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Chapter 539 Its Him!

As Zhang Han expected…

Now he had 2,000 clouds above his soul sense sea, and his spiritual strength was more than twice as powerful as that of the Innateness cultivators who had 99 clouds.

With the help of his soul sense…

Zhang Han could kill any Grand Master Middle-stage martial artist without making a move.


All of a sudden, an invisible and extremely thin light wave spread around Bai Zhenhongs body, and then his eyes stared, but his breathing was still stable.

But the light in his eyes slowly dissipated.

From indignation and rage to the extinction of his soul, the color in Bai Zhenhongs eyes finally faded.


Bai Zhenhong breathed out his last breath, and then stood in the same place like a deflated ball, unable to make any sound again.


The two martial artists behind Bai Feng changed their faces when they saw it.

They trembled in disbelief and retreated!

“How is this possible”

When looking at Zhang Han again, their eyes were full of fear!

Because they clearly knew that Bai Zhenhong had been killed by him!


Bai Pingyuan shook his head, and still felt a burning pain in his wound.

When he saw his third uncle standing there still with eyes narrowed, he called out in a hurry.

Bai Zhenhong was breathless and would never reply to him.

“How is this possible”

The crowd around was also confused and began to whisper.

“What is Third Lord Bai doing”

“Just now, he was very aggressive and wanted to kill that stranger.

Why is he standing there still”

“Is he gathering strength or preparing for something”

“Its weird!” Bai Jing narrowed her eyes in confusion.

“According to my uncles temper, its impossible for him to endure that man for such a long time.

Are they fighting in a way we cant see”

It was very clear to her that a fight between martial artists was very dangerous, and even sometimes their moves were invisible to the naked eye.

She didnt know that Bai Zhenhong was dead.

At this moment…

Only Zhang Han and his friends were sitting on the sofa.

But Jiang Tongtong, Fu Hongshan, Chen Man, and Zhou Xiaohui were all stunned, feeling like they were dreaming.

This was not because of their poor psychological endurance, but because the things in front of them were too far beyond their imagination.

Any ordinary person would be scared at this time.

Even Bai Pingyuan was a little confused.

Bai Feng frowned slightly and reached out to touch Bai Zhenhongs arm.

Just when he reached Bai Zhenhong…


Bai Zhenhongs straight body fell back stiffly.


There was a dull, crisp sound.

Now, Bai Zhenhong looked like a zombie because there was still a violent spiritual force in his body.

Upon seeing this, all the onlookers were shocked.

“Uncle!” Bai Pingyuan shouted.

His face turned green and then red, and his eyes were wide open along with his mouth.

What he saw was so shocking that he forgot the physical pain just like Wei Zhaodong.

He quickly squatted down and grasped Bai Zhenhongs arm with both hands, only to find that his uncles arm was as stiff as a stone.

In addition to rigidity, it was cold, that kind of biting cold.

Bai Zhenhong lost his breath and heartbeat, and Bai Feng could not even open his eyelids.

“Uncle, uncle…” Bai Fengs body swayed and there was a look of disbelief on his face.

“Is he dead”

Everyone was asking themselves.

After two seconds of careful observation…

“He is dead!”

“Swish, swish, swish!”

All the onlookers in the surrounding area stepped back orderly, and all of them crowded into the corner in the distance.

“Is Bai Zhenhong dead”

“How is it possible How did he die”

“How Third uncle, he…” Bai Jings face was pale when she suddenly saw Zhang Han, and then her heart convulsed.

“He, he, he, he…”

She seemed to have guessed something.

At the same time, she remembered the condition of the other two martial artists just now.

She quickly backed away and looked at the man in horror.

What did that mean The answer was obvious!

“Someone died, oh my God! The third master of the Bai family died! This…” Wu Yings arm quivered.

“Third Lord Bai is dead, and the whole Bai family… They will be furious! Can this stranger resist the Bai familys revenge”

Thinking about this, she took a glance at Jiang Tongtongs side, and finally her eyes were fixed on Zhang Han, who had never changed his facial expression.

“How could that be Who is he How could he do that! Hes so young, its impossible!”

