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Chapter 56 – Walk on Antique Street

After half an hour, when Mengmeng was tired from pressing the button, he placed the little princess on the sofa and watched TV.

“Boss, check please.”

Liang Mengqi said as she took the lead and walked to the front of the counter.

“How much is the meal” Liang Mengqi asked curiously.

“Un…” “Ordinary household dishes are two hundred apiece, and meat is four hundred apiece.” Zhang Han muttered to himself for a moment before replying.

Ok, 6 hundred yuan for the three dishes, 1 hundred yuan for milk, 3 hundred yuan for Egg Fried Rice, exactly 1 thousand yuan.

Oh, and a million yuan membership fee, a total of 1 million and 1 thousand yuan.

Liang Mengqi took out her own mobile phone and fiddled with it, taking the bank card from Zhang Han.

“Boss, when will we be able to eat meat dishes” Liang Mengqi asked somewhat curiously.

“In a few days.” Zhang Han replied.

Indeed, after a period of time, although suckling pigs and calves could be eaten early, they had just arrived at Mount New Moon, so they had to live there for a while to improve the quality of their meat.

Yu Qingqing paid the bill and straightforwardly transferred 1 million and 1 thousand yuan.

“Hey, boss, Im fascinated by your food.

It seems that I need to earn a lot of money in the future before I can come and eat your food.” Zhao Dahu sighed with emotion, and painfully transferred a third of his assets to another bank.

“Its delicious.” Zhao Feng gave a simple praise and happily transferred the money.

Liang Mengqi walked towards the door and suddenly remembered something, she turned to Zhang Han and said: “Oh yeah, boss, we have a member, should we have a VIP card”

“Yes, Ill find someone to do it tonight.” Zhang Han thought and replied.

“Okay, got it.

Bye boss, goodbye cute Princess Mengmeng.” Liang Mengqi smiled sweetly and waved her hands twice.

“Sis, Sis, goodbye!” Mengmeng waved her hands on the sofa.

“Goodbye, boss.

Goodbye, Mengmeng.” Yu Qingqing waved her hand.

” See you, Mengmeng.” Zhao Dahu waved his hand.

“Bye bye.” Zhao Feng nodded.

After they left, the golden-haired man and his female companion walked over.

“There are a total of four servings of Egg Fried Rice and four cups of milk.

I would also like to calculate the total amount based on the number of servings.

Here is 1 thousand and six hundred yuan.” The blond man handed the money over.

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded his head indifferently.

He took the bill and placed it in the drawer.

“Eh … um ….” What do it mean by membership card here Is it a million yuan deposit ” The blond youth could not help but ask.

“No.” Zhang Han shook his head and said: “One million yuan is just the membership fee.

With a membership card, you can eat the dishes I make, but the money for dishes will be additional.”

” One million yuan…for the membership cards.

” The tall womans face changed as she stuck out her tongue: “So expensive.”

“Yes, hehe, that…” “Were leaving too.


The golden-haired youths pocket money was around 1.89 million a year, and it was even given on a monthly basis.

It wasnt enough for him to buy a membership card, so he decided to leave.

Thinking about how they just bought the membership card, the golden-haired man suddenly felt like he was a fake rich second-generation.

However, within a few days, the golden-haired man couldnt resist the temptation and began to raise money to buy a membership card.

Of course, that was a story for the future.

Just as the golden-haired youth left, Liang Mengqi and the other two opened the door and walked in.

“Sorry, I forgot to clear away.” Liang Mengqi grinned.

The three of them washed the tableware and put it in the cupboard.

Zhao Dahu even cleaned up the table of the golden-haired youth.

They sat in Yu Qingqings Volkswagen.

“I finally know what a true delicacy is.

I have truly let down my tongue before.” Liang Mengqi posted a message on her WeChat saying that it was accompanied by a photo of him outside theMengmengs Leisure Restaurant.

Naturally, the beautys attention was not low and several comments were immediately sent out.

Tiger: “Oh, what kind of delicacy did Beautiful Liang discover”

Songhu: “Qiqi actually said that “Your mouth is famous for cleverness.

It seems like this restaurant is great.”

Society: “The moment I opened my mouth, I knew it was an old world, Mengmengs restaurant, their food must be also adorable.”

Liang Hao asked, “Little sister, did you eat delicious food It makes you so happy.

To her brothers comment, Liang Mengqi laughed and replied: “But its delicious, and it will be a lifelong regret if you dont have a try.

Brother, wait for you to come, Ill treat you.”

Liang Hao: “Haha, okay, I cant wait to go.

What kind of dinner are you eating”

Liang Mengqi said, “Egg-Fried Rice, milk, a little egg and fried tomatoes, beans and stewed potatoes, and braised eggplant.”

Society: “Puff, spurt blood, isnt this just a regular dish You can even do it yourself.

Liang Mengqi: “What do you know Bosss dish is unique in heaven and earth.

One Egg Fried Rice costs two hundred and eighty yuan, one cup of milk costs eighty yuan.

Do you know how much the membership card will cost A million, and only you have a membership card, you can eat the dishes that the boss made himself, hmph! ”

Society: “…”

Little did she know that Zhang Han had already changed the price.

