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Chapter 549 The Opening of the Relic

Gai Xingkong was surprised by Zhang Hans words.

He looked at Zhang Han in confusion and asked, “Are you sure you would have killed him His substitute would help him to escape no matter how you attacked him.”

“He just learned some simple knowledge in this field.” Zhang Han shook his head and said, “His main soul escaped when his body was destroyed, leaving his secondary soul in his substitute.

Only after his main soul returns and successfully reconnects with the secondary soul will he be truly safe.

But I know how to destroy both of his souls.”

“Really Are you sure” Gai Xingkong couldnt help gasping in surprise.

Zhang Han smiled without replying.

In fact, Zhang Han had lots of methods to kill the Man in Bamboo Hat, which were designed for high-level cultivators.

Since Zhang Hans strength was limited at the moment, he could only choose the most practical one.

It was no exaggeration that high-level cultivators could even defeat someone with one glance.

Being surprised by Zhang Hans facial expression, Gai Xingkong realized that the young man was even more powerful than he was able to imagine.

He fell into silence for 10 seconds and then sighed with emotion, “You are more frightening than I expected! You… How did you become such an excellent martial artist I know that many talents rely not only on their natural gifts, but also their good luck, which helps them to get martial arts heritages of their predecessors, just like that Man in the Bamboo Hat.

That vampires heritage improved his strength and turned him into an evil cultivator, so I dont want you to tread in his fatal footsteps.”

“Dont worry.

The martial arts heritage I got belonged to a respected predecessor.” Zhang Han joked and then changed the topic, “When will the real relic be opened”

“We still have half an hour, and its entrance is near that fake one.

Qingguang took advantage of the cave under the entrance and set an array there to change that mist cluster,” Gai Xingkong explained.

“I see.

That man with the beard seems to be at the Divine Realm stage.” Zhang Han nodded.

Gai Xingkong was at a loss for words.

“It seems that the Divine Realm martial artist means nothing to him.”

“For other martial artists, warriors at the Divine Realm stage are admirable.

And some talents even set the Divine Realm as their goal.”

Gai Xingkong shook his head and said, “As far as your strength is concerned, youre qualified to compete with a martial artist who has just reached the Divine Realm stage.”


Gai Xingkong and Zhang Han had a harmonious conversation at the top of Mount He Snow.

Gai Xingkong couldnt regard Zhang Han as one of the younger generation; not only because his father was not here, but also because of his cultivation.

Gradually, Gai Xingkong found their conversation strange.

“Is the young man teaching and guiding me”

“Whats going on”

“Am I his senior”

But Zhang Hans words really inspired Gai Xingkongs thinking about martial arts and made him grow silent.

Finally, Gai Xingkong couldnt help admiring Zhang Han.

Zhang Han received more detailed information from Gai Xingkong in the conversation.

“He is magnanimous, bold and generous.

No wonder my father regarded him as his best friend.”

Gai Xingkongs words reminded Zhang Han of his father, whom he had been looking for.

Gai Xingkong noticed it and hurried to comfort the young man, “Dont worry, Han.

The Heavenly Knights Sect is competitive in the Kun Xu World, and the Wind Snow School has been blocked thousands of miles away from it.

Im sure Guangyou and Jiali are safe in the Heavenly Knights Sect.”

“Thank you.” Zhang Han nodded.

Gai Xingkong didnt tell Zhang Han that since five years had passed, he didnt know if things had changed in the worldlet.

However, Zhang Han had already made up his mind; he would destroy the whole world if his parents were killed.

Half an hour later, the two of them went back to the relic entrance.

They saw more than one thousand martial artists there.

After Liao Qingguang withdrew his array, they realized that they had been cheated!

But before they could talk about it, they were shocked by another thing.

“Really What did he say A relic close to the A level”

“Can I believe him The C-level relic turned into a B-level one”

“Damn it.

How can it be close to an A level Only God State Strong is qualified to explore A-level relics.

Can we enter this relic None of us is at the Grand Master Late-stage or Peak stage.”

“Wow! You mean only a few of these martial artists are qualified to explore this relic”

All of the martial artists present were stunned by the news.

Even Lei Tiannan and Director Bi were shocked.

“A relic close to the A level!” Protector Leng was desperate.

“We cant enter it!”

“Perhaps Im not qualified, either.” Lei Tiannan was helpless.

As expected, they would be unable to travel inside that relic if the news were true.

Although Martial Arts Grand Masters could enter B-level relics, the ones close to level A were still dangerous for them.

Even those martial artists at the Grand Master Late-stage were reluctant to try.

