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Chapter 550 Struck by Lightning

“I just predicted Zhang Hanyangs luck.

He seems to be too lucky.”

There was a red light in Liao Qingguangs eyes.

He could predict other peoples luck of the following ten years, or their experience in the past ten years, even if they were martial artists.

But when he met Zhang Han for the first time, he couldnt predict the young mans future at all.

That was why he always looked at Zhang Han in surprise.

But just before Zhang Han entered the relic, he sensed the young mans great luck.

“They entered the relic.”

Gai Rulong and Zhao Feng looked at the entrance without blinking their eyes.

It was a steady relic and they would be sent out at seven oclock tomorrow afternoon.

All the one thousand martial artists on the mountain intended to stay there all night long, despite the winter wind.

So, a grand meeting of martial artists was held quietly in Mount He Snow.

All the Qi Strength Masters began competing with each other, attracting those low-level martial artists at the Obvious Strength stage or Inward Strength stage to join them.

The atmosphere outside the ruins was more relaxing and active.

But inside the relic, there was a real crisis.


As soon as Zhang Han entered the relic, he started to scan it with his soul sense.

He was in a mountain at the moment.

The flowers, plants and trees there were abundant and lush.

Zhang Han even “saw” a birds nest on the top of the tree 20 meters away through his soul sense, but the birds nest was relatively larger.

Zhan Han opened his eyes and saw rolling mountains.

There was no end to the mountains there.

The scenery there was really beautiful, however…

The dark cloud above Zhang Hans head kept him alert.

Looking carefully, he found the mountains slightly gloomy, making that beautiful scenery a little bleak.


Suddenly, there seemed to be a thunder in Zhang Hans mind.


Zhang Han was surprised.

He had been suppressing the two thousand clouds above his soul sense sea, and there shouldnt be thunder in his mind.


Zhang Han looked up at the sky and suddenly narrowed his eyes in astonishment.

A strong lightning came out of the clouds above and swiftly attacked him!


Zhang Han flashed forward at his highest speed.

To his surprise, that ten ft long lightning, after falling, turned into him!

It went straight to Zhang Han from the back!

“Why does it look like a lightning punishment”

Zhang Han slightly frowned.

Only during a lightning punishment would the lightning attack cultivators at the pass-tribulation stage.

Why did such a normal lightning attack Zhang Han

“Kill!” Demon Dancing Sword appeared in Zhang Hans hand.


As soon as the sound of the swords sheath moved on out, a black light swept towards the lightning behind Zhang Han.


While hearing a dull noise, the ten ft long lightning was destroyed directly.

Zhang Han put down the Demon Dancing Sword, looked at the sky again and found its color the same as before.

Therefore, Zhang Han chose a direction at random and began walking forward.

After five minutes…

“Bang!” He heard another lightning in his mind.

Looking up, he found a 20 ft long lightning falling down in his direction.

He raised the Demon Dancing Sword again.

The new lightning was destroyed by the same black light.

Zhang Han continued to walk forward.

Two and a half minutes later…


The lightning was heard again.

It was 40 ft in length.

The lightning was destroyed by Demon Dancing Sword again.

Zhang Han stood still to wait for the next lightning.

One and a third minutes later…


The lightning attacked him again.

The 80 ft long lightning was destroyed by Zhang Han again with a greater force.

However, 40 seconds later…


That time, the lightning was 160 ft in length.

20 seconds later, Zhang Han encountered a 320 ft long lightning.

While each time interval was a half shorter than before, the lightning appeared 10 seconds later was 640 ft in length, twice as long as before.

Zhang Han looked at the lightning seriously.

According to that rule, the power of each lightning would be multiplied.

“Must I keep resisting them directly”

Zhang Han decided to use another method.

Six seconds later, Zhang Han encountered a one thousand ft long lightning.


As Zhang Han made a gesture of casting with his right hand, eight figures appeared around him, and Zhang Han blocked his Qi at the same time.

However, it didnt work.

The lightning kept rushing to Zhang Han.

When it approached him…

As Zhang Han waved his hand, a layer of gold light suddenly appeared and covered him.

It was Ye Longyuans Golden Armor!

The horrible lightning landed on the Golden Armor!

As a holy level defensive equipment, the Golden Armor was effective, though Zhang Han could only activate 80% of it.

90% of the thunders energy was absorbed by the Golden Armor, and the remaining 10% energy just paralyzed Zhang Han a little.

Zhang Han was waiting…

ten seconds, 20 seconds…

Five minutes had past and there was no more lightning.

Zhang Han decided to walk forward.

He stepped on the ground suddenly and flew up to the top of the tree more than 30 meters high.

Zhang Han flew towards the nearby mountain and landed on a tree on the mountain top.

