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Chapter 551 Heavenly Thunder Sect

“Whats your idea” Lei Tiannan asked.

He looked pale while illuminated by the giant lightning.

It seemed that they couldnt escape from the natural disaster.

Lei Tiannan was afraid of the endless lightning strikes.

Zhang Han took a glance at his right side and then turned his gaze at the giant lightning.

Suddenly, his body glowed with gold.

“In terms of energy, a lightning made by martial artist was always more powerful than a normal lightning.”

Zhang Han decided to resist that giant thunder directly, because he wanted to know what was hiding behind it.

Just at that moment…

They saw a man in a green robe running towards them from the right side.

He was Wang Zhanpeng.

Wang Zhanpeng kept setting arrays with the Mountains and Rivers Flag in his hand, which was glowing.

He recognized Zhang Han and Lei Tiannan.

Then he burst out shouting, “Wow! Han, are you the target of this giant lightning Put on this robe and save me from the pursuers!”

There were three green robes hanging on Wang Zhanpengs waist, and he gave Zhang Han and Lei Tiannan two of them.

Lei Tiannan took a glance at him and realized what had happened.

The robe could keep them from being tracked by the lightning.


Lei Tiannan put on the robe as fast as he could.


A green light appeared on Lei Tiannan and soon disappeared.

But what he didnt notice was that the light was moving rapidly in a certain direction along the ground.

Zhang Han took over the robe but didnt put on it immediately.


The giant lightning approached him.

The lightning was so long that it spent one minute to completely land on Zhang Han.

Zhang Han successfully resisted it.

He didnt move after that.

“Why not put on the robe The pursuers are about to break my array!” Wang Zhanpeng was nervous.

“Who is chasing you” Lei Tiannan looked to the right warily.

There was nothing but trees.

“They seem to be ghosts at the Grand Master Late-stage.

Its difficult to get rid of them.” Wang Zhanpeng was frightened.

With Zhang Han by his side, he felt more at ease.

When his two friends were talking, Zhang Hand took a deep breath and began relaxing his body.

He was numbed by the lightning and it took him some time to recover.

If he hadnt used Ye Longyuans Golden Armor, it would have been more difficult for him to recover.

Zhang Han took a glance at the green robe and found it normal.

But such a normal robe could protect him from the lightning.

“What kind of ghost” Zhang Han raised his head and asked Wang Zhanpeng.

“There seems to be a sect.

I found a large mountain after entering the relic, and there were some old houses at its feet, which looked like a mountain villa.

The fog surrounding the houses was a little frightening.

When I found the lightning growing stronger, I broke into a house, which seemed to be the main residence of the servants.

That house had no decoration and I found the robes there.”

Wang Zhanpeng recalled something that made him shiver with fear.

“After I put on the robe, I found another man in that house, who had suddenly appeared in front of me.

He looked at me with no emotion, and I escaped from that house in fear.”

“A sect” Zhang Han was surprised.

“In order to know the truth of this relic, I must go and investigate that sect.”

Wang Zhanpeng turned his gaze at somewhere behind Zhang Han, and his face suddenly changed.

“Hes coming! He broke my array.”

“Where is he” Lei Tiannan looked around but found nothing.

“Han, hes coming! He is 50 meters away from me!” Wang Zhanpeng suddenly pointed to their right.

“Theres no one there!” Lei Tiannan shook his head, feeling that it was weird.

“Humph” Zhang Han frowned.

He didnt see anyone with either his eyes or his soul sense.

“Must I put on this robe”

Zhang Han hadnt worn the robe yet because he wanted to wait for the next lightning, while Lei Tiannan still couldnt see the ghost after putting on the robe.

Luckily, at the moment Zhang Han could use a method to see through the illusion.


A large amount of soul sense began gathering in Zhang Hans eyes.

He was going to open his ghost eyes!

All of a sudden, Zhang Hans eyes turned red.

The scene changed in front of him, and everything he saw also turned red.

Then he found a stranger tens of meters away from him.