None of them knew what would happen in the relic, and those at the Grand Master Early-stage or Middle-Stage, they didnt want to risk their lives.

“This relic… is too dangerous,” Director Bi said seriously while thinking about it, “The more dangerous it is, the more opportunities we will get while in it, and we may be able to explore its fringes if it is relatively safe.

But what if we encounter something terrible at the fringes Im not sure about what will happen…”

“Are you talking nonsense“

Lei Tiannan curled his lips and complained silently.

Then he suggested, “Wed better send someone at the Grand Master Late-stage or above to the relic.

Its my own opinion, of course, and I wont stop those of you at the Grand Master Early-stage from taking the risk.”

“No, I wont.” Protector Leng shivered and shook his head.

“Though Im curious about the relic, I cherish my life.”

“I wont, neither.”

“I wont go even if you force me to do so!”


Most of the martial artists around them didnt want to risk their lives.

They had made up their minds.

20 minutes later, they finished discussing about the B-level relic.

They started to think about something else.

“Grand Master Gai and Zhang Hanyang havent come back yet,” A senior of the Gai family was nervous and added, “Are they fighting again somewhere else Will Zhang Hanyang plot against our patriarch”


Many people gasped nervously.

They began worrying about Gai Xingkongs safety.

“You all know how powerful my second grandfather is, and that cant happen,” Gai Rulong replied affirmatively.

He wondered what Gai Xingkong would tell Zhang Han.

It took them too much time.

The others soon found the absence of Gai Xingkong and Zhang Han.

“Theyve been away for half an hour.

Why havent they come back”

“Are they fighting again”



Another round of discussion was about to start.

Just at that moment…

They heard someone shouting, “They are back!”

They turned around and saw something shocking.

“Am I dreaming I see them talking and laughing.”

“They are like old friends.

What happened”

“They had just finished battling.

Why did they become friends that quickly”


Zhang Han and Gai Xingkong were walking towards the crowd shoulder to shoulder, and both of them were unguarded.

All of the onlookers, including the Gai family members, Wang Zhanpeng and his friends, were stunned.

“They became friends after the battle”

When Gai Rulong was about to raise his question, he saw the mist cluster behind the crowd shake violently and the spreading fog soon covered the whole mountain.

One second, two seconds… 30 seconds later, all the white fog went back to the entrance, increasing the mist clusters diameter to 50 meters.

Gai Xingkong slightly frowned.

Such a large mist cluster could only be seen at A-level relics.

But the energy in it was slightly below the A level.

When the fog disappeared, Gai Xingkong thought for a while and announced, “Zhang Hanyang is my friends son, and the misunderstanding between us has been cleared up.

From now on, all the Gai family members and sect disciples should respect Zhang Hanyang.”


Gai Xingkongs words were like a thunder.

The whole Gai family was astonished.

“Patriarch, what did you say”

“At Gai Xingkongs request, no one dares to provoke Zhang Han in northeast China.”

All the martial artists present were thinking about it.

Then Gai Xingkong began introducing the relic, “Its a B-level relic, and it will open for 23 hours.

Martial artists below the Grand Master stage are not allowed to enter it, and those below the Grand Master Late-stage are not suggested to have a try.

Please line up at the entrance if the rest of you want to explore the relic.”

Hearing Gai Xingkongs words…

All the martial artists present looked at each other while hesitating.

None of them took the lead to enter the relic.

“Who will be the first one”

They began sweeping the crowd with their eyes.

“You can prepare for it,” Gai Xingkong told Zhang Han.

Then he went to see Liao Qingguang and go for a walk and a talk.

Zhang Han thought for a while and then approached Lei Tiannan.

“This relic…”

Before Zhang Han could finish speaking, Wang Zhanpeng said, “Director Lei has told us how dangerous the relic is, but I decided to have a try.”

“Ill go with him,” Lei Tiannan nodded.

“As martial artists, we have no fear of death.

Ill explore it since Im qualified.” Director Bi smiled.

Mo Chengfeng took a step forward without saying anything.

As a martial artist at the Grand Master Peak, he wouldnt miss the chance to visit that relic.

If it was a C-level relic, all of them would be able to enter it.

But only five of them were qualified at the moment.

“Lets go.” Zhang Han turned his gaze to the relic entrance and stepped into it.

Lei Tiannan and the other four men followed him.

Following them were ten martial artists led by Gai Xingkong and other six masters.

They rushed into the entrance from all directions.

Liao Qingguang was the only high-level master left outside the relic.

He looked at the entrance and shook his head, “What will come about from their encounter Opportunity or death”

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