Looking around, he found himself in a dense primordial forest.

He was surrounded by mountains.


Zhang Hans treasure-sniffing nose helped him to sense many kinds of fragrances coming from all the directions, but none of them belonged to treasures.

“The area of the relic should be large.”

Zhang Han made up his mind and continued to explore the forest.

Ten minutes had passed since the last lightning struck.


A ten ft long lightning appeared, but it didnt trouble Zhang Han at all.

Another ten minutes later…


The lightning was 20 ft in length.

The third ten minutes later…

The lightning was 40 ft in length.

Zhang Han drew a conclusion.

“It was a Lightning World!”

“It follows an unique law of lightning.”

“As time goes on, the power of lightning becomes more and more terrifying.

If I stay too long, Ill be in big trouble.”

“It seems that I need to find native creatures first, or treasures that can help me to avoid lightning.”

Zhang Han soon realized his situation.

The lightning was gradually getting stronger.

At first, even martial artists at the Grand Master Early-stage could resist it, and then they were allowed to find a shelter in the interval between two lightnings.

If they were slow, they would be killed by the following stronger lightning.

Steps of Immortals!

Zhang Han thought of Steps of Immortals, the basic method of the Divine Walking Trick.

Each time he stepped on the tree tip, he would rush forward for tens of meters.

He was so fast that the air seemed to turn into a sharp knife.

Ten minutes after he made a rapid march…


He heard the thunder again, but not in his mind.

Zhang Han turned his gaze and found a small lightning, which was just 20 ft in length, land on somewhere to his right.

“Who is there”

The target of that small lightning seemed to be familiar with the rule of lightning strikes.

He chose to bear the lightning, which might be due to him being unable to destroy it.

There were many martial artists in the relic, and most of them knew each other, except for someone of the independent acts.

Therefore, that poor man was likely to be either Zhang Hans or Gai Xingkongs friends.

Zhang Han changed his direction.

That poor man was far from him.

30 minutes later, the lightning guided Zhang Han to find that man, while his location was also released by the lightning attacking him.

As a result…

“What a coincidence.”

When Zhang Han was about to reach his destination along with his lightning, he heard someone cursing, “Stop attacking me!”

“Is it a punishment Stop attacking me since I didnt do anything evil.”

“Stop! Or Ill soon be killed.”

It was Lei Tiannans voice.

Lei Tiannan was so angry, because he had suffered a lot before understanding that rule.


Zhang Han kept walking forward and soon found Lei Tiannan.

He looked a little miserable.

Though his clothes were still tidy, his eyebrows and beard had been burnt.

“Zhang Han!” Lei Tiannan was excited to see him.

Then he was surprised and several questions popped up, “Wow, are you wearing Ye Longyuans Golden Armor Why can you use it

“Have you been attacked by the thunder Arent you injured”

Lei Tiannan touched his eyebrows, feeling depressed.

“I have suffered a lot! The lightning I just met was two thousand ft in length! Did they know my surname is Lei (thunder in Chinese) Why did they punish me” He complained.

“You can keep walking as long as you find the rule.” Zhang Han was amused by Lei Tiannan.

Then he nodded and said, “Wed better find something to block the lightning, and it might be a native creature or treasure.

The lightning is getting stronger, and there must be a method to avoid it.”

“Where will we go” Lei Tiannan was relieved because Zhang Han was there.

Zhang Han was knowledgeable and powerful.

If Lei Tiannan failed to resist the lightning, Zhang Han would help him.



A 600 ft long lightning was falling, whose target was Zhang Han.

Lei Tiannans mouth was twitching.

According to the lightning rule, Zhang Han, as a strong martial artist, would suffer a stronger lightning strike.

Luckily, Zhang Han could use Ye Longyuans Golden Armor, which was much better than Lei Tiannans Silk Suit, a Heaven-grade treasure.

The lightning was again absorbed by Zhang Hans Golden Armor.

Zhang Han turned his gaze to the left, where he planned to go.

“Lets go there.”

Then they began rushing forward at a high speed.

Every other distance, Zhang Han would use his Treasure-sniffing nose.

But he found nothing special.

That way, every ten minutes, there would be more powerful lightning falling down.

Lei Tiannan got more and more nervous.

The lightning attacking Zhang Han was more than two thousand ft in length, and Lei Tiannans lightning had grown to be 600 ft in length.

They kept walking forward.

The length of the lightning that hit Zhang Han changed from more than two thousand ft to more than four thousand ft and more than eight thousand

At the 30th minute…

A ten thousand ft long lightning lit up the ground.

But it was 10000 feet long, not a multiple of the previous lightning.

Lei Tiannans face changed to reflect fear.

At the same time…

Zhang Han looked at the lightning seriously and said, “I have an idea.”

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