It was a long-haired young man in a robe similar to Wang Zhanpengs.

Holding an iron bar in his hand, he was running towards Wang Zhanpeng angrily.

It looked as if Wang Zhanpeng had stolen something from him.

“Master Wang, try to attack him,” Zhang Han said.

“Okay.” Wang Zhanpeng replied and clapped his hands.

Two streams of spiritual force formed a half meter long palm, which started to attack the ghost.

However, the huge palm went straight through the mans body and landed on the ground behind him.


That man became more angry and fastened his pace.

“This kind of attack doesnt work.

Only an array can restrict him,” said Wang Zhanpeng, wiping his cold sweat.

Zhang Han waited until the young man was 20 meters away from him.

Qing Ming Steal!

He threw out a special Qing Ming Steal totally made by his soul sense.

However, that mysterious man suddenly disappeared.

Before he disappeared, he gave a resentful look at Zhang Han.

As if he had done something evil.

“Its a Local Soul made by a treasure in that sect.

Lets go have a look,” Zhang Han said slowly.

“A soul made by a treasure” Wang Zhanpeng was surprised, and then his eyes lit up, “There are treasures in that sect”

“Damn it.

It must be a high-level treasure.

Can it be at the holy level” Lei Tiannan asked.

“Only treasures at about the divine level could produce a soul.” Zhang Hans words shocked them.

There were different kinds of Local Souls.

The Local Soul they had met just then was made by a treasure in that sect, according to someones character or deeds.

The Local Soul appeared just then and was produced according to a servant at the Grand Master Late-stage…

That sect seemed to be powerful.

Although that Local Soul was not a real martial artist at the Grand Master Late-stage, it was frightening enough to warn Zhang Han of the risk he would take while exploring that sect.

He must be careful.

“Lets go,” said Wang Zhanpeng after he licked his dry lips, taking the lead to go right ahead.

They began to run fast forward.

Ten minutes later…


A loud noise seemed to come from all directions.

“What happened” Lei Tiannan was trembling.

When he looked up at the sky and found a ten ft long lightning, Lei Tiannan couldnt help cursing, “Dont scare me! Why is such a small thunder so loud”

Wang Zhanpeng was thinking about the same thing.

All three of them looked up at the sky.

When they saw the thunder coming into the range of Zhang Hans soul sense…


Zhang Hans face slightly changed as he put on that green robe immediately.

It was no longer a normal thunder, but a cultivator-made thunder!

The green lightning was Taiyi Wood Thunder!

“Okay, I wont play with you.”

Zhang Han put on the green robe.

That lightning kept rushing towards Zhang Han.


It landed on Zhang Han.

The robe didnt absorb any thunder energy, and even the Golden Armor only resisted 50% of it.

Zhang Hans whole body was numbed by the rest.

50% thunder energy.

At the same time, a strong destructive force began to shuttle through Zhang Hans body, and Zhang Hans spiritual force kept fighting against the energy inside a Taiyi Wood Thunder.

But the lightning had the same vitality as the woods, and it kept growing after being broken.

Therefore, Zhang Hans paralysis lasted a long time.

Two minutes later, Zhang Han dispelled the numbness.

But what he didnt notice was that a little invisible light green thunder penetrated his soul sense sea, and was absorbed by the clouds above in an instant.


Zhang Han took a deep breath.

When he was about to move on…

“Ah!” He heard Lei Tiannan screaming.

When Lei Tiannan was retreating as fast as he could, Zhang Han again used his ghostly eyes.

He saw a figure in the back of Lei Tiannans position just then.

Who was holding a kitchen knife in his right hand and wanted to wave it

Fifty meters behind the man, a fat man with a frying shovel went straight to Zhang Han.

“These are really servants clothes…”

Zhang Hans lips twitched.

“Stop.” Zhang Han waved his hand to activate the Qing Ming Steal, and the two Local Souls that disappeared.

Then the three of them went on.

That time around, they were all dressed in robes, so no lightning fell.

