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Chapter 558 Foundation Late-stage

“Hello, everyone.

Did you have a good time during your Christmas vacation”

The next morning, all the children went back to class five in high spirits.

While in class, Lu Go clapped her hands and started with that question and a smile.

“Yes.” All the students replied clearly and tenderly, which was also a kind of auditory enjoyment.

“Did you forget the task assigned by your teacher” Lu Go asked again with a smile.


“Yes!” These were some naughty students.

Lu Guo pouted and said, “I heard some students say that they forgot about it… hum, OK.

In this class, we are going to give a speech on the Christmas holiday.

If you perform well, you will get a little red flower.”

Mengmengs eyes lit up.

A little red flower!

“What we are going to do is to give an impromptu speech, which means that you can tell us where you went to have fun or to study during your holiday.

Let me give you an example.”

With a slight cough, Lu Guo purposely stepped back and then returned to the stage, waved and said, “Hello, everyone, Im your teacher Lu.

I had a good time during the Christmas holiday.

I went to Dubai with three friends.

The scenery there was beautiful.

We spent five days there and ate a lot of special food, such as…”

Lu Guo made a simple demonstration and allowed the students to begin.

The first one on the stage was Stefen on the far right.

“During the Christmas holiday, my family and I went to Disney and had a good time.

Later, when we came back home, we planned to visit Mengmeng.

But I heard that Mengmeng went to the north of China, so I didnt go out again.”

Stefen returned to his seat while the others applauded.

He didnt prepare photos, and his family seldom took any.

The second student was a little chubby boy.

When he went up stage, Lu Go turned the projection device on.

She began to show the pictures prepared by the boys parents.

Those pictures showed several landmark buildings in Macao.

While the photos were displaying, that boy said, “I went to Macau with my father and mother, then I went to visit my grandma.

She cooked a lot of prawns, which were delicious…”

Those scenes of modern society didnt interest the children very much, and only the pictures of the rural scenery brought back by Li Muen attracted many childrens attention.

They hadnt gone to the countryside yet, and they were very interested in new things.

“Well, Miens speech is very good.

Ill reward you with a little red flower.” Lu Go took out a little red flower from the box beside her.

Li Muen took the flower mechanically.

He didnt care about the little thing.

But Mengmeng cared about it.

Now she was staring at the little red flowers in teacher Lus boxes, thinking.

“How many flowers can I take back home”

“How many things will PaPa promise me”

Mengmeng looked down at her little fingers.

“Its not enough to count my flowers with my fingers.”

At this time, Lu Guo looked at Mengmeng and said with a smile, “Next is Mengmeng.

Mengmeng and her father and mother went to a very interesting place these days.

The photos are very beautiful.

Lets welcome Mengmeng to make a speech.”

“Yes.” Mengmeng jumped down her chair and ran to the platform.

Mengmeng used to be very shy.

Although she would still be shy sometimes, she was much braver than before.

Mengmeng often appeared in various occasions with her parents and many others, so she wasnt afraid of strangers.

On stage, Mengmeng was silent for two seconds.

“I went to the north with PaPa and MaMa, which was called Ice City.

We didnt wear much when we got on the plane, but we wore a lot of clothes when we got off the plane.

I still felt very cold then until PaPa and MaMa bought clothes with wool, and it was warm…”

Mengmeng turned to look at the picture on the screen.

“We had a good time in Ice City.

It has a long street and we bought clothes there.

By the river, we played a lot of games, and there was a dog pulling a car to run with us.

This is when we played throwing snowballs, playing with snowballs, fighting with snowballs…

“This is Ice World, which is very big.

This is PaPa taking me skiing.

This is the snowman that I made with PaPa and MaMa! Its beautiful!

“I forget the name of these places.

We found little squirrels there.

It was cold in winter and they were all hidden in their nests.

“My PaPa was so powerful, and he asked them to come out to play with me…”

Many of Mengmengs classmates were attracted by her words and photos; their eyes were all lit up.

70% of them had never played with snow and they looked forward to such a chance.

Wang Yihan was one of them.

After school, the children began to discuss with their parents about when and where they could play with the snow.

Many parents felt helpless.

