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Chapter 556 Returning to Hong Kong

Gai Xingkong chose two Heaven-grade defensive treasures; although he knew Zhang Han could take care of himself, Zi Yan and Mengmeng needed to be protected.

The two gifts were hard to be broken, and even Gai Xingkong would spend tens of seconds to do it without the help of his divine-level Dragon-tiger spear.

Dont look down on those tens of seconds.

Sometimes, what happened in one second may lead to completely different results.

“Im your elder after all.

Although I havent contacted you much before, my friendship with your father is everlasting, and Im proud of his promising son.

Now that we are a family, dont hesitate to ask your uncle Gai for help whenever youre in trouble,” Gai Xingkong told Zhang Han.

Zhang Han was pleased with Gai Xingkongs frank words, so he nodded and replied with a smile, “Thank you, uncle Gai.”

“Ha ha.” Gai Xingkong shook his head and looked at Zhang Han with admiration.

“Its your generations world.

To tell you the truth, Im amazed by you.

Rulong, youre 23 years old, only a few years younger than Han.

How old are you, Han”

“Im almost twenty-seven,” Zhang Han said.

“Now youre 26 years old.

Rulong, youre only three years younger than him, but you know the gap between you two in martial arts.

So dont be arrogant in the future.

Behind an able man there are always other able men.

You should have a down-to-earth attitude.” said Gai Xingkong while looking at Gai Rulong.

“Yes, grandfather.” Gai Rulong stood up and bowed at Gai Xingkong.

Gai Rulong was overwhelmed by the unexpected favor of being educated by Gai Xingkong.

His second grandfather seldom cared about the cultivation or other affairs of his family members; the young generation who could be educated by him were envied at home.

“I see.” Gai Xingkong nodded.

Then he continued to talk with Zhang Han and his family.

Mengmeng was sitting next to Zhang Han and looking around with her blinking eyes, attracting many uncles and aunts with her cute face.

Some people were even worried, “The little girl is so beautiful as a child.

Can she maintain her beauty when she grows up”

Zhang Hans face darkened when he heard the young mans words.

He almost wanted to kill the rude guy.

But the young mans face blushed as soon as he finished speaking, and then he explained, “Mengmeng is so pretty now.”

Hearing his words, many of the Gai family members stared at him.

“Stop talking if you dont know what to say.”

Although he spoke in a low voice, many people heard him, because 80% of the guests present were martial artists.

Aside from Mengmeng, Zi Yans beauty also attracted a lot of attention.

All the members of the Gai familys younger generations were excited.

“Zi Yan!”

“My God, she got married! She has a daughter! If this is spread out, the whole entertainment circle will be shocked.

Mengmeng is so beautiful and lovely, she will become an influencer if shes noticed by the public.

She will be more popular than many celebrities.

Maybe she can get the title of the most beautiful little girl in China.

Wow, its amazing.” A 16 or 17-year-old girl was so excited that her face turned red.

“They did a good job keeping it secret, not leaking even a bit of information.

All of them are good-looking.

The father is handsome, the mother is pretty, and their daughter is beautiful and lovely.”

Even Zhang Han looked more handsome while next to Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

“I want to take a picture with her.

I want to ask for her autograph.

I cant help it, but grandfather is there.

What can I do When will grandfather leave”

Even though all the comments of the younger generation could be heard by Gai Xingkong, he didnt listen to them carefully, except for the last sentence.

Gai Xingkong turned his head and looked at that little fan, his mouth quivering.

“Wow, my family members even think Im in the way when Han comes here.”

Finally, after lunch…

The opportunity for Zi Yans fans came.

Seeing Zi Yan and Mengmeng sitting on the sofa beside them, one of the brave 16 or 17-year-old girls ran toward them.

“Nice to meet you, sister Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

Im Gai Ying.

May I take a picture with you”

“Of course you can.” Zi Yan nodded.

Mengmeng was also very happy.

She waved her hand and said, “Yes!”

“Thank you.” That brave girl couldnt help smiling.

