaked caps with ear muffs.

On the front of their hats was printed a panda pattern.

Their masks were gray and their gloves were a little thick, which wouldnt hinder their movement.

Zi Yan, with long boots, was nearly 1.7 to 1.8 meters tall.

Tall and slim, Zi Yan attracted much attention.

However, no one could recognize her when she dressed up this way.

“There are people selling sugar-coated haws ahead.

Shall we buy a few to try them out” Zhang Han said.

“Sugar-coated haws I want to eat some.”

When Mengmeng heard it, her big eyes lit up, and she was obviously a little foodie!

So as everyone walked over, Zhang Han personally lined up to buy sugar-coated haws.

Also because they were dressed in masks and ear muffs, Zi Yan and Mengmeng did not feel very cold.

Soon, Zhang Han bought five sugar-coated haws.

These five sugar-coated haws were given to Rong Jiaxin, Zhou Fei, Zhao Feng, Zi Yan, and Mengmeng respectively.

He didnt have one himself, because his wife and daughter could not eat one full.

“Its so crispy, a little different from those in other places.

Its cool and crunchy.” Zi Yan bit a piece, and the sweet and sour taste was her favorite.

After she ate a little, she handed it to Zhang Han, who also bit one piece and just walked forward while eating.

Mengmeng only ate three small haws after a long time, then handed hers to Zhang Han.

“PaPa, I cant eat anymore.”

In addition to sugar-coated haws, there were some other snacks.

They were eating some snacks while walking, looking around.

Central Street was a well-known commercial pedestrian street.

With a history of more than 100 years, its architecture was in Western style.

Located in the center of Ice City, it was a famous tourist attraction.

On this cold winter day, a dense crowd was on both sides of the street.

They walked for a while.

Dozens of meters in front, a large group of people were watching something.

As they got closer, they saw it was the second floor of a building beside.

A singer was holding a microphone to sing songs and those walking by were enjoying his performance.

“Its pretty good,” Zi Yan put on her mask and said.

“Well, the atmosphere is good.” Zhang Han smiled, lifted up Mengmeng, and placed her on his neck so that she could see more clearly.

The performance lasted for 10 minutes, then the crowd dispersed and continued to walk.

Central Street was neither long nor short.

It took 40 minutes for Zhang Han and his companions to walk slowly from one end of the street to the other.

They walked to the other side and returned.

This time they bought some souvenirs in various shops alongside the street.

Of course, toys were indispensable, so they also bought several for Mengmeng.

Halfway through…

Mengmeng let go of Zhang Hans hand, ran in front of him quickly, raised her head and said, “PaPa, Im tired.”

“Then I will hold you in my arms.”


Zhang Han held Mengmeng in his arms and walked back slowly.

This made Zi Yan chuckle.

“Such a powerful husband.

Another benefit is that I dont have to worry about him getting tired.”

So Zi Yan held Zhang Hans arm as they strolled down Central Street.

It took them another 20 minutes to walk back to Ice Bay The First.

It was almost 7 p.m.

by this time.

“What shall we eat tonight”

Back in the villa, having rested for 10 minutes, Zi Yan checked some information on her cell phone.

“Madam, these restaurants are relatively local.”

Elder Meng took a list directly from the side, and there were about 40 restaurants on it.

This was the information they had gotten during many queries these days.

Sometimes, those with high ratings on the Internet might not be the most distinctive.

“So many”

Zi Yan picked up the list and glanced at it, then said, “Darling, Mengmeng, Auntie, what do you want to eat”


Its up to you.

Im fine with anything,” Rong Jiaxin answered with a smile.

“Then what shall we eat” Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han.

Zhang Han also was fine with anything, so he said, “You make the decision.”

“Ah, there are so many that I dont know which one to choose.” Zi Yan looked at the menu-like list.

Just as Zi Yan was looking at it, Zhou Fei turned her eyes and pointed.

“Could we try this Yuji Sauce Bone It is a local specialty here.”

“Okay, then well go there.”

So they made such a happy decision.

The group set off for the restaurant on Donghu Road.

The specialty restaurant was indeed great.

Except for the quality of the meat, the taste was quite good.

After dinner, they returned to the villa.

Mengmeng was also tired, so they went to sleep earlier this day.

At 8 a.m.

the next morning, it was a clear day.

After breakfast, the Zhang Han family, Zhou Fei, Zhao Feng, Elder Meng, Sun Ming, and Rong Jiaxin walked to the riverbank ahead of Central Street, where the Ice and Snow Amusement Park was located.

“Wow, there are many dogs out there Are they dogs like in Xanadu” Mengmeng screamed happily when she saw a group of dogs in the distance.

“Theyre not the same as the dogs on our mountain, but they are the same kind.

They look like Alaskans, right” Zi Yan glanced from a distance.

“Yes, Alaskan.” Zhou Fei chuckled and said, “Sled dogs, they are very good at pulling sleds.”

“Shall we have a try” Zhang Han asked.

“Lets go!”

Mengmeng waved her little hands.

Stepping on the snow, Zhao Feng bought tickets and finally the family of three sat on the sled.

At the command of a dog trainer, three dogs ran toward their destination.

The three Alaskans were so big and powerful that they ran very fast, making Zi Yan and Mengmeng scream.

After pulling them to the destination, the dogs were instructed by trainers here to run back.