When Mengmeng finished speaking, her big eyes blinked and she asked Lu Guo, “Teacher Lu, can I get a little red flower”

“Huh” Lu Guo was surprised.

She felt that Mengmeng had a stubborn love for little red flowers.

In order to get the little red flower, Mengmeng never cried or made noise at school, and she was obedient in all the activities, including going to bed after lunch.

That was due to her parents effective guidance.

Without it, Li Muen would not care much about the little red flower and the honor it represented.

Lu Guo didnt know how important Zhang Han was to Mengmeng.

At this time, looking at Mengmengs clear eyes and feeling her expectation, Lu Guo knew that even if Mengmeng didnt give a speech, she would have given the little girl a little red flower.

“Mengmengs speech was very good.

You must be rewarded with a little red flower.”

Lu Guo took out a little red flower and handed it to Mengmeng.

Mengmeng was overjoyed.

“When Mengmeng went to the northeast, did you learn the northeast dialect” Lu Guo asked with a smile.

“Northeast dialect… I only learned two sentences.” Mengmeng pouted her mouth, “One iswhat are you doing and the other iswhats the matter\'”

“Hahaha.” Lu Guo could not help laughing.

Then she praised and looked at Mengmeng.

“Mengmeng is really smart.

OK, go back to your seat.”

She took the lead in clapping.

For Mengmeng, it had been a wonderful trip to the northeast, and she shared her travel experience with her classmates, earning the applause of her classmates and the flower, which made her very happy.

Back in her seat, the little girl watched the other students speeches attentively.

School life started again, but two weeks later winter vacation would come.

Mengmeng was thinking about something.

“I will have 15 little red flowers soon, and then I will get a cup.”

The children of the junior class in the kindergarten had just returned from the holiday and were very excited about communicating in the classroom.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei went to the company that day.

There were a lot of things they needed to deal with.

For the new year show the previous day, more than 20 TV stations across the country invited Zi Yan, but she didnt commit to any because she wanted to go to the northeast for a holiday.

If she had promised them, she would have arrived at the rehearsal site a few days in advance to make some preparations.

Although Zi Yan gave up attending all the New Year shows, she was invited to the Spring Festival Gala of many TV stations, including the one from the Shang Jing Station.

Zi Yan was beautiful, popular, and good at singing, which could increase the audience rating of the Spring Festival Gala.

Therefore, she had become the target of competition among the major TV stations.

But it was too early to discuss the Spring Festival Gala now, and Zi Yans recent work was still about the cooperation of previous singles.

Zi Yan started to work, while Zhang Han stayed in the Cold Immortal School.

He began refining Power Grass in the morning.

When Zhao Feng returned to the school with some spirit-level herbs from the National Security Agency, Zhang Han had just finished refining Power Grass and was adding some subsidiary material to it.

Zhang Han kept refining until noon.


A muffled sound came out; even the five element stove trembled dozens of times, and then a white light flew out.

Zhang Han stretched out his right hand, turning his spiritual force into an energy palm, and then he grabbed the white light with the palm.

A medium-quality Power Elixir at the fourth level!

“Not bad.”

“Dahei.” Zhang Han called.

Not far from the back of the mountain, Dahei, who was rolling and playing by himself, quickly stood up and ran over with its four limbs.


The pill was thrown by Zhang Han to Dahei, which drew an arc in the air and fell into Daheis mouth.

“Squelch, squelch.”

Dahei chewed a few times and scratched its head.

“It doesnt taste very good…”

In the next moment, Dahei felt as if its muscles were burning.

But the improvement of strength made Dahei feel more comfortable.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang!”

Dahei pounded its chest and roared to the sky.

The drum like sound resounded through Mount New Moon.

Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Zhanhong and Wang Ming, who were watching the Hundred-formation Image in the dense forest, quickly ran over and watched quietly nearby.

Daheis body began to grow tall, and it stopped slowly until it was close to five meters.

“Wow, Dahei is too tall.” Zhao Feng was shocked.

Dahei was now five meters high, giving quite a fearsome image.

Because of its strong body, it looked like a hill.

“Its amazing.” Wang Zhanpeng shook his head and smiled.

In Wang Zhanpengs opinion, Dahei and Little Hei were lucky enough to follow Han; their future road would be smooth.