Since the start of the competition, Zhang Han had not received a single serving of the Egg Fried Rice.

Since then, he had only received a maximum of two hundred eight servings, so he might as well change the price so that he did not feel like giving a tip every time.

Zhang Han would often tip others, but he did not like others to tip him, so he did not need it himself.

But what Zhang Han did not know was that, not long after, the several hundred yuan that was spent in the dining hall also turned into smithereens.

1 – 10 membership cards, each priced at 1 million, 11-20 membership cards at 10 million, If you have membership cards, you are eligible to eat the days dishes.

Household dishes: Vegetables cost 200 yuan, a little, meat cost 400, a little.

After writing this, Zhang Han looked at it for a bit.

After confirming that there were no errors, he returned to the dining hall and prepared to pack up with Mengmeng and order a membership card.

Zhao Dahu also posted a similar message on his Wechat Moment.

His WeChat friends were a lot more, almost full of people.

After all, he was the Deputy Director of the Media Company back then.

There were a lot of people who paid attention to him.

After he sent out his Wechat Moment, the number of comments immediately exceeded 50, which was much more than Liang Mengqi.

There was also the golden-haired man and the tall lady.

They were all showing off their friends, but what they said was that they discovered a particularly tasty restaurant.

However, Zhao Feng didnt do such a thing, he only returned to the company quietly and did what he needed to do normally.

With the promotion of a few people in the friends circle, Zhang Hans restaurant would probably welcome a new batch of customers tomorrow.

At the same time, inside Xue Qians house.

“Aiyo, why isnt he replying yet” Li Fan was already starting to crumble.

From the very beginning, he instantly refreshed his web page in 2 seconds and turned it into a minute later, and then in ten minutes.

He sat in front of his computer until now, staring at the same thing for a few hours.

“He didnt leave a number.

If he doesnt reply by the 13th, then should I sing this song or not Sigh, if I cant sing it, then I will feel very upset.” Xue Qian shook his head lightly at the side.

Xue Qian had to go to the Lin Hai City to prepare for the concert on the 15th.

On the seventh day, if Mr.

‘Hanyang did not reply and the song was not well discussed, he would not be able to feel at ease.

“Aiyo, hurry up and reply, Big Brother, Im begging you…” Li Fan laughed bitterly as he looked at the screen and muttered.


Zhang Han and Mengmeng had got well-prepared and were going to the Central Districts lotus alley to make their membership cards.

There was also an antique street there.

Zhang Han planned to go there and take a look.

After driving for around half an hour, Zhang Han arrived at the Central Ring Road.

First, he went to a rather high-end membership card shop.

After communicating with the waiter for a while, Zhang Han decided on the style of the membership card.

What he wanted was a membership card made out of metal, with Zhang Hans signboard in front.

A cartoon image of Mengmeng with the words Mengmengs Leisure Restaurantwritten on the side, there were 1-20 numbers in circles, and on the back of the card there was carved a blooming lotus.

However, Zhang Han chose the best material for the metal card and the white words required a platinum material.

On the four corners of the membership card, Zhang Han also needed to insert a diamond.

Thus, a membership card costed for fifty thousand, with twenty membership cards, Zhang Han had to pay five hundred thousand as a deposit, and the other half would be paid after delivery tomorrow.

Twenty membership cards coasted a million yuan, but Zhang Han was not lacking in money right now, he had just earned 4 million, adding the 400 thousand yuan ago, even if he spent 1 million, he would still have 3.4 million.

“Lets go and see if we can buy some good stuff.” Zhang Han carried Mengmeng and walked towards the Antique Street.

“Lets go, well buy, well buy, well buy!” Mengmeng had no resistance to shopping, no matter what it was, she would just buy it!

Arriving at the antique market, there were numerous stalls lining the two sides of the street.

There were porcelain, paintings, jade artifacts, and even miscellaneous items.

Painting and calligraphy were Chinese drawing and handwriting.

Jade artifacts were carved from jade, containing ancient jade and modern jade.

There were many types of jade bracelets, beads, jade pendants, decorations, rings and so on.

Miscellaneous items included bamboo, wood, teeth, horns, four treasures of the study, embroidery, copper items, and some items that could not be prepared for categorization such as decorations, bracelet, walnuts and so on.

Hong Kongs antique market could be said to be renowned globally.

Many collectors from different countries would buy the antiques auction, and there were a lot of people on this antique street.

“So many people, so many things, PaPa, what are we going to buy” Mengmeng asked curiously as she looked around at her surroundings.

“Take a look around.

Ill buy whatever you like.” Zhang Han replied with a light smile.

Carrying Mengmeng, Zhang Han walked inside as he started to use the Treasure-sniffing nose on the vendor.

Right now, he could use Treasure-sniffing nose s to cover an area of about a meter.

Circulating his spirit energy, he only needed to sniff a few times before Zhang Han left the first booth.

The stall owners words were pleasant.

“This is a porcelain vase from the Tang Dynasty.

It costs twenty thousand yuan.”

“Young man, this bracelet is extraordinary.

It is an authentic jade.

If you want it, I can give it to you for a cheaper price.”

“How much is it”

“Eighteen thousand.”

“Young man, look at this pendant.

Its pretty good.

Hey, hey, hey.

Why are you leaving”


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