After another 20 minutes, they finally arrived at that weird place mentioned by Wang Zhanpeng.

That was a mountain with a large area and a high altitude.

There were lots of residential areas at the foot of the mountain.

In that place, Zhang Hans soul sense could only extend to 300 meters, and it couldnt scan the houses.

“Lets explore the houses,” Zhang Han said.

“OK! Lets have a look at the nearest three rows of houses We can help each other in case there are any incidents.

Its too large here, and it will take a long time to explore all the houses,“ Lei Tiannan said after taking a glance at the houses.

Time was limited, and they couldnt stay there for too long.

Zhang Han nodded in favor of Lei Tiannans idea.

Then they began to explore those ancient houses one by one.

Zhang Han went into a house and found that, as Wang Zhanpeng said, there were only simple tables and chairs in it.

The room was spotless, as if it had just been cleaned.

On the other side there was a wooden bed, with five clothes neatly placed on its edge.

It seemed that there were five people living there.

Zhang Han found nothing special in that room, so he walked towards the next one.

When he walked out, he saw Wang Zhanpeng and Lei Tiannan.

They were shaking their heads to show that they had found nothing, either.

So the three began to explore houses closer to the center of the residential area very quickly.

They again found nothing.

In the middle of the residential area there was a stone road circling upward.

“Lets go up the mountain and have a look,” Zhang Han said.

They went all the way up to the mountainside and found that the trees on the side of the road had been changed into red bamboo.

Those bamboos looked ordinary.

It was empty there.

But all of a sudden…


Both Wang Zhanpeng and Lei Tiannan had widened their eyes.

Looking to the right, they found that there were hundreds of people in the bamboo forest, chopping bamboo with wood knives.

“This is what happened in the past,” Zhang Han explained.

“In other words, its like a mirage after the dislocation of time.”

“Hoo… Its a little scary to see it all of a sudden.” Lei Tiannan slowly shook his head and exclaimed, “Its worthy of being close to an A-level relic, which is so shocking!”

“Fortunately, its not particularly dangerous here,” said Wang Zhanpeng.

He felt that as long as he found the rule of lightning and learned to avoid them, the risk would be much lower there.

“This is supposed to be a relatively peripheral place.” Zhang Han slightly shook his head, feeling something unusual there.

Because he sensed a spirit treasure at the fifth level or above that he had speculated on before.

It was that mountain.

The whole mountain was a treasure.

Although Zhang Han liked that treasure, he couldnt take it away.

They continued to walk up and found that there were also lots of buildings around the mountainside.

The buildings there were all single villas with small courtyards, and there were places for practicing before and after the houses.

“Lets go have a look,” Zhang Han said.

They began to explore villa by villa.

“Han! Han! I found a treasure.” Ten minutes later, Wang Zhanpeng shouted.


Zhang Han and Lei Tiannan quickly appeared at the intersection, only to see Wang Zhanpengs right hand calmly lying on a palm-sized brown stone.

According to its energy, it was a Heaven-grade treasure.

Neither Lei Tiannan nor Wang Zhanpeng knew what it was.

Zhang Han looked at the stone carefully and then recognized it.

“Its a piece of Brown Wind Stone, which helps to strengthen arrays.

It can also be used as the core of an array for several times.”

“Array stone…” Wang Zhanpeng looked at the stone carefully and then gave it to Zhang Han, “Han…”

“Master Wang, you can take it since you found it.

If I wanted it, Id give you another treasure at the same level in exchange for it.” Zhang Han slightly shook his head.

In normal social occasions, Zhang Han didnt mind the act of giving each other treasures.

But when he was in the relics, he always abode by the rules and didnt take advantage of anyone.

“This… Okay.” Wang Zhanpeng took back the stone and put it in his pocket.

He had no other way to store it because he couldnt put anything into his Mountains and Rivers Flag while in that relic.

“Then, shall we continue exploring” Lei Tiannan felt excited.

He was sure that the second treasure would follow the first one.