“Im stressful now.” Wang Ming looked up at Dahei.

Dahei was satisfied with its body, and it kept laughing silently.

“Im tall enough to be called King Kong.”

Dahei scratched its head.

However, Zhang Han coughed to clear his throat and ordered, “You can become smaller, otherwise Mengmeng cant play with you.”

“Ooh Ooh.”

Dahei thought for a while and then turned smaller and smaller under everyones gazes.

Finally, it reached the height of 2.5 meters.

Little Hei was chewing gemstones while watching Dahei.

“Brothers strength has improved again.

I must keep up with him.”

The others soon went back to their own businesses.

Zhang Han returned to the thunder yang tree alone.

He sat cross legged, closed his eyes and rested for 20 seconds, then suddenly opened his eyes.

The heaven-sea crystal stone appeared in his right palm.


Zhang Han began communicating with the thunder yang tree through his soul sense.

The whole trunk suddenly shook, and then the root of the tree came out, taking away the heaven-sea crystal stone in Zhang Hans hand and throwing it into the crystal stone vein at the bottom of the mountain.


The heaven-sea crystal stone erupted with strong light, and then turned into a wave-like energy, sweeping the whole crystal vein.

All the crystals began to solidify rapidly.

At the same time, they emitted pure spiritual Qi due to the surging energy.

The spiritual Qi was divided into three parts, and one part was absorbed by the thunder yang tree.

There was a Thunder Yang Wood on the thunder yang tree, and it grew taller.

The second part of the spiritual Qi flew and went into Zhang Hans body.

Zhang Han began to run the Treasure-searching formulas, and the pure spiritual Qi was continuously refined and absorbed by him.

With such a pure energy, the last remaining defects caused by the last use of the Blood Shock Pluto Incantation were removed.

Then, Zhang Hans long-stagnant cultivation began to improve.

He was now at the Building Base level and the spiritual force was circulating for the seventh time in his meridians.


A muffled sound came from Zhang Hans body.

The barriers of the Foundation Late-stage were naturally broken.

A larger and more powerful spiritual force began to circulate in Zhang Hans meridians in accordance with the Treasure-searching formulas route, which was Zhang Hans way of consolidating his enhanced strength.

At the moment Zhang Han reached a new stage…

There was a whirlwind in the ten ft diameter area around Zhang Han.

If Wang Zhanpeng and the others were there, they would surely find that the whirlwind was composed of extremely pure spiritual Qi!

After Zhang Han absorbed the second part of spiritual Qi energy, the third spiritual Qi spread all over Mount New Moon!

The pleasant smelling grass became greener, the spiritual soil was more fertile, the spiritual water quality was also improving, and other things like Meat Grass also benefited from that spiritual storm.

It was the change brought about by the fifth-stage spirit treasure.

Most of the energy was absorbed by the crystal vein, and the rest was absorbed by both the thunder yang tree and Zhang Han.

Of course, that was also due to the pure spiritual Qi emitted by the crystal vein; otherwise, it would be difficult to absorb the spiritual Qi of the heaven-sea crystal stone.

Time passed by minutes and seconds.

Soon, the energy waves in the area dissipated.

But Zhang Han stayed on the ground for a long time until half an hour later.

Then he slowly opened his eyes.

Just at this moment, a dazzling light flashed across his eyes.

If the others looked carefully, they would find a green lightning mixed in the light.

When Zhang Han slowly stood up…

“Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!”

A crisp sound came from Zhang Hans body, just like firecrackers.

At the same time, a strong Qi was swept around.

Foundation Late-stage!

The concentration of Zhang Hans spiritual force had increased several times again!

He was very close to the Innateness stage.

Several days prior, Zhang Han held the Demon Dancing Sword and the fight with Gai Xingkong ended with a draw.

Now he could defeat Gai Xingkong within three moves!

He had been unwilling to be called Invincible Grand Master before, because he was not powerful enough at the time.

But he had advanced to the Last-Stage now.

He deserved the title Invincible Grand Master.

In fact, there were no Grand Masters who could defeat Zhang Han.

“Now theres the hardest bone left.”

Zhang Han slowly shook his head, looking back at the side of the thunder yang tree…

That large tortoise shell was there!

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