She took out her mobile phone and adjusted her expression several times before taking a satisfactory picture.

She continued and took more than ten of them, and then ran off happily.


It was just the beginning.

About a dozen girls under the age of 20 surrounded Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

The girl who took the first photo was sitting happily on the sofa with her mobile phone.

She chose a photo of her and Zi Yan and wanted to send it to her friends.

“Well, Ying, enjoy.

Keep them to yourself, dont send it to others.”

Gai Ying looked up and immediately put down her cell phone.

“I see.

OK, father.”

Zi Yans area was the most lively at present.

On the other side, Gai Xingkong, Wang Zhanpeng and Rong Jiaxin were talking at the table.

After learning that Rong Jiaxin was Rong Jialis sister, Gai Xingkong shared some of his old memories with them.

Zhang Han was very interested in those old stories.

Zhang Han felt proud as he listened to the retelling of his fathers heroic deeds.

“It surprised me when I learned that Zhang Hanyang, the famous martial artist, was Guangyous son.” Gai Xingkong sighed with emotion as he turned his gaze to Zhang Han.

“In fact, your appearance gave me a familiar feeling at the beginning, but I didnt think about that for a while.

Then you finally exerted your sword moves, which were very similar to your fathers at that moment, and I suddenly thought of that matter.”

“Thanks for our battle,” Zhang Han chuckled and said, “The plan that both of you kept so secret that even my aunt didnt know of it.

Youre amazing.”

“If otherwise, your father wouldnt have lived in peace for so many years.” Gai Xingkong sighed and turned his gaze to Mengmeng and Zi Yan.

“Han, Im surprised that you have a wife and daughter now.

Zi Yan is kind, gentle, outgoing and pretty.


The attention of other guests on the table shifted from Zi Yan to Gai Xingkongs face.

Gai Xingkong hesitated for a while and then said, “If you had a boy, you could teach him cultivation methods.”

“Uncle Gai, you are wrong.” Zhang Han was slightly unhappy.

“Boys are too naughty, and they can even destroy a house.

I like my daughter, who is considerate and lively.”

Zhang Han liked Mengmeng so much that he had abandoned his backward opinion of valuing men over women.

“Girls can be better than boys.

Mengmeng will surpass all those talents in the future!” said Zhang Han with determination as he looked at Mengmeng.

Gai Xingkong smiled and nodded.

“Your words make sense, and girls are more obedient than boys.

But boys are all gifted fighters and girls dont have their inborn belligerence.

For example, there arent many girls in the world who can be as excellent as Mu Xue of the Luo Fu Sword Sect, but she still has to rely on her father, a patriarch, to reach such a level.”

“Mu Xue” Zhang Han smiled and said, “I dont care about her at all.

Mengmeng will defeat her within 20 years.”

Rong Jiaxin couldnt help laughing when he saw Zhang Hans expression.

Then she said, “Brother Gai, Han loves Mengmeng so much that we cant persuade him at all.”

“Ha ha ha.” Gai Xingkong also laughed.

“I understand him, hes the kind of parent who dotes on his child.

No matter if its a son or a daughter, he would offer training.

Han, you and Zi Yan are still young.

You can give birth to more children.”

“This… It depends.” Zhang Han smiled and shook his head.

Given Zi Yans small chance of pregnancy, Mengmengs birth had been a miracle.

As long as the problem with Zi Yans dantian remained unsolved, she would be unable to get pregnant again.

Zhang Han was curious about it.

Although there were four thousand clouds above his soul sense sea, he still couldnt check Zi Yans dantian.

He was sure that Zi Yan was not a normal girl, because she helped in promoting the diameter of Zhang Hans dantian from five to ten inches, which was amazing.

Besides, Zi Yan had trouble getting pregnant because of her special constitution, and Zhang Han guessed there might be an amazing secret hidden inside her.

Perhaps the secret was hidden in her dantian, making her seem like a normal person.

That was to say, Zi Yan would also get sick, of things like colds or fevers, just like an ordinary person.