On the other side, Tian Ming, who was kneeling on the ground, lowered his head deeply and seemed to be roaring in his mind.

His arrogance was gone.

Now he dared not even lift his head.

He was afraid of drawing that mans attention.

Though he had doubts before, he was sure now that the man sitting there was a stronger martial artist than Third Lord Bai!

“Now we can only wait to see the attitude of the Bai family.

“The most powerful martial artist in the Bai family is Bai Pingyuans grandfather, and the second is Third Lord Bai.

In this case, even if Bai Pingyuans grandfather comes here personally, he cant suppress this guy.

“He is still so young! Who is he Im afraid only Gai Rulong can defeat him!

“Now we can only wait for help!”

Tian Mings head hurt, and he knew he could only pray now.

Soon after, the clamor of the crowd stopped.

The whole room fell into silence again.

20 seconds passed.

Taking a deep breath, Bai Feng turned his head and looked at Zhang Han, disregarding the cold sweat on his forehead.

After making an obeisance, he said respectfully, “Nice to meet you, young hero.

“No matter what caused the current situation, it doesnt matter who is right or wrong, and we cant talk with you equally, so…”

Bai Feng took back his hands, straightened his body, and said seriously, “I will report this to Patriarch Bai frankly.

At that time, the Bai family will ask you for an explanation!”

The Bai family was deeply rooted in Ice City and had a complex relationship with various forces.

As long as Patriarch Bai started to take action, all the strong martial artists in Ice City would help him one after another.

Unfortunately, he didnt have a specific concept about what a strong martial artist was.

Upon hearing Bai Fengs words…

Everyone else in the room shivered in fear.

“This means that the Bai family wont forgive him!”

“Its a pity that he encountered the wrong person.”

When Bai Feng was about to turn around and leave in silence with Bai Pingyuan and the other followers…

Zhang Han picked up a glass of red wine from the tea table.

He shook the glass slightly and said, “My explanation Let Patriarch Bai come here.”

There seemed to be a trace of impatience in his flat tone.

Hearing Zhang Hans words, all the Bai family members in the room blushed in anger.

“You…” Bai Pingyuan clenched his fist and teeth while glaring at Zhang Han.

Though he dared not say anything for the moment, he was roaring in his mind.

“Lets wait for my Brother Rulong.

When he arrives, will you still be as calm as now”

“Okay.” Bai Feng nodded and took a look at Zhang Han.

Then he turned around and took out his mobile phone to send a message.

Many people clearly saw that his fingers were shaking while typing.

He was not afraid, but angry.

When was the Bai family looked down upon like this

Zhang Han looked at him indifferently and drank all the red wine in the glass.

The development of things was just as Zhang Han had expected.

But he hadnt expected that he would kill someone so early, and he knew that many forces, even the local National Security Agency and the official department, would soon found him.

Zhang Han would not be able to hide his identity at that time, and perhaps Gai Rulong, the young talent, would not come to meet him.

Fortunately, Bai Pingyuan contacted Gai Rulong more quickly than Zhang Han had expected.

Zhang Han always did things as he liked, and the chaos that he caused today helped him to meet Gai Rulong before he was recognized.

After the incident, more people would know that Fu Hongshan, Chen Man, and Zhou Xiaohui had such a friend.

Just when everyone was silent…


The door of the room was pushed open again.

Jiang Tongtongs eldest brother, Patriarch Jiang, Jiang Tongtongs parents, and several senior members of the Jiang family came in together.

Just after escaping from the room, Jiang Tongtongs eldest brother called her but didnt get through.

Then he called someone he knew in the room and was told what had happened.

He was so afraid that he hurriedly contacted the key members of the Jiang family.

After hearing about Bai Pingyuans incident, the Jiang family was shocked, and Patriarch Jiang rushed to the club with many core family members.

But the scene in the room seemed different from what they had imagined!

“Bai Feng”

Patriarch Jiang was slightly stunned while looking around.

He found that most of the young men kneeling were from upper-class families in Ice City!

Suddenly, he saw the old man lying on the ground, not breathing.