After a distance of 100 meters to the destination, the experience of one lap was over.

“Would you like to continue” Zhang Han asked them when he saw that the two were having fun.

“Well, no, theyre all tired of running.

Its time for them to rest.”

Mengmeng decided not to continue playing after seeing these three dogs so tired.

“Then let them rest.”

Zhang Han smiled and carried Mengmeng out.

The little princess was very kind.

“PaPa, MaMa, shall we play on that slide”

After getting off the sled, Mengmeng pointed to the large slide not far from them.

People sat on a mat and slid down, sliding for a long distance before stopping.


“Lets go!”

The family of three headed for the slide.

The others didnt follow, and they all went to play with what they were interested in.

Zhao Feng wanted to follow, but Zhang Han also let him enjoy his own time.

At the slide, there were many people lining up.

When the family of three were lining up, they took a few selfies.

Happy facial expressions were indeed worth remembering.

After waiting 20 minutes, it was their turn.

They sat on a leather pad and waited at the top of the slide.


Zi Yan and Mengmeng were screaming when they slid down.

It was a very exciting activity.

Mengmeng wanted to slide down again, so they queued up for a second time before going to other places.

They also took a kayak pulled by a motor on the snow.

Whenever they turned a corner, they would scream.

They also sat on a plow that was like a chair, and the family of three all held a long iron clamp, pressing on the ice and moving forward quickly as soon as they pressed hard.

Besides this, they also played other games.

All of this made Mengmeng feel that it was very novel and fun.

The little girl was also a bit tough.

She fell down on the ice several times, but she patted her butt and stood up every time.

It didnt hurt much to fall down in thick clothes.

From morning until nearly 1 p.m., whatever they could experience was experienced.

Just when they were about to leave…

There came several whistle sounds from the right side of the venue, and one person was talking via a microphone.

“The snowball fight is about to start.

The snowball fight is about to start.

It is free.

Anyone who wants to participate, please come here.

Hey, you people playing over there, gahane (from a dialect in northeast China, meaningwhat are you doing) Be careful not to fall into the river.

Come here to have a snowball fight.

Hurry up! Anyone who wants to participate, please come here.”

“Clatter, clatter!”

Many people were attracted and went over.

“Shall we play” Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan and said.

“Sure.” Zi Yans eyes brightened.

She only watched snowball fights on TV, so she started finding partners.

“Feifei, Xiaofeng, Auntie, please come here.

Lets have a snowball fight together.”

Mengmeng blinked her big clear eyes, looked around, and ran to Zhang Han.

“PaPa, hold me in your arms.”

At her words, Zhang Han held the little girl in his arms.

“PaPa, what is a snowball fight” Mengmeng asked curiously.

“It is a game in which people make the snow on the ground into a ball with their hands and throw it at each other.

A snowball wont hurt when it hits the body.

It is a group game,” Zhang Han explained.

“Well, emm, emm…” Mengmeng thought and hesitated for two seconds, then asked, “What doesgaha mean”

“Its in the dialect of the northeast.

Um, it meanswhat are you doingGahane, which the guy said just now, meanswhat are you doing\'” Zhang Han answered with a slight smile.

“What are you doing; gahane.”

The little girl learned very quickly.

After saying it two times, she looked at Zi Yan, who was finding partners, and said, “MaMa, gahane”

“Eh” Zi Yan was stunned suddenly.

Looking at the little girl in Zhang Hans arms, she giggled.

Zi Yan couldnt stop laughing.

“MaMa, why are you laughing all the time” Mengmeng asked in confusion.

“Because she thinks you are cute.”


Mengmeng muttered and saw Zhao Feng and others coming.

Then the little girl said again, “Uncle Feng, gahane Granny, gahane”

The little girls words made everyone laugh.

“Mengmeng, you are learning so fast.

Youre so cute.

We are going to have a snowball fight.

You will stand behind PaPa, and he will protect you.” Zi Yan smiled and touched Mengmengs small head.

“I can also make a snowball and throw it over.”

Mengmeng said in an imposing manner, “Hmph! Im super powerful!”

Well, she was super cute indeed.

People gathered in the snowball fight field.

In less than five minutes, 60 to 70 people gathered here.

It was a 50-50 game.

In the middle, there was a line about seven to eight meters long, linked by two flags, just like the border of two opposing powers.

“Well, there are two sides having the snowball fight.

You guys cannot cross the line in the middle.

Before you start, lets have some fun and we will record a video.

Friends on the left, please say aloudWhat are you watching while I raise my right hand; friends on the right, please answerI am just watching you. Then friends on the left sayDare you watch me again Friends on the right please answerOk, I dare. After this, our snowball fight will begin.

Do you remember Please say it aloud! Ready”

As the staff livened up the atmosphere, everyone was ready.

The next moment, he whistled and raised his right hand.

At the same time, the crowd on the left shouted in unison, “What are you watching”

Everyone on the right replied, “Im just watching you!”

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei also shouted with others.

Even Mengmeng followed them in confusion, “Im just watching you!”

“Dare you watch me again”

“Ok, I dare.”


The snowball fight began.

Everyone squatted down in a timely manner.

Holding a handful of snow with both hands, then making a snowball and throwing it high!

Soon, snowballs were flying all over the field.

No one knew which piece of snowball hit them, and the flying snowballs aroused peoples interest to play.

Screams and shouts were here and there.

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