Ten minutes later, as expected, he heard Lei Tiannan laughing.

“Heres a crystal stone,” Lei Tiannan shouted.

A few minutes later, Wang Zhanpeng announced, “Here is a crystal stone, too.”

As for Zhang Han…

There were five crystal stones and two stone treasures hanging around his waist.

He even found several bottles of pills.

The bottles were in good condition, but the pills in them had disappeared.

The pill bottles were ordinary, and Zhang Han didnt take them away.

It seemed that only some stone treasures were left there, while there were almost no other things.

It took them an hour to explore the whole area.

They found a lot of things.

That made Zhang Han a little curious.

Maybe there would a larger harvest at the top of the mountain.

So the three of them kept going up.

They went through several mountainside mansions.

And they again got several low-grade crystal stones.

Then the three crossed a cloud to the top of the mountain.

They were stunned by the scene.

There was a big hall on the top of the mountain.

In the most central place, there was a palace with the largest area, and they faced the back wall of the palace.

They realized that what they had just covered was the back of the mountain.

“Woo hoo!”

As soon as they entered the palace area, a noise was heard from afar.

“Whats up”

“How many people are there”

Both Wang Zhanpeng and Lei Tiannans face changed.

“Its also a record of what happened in the past.”

Zhang Han looked to the right and said, “We can continue to search for treasure.”

So they began to search for treasures in the houses of the palace from the outside.

They have gained a lot more that time in comparison to the previous expedition.

When they went to the main hall and passed by the back of it.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

They saw eight challenge arenas in the vast square behind the main hall, with more than 1000 people standing next to them.

They also saw people fighting on the challenge arena and a dozen men standing on the small platform at the back of the challenge arena.

Those things seemed to be actually happening, not memories of the past; even the voices and expressions of those people were highly detailed.

But none of them could see the three strangers.

“Is it a competition” Lei Tiannan was surprised.

It was the first time for him to explore a B-level relic, and what he saw was completely beyond his understanding,

“Humph” Lei Tiannan felt something strange and turned his gaze at a disciple fighting on the arena.

Wang Zhanpeng, looking at another arena, was in a daze.

Even Zhang Han couldnt help but look at the first challenge arena.

His thoughts were following the rhythm of the competition.

All of a sudden, Zhang Han narrowed his eyes in astonishment.


He woke up Wang Zhanpeng and Lei Tiannan with his soul sense.

“Dont look at them, or youll lose your soul here,” Zhang Han said seriously.


His two friends gasped in fear.

They thought they were just a little distracted, but the truth was they had almost been killed.

If Zhang Han hadnt awakened them, they would have…

It was frightening.

Without Zhang Han, they would be lost there!

“The relic is really dangerous!”

They wiped their cold sweat.

“Lets go to the main hall,” Zhang Han took the lead to walk forward.

He ignored all the disciples images he encountered and went through them directly.

The main hall covered a large area with many rooms.

Zhang Han stopped in the hall, looked at the murals on the wall, and waved Wang Zhanpeng and Lei Tiannan to search for treasures.

Two hours later…

The two men gained a lot; most were crystal stones and a few were stone treasures, which were all at the third level.

“I found a storage bracelet, which can be used in the relic to store things.

When we get out of here, you two can choose from them first, and I will take the rest back,” said Lei Tiannan.

“Good idea.” Wang Zhanpeng nodded and put many treasures into the storage bracelet.

At the time, Zhang Han turned around and left the main hall in silence.

He looked up and saw three big characters above the main halls gate.

Shadow Bamboo Peak!

“Is it a sect” Lei Tiannan murmured.

“This is just one of the 18 branch sects of the Heavenly Thunder Sect.

Half of the time has passed, and wed better go to the Main Sect of the Heavenly Thunder Sect.”

“It will take us three hours to get there,” Zhang Han replied.

That relic surprised him.

He didnt expect to see a giant ancient sect there.

Zhang Han was sure that they were currently in the Saint Warrior Planet!

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