“Who is that

“Is he Third Lord Bai

“What happened to him Isnt he a Martial Arts Grand Master Whats going on He stabbed the hornets nest”

Patriarch Jiang and all the people behind him were stiff.

They were now in the room and couldnt turn around and escape from this place like Jiang Tongtongs eldest brother had done.

More importantly, this was Jiang Tongtongs birthday party.

They felt a headache.

Though Patriarch Jiang was angry, he could do nothing now.

He had no choice but to take his men forward.

“My parents are coming…” Jiang Tongtongs face slightly changed, but she failed to stand up because of her soft legs.

“This… Brother Han, does it matter” Fu Hongshan saw Jiang Tongtongs helplessness and asked Zhang Han worriedly.

“Dont worry.” Zhang Han chuckled.

They didnt know Zhang Hans strength and his amazing status at all.

Even if someone recognized Zhang Han and called out the name Zhang Hanyang, there wouldnt be any shock in this room.

Only two or three martial artists present were familiar with this name, which belonged to fierce men equal in strength with North Tiger Gai Xingkong.

“Brother Bai Feng.” Patriarch Jiang took the lead to come up to Bai Feng and greet him.

Then he turned his gaze to Third Lord Bai, who was lying on the ground.

“It seems that Third Lord Bai is dead.”

He was nervous, quite nervous.

At this time, Bai Feng was in a bad mood.

When he saw Patriarch Jiang, he just replied coldly, “Congratulations, Patriarch Jiang.

The friend of Jiang Tongtongs boyfriend is a hero.”

All the Jiang family members changed their facial expressions in fear.

They knew that Bai Feng was blaming the Jiang family.

Patriarch Jiang looked at Jiang Tongtong and Fu Hongshan, who were sitting calmly on the sofa.

He walked toward them with a darkened face.

“You two, come out here!” he scolded them.

Jiang Tongtongs father was so embarrassed and frightened that he shouted, “You bastard!”

“I, I…” Jiang Tongtong almost burst out crying.

At this time, Zhao Feng moved to block Patriarch Jiang.

He frowned slightly, pointed to the direction of those who were kneeling on the ground, and then to the side and the door.

“You can choose to kneel there,” Zhao Feng said.

“You can stand silently aside.

“Or youd better get out as soon as possible.”

“Are you talking to me” Patriarch Jiang got annoyed.

“Perhaps you want to be treated like him” Zhang Han added casually and pointed at Bai Zhenhongs body.


All the pupils of the Jiang family members shrank.

“Third Lord Bai is dead!”

“Are these guys thugs”

Patriarch Jiang quickly made up his mind and took the lead to step forward.

All the members of the Jiang family followed Zhao Fengs orders and stood quietly by.

Just after they stopped…


The door of the room was pushed open again.

The two waiters outside the room didnt know what had happened inside, and they were still focusing on their work.

“Tian Chaoran, Tian Mings brother!”

“He comes here with his men!”

“But… he is just equal in influence with Bai Feng, and Im afraid he cant defeat that man.”

When everyone thought what had shocked them just now would happen again…

They were surprised to see Tian Chaorans calm face.

However, after seeing the scene on the right side of the room, Tian Chaoran failed to control his twitching eyelids.

He walked forward with three men, took a glance at Bai Pingyuan, Bai Feng, and Bai Zhenhong lying on the ground, traded a look with Tian Ming, and then turned his gaze to Zhang Han.

He made an obeisance and said politely, “Sir, Tian Ming didnt offend you before, so I wonder if you could forgive him.

Well give you a formal explanation when we get back.”

On the way over here, he had received several messages from Tian Ming that surprised him.

“Third Lord Bai is dead!

“This news will shock the whole Bai family.”

In Tian Mings eyes, the young man who dared to kill Third Lord Bai was definitely not ordinary.

Therefore, he didnt want to get involved in it.

“As for the explanation… It depends on whether this fight is won by the Bai family or the mysterious young man.

“If the Bai family succeeds, the young man will be killed.

“But if the young man succeeds in suppressing the Bai family, it means that he is also able to defeat our Tian family!”

After hearing this, Zhang Han pondered for a second, then looked at Tian Ming and said calmly, “He spoke rudely to me, so Ill make him kneel until the end of the matter.”

