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Chapter 546 An Intensive Battle with Gai Xingkong

Upon hearing Gai Xingkongs words, all the people present directed their eyes to Zhang Han on the right side.

This made many people nervous.

“Is there going to be another battle after such an intense battle” many people wondered.

While nearly a thousand martial artists standing at the back were in discussion.

“Another battle is coming!”

“Now that Grand Master Gai has spoken, this means that whether there is a battle or not depends on Zhang Hanyangs attitude.

Although Zhang Hanyang is strong, he is only an Invincible Grand Master, while Grand Master Gai is more than a Grand Master as he has a Divine Weapon!”

“Exactly! Grand Master Gai has just killed a master of the Divine Realm, while Zhang Hanyang has yet to reach the Divine Realm!”

“It is no exaggeration to say that if Grand Master Gai just ambushed Zhang Hanyang, then the latter would be dead now!”

“Now it seems that the only way out for Zhang Hanyang is to surrender.

If not, he will end up like the God State Strong Man in the Bamboo Hat.”

“Thats right.

It all depends on his attitude now!”

Before the battle that had just taken place, most people believed that Gai Xingkong would defeat Zhang Han, but they still thought that Zhang Han had a slim chance.

Gai Xingkong had always been strong, while Zhang Hanyang was the new king of the southern martial arts world.

The result was unpredictable.

But after watching the battle just now, nearly 99% of the thousand people present believed that Zhang Hanyang was bound to lose.

Apart from them, even Wang Zhanpeng, Lei Tiannan, and Mo Chengfeng also looked at Zhang Han with some worry.

After a period of contact, they had learned that Zhang Hans attitude toward relatives and enemies was polarized.

But he always seemed to do what he wanted to do.

At the moment, it was obviously not suitable to fight against Gai Xingkong.

Although the Man in the Bamboo Hat had just reached the Divine Realm and appeared, he was a God State Strong Master indeed.

Everyone knew the difference between a Heaven-stage Master and a Wu Dao Grand Master.

However, the Man in the Bamboo Hat was killed, which meant that Gai Xingkong was strong enough to fight against a Divine Realm Master.

Some people might say this was also related to the array set by Liao Qingguang, which limited the strength of the Man in the Bamboo Hat.

However, what counts in martial arts is the result.

“Han…” When Wang Zhanpeng was about to say something…


Zhang Hans body moved like a sharp arrow, and left a deep ditch in the snowfield of Mount He Snow.

While he was moving forward, the snow around his feet was flying up like a column made of snowflakes, just like the waves breaking on the sea!

He crossed nearly a hundred meters in almost three breaths.

This made many people shocked.

“Hes so fast!”

Even the Gai Clan members, including Gai Rulong, were stunned.

Immediately, Gai Rulong became angry and was about to fight against Zhang Han.

Lei Tiannan and Wang Zhanpeng behind him also became nervous.

They moved forward, ready to help Zhang Han.

If the Gai Clan people began attacking, they wouldnt leave Zhang Han alone to be beaten by the group.

“Umm…” Zhao Feng, Leng Yue, and Elder Meng looked at each other with some helplessness.

Although the Mengmeng Security Group gradually gained some fame, they were still powerless and even had to watch from a distance when encountering such a battle.

Before Zhang Han approached Gai Xingkong, the former waved his right hand.

Suddenly, a wind was sent out by his palm, and the monstrous spiritual force was accompanied by snowflakes on the ground, forming a one-meter-wide boxing shadow whose outline could be seen, which smashed into Gai Xingkong.


A loud sound came out.

But before the fist shadow approached, Gai Xingkong flew back nearly 20 meters to avoid this move.

“So you want to fight against me” Gai Xingkong frowned and sneered.

He dared to fight against Gai Xingkong after seeing the Man in the Bamboo Hat was killed! As the saying goes: “Those who know nothing, fear nothing.”

Immediately, more than a hundred Gai Clan members and intimate sect juniors surrounded Zhang Han and his companions.

However, there were only about a dozen people to help Zhang Han.

The gap was too big, and Gai Xingkong didnt intend for anyone to help him, so he waved his arm and said, “You guys, get 500 meters back.”

They froze slightly.

After all, Gai Xingkongs words were authoritative.

They stared at Lei Tiannan, and slowly backed 500 meters away.