It was weird.

But no matter what it was, Zhang Han believed that he would uncover the mystery in the future.

Other people who didnt know the truth thought that Zhang Han implied that he wouldnt take contraceptive measures, letting Zi Yan get pregnant at random.

“Yes, it depends.” Gai Xingkong smiled.

He was actually complaining silently.

“When you have a son, youll understand that hes a more suitable heir.”

Many of the Gai family members wanted to laugh.

“Patriarch, what qualifications do you have to comment on it Although youve been discussing whether its better to have a son or a daughter, you dont even have a child!”

When all the guests were about to finish eating, Gai Xingkong raised his eyebrows and said, “Han, come with me.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded.

He left the table and followed Gai Xingkong out of the restaurant through the back door, heading to the innermost room on the second floor of his villa.

When Gai Xingkong opened the door, Zhang Han saw many shelves inside.

“This is my storeroom for natural precious materials.

There are three holy-level treasures in it, and you can choose one of them,” said Gai Xingkong.

Zhang Han scanned the room with his soul sense.

After checking all the spirit treasures, he found three spirit treasures that were at the forth-stage, among all the three-level materials.

The Gai family really had a solid material foundation.

“I came to see if there were any treasures I needed.

Now it seems that there really are some.” Zhang Hans eyes lit up as he went further inside.

The gate of the worldlet would be opened in half a year; Zhang Han wanted to seize every opportunity to make preparations for it.

That trip was really fruitful.

On the innermost shelf, there were only three kinds of forth-stage spirit treasures.

On the far left was a long sword.

In the middle was a knife, but on the other end was a turtle shell with a diameter of one meter!

The tortoise shell was of a light gold color, whose perfect outline made it a piece of art.

But when Zhang Han probed it with his soul sense, he found a sealed soul within.

Golden Profound Tortoise!

It was from a branch family of Xuan Wu, the guardian beast of the North.

The Golden Profound Tortoise had a strong defense ability.

All of its body parts were valuable, including its shell, a fourth-stage spirit treasure.

But the tortoise was only good at defense, not for attacks.

Zhang Han came up with an idea when he saw the shell.

“What if I absorb the souls of the cardinal guardian beasts with my 18 cards Then I can create a Four Symbols Formation with the cards, which is powerful and can even become my trump card.”

Qing Long (Azure Dragon), Bai Hu (White Tiger), Zhu Que (Vermillion Bird) and Xuan Wu (Black Tortoise) were the guardian beasts in all four directions.

But Zhang Han could replace them with animals with the same attributes when using the Four Symbols Formation, instead of having to use the souls of those four kinds of animals.

Noticing Zhang Hans gaze, Gai Xingkong said, “I got it from a C-level relic.

There was a great area of water in that relic and I found a large iron pot on the beach, which contained nothing but this tortoise shell, a fourth-stage spirit treasure.

I took it back as a defensive treasure, and even my Dragon-tiger spear failed to leave a scratch on it.”

Hearing that, Zhang Han said in surprise, “Xuan Wu soup.

It seems that the one who killed this tortoise was also a powerful master.”

There was always someone amazing in the Saint Warrior Planet.

What a pity that Zhang Han had been reborn in the Cultivation Ending Period and couldnt meet the numerous great masters from the legends.

But at the same time, that special period gave Zhang Han more opportunities and time to promote himself.

“Xuan Wu soup Is it the shell of Xuan Wu, and not a normal tortoise” Gai Xingkong was stunned.

“Xuan Wu is a legendary spirit beast!”

“Almost,” Zhang Han shook his head and said, “Uncle Gai, the shell is useful to me and I want it.

The forth-stage spirit treasure is precious, so Ill exchange it with something.”

When Zhang Han was speaking, Mu Xues Demon Dancing Sword and Ye Longyuans Golden Armor appeared in his hands.

“Choose one of them, Uncle Gai.”

Gai Xingkong raised his eyebrows and shook his hand, “Dont do this, Han.