“Okay.” Tian Chaoran nodded without hesitation, and then walked toward the Jiang family.

Hearing this, Tian Ming, who was the party concerned, was relieved.

He completely forgot his anger and other emotions caused by being forced to kneel, which were smashed by the death of Third Lord Bai.

Seeing this scene, many people present knew that the Tian family had been subdued.

They didnt want to get involved in this.

From this point, they realized that the man sitting on the sofa…

When many people were thinking about it…


Suddenly, the door was kicked open!

The faces of several people in front of the main door changed.

Here came the best part of the show.

The Bai family members didnt come in person, but their attack had arrived!

As one of the top families in Ice City, they had a great influence in this area!


Under the gaze of the crowd, a group of armed police rushed in.

More than 20 guns were aimed at the sofa on the right.

Jiang Tongtong and Zhang Hans friends were all shocked.

The group of well-trained police rushed at Zhang Han.

They were led by the local police chief.

“Squat down! Hands on your head!” the police chief roared.


Chen Man and Zhou Xiaohui were scared.

They wanted to get up and squat down, but they failed to control their soft bodies, which forced them to sit down again.

“The police have arrived, and it will come to an end.” Wu Ying slowly shook her head.

Private resentment might have room to turn around, but the emergence of the official sector represented absolute authority.

No one in this country dared to fight against the state machine.

“Phew…” Bai Jing sighed in relief.

She just wanted it to end as soon as possible.

Even all the people around thought so.


Before these policemen could approach Zhang Hans sofa…

That brush-cut man in front of the tea table stepped forward, and then took out a black-covered booklet from his pocket.

Some people with good eyesight found that there was a symbol like a wolfs head on the cover.

This raised the eyebrows of the police chief, who wanted to apprehend Zhang Han.

He stopped his men and took over the booklet.

His facial expression suddenly froze.

After two seconds of silence, he took a deep breath and said, “You are in Ice City! And what you did…”

Once again, Zhang Hans calm voice rang through the room.

“Step back.”

“Swish, swish, swish!”

All eyes were focused on the side of the sofa.

Another booklet was in the mysterious mans right hand, which was thrown forward by him and landed in the police chiefs hand.

When he saw the mark of authority, his face changed.

Then he slowly opened the booklet.


His pupils shrank and his face went stiff.

Even his hand holding the booklet trembled slightly.


He knew that he could not get involved in this matter.

So he slowly closed the booklet and respectfully handed it back to Zhang Han with a salute.

“Im Fang Chuan, nice to see you…”

“Step back.” Zhang Han waved his hand under everyones gaze.

“Yes.” Fang Chuan nodded, and then led his men to the other side of the room.

Anyway, they had to stay here to control the situation.

Upon seeing this…

The crowd fell into silence.

All the Jiang family members had a lingering fear.

Fortunately, they stood there obediently just now, or the consequences would be unimaginable.

“He is not just a hero.”

“He is a tyrant!”

Even Bai Feng, Bai Pingyuan, and Bai Jing got nervous.

The development of things seemed to be different from what they had expected!

“But you cant imagine how influential we Bai family is!”

Bai Feng looked at Zhang Han with an eagerness to fight him.

He knew that there was still a group of people that hadnt arrived yet!


Just as Bai Feng expected…

The door was opened once again.

There was only one person there!

It was Zhu Hui in a black suit, and he looked calm.

As the director of the Ice City National Security Agency, he was at the Grand Master Late-stage.

When he entered the room and was about to say something, he saw something white rushing at him like lightning.

“A hidden weapon!”

Zhu Hui was shocked and tried to block the fast lightening, but he soon found out that the light wasnt attacking him at all.


“False alarm.

“Just show me your tricks, you outsider.”

Zhu Hui took a glance at Zhang Han and stopped the white item with one hand.

Then he looked down at it.

It was a token he was familiar with.

He saw the name on it.


He felt as if his brain had been hit hard by a sledgehammer.

Zhu Hui was now in a daze.

He couldnt even keep his balance.

“Dammit! Its him!”

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