Lei Tiannan and his group looked at each other, smiled bitterly, and backed off as well.

Seconds later, a 500-meter-wide area was vacated.

Many people watched the battle from the edge of the treetops, and more from the mountain top.

Immediately, Gai Xingkong looked at Zhang Han again.

Gai Xingkong nodded in appreciation at Zhang Hans calm expression.

“Ive heard about you several times.

Youre great.

But this time, you seem to come up against me.

Im also curious about the reason why.

If its to make yourself famous, Im afraid itd be better to find Emperor Qing.”

Gai Xingkong knew what Zhang Han had done.

Even if he didnt know it, many people were willing to tell him.

In addition, Zhang Han hadnt done anything to Gai Rulong before, which also meant a lot.

The words that Gai Rulong brought back also made him have some speculations.

First, there might be a dispute between Zhang Hanyang and himself.

Second, he did not intend to kill anyone.

So any hatred between them was not deep-seated, or it would have been dangerous for Gai Rulong then.

He might know it roughly, but he didnt know the specific reasons, so he was a little curious.

Zhang Han ignored his questions at first.

After two seconds, he projected a high-wattage aura.

He gave him a stern look and said calmly, “You seriously injured my father once.

When I heard this, I decided that if I met you, I would have a battle against you.

With this opportunity, I came here.

This time, I will try my best to kill you.

If I cant kill you, Ill just let it go.”


This made many people hold their breath!

At the same time, many people felt weird.

Gai Xingkong had just killed a Divine Realm master.

Why was Zhang Hanyang so arrogant

And his words made many Gai Clan people angry.

“Want to kill Grand Master Gai On your own” A Wu Dao Grand Master from the Gai Clan sneered, which was what many people present thought.

Gai Xingkongs status in the northeast was high, and he was full of support.

It was Zhang Hans words that made Gai Xingkong stunned slightly.

“Seriously injured his father

“Who is his father There were a lot of people who were seriously injured by me.

His family name is Zhang, Zhang Hanyang.

The man called him Han before.

Is his real name… Zhang Han

“Why does this name sound familiar”

After Gai Xingkong thought, he then said calmly, “Zhang Hanyang, you should know that masters like us shouldnt bear in mind hatred that is not deep-seated.

The Divine Realm is our first goal.

Just like He Qingtian; he had been a Grand Master for many years and couldnt make any progress in the Middle-Stage, and was killed by you.

That is to say, he has forgotten the original aspiration of martial arts.

Talented people like you should pursue a higher level of martial arts.

I can give you a chance to leave.

Boy, youd better know that a battle between us may cost you your life.

Many talents have been killed by me.”

His words were a kind of reminder and warning.

But Zhang Han didnt care.

With a movement of his fingers, 18 cards swirled around him, and he said, “Take out your Divine Weapon.”

The moment the cards came out, Gai Xingkong frowned slightly as Zhang Hanyang chose to fight at this moment.


It is you who chooses to fight.”

“Boy, you are not strong enough to make me use my Divine Weapon.” Gai Xingkongs voice was loud, and his hands stretched out to both sides, then he drew a semicircle to merge.


Suddenly, two blasts of vast energy arose from both sides.

Two thick, century-old trees on either side of Zhang Han lifted up and flew at Zhang Han.

With Gai Xingkongs monstrous spiritual force, the two huge trees formed a powerful attack.

It was no exaggeration to say that if a heavy truck were here, it would be crushed into dust in the face of Gai Xingkongs move!

“Show me your trump card.” Zhang Han sneered.

With a slight movement of his right finger, 17 cards followed the flood dragon card.


Everyone on the scene seemed to hear the sound of flowing water, and then saw the strangely shaped card formation in front.

The imprinted card and the translucent waves rushed out.


Suddenly, that sloppy flood dragon soul rode the waves.

Within a second, the waves covered a range of 50 meters, but the flood dragon soul barely leaked out its original appearance.

“Bang! Bang!”

Two deep sounds came out, and the flood dragon shook its head and flicked its tail.

The two century-old trees instantly turned into powder and drifted with the wind.

Seeing this, many people couldnt help holding their breath.

And they became more nervous than before because they were not far away and they didnt have the blockade of the array.

Looking in front of them intently, they didnt realize that hundreds of people were cursing behind them.

Among them were Director Bi and others, who were muttering that they were deceived, and had found out that there was a battle here!