Im your uncle, your fathers good friend.

Its only proper for me to hand you a gift.

Dont be courteous with me.”

“And…” Gai Xingkong forced a smile as he continued, “I dare not take either of them.

Though Ye Longyuan is an outstanding disciple of the Lihun Sect and Mu Xue is a princess of the Luo Fu Sword sect, youre supported by the Heavenly Knights Sect, so you dont need to care too much when challenging them.

But the Gai family cant bear their anger.

Just take uncle Gais gift, Han.

I dont want anything in return.“

“Okay.” Zhang Han stopped persuading Gai Xingkong and took the shell.

“By the way, these two holy-level weapons have already been refined by them.

Why can they play such a powerful role in your hand” Gai Xingkong asked curiously.

“Because I sealed them, and now I can use more than 70% of their power,” Zhang Han replied.

What Zhang Han didnt tell Gai Xingkong was that when he reached the Innateness stage, he could refine those two holy-level weapons with secret methods and completely eliminate the traces left by their former masters.

Gai Xingkong was stunned by Zhang Hans words.

“But you were still tied with me under such unfavorable conditions and my Dragon-tiger spear didnt work at all… Han, tell me, how many trump cards did you have when we fought”

“Well…” Zhang Han thought about it and replied, “If both of us had used our trump cards, the battle would have been a draw.”

In fact, the likelihood Zhang Han winning was higher, but he didnt mention it.

Gai Xingkong was silent for several seconds, and finally commented, “A monster.”

After leaving the room, Gai Xingkong took the lead and said, “Qingguang said that youre already at the Divine Realm stage in some aspects.

It may be spiritual sense mind trick, right”

“Almost.” Zhang Han replied frankly because it was not a secret.

When he scanned around with his soul sense while in that relic, many explorers had noticed his strength.

“How far is your strength from reaching the Divine Realm stage” Gai Xingkongs eyes lit up.

“This… I still have a short way to go,” Zhang Han thought about it and replied modestly.

He was currently at the Middle-Stage of Building Base, or Grand Master Middle-stage according to the standards of the martial arts world.

But he didnt want to shock Gai Xingkong by showing his real strength.

Moreover, the heaven-sea crystal stone he got in the relic would help him to reach the Foundation Late-stage.

Then he wouldnt be far away from the Innateness stage.

At this time, Zhang Han felt that the trip to the Northeast was worth it.

It was really easy to find spirit treasures in that B-level relic, which was close to be graded as an A-level.

Zhang Han calculated and found that the explorers had brought out a total of three or four thousand precious stones.

“Youd better go back to the Heavenly Knights Sect when you are about to reach the Divine Realm stage.

Each famous sect in the worldlet has a special cultivating base, which will help you a lot,” Gai Xingkong said to Zhang Han.

“I see.”

They chatted and went back to the restaurant.

They finished lunch at half past one in the afternoon.

Zhang Han and his friends packed their bags, got on the Gai familys motorcade, and were sent to the airport by Gai Xingkong and his family members.

As for the cars that Elder Meng rented, they were sent back by the Gai family.

After Zhang Han arrived at the airport, he talked with Gai Xingkong for a while, and then got on his private helicopter while being under the Gai family members scrutiny.

They rested for a few minutes.

The helicopter took off and slowly lifted into the air.

“Were going home!” Mengmeng was so happy that she kept blinking her big eyes and looking outside the window after the helicopter started to fly smoothly.

“PaPa, MaMa, How long will our snowman be there”

“Until… until the temperature here gets hot and the warm sunshine melts the snow,” Zi Yan replied with a smile, “But they always exist in our minds and photos.

Its a beautiful memory of Mengmeng, PaPa and MaMa.”

While Zi Yans answer was very elegant, Zhang Hans answer was more free and simple.

“In the future, we will build a long-term preserved snowman, so that Mengmeng can see it whenever she wants.”

“Okay, I love you, PaPa and MaMa,” Mengmeng replied happily.

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