“Its Zhang Hanyang and Gai Xingkong!”

“Damn! Theyre fighting!”


So they began rubbernecking.

They even forgot to ask what was going on.

Obviously, at this moment, a lot of things were left behind, and they were watching the scene intently, not wanting to miss any detail of the battle.

After all, this represented the top battle in the martial arts world now!

Seeing that his martial art had so easily been broken, Gai Xingkong looked at Zhang Han with a little surprise.

He felt that he had underestimated him.

Then Zhang Han pointed his finger at Gai Xingkong and said, “Four Symbols Formation, flood dragon overturns!”

Suddenly, the body of the flood dragon plunged into the Energy Sea, and then its whole body flew out, spinning around at a low altitude of 10 meters.

Suddenly, the snow on the ground surrounding them was flying all over the sky.

At this time, the other 17 cards had Zuo Dong.

Points in all directions were either vertical or horizontal, forming many arrays.

Lots of star energy, along with Zhang Hans soul sense and spiritual force, formed a Four Symbols Formation, constantly strengthening its power.

The next moment, the flood dragon entered the sea again, accompanied by snowflakes like a sandstorm, and struck Gai Xingkong.


Suddenly, Gai Xingkong felt the constant roars of the flood dragon.

This made those who didnt understand it feel that it was mysterious and magisterial.

But for those who understood…

“Interesting.” Liao Qingguangs facial expression changed for the first time, and he showed a hint of appreciation for Zhang Han.

“Is he also proficient in the mysteries of the soul” Gai Xingkong froze slightly.

Then he raised his right hand, and a golden light formed a three-meter-high shield in front of him.

The shield seemed to be formed by a lot of ancient writings.

“Your psychokinesis is very good, but I can keep it away with my Gold Bright Shield.

Its useless.” Gai Xingkong shook his head slightly.

“Oh, really” Zhang Hans right hand stretched forward sharply.

Qing Ming Seal!


When the flood dragon was attacking like cutting bamboo, Zhang Hans spiritual force and soul sense were operating, forming a circular mark above the Gold Bright Shield, which was in front of Gai Xingkong!

As soon as the mark appeared, shocks of forces stabbed down suddenly.


The color of the Gold Bright Shield instantly faded by 70 percent.

Bright Sea Seal!

Zhang Han used another seal to shatter the defense of Gai Xingkong.

“You only understand a little of this defensive move.” Zhang Han shook his head.

He could see that the Gold Bright Shield was still good, but Gai Xingkong did a poor job with it.

“Whats this move” Gai Xingkong was stunned, and then his facial expression changed slightly.

Facing the flood dragon soul, his hands stretched forward, and two golden palm prints fought back.

“Bang! Bang!”

Two sounds came out, and Gai Xingkongs palm prints were broken, but the color of the flood dragon soul was also lighter.

Immediately, Gai Xingkong launched six palms to resolve the move, and 18 cards flew back to Zhang Han.

“This movie is a branch of Pluto Seal, but unfortunately, I can only use a little bit of power now, otherwise youd be dead now.” Zhang Han sighed softly.

A person would remain mortal until he reached the Innateness Stage.

Pluto Seal was very powerful, but it hadnt reached Innateness.

There was no essential change in the soul sense.

So it only had the form, not the essence.

Currently, the gate of the small world was about to open.

Zhang Han was also planning to explore the relic if he had the opportunity.

In this Cultivation Ending Period, or on the sealed Saint Warrior Planet, spirit treasures were the only means for a quick breakthrough.

The Thunder Yang Tree could produce Thunder Yang Wood and he could break through to Innateness.

But it seemed to be too late, so he had no choice but explore the relic to arm himself.

Although his strength had not improved a lot, Zhang Han still felt confident to defeat Gai Xingkong.

If Gai Xingkong took out his Divine Weapon, Zhang Han might be happier.

“Pluto Seal! Great! Zhang Hanyang, you are really great! No wonder Ji Wushuang regards you as an Invincible Grand Master.”

Gai Xingkong shook his head and uttered something that made more than a thousand martial artists around hold their breath.

He rarely admired people.

But after a few moves with Zhang Hanyang, he began to acknowledge Zhang Hanyangs powerful strength!

“But unfortunately, were here on Mount He Snow.

If it were elsewhere, maybe I would take out a weapon now, but in this snowy world, I still have a move named Ice Silk Money.

This is a mystery that I have spent seven years cultivating.

In this snowy world, it is 10 times stronger.”

With Gai Xingkongs words, his arms slammed forward and drew a Tai Chi image.

Suddenly, an overwhelming amount of energy swirled away from the 50-meter circle.

“Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!”

Suddenly, a buzzing sounded from all sides.

The snow on the ground, as if flying upside down, was constantly floating, and then the snowflakes converged into the shape of ancient coins.

Ten, a hundred, a thousand…

In just two breaths, thousands of coin-like snowflakes formed around Zhang Han.

All over the sky.


Suddenly, the first coin-like snowflake struck Zhang Han.

Then hundreds of thousands of coin-like snowflakes followed…

At this moment, thousands of coin-like snowflakes attacked Zhang Han like a heavy rain.

This made the people around shocked.

Seeing this, Zhang Han gave a stern look.

Deep in his eyes, a refined light suddenly appeared.

With strong spiritual sense energy, accompanied by spiritual force, Zhang Han connected to the earth under the thick snow.

Earth Evil Wind!


Suddenly, Zhang Hans clothes moved without wind.

But then, a whirlwind emerged from Zhang Hans feet, intensifying.

By the time the coin-like snowflakes approached, the whirlwind had covered Zhang Han and gradually expanded to five zhang (one zhang equals 3.3 meters), 10 zhang, then 20 zhang!

Earth Evil Wind kept pressing horizontally all around, and all the coin-like snowflakes disappeared like raindrops falling into a sea of fire when they contacted Earth Evil Wind.


The wind roared, constantly swallowing the coin-like snowflakes.

In five breaths, thousands of coin-like snowflakes were exhausted.

Then Zhang Han waved away Earth Evil Wind, as maintaining it would cost Zhang Han a lot of his spiritual force and soul sense.

“Another great move.” Gai Xingkong nodded, but then said, “Its a pity that you pulled it back so soon.

You havent seen the real Ice Silk Money.”


Gai Xingkongs words made Lei Tiannan and others nervous.

They seemed to feel something.

“Dangerous!” Mo Chengfeng screamed.

“Han, escape!” Wang Zhanpeng also warned him nervously.

But the words came out too late.

Crystal clear ice filaments on the ground 10 meters away from Zhang Han converged into a net and rolled toward him.

This was the real Ice Silk Money!

“After all, youre still too young, and youre not wary enough.” Gai Xingkong sighed, and he stopped when Ice Silk Money was about to compress Zhang Hans skin.

He waved his hand to start dissipating the move, then said with a sigh, “You didnt kill Rulong, so I wont kill you this time.

Although youre strong, you still lack experience.

I hope you can devote yourself to martial arts.

There are not many martial arts talents.”

Gai Xingkong was a little emotional in his words.

From his tone, it was obvious that he appreciated martial arts talents.

This might also have something to do with the reason that the engagement was broken off by the sect in the worldlet.

It also showed that he didnt intend to kill Zhang Han.

This made Lei Tiannan, Wang Zhanpeng, and others a bit relieved, as it showed that Zhang Han was safe.

At the same time, it also made Zhao Feng and others feel a bit sad.

Zhao Feng seemed a little uncomfortable as his master was defeated.

On the other hand, it made the Gai Clan members, local major sects, and many martial artists close to Gai Xingkong excited!

But the next moment, their facial expressions suddenly changed and their eyes became rounded just when they showed their excitement.

A calm voice sounded behind Gai Xingkong.

“Youre too arrogant.

Besides, dont take advantage of your seniority in front of me.

Youre unqualified.”

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Everyone looked over and fixed their eyes on Zhang Han.

Zhang Hans body slowly appeared 30 meters behind Gai Xingkong.

At the same time, in front of Gai Xingkong, Zhang Hans previous figure slowly disappeared.

When that figure disappeared, Gai Xingkongs Ice Silk Money was only half dissipated!

“Hiss! How is this possible” Gai Rulongs facial expression changed dramatically.

He couldnt imagine how Zhang Hanyang escaped from his Ice Silk Money!

“Am I dreaming” Gai Rulong and others were in shock.

Everyone on the mountain was stunned, unable to understand what was going on.

“Oh” Even Liao Qingguang was a bit serious and remained silent for two seconds